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Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway Land Down Under

Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway Land Down Under

Jake Gyllenhaal flashes photographers a smile while arriving at an airport on Sunday (December 5) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old actor, who flew in from Los Angeles, is in town to promote his latest film Love and Other Drugs.

Jake‘s co-star Anne Hathaway, 28, was also spotted landing in Sydney.

The two are scheduled to walk the red carpet at the film’s Aussie premiere on Monday.

FYI: Anne is wearing Elizabeth and James “Fairfax” sunglasses from the line’s first sunglasses collection! Jake is wearing Hoyle Jackson Selvedge jeans.

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  • Jonda

    It’ll flop in Australia too.

  • lolo

    how embarrassing still doing all that promotion after it flops

  • XYZ

    The alien/insectoid strikes again. Sorry, I mean ANNE HATHAWAY.

  • hojo

    Hopefully this is the last of the promoting for awhile and his fugly face will go away.

  • JC

    I really like her ever since Rachel Getting Married. She can really act and shouldn’t be too concerned about making a bomb. He’s the one who needs to be concerned because he can’t afford many more bombs. Won’t matter who he is dating.

  • nightmare

    picture LAOD and put TS in it instead of Anne

  • re-take

    picture LAOD in your mind and put TS where Anne is!!

  • Rollie

    Wish Heath was still in Aussie not this LOSER (jake)

  • Ava

    Where’s the blonde beard?


    Super !! The giant dalmatian gal and the retarded duck face dude

  • Vesper

    Wish Jake was dating Anne instead of Taylor

  • Yeah

    @Ava: Why are they keeping all the functions separate? I’d like to see them attend some things together as a “couple”

  • HA

    gayfish blowfish jake

  • virgule

    So the film performed poorly at the box office, hun? I guess all the non sense publicity didn’t do any good! Cut it off Jake.

  • lol

    I wonder if it is awkward trying to promote a movie that you know has already bombed?

  • Marie Scott

    Jake is drop dead gorgeous and the movie is very good. It’s an edgy Indie movie with nudity- these types of films don’t set box office records. The stars know that when they sign up for it. It’s about the craft of acting.
    What “flops” has Jake had? Prince of Persia grossed over 300 million, definitely not a flop. Jake is incredibly talented, and a respected actor.

  • Ok okay

    Wow y’all are really turning on bugeye Jake. I’ve never really been a fan. I didn’t think much of his acting in brokeback. Anne always looks clownish no matter what.

  • anna

    @ Marie Scott Not only did LAOD flop, it also got bad reviews. A 42% on Rotten tomatoes is shameful for 2 people who are supposed to be “great” actors. BTW Prince of Persia cost like $200 Million not including marketing, you need to make double that amount just to break even. LAOD flopped, we know it and Jake knows it. No showmance with TS is going to distract the powers that be from overlooking the fact that he is not a box office magnet.

  • madmax

    looks like we’ll have a break from hearing/seeing the TS ‘fiery romance’
    for a few days. I wonder if he’ll FLY back into her arms so the paps can once again resume clicking pics of the FAKE romance.

    Again I wish he were with a grown WOMAN like Anne.

  • JC

    @Marie Scott:

    Technically I suppose Prince of Persia couldn’t be classified as a “flop”, but it certainly did under perform. In the US it grossed around 90 million, but had a production budget of 200 million. It was positioned as a big summer movie they were hoping would turn into a franchise. As far as I know there are no plans for a sequel. If JG can’t be a bankable action star he has to do it as a rom-com/drama type of actor, and LOAD was an indisputable flop. He’s running out of genres to be a successful leading man unless he tries a comedy. He could make it as a versatile supporting actor, but he won’t be seeing a lot more lead roles for major studios unless the receipts improve.

  • cammie

    God you people on this site are obsessed with saying hateful things about Taylor Swift..and you call her immature…Look at the Man in the mirror…Make that change..

  • blahblahblah


  • we cant help it

    @cammie: she makes such a great target

  • Mandy

    @madmax: maybe he will fly her there like he did in London (gag)

  • 50cent

    Jake you my man makin it happen down under know what im sayin. keep that little girl close now tightn that leash dude. she be textin that sallygirl a hers know what im sayin?

  • Lisa


    So true. I have never seen anything like it.

  • Ciera

    I hope their movie does better down under.

  • Rachel

    The showmance didn’t help the movie from flopping in the US. If the movie flops overseas, is he going to end the totally non-believable showmance or will his PR set up another strolling photo op for US Weekly. Pretty pathetic Jake.

  • gopher

    Maybe Jake should try television comedy. Might be more up his alley.

