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Mel Gibson Buddies with 'The Beaver' -- Trailer

Mel Gibson Buddies with 'The Beaver' -- Trailer

Check out Mel Gibson in the trailer for his upcoming dark comedy The Beaver.

Synopsis: Walter Black (Gibson) is a man on a journey to re-discover his family and re-start his life. Plagued by his own demons, he was once a successful toy executive and family man who now suffers from depression. No matter what he tries, Walter can’t seem to get himself back on track, until a beaver hand puppet enters his life.

The flick, which will hit theaters sometime next spring, also stars Jodie Foster, who directed the project.

WILL YOU WATCH Mel Gibson in The Beaver?

The Beaver Trailer
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  • b56

    whata idiot

  • Jokergurl

    Yes I will go watch him, he’s a good actor, I don’t care what anybody says. If everyone truly said what they were thinking in this world we would all be in a padded cell (look this analogy up if you don’t buy it, starting with what Albert Einstein has to say about truth) Those tapes are still open for investigation and whether or not the voice is actually MEL GIBSON or an imposter and his ex-girlfriend payed someone to beat her up, there’s evidence of this too. Also what kind of a person would tape record private conversations? Oksana is no innocent in this, also it’s alleged that Oksana was shaking her baby daughter and Mel was trying to get his daughter away from her. She’s already got a child by Timothy Dalton. I don’t think much of her. Robert Downey Jr’s still on Mel’s side so that’s proof enough for me.

  • Carti

    Hes a fantastic actor, which makes it all awful. Do you watch a movie you know will be done well, that supports a woman abuser?

    I dont think its worth it.

  • Sian

    Will I watch it? Hell no.

  • to Carti

    to each his/her own. i’ll go because mel is a good actor. and no, i do not nor do i need to justify my decision .

  • Ruth

    I don’t know if I will see this film but Gibson is a very talented actor who is always worth watching.

    He obviously has a lot of problems but I find the current attacks on him to be very unfair and hypocritical. He should be judged in court for his behaviour and not in the cheap tabloid press. He is certainly not the first person to cheat and I can think of many famous performers who treated their partners very badly without suffering the media onslaught that he is going through. As a woman I cannot justify any violence but it is clear that the lady involved is very manipulative and a judge should decide and not a mob.

    As for the previous antisemitic tirades when he was very drunk, well I am Jewish and they weren’t pleasant to read, in fact they made me feel sick. I have been a fan of Gibsons since he first started acting in Australian films and that is a long time ago. He behaved badly, he obviously has a real substance problem and may also be an antisemitic like his father. Personally I go to the cinema to watch good films and performances and that is what I get from Mel Gibson. I still hope that he will be able to pull things together, settle with his former partner and get on with his life and career.

  • marq

    You’ve made some profound philosophical points. And yet b56 is right too. I had no idea what a conspiracy theory was until MG starred in a movie by that name. Now I can see them everywhere. The Passion of the Christ threw us all for a loop. He is a radical actor and director.

    It is said that when a group turns on an individual, as long as at least one person stands up for them, they can often be redeemed.

    I remember standing up for Hugh Hefner when Paul Snider slew Playmate Dorothy Stratten, while almost everyone else turned on Hef.

    I stood up for Winona Ryder, during her shoplifting phase. I stood up for Paris Hilton, and then Lindsay Lohan, more recently.

    I’m wondering, who will have the nerve to stand up for Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, for that matter, at the moment? That case is really weighs heavy on him.

    I am repulsed by MG allegedly knocking his girl’s teeth out and his vicious tirades owing to the Demon Bottle. I want to believe in him, Yes I will see his film. I believe in redemption. “But for the grace of God”, they say, “there go…”

  • kathy

    Ruth – You are one very level-headed person.
    It is true, who are we to judge others? We do not know the true story.
    I will definitely watch his movies.

  • Brightside

    A portrait of a man who can stick his hand up a beaver’s a$$ but can’t pull his head out of his own a$$ to acknowledge the truth about himself and how despicable a creature he has become. A Jew-hating, homosexual-hating, woman-beating fascist. Great actor or not, as a tolerant Christian human being he is a big failure.

