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Katie Holmes: Solo Shopping Trip

Katie Holmes: Solo Shopping Trip

A casual Katie Holmes walks through a parking lot on Saturday (December 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress headed back to her car after picking up a bag of items.

Next month, Katie will travel to Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival.

Her film The Son of No One, which also stars Al Pacino and Channing Tatum, will be the closing-night film.

The drama centers around a young cop (Tatum) who is assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he grew up. An old secret threatens to destroy his life and his family.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Leopard Print Silk Scarf by Ann Taylor and The Girls workout pants.

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    such gross cankles! Look at how much better Tom’s gorgeous ex Nicole looks compared to Katie.

  • Nashville Here

    Waste of time and money, she is never well dressed…or groomed.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @HOTTIE!: Nicole looks like a botoxed-up plastic granny. Katie is a mess, but I’d rather pork her.

  • oh no

    This woman is like dead horse.

  • ck

    Her soul is gone :(

  • Meryl

    She’s not at Barney’s she’s at the Sports Club/LA in the parking lot…you can see the symbol from the Sports Club on her bag…I go to this gym and I’ve seen her there…Jared, you need to fact check!

  • Missy

    So her and her so called “husband” are not together again. They were apart from end of Sept till the end of Nov and now he’s in Vancouver and she is still in LA.

    They don’t even try to make it look like a real marriage anymore.

  • miley

    she used to be so nice and happy until she married Tom, she until used to dress well, now all you can see her wearing is gym clothes!

  • LoL

    Tom straight up left her arse. Jeremy R makes Tom a very happy man

  • marq

    Shazam ! The grand finale at Sundance, and star-studded, at that. Sounds big.

  • Glambert

    The outfit looks awful!

  • madmoni

    she looks like hell what happened to her? Before she married Tom she was nice looking girl just after she meet him she became most elegant woman and now she’s just bad looking every time she’s out… it seems she doesn’t care about her look anymore, is it depression? And she’s always without Tom

  • Cankle Queen

    Is she trying to make her cankle look bigger? Massive? Jamungus?
    Well done Katie. Well done.

  • Poor Katie!

    Nic looks great, has a dream marriage and will soon get another Oscar. Katie looks worse by the second, has a husband who won’t spend more than 10 days a year in the same country as her and she has movie roles so small they should really be called cameos.

  • Suri Jackson

    Well, the regulars already know my thoughts on this…there’s no way Tom is going to allow Katie up in Vancouver. If she’s there at all, it would be for her B-day weekend in 2 weeks…flown in on private jet and then shipped right back out.
    I’m taking bets on this ;-)

  • Tom is a Deadbeat Dad!

    Who cares about boring Kate. When does Tom see Suri?

  • sister sister

    Damn. Girlfriend look f*ckin rough. Guess thats what happens when you ain’t gettin none cause you’re beardin for a gay man. Musta been worth the money cause all sister does is shop. Get your own f*ckin money Katie baby and leave Cruisie’s gay azz.

  • Katie looks like crap!

    Why would Tom want to spend time around her?

  • Chuck

    @ Suri Jackson

    You got it right!! Cruise doesn’t want Homely Ms. Holmes anywhere near him!! I never saw a young woman age so badly in a short period of time. She doesn’t give a crap about the way she looks and she always looks like she just rolled outta bed! Her hair is greasy, she dresses like a homeless woman and she looks like she’s in her 40′s!

    I guess she puts up with Cruise’s crap cause of his money. She’s bought and paid for. Man, that must suck. Who would sell their soul (and their uterus) for a few bucks. Obviously Katie Holmes would. She’s a laughingstock for very good reason.

  • runnergirl

    She can’t help she has cankles. That’s just her body.

  • good lucy

    I love Lainey Gossip. She’s so right about Tom putting on the public show when he wants to:

    Posted on Lainey Gossip Thurs Dec 2, 2010:
    “GMD VVIP and his co-stars”

    “And what of Ethan Hunt himself?


    I’m told exclusively that Tom Cruise came in on Tuesday on a private jet. He rolls like an uber VIP. Was met in the hangar by a fleet of luxury vehicles, but these were only for the entourage. Turns out he prefers to ride the bus. A crazy tour bus more elaborately tricked out than Bono’s. For real.