  • Ciera

    Does anyone know how it did in the UK?

  • Tia

    This was literally the worst movie I have EVER seen.

  • agree

    @Tia: it should get a razzie

  • Hollywood

    I heard the Australian authorities had to call the bomb squad in


    Jakey poooo

  • Phil

    I wanna see Jake nekkid

  • carole

    LOL it wasn’t that big of a flop. And the pan vs. pro are about equal.

    Except the pros think the left breast did a better bit of acting over the right boob.

    Target audence was at Harry Potter…. Remember the Potter fans are the mid 20′s now

  • Amelia

    @Vesper: ya me too

  • Meridith

    @carole: I would call anything that doesn’t at least double what it cost to produce it is pretty much a flop.

  • reality

    Since someone asked what other ‘bombs’ Jake had been in……
    Earned less than 20 mill after two weeks, and is swiftly falling + 30 million budget = BOMB
    Prince of Persia:
    Earned over 330 mill worldwide, but only 90 mill in the US (where the studios get most of their profit) 200 million budget = since the studio did not make back its money = bomb
    See POP. Not enough domestic take to make back its budget = bomb
    HUGE bomb.
    Broke Back Mountain
    The Day After Tomorrow:
    So, since BBM, Jake has not had ONE truly successful film.
    Five bombs and/or disappointments in five years does not a leading man make.
    And LAOD was not advertised as some dark, edgy indie with uncomfortable, non-sexual nudity. It was advertised as a sex-romp comedy starring two attractive (to some) stars. Which should have appealed to a large audience. The fact that people did NOT turn out to see it, says more about the lack of drawing power of the leads, than about the movie itself.
    Sorry. But jake is just not leading man material.

  • greenspot on huffington

    Not you again #39, how many times are you going to post on JJ that LAID is a bomb and he’s ugly? Aren’t you too old for that nonsense?

    Too bad JJ doesn’t make you register.

    You keep doing that hoping that PR will pull the plug so you can have your fantasy BF Jake all to your self?? LOL, you silly over the hill fangirl stop wasting your time, the train left the station in October!

  • @40

    You think that someone pointing out Jake’s shortcomings is someone who wants him?
    That’s a bit twisted, don’t you think?
    facts are facts.
    LAOD IS a bomb.
    And where did I say that he was ugly?
    I think that the one living in a fantasy world is you.

  • im sad

    @Rollie: what?
    anyway since he visit michelle i wonder if he will visit heaths stone in perth.Heath death crush me b/c of how old he was.I never wanted to know whether he was buried r not cuz thats Too much info that i nvr want to know i want to remeber how he was physically,&ledger was private so im sure he wouldnt want ppl knowing( i mean no one knows where steve irwin was buried or what was done with his body common courtesy should be done for ledger)but some stalker/obsessed ledger fan on YT called ”ktvesd” said wat happend to his body on one of his interviews that pained me

  • ahh plzzz

    rotton tomatoes is biased …DARK KNIGHT wasnt that good a movie it the directing was bad,movie too long,dark and gloomy it scked but it got 95% b/c of ledgers death

  • greenspot on huffington


    Stop playing with your clit in your trailer, JG is with Taylor now.

  • ahh plzzz

    @carole: Ive been a HP fan since i was 11 im 18 now cant beileve its the final movie now

  • anna

    @reality: you are right LAOD was sold as a sexual romp romantic comedy with LOTS and LOTS of nudity. Yet all it made the first weekend was $9.7 million. Stupid rom-coms with LESS nudity and LESS sex make much, much more money that that. Clearly most people did not want to see Jake and Anne naked. People who saw the movie only gave it a B. The movie was tracking low before opening day, Jake then starting leaking his romance with TS. They show up holding hands to a SNL taping and afterparty in NYC. Who goes to a SNL event when they are trying to hide their relationship? Using your relationship to sell a movie is the last ditch effort to sell a movie Americans don’t care to watch. But they are jointly using each other to sell their careers so I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

  • @44

    Soooooo, you think that people who call Jake a failure at the box office, WANT him??
    Uhmmmm, OK
    Then what do people who hate him say?
    Your tiny little brain works in mysterious ways.

  • greenspot on huffington


    LOL! It’s so obvious that you are a silly old fan-ho. Who else would be obsessed whether he is a “leading man”. You’re just pissed that your “leading man” has found a girlfriend, and it’s not you. LOL!!

  • @48

    Oh gee.
    You got me.
    I insult him because I love him!
    I call him a failure because I want him!
    I just know that if he fails often enough, people will stop hiring him, and he will be MIIINNNNNEEEEE!!!!!

  • @48

    Isn’t it past your bedtime?