  • Mike

    Looks like a great film. Personal issues aside, I suspend reality when I want to go to a cinema and be told a story.. The majority of press he has been given hasn’t even been substantiated by any real facts or evidence, and at this point a lot of it can be put down to hearsay. I will let the courts decide, and until then I ill eagerly await this film. Besides, Jodie Foster never disappoints!

  • Brooklyn

    I just don’t want to watch this guy.




  • Yuraku

    The guy holds racist views passed onto him by his father, bullies women, shouts like a lunatic when he can’t have his own way and has his PR arrange paid posters to go on sites to write positive stuff about him. Will I watch his movies – HELL NO

  • Yuraku

    I just went back and read some of the comments……..I hope he paid you well.

    It doesn’t matter how much provocation any woman gives a man he does not have the right to hit or bully her…a decent person walks or runs away as fast as he can. Paid posters you are prosti*tuting yourselves. Say no to the money and stop posting cra*p to defend him. He’s got enough money and power to do that all by himself.

  • Beth

    Simple – I’m watching this movie – it’s different. I’m not really interested in Mel Gibson’s private life. That’s basically his business and shouldn’t affect who watches his movies. He’s provided enough quality work for me to just focus on that (separate the two).

    If I read up on every star regarding their private life I wouldn’t watch 99% of their movies – NONE OF THEM ARE SAINTS (let’s get real).

    Foster and Gibson are both brilliant so again it has my interest.

    I don’t know what I’m going to say or do in the present or near future so I will give him a chance. People might say Mel Gibson has had enough chances already but still who are we really to judge him let God decide.

    In the meantime, I watching his movies.

  • Heather

    Sorry, but I refuse to shell out the hard earned money I earn on any movie that stars him. I cannot put what he has said and done aside, because I am disgusted by his behaviour. Given some actors are paid millions of dollars for a few weeks worth of work, I want to show that I do not support anything with him.

    Until and unless he truly changes his ways, there is no way I will put a cent into anything to do with Mel Gibson, given what a hateful human being he seems to be. He definitely does not expound Christian values with this type of behaviour!

  • Lena

    It’s funny, some posters say don’t judge him, let God judge him. Shouldn’t Mel take this advise himself and stop judging others, especially minorities?

  • Heather

    It’s funny, some people here say, don’t judge him, let God judge him. Shouldn’t Mel take that advice himself and stop judging others, especially when it comes to minorities?

  • Anna

    i do believe in my heart that Mel should get some type of medical help.I also feel that he has commited attrocities against his ex – but she has done things to slander him as well. However, concerning the remarks made while he was drunk years ago, I don’t believe that he is truly that huge of a racist – especially against Jewish individuals. Robert Downey Jr was raised Jewish – by his Jewish father and mother. RDJ is still Jewish and he married a Jewish woman, Susan. Mel Gibson and he are very close and Mel helped bring Robert’s career back They are still close and Mel was recently at Robert’s birthday party. If he truly hated the Jewish. He would not love Robert so much. He has said alot of things because he has been an alcoholic – basically since his career has started. I would say he is probably still an alcoholic.
    Mel will always be one of the greatest actors, directors, producers in Hollywood no matter what happens. That can’t be denied him. He just really needs to get good psychiatric help. Getting him to admit he needs help will be the hardest thing. I will still see one of his movies, if it merits seeing because no matter what- the man can still act better than most of the actors out there today.

  • sooo

    sure ill watch it I LOVE mel!

  • ICU

    I think it looks great and will for watch. I love Mel Gibson, he’s a great actor and just needs to get through this hard time after making a some bad decisions in his life. We all have been there, his is more in the limelight because of who he is and where he lives. Give the guy a break. Once he is rid of this crazy woman that he got involved with, gets custody of his daughter and away from the crazy lady, he will be fine. Maybe he can even get his life back with his wife. Good luck Mel!