    Cruise went straight from the private airfield to the studio, has worked in studio for two straight days, and travels super secret undercover… like an arms dealer in Vin Diesel movie. He is seen and out only when he wants to be. And when the time is right Vancouver, he will give you the privilege of spending time with him. It’ll be as public as possible. And he’ll be as gracious and as “accessible” a celebrity as you’ve ever seen. With several armed guards standing by just in case.”

  • lyn

    Doesn’t she have any girlfriends to go shopping with or to have lunch with?? She’s always alone or with her daughter. Maybe she isn’t allowed to socialize with anyone other than her kid and Tom’s family because of the religion thing. Sure looks that way.

  • JC

    Maybe she bought Princess Slurry a diamond studded tiara.

  • missy b.

    Well ,I Iike tomkat, but I have to admit they seam to be spending a lot of time apart lately. But the thing is, not only is Tom, working, Katie is as well. You guys are making it sound like she has no life outside of her husband and is simply wallowing away at home while he’s away. She has her own career and life and can’t follow her husband around everywhere. If she did, you’d probably criticize her for that too.
    I’ve never seen Katie wear trainers, except when she’s working out. I assume that she went to the gym and then picked something up at Barney’s. Hence, the gym clothes. Geez.

  • WOW

    Stepford wife was rarely use makeup, because tomy girl stole it.

  • elisa

    why does she dress like that ??? she looks like a crazy woman with that hair

  • kizbit

    Living proof that money can’t buy happiness…

  • Disco Woman

    Katie, Tom and Princess Suri are all very strange. Katie has a pretty face, but she can’t dress herself (or her daughter) cant really act and her clothing line is awful!
    Tom is beyond horrible! Total wackjob, a crazy a** fool! Not to mention a joke for a husband and father.
    Suri is a brat!!! I saw a post on another site from a nanny who saw Suri at the park with someone she called her “Auntie.” Well, I guess Suri was telling her auntie that she can do whatever she wants and gets whatever she wants. Then the nanny saw Suri fall because she was wearing her heels and got upset with her auntie for not preventing the fall!
    This trio is a joke!

  • casper

    those elephant legs!

  • Gab

    Is she ever going to look as good as she did before Tom?

  • Susan

    I was just watching some Pacey/Joey clips on YouTube.
    Katie used to have so much spirit in her face and eyes. It’s sad but true that her eyes look dead now and she sold her soul (and child) to a cult and its cultmaster Tom.

  • wackybutnice

    Shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop!!!!!!!

  • bananarama

    @Suri Jackson:
    You are SOOO right! There’s no way that Tom would let Suri and Katie run loose in Vancouver.
    Star Fox will say that it’s not true, and Tom would never do that since Katie and Josh were in NYC at the same time a couple years back, but you can’t compare the size of NYC to Vancouver. Josh could probably walk to downtown Vancouver from his neighborhood.

  • me

    Wow, what a surprise…shopping…again…and again…Maybe if she found some purpose besides shopping and dressing her child like an adult, she’d find her smile again..

  • Torino

    SHE¨S GOING OUT OF THE GYM!!! GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT PLEASE. She has been working out and is going to her car. Big deal, I am huge Katie Holmes fan and like to see her pics, but I think they should let her alone sometimes. Both Katie and TOm are working, they are actually pretty good at scheduling time together, so they will probably see each other again soon ( HE has been back home for a Week after Dubai)

  • hey stupid

    He’s in Vancouver – not L.A.

  • casper

    # 36- hey stupid.

    YOU”re stupid. Who cares where Tom is?


  • hey stupid

    Well, since Torino made a point of bragging that Tom has been back HOME for a week, I would say that Torino is the stupid one unless Tom and Katie recently relocated to Vancouver as a family.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Sad, sad, sad. Attempting to make a crummy outfit “stylish” with a scarf and failing, again. And what is with the doo-doo ball she keeps wearing on her punkin’ head?

  • Sarah2474

    She looks terrible!! I don’t know what’s gotten into her, but she just doesn’t care anymore it seems. And she needs to stop running so much… that’s what’s making her calves so huge!! Katie, please, get a grip and get ahold of yourself. Whatever is wrong, there is help out there for you!