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Jake Gyllenhaal Jets Out of LAX

Jake Gyllenhaal Jets Out of LAX

Jake Gyllenhaal makes his way through Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight out of town on Friday (December 3).

The night before, the 29-year-old actor came out to support his Brokeback Mountain co-star Michelle Williams at a special screening of her film Blue Valentine.

Earlier this week, new photos of Jake and Taylor Swift were released, showing the couple on a romantic stroll in Brooklyn on Thanksgiving.

Us Weekly also got pics of Taylor hand-in-hand with Jake‘s niece Ramona!

FYI: Jake is wearing a grey cashmere Ferragamo hooded sweater and Hoyle Jackson “Selvage” jeans.

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  • Doctor Hahaha !!!

    Man, he looks retarded …
    But fortunately Mama & Papa have excellent Hollywood connections.

  • ellen

    Phoney muppet head.

  • Gorgeous!!

    He is so beautiful. He and Taylor definately make a hot couple. So jealous!!

  • dissapointed

    You are so wrong!!! He just looks sad! But nobody is telling him to hang out with that silly girl

  • Seriously?

    You Jake haters are just stupid. Unbelievable that you can’t appreciate a talented good looking actor that has totally done well in his movies on his own abilities. Dumbasses.

  • Love Him!

    I love Jake Gyllenhaal. He is so talented. Taylor is a very lucky girl.

  • Abby

    Love and Other Drugs has a premiere on Monday in Sydney. I guess he flying to Australia for the weekend. Lucky him!. It is so cold and dreary where I am. He is such a beautiful man.

  • marie

    The ‘romance’ between TS and JJ is for publicity and arranged and contracted by both teams with the help of key TV hosts and celeb blogs. The public may never know about his real love life. It’s a good script though and a win-win for both parties in terms of image. Well played by the teams on both sides.

  • Alice

    @marie I thought this was for publicity too, but I don’t know why Jake would’ve agreed to it. Sorry, but his stock seriously dropped when he started messing around with Taylor – for real or for play. Age differences don’t bother me…it’s the fact that her music is SO juvenile, and that is a pretty good indicator that she has a lot of maturing to do. Just grosses me out.

  • Lauren

    First: Jake G. is a hot, talented guy. Maybe he’s just tired &/or exhausted.
    Second: No one really knows whats going on with him & Taylor. So until I hear one of them comment, I’ll just continue on with my life. Which is something a few of you should do. It’s just the same old people with nasty comments. & for what? They’re not paying your bills. So who cares? :/

  • weee

    maybe it’s a real relationship and they’re trying to milk it for what it’s worth. no one said a showmance and real relationship had to be mutually exclusive.

  • weee

    maybe it’s a real relationship and they’re trying to milk it for what it’s worth. a real relationship and showmance aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

  • Whatever!

    @marie: And you would know this how?? I think it is funny how people just assume things without ever knowin the real facts.

  • Nash

    @Lauren: Thank you! I say leave him and Taylor alone. It’s funny how people are so bothered by them being together. They are normal people who just want to be left alone.

  • lol

    @Nash: for two that just want to be left alone they are doing a good job of letting the media know their every move.

  • lol

    @Lauren: So you are in here for what reason?

  • Boots

    He has kind of a goofy face thing going on. Looks stoned all the time.

  • xax

    stop promoting his relationship with TS!! it’s a lie!!!!!!!

  • Nash

    @lol: How are they going to the media about it? They are not talking about it at all. They have had secret dates that were rumored but no one had any proof about it until the Thanksgiving photos showed up. They are probably tired of hiding it and decided that they didn’t care to hide the fact that they like each other away from the publci.

  • lol

    @Nash: Duh that was both their camps leaking all that info out…get a clue
    some of you people are dumb as dirt in here

  • Danielle

    I used to respect Jake but I just can’t stand Taylor, she is sooo dumb!

  • Marcie

    It’s funny cause these stars dont care about us. They dont know what its like to worry about making the car payment or putting food on the table. They just strut around all smug with their millions and their “look at me look at me” attitudes.


    They are really trying to keep their privacy. If it were a PR stunt they would parade about Hollywood where all the paps are. Instead they have secret rendezvous and family gatherings. Jake LOVES his family and he wouldn’t bring Taylor around his niece for publicity. You people are just so paranoid. GET A LIFE!

  • sea

    Fair opinion

  • Is that right?

    Do you know Jake personally? Everyone is speculating because nobody knows any of these people. Your opinion doesn’t hold water just like everyone else in here.

  • Is that right?

    Meant for Not A Skank

  • Annie

    It will be fun to see them all dressed up attending a premiere or tv show or maybe the oscars together.

  • i wan some coffee

    wheres jakes coffee??

  • Smooth

    Looks like Jake shaved??? His face isn’t as hairy.


    so sick of this phony he go to michelles movie but nvr went to heaths

    or see matilda.Trevor dicarlo and Kane Manera(heaths real BFF’s)
    are more godfatherly to her then jake has never been


    @Seriously?: hes not good looking hes funny looking ,his whole family is fug esp maggie and his mom

  • Yeah

    BWHAHAAHA – Jake sees Matilda in private, you tool..

    He’s looking cute in the pics

  • sara

    i smell a hit song and lets see how long it will last

  • Dan

    Those arent Hoyle Jackson jeans.. Those are simon miller M003 jeans.. Same as Brad Pitt recently wore.. Jake copied Pitt when he wore the Hoyle jackson jeans in 05 and now he’s copying him with these Simon Miller’s

  • Ava

    I see the “Jake is straight damn it” brigade is out in full force this morning.

  • omg

    Seriously this guy is so gay

  • Unreal

    Taylor could have any guy she wants so why this girly man? She’s so popular and talented and he doesn’t rate high enough to shine her shoes.

  • bigmik

    @marie: His initials would be JG not JJ, dingbat.

  • anonymous

    Maybe he’s using her!

  • sameole

    @anonymous: jake always hangs with more popular, richer women. yeah he uses them to his gain.

  • yuck

    he’s a dirtbag

  • annab

    He does look unhappy….if he is so much in “love” like it has been said…he would be more upbeat…doesn’t look like someone in “love” at the moment. Opinions are entitled on here…that’s why we are allowed to make comments.

  • too much weed

    he looks stoned to me lol

  • yyyyyyyikes

    jake must be going thru a early midlife crisis
    when hes 40 his gf will probably be 18

  • Juliette

    Wow! How all these people care about Jake & Taylor!! They must be so worried about their own lives!!

  • willy

    What happened to all his muscles? He was so buff not too long ago.

  • anna

    Jake looks so old in that picture. He always looks older than his age, maybe he needs Taylor to make him look younger? Everyone has seen the US magazine pics by now and know they got permission from Jake and Taylor to take those pics and get those “exclusive” interviews about their relationship. It might be real but it’s still true that they are trying to use this relationship for maximum PR benefits. It helps her album sales and helps save his movie from bombing too bad (it’s already doing poorly but could be worse).

  • 50cent

    jake my man make sure keep talkin to that sweet yung thang dont let her too far outta yur sights she be textin that tboy again or hangin with her sallygirl. got yur back my man.

  • Lauren

    Everyone has a theory: It’s a PR stunt. It’s for attention. It’s to hide that he’s gay. She wants a hit song…ETC. Maybe they’re both nice people that like each other. Like I said, they’re not paying your bills or sleeping in your beds, so why should anyone be upset? Leave them alone. If it lasts it lasts. If it doesn’t it doesn’t. It doesn’t change your life, so why dwell? :/

  • errrr

    @Lauren: this is why these sites are here for people to talk about celebs and give opinions. why else would they be here??