  • Mel and his issues

    Mel was/may still be a talented actor and he USED to be quite ‘droolworthy’ as well. (I loved him in ‘Mad Max’ and the ‘Lethal Weapon’ series.) The years (and especially the alcohol abuse) have taken their toll. He’s definitely got deep issues that need to be addressed and fixed (IFpossible). I suspect his fanatically ‘religious zealot’ father had a lot to do with screwing him up mentally and emotionally. Anyway, would I see his latest film? Probably, when it comes to DVD, mainly because I’m curious.

  • say what?

    Yes, I am going to go see this movie. As for Mel Gibson, if we were all taped illegally and extorted for money (just google her) and had everyone rush to judgment, I don’t think anyone would like it. I’d slap someone too to get them to stop shaking my baby (that’s the word going around the music producers’ vines, she’s caused a lot of problems….and she shook the baby) research it for yourselves instead of listening to her, who hasn’t told the same story twice w/o multiple lies.
    She sets DV victims back years by using them, she’s no battered woman either. She’s a goader.

    Thanks to Jodie and Mel for a movie that deals with depression and/or mental illness, no one will remain untouched in their lives somehow. Everyone needs to find a “voice to speak for them”.




  • Clay

    People are so quick to judge him, especially most of his Hollywood piers. And yet they would be lining up in a heartbeat to be in one of Roman Polanski’s films. A tad hypocritical don’t ya think? He seems a bit crazy to me, definitely not stable – but doesn’t that just about sum up most of Hollywood?

    Looks like a great movie to.

  • kuriouskitty

    lame–parody on his own life, trying to be accepted by the audience again..lets be real, do ppl really pay $10 to see movies unless they are REALLY worth it anymore??i dont want to give celebrities my money anymore. especially when they dont respect it…or women or jews or gays or…themselves. he should stick to making movies not being in them:)bravefart

  • http://advantagesofmutualrespectandfairplay chrisfiore5

    Of course I will see it. Mel is human, as are the rest of us. I get sick and tired of people jumping off and on the band wagons of acceptable social behavior and yet they can make excuses for their own short-comings.

    People in the entertainment business are not gods or angels, they are mere mortals who have gotten the spin, either positive or negetive. Give all this a rest. There are rap stars out there that have said worse and are lauded by their peers and handed awards by the public. There are atheletes making millions who represent a sport that young people idolize and their off court/field antics border on the archaic, still we watch them play.

    Don’t judge Mel Gibson for all the bad publicity. There are journals out there wanting to make a buck and they’ll sensationalize anything. To have been a fly on the wall at any one of these “shocking” behavior reports would no doubt be a real eye opener.

    Go for it, Mel. Your films speak for themselves. I’ll watch and cheer!

  • cf

    I’ll definitely watch any of his movies! He’s such an amazing actor and there’s also Jodie Foster in this one!

  • cf

    I’ll definitely watch any of his movies! He’s such an amazing actor and there’s also Jodie Foster in this one! Doesn’t get better, even if there’s beavers in it.

  • magnolia

    Why is my comment still in moderation Jared?

  • Becks

    It’s very hypocritical to judge him so harshly when there are so many in Hollywood with just as bad or worse pasts. Someone mentioned Roman Polanski. He’s still making movies and no one seems to mind. Mike Tyson is a CONVICTED abuser and yet he is fine in the Hangover movies. A lot of people have a lot of skeletons so people in glass houses should not throw stones. He’s a great actor, at least give him that.

  • ellie’

    Tou bet I will… Grat actor.. Love him…

  • Good Citzen

    Well done Mr. Gibson and Miss Foster for you insight into DEPRESSION. I will be going to see this movie and will be moved by the talented actings of all involved.

    Depression is a hidden illness and should not be left untreated!

    Australian Aboriginal Fan


    sure i will watch it, he’s a good actor with good screen presence. any personal problems he may or may not have are entirely his own business. there isn’t a person alive that has not said or done something in private that if made public would probably ruin them. i’m not syaing feel sorry for the guy, we all have our own hard times these days, and most of us don’t have a few hudnred million to cushion the fall, but what I am saying is it is just plain silly to boycott the guy for stuff that in all fairness we shouldn’t even know about anyway, and that in all likelyhood, probably isn’t one tenth as bad as some of the things done by the people giving him such a hard time.

  • Fiction?

    Fictional movie or documentary into his descent into madness? :P

  • http://google marinamiz

    I love Mel! Always have, always will! He is the best actor ever!!!
    You count on me and a lot of friends to watch MEL+Beaver+Jodie more than once on theaters and many times after, on DVD! Another great film, for sure!

  • TeeGee

    Mel is brilliant.
    Galipoli/The Year of Living Dangerously/Mad Max 1,2,3/Payback/Braveheart/Etc.
    Separate the actor from his personal life. I doubt any of you haters would appreciate your personal life broadcast to the masses.

  • Blackstone

    I go to the movies to be entertained like a billion other folks. Mel is a very good actor who knows his craft well and brings creditability to the screen.
    What he does in his private life is not my business or do I care. Come on, get over it!

  • Cammy

    Oh dear. Does he think this movie is like Jimmy Stewart’s role in “Harvey” where he talks to an imaginary rabbit. Not even in the same class….sorry…

  • Michael Garland

    You all know why there are so many battered women in this world. They just womt listen

  • normal

    sure go see the movie — all these voice clips that are being played by his wife is just wrong –common people looks like some kind of a set up – i do not defend any abuse but when people put videos and voice out there –thats one sided – maybe the other side could have taped stuff and released it –then you have a soap opra –so i think its wrong – you have a problem then leave i devorsed my wife why release tapes of her going crazey and not me setting her off –i know what sets her off. get with it people

  • Bit of a double standard

    Good point about Mike Tyson. Strange how the cast of “Hangover” had no problem with that wife abuser/accused rapist – yet they objected to Mel? I’ve always liked Mel’s films and think he’s got oodles of talent and onscreen charisma. I’d have no problem seeing this film.

  • purple poet

    This is tough because I don’t agree with Mel Gibson’s behavior or comments but love Jodie Foster. Who doesn’t like Jodie Foster? I feel bad for her that Gibson’s problems are overshadowing what looks like an interesting and potentially great movie. The script was amazing. Well Steve McQueen beat his wife and John Wayne said racist things and we all still hold them up to a high standard and celebrate them as film idols. I’ll see this because I admire Jodie Foster as an actress/director, like Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin, think Gibson is a good actor, and it looks good!

  • Don Wood

    I know an awful lot of people who have been driven to rage by a spouse/partner and made a fool of themselves. Big f**king deal! Who knows all the details about those two, she could be just as much at fault as him. He’s a good actor and I’ll go to see his movies til he ain’t worth watching.

  • billy

    Anyone saying bad things about jews or criticising Israel is portrayed as crazy and dangerous. Most of the times, he is done professionaly or politicaly.

  • Callie

    It looks interesting, Jodie Foster has stuck by Mel Gibson throughout his worst behavior. I think he has alcohol and substance abuse issues and is not a happy person, but most actors are pretty messed up in general. I’ll go.

  • Suzanne

    Absolutely not. I’m really surprised that Jodie Foster is willing to work with him, since he has shown how little respect he has for women and homosexuals, among others. I’ll never see another Gibson movie.

  • http://justjared shadow

    I do or do not watch a movie cause a guys been accused of being an abuser this is irrelevant I could name a dozen Hollywood abusers here RIGHT NOW Fact is Mel is a great actor his movies make you feel good as the Beaver will I’m sure of it. He just has a great screen presence about him and call me selfish but I ‘m in it for me His personal Problems are his own not YOUR”S or Mine E.O.S.

  • http://justjared shadow

    I do or do not watch a movie cause a guys been accused of being an abuser this is irrelevant I could name a dozen Hollywood abusers here RIGHT NOW Fact is Mel is a great actor his movies make you feel good as the Beaver will I’m sure of it. He just has a great screen presence about him and call me selfish but I ‘m in it for me His personal Problems are his own not YOUR”S or Mine E.O.S.