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Glee: X Factor UK Performance!

Glee: X Factor UK Performance!

Lea Michele and her Glee castmates give a performance of their version of the classic Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin’” on The X Factor on Sunday (December 5).

The full cast was there to perform except for Chris Colfer, who tweeted that he had to stay behind in Los Angeles to film scenes with Darren Criss and the Warblers!

They performed the “Regionals Version” of the song, which was just nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group category.

Later in the evening, Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale attended the London premiere of Tron: Legacy.

Glee Cast Performs on The X Factor

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  • Allie

    That was AWESOME! I love the Glee cast! I still think that not all of them are recognized as much as they could be, and some may be recognized more than they should be ::cough:: Lea Michele ::coughs::, but they are great together.

  • gab

    love lea, i liked the number a lot, everyone sound good.

  • Daniel

    No Kurt :-(

  • Laurie

    Wow! Lea Michele sounds even better live. Amber was also great. Most of the cast was, but Dianna just doesn’t have the voice for a performance like this.

  • TJ

    Lea was amazing. She and Amber stole the show.

  • Mary

    i love it when a performance is better than the recording and when you could feel it.

  • gleekforever25

    OMG saw them in concert at radio city and they are amazing !<3 and LEA IS AMAZING LIVE DONT RAIN ON MY PARADE AKA BEST LIVE PREFORMACE EVER !<33333 GLEE IS LIFEE

  • happier

    they sound better live than in the show, lea michele is amazing, amber too, but diana and chord were a little off.

  • Kit

    are they supposed to be the people they play in the tv show performing on xfactor or themselves? I ask because the actor-don’t know his real name-is in a wheelchair, if they were themselves then I would think that he wouldn’t be. seems kind of odd, I show him on Lenos show not in the wheelchair, so why can’t he sing not in the wheelchair?

  • Hannah

    that right there is the reason Ms Lea Michele gets the solos, she has an impressive voice, it blows me away everytime, Cory was fantastic too, he improved like no one and he is now a rock star! Amber as usual fantastic and the rest did great too! so much talent right there

  • Harry

    Lea Michele was flawless, as usual.

  • Diane

    @Kit: I think the reason why they put him on the wheelchair in the thisperformance because this is New Direction. Like its not them performing as Lea, Cory, and etc its them playing as Finn, Quinn, Rachel, and etc.

  • julie

    lea is amazing live, i liked jenna (tina) on this number. they are better live than in the show, but diana sounded better in glee, here was not her best moment.

  • marq

    Rousing performance.

  • Amy

    It’s sad that Chris wasn’t there, but glad that they gave Jenna&Dianna his part in the song! They are all amazing!! <3

  • carol

    loved this video, they sounded amazing, lea and amber are awsome. i like heather voice better than diana agron, she should sing more, her britney version was good.

  • Rose

    I see irony because Amber has said she auditioned for American Idol and didn’t get it. I love how she sung out in Simon’s face!

  • hmm

    amber has perfect vocal pitch. it’s just incredible.

  • Amy

    Lea’s voice always blows me away on this song. She’s incredible. Amber was another standout when she showed Simon what what AI missed out on. Most of the cast was really good but I think they song was a bit too much for Dianna and Chord to handle. Over all it was an impressive performance, but I think I will always love the pilot version of DSB the best.

  • melu

    cant belive it was amazing i almost cry, they are super talented!.

  • Tom


  • nnn


  • Dee

    Damn Lea and Amber! It’s cool that they performed the regionals version. I miss Chris though! It’s weird not seeing him!

  • barbara

    this is so much better than the this season mess number at sectionals “i’ve had the time of my life”.
    lea and amber are fiece.

  • dawn

    They all sounded good except for Dianna and Chord.

  • Awesome!

    This is brilliant tho I wish there’s more on lea’s part. Just saying. There’s just something not right about her singing in the background. It’s quite unflattering.

  • Kaye

    I loved that Amber Riley sang right in Simon Cowell’s face since she was on American Idol, but didn’t make it past the auditions. Bet they wish they had allowed her to go further in the process, huh?

    Great version though. Everyone sounded amazing live especially Naya, Lea, and Amber. And yay for Cory, too. He’s improved so much since they started.

  • Charlenes Wallace

    Glee is really a good artist. its so amazing performer.

  • Awesome stuff :)

    Lea and Amber sound AMAZING! What haven’t these chicks gotten more solos or duets together this season? No wonder the songs suck this year.
    Lea and Mark also need a duet, those two are smoking hot together! After watching Glee’s last episode, I’ve become a huge fan of the couple and hope the show goes forward with them and does them justice. Puck and Rachel FTW!

  • Awesome stuff :)

    ** I meant to say, WHY haven’t these chicks gotten more solos or duets this year. My bad. :)

  • Chris Colfer,

    What the heck is Chord Overstreet doing there?

  • jalicelover

    Lea is incredible! She and Amber deffo stole the show. And Cory was good too, he’s really improved a lot.

  • CNXY

    When Amber did that high note in Simon’s face, that was the best part!

  • rossy40

    I guess guess I’m in a league of 1 – Did NOT like it at all. Just didn’t sound… right. Then again, I’m stuck on Journey doing it & Steve Perry’s voice, & that’s what I heard in my head while listening.
    I’ve tried attending concerts over the years & watching “live” televised performances but I find them unbearable. No matter how good the acoustics or sound quality from the stage is, I NEVER hear the music, ONLY the crowd; televised performances are always distorted.
    I also took SATB choir in school & because of a misunderstanding with my teacher, I left feeling utterly humiliated. She was ALWAYS moving me from one side to the other, shaking her head, & back & forth again. Finally, she split the choir apart & had me stand alone in the middle – the other just staring at me. I’d ask her why, but all she ever said was “you know why,” to which I would reply “no I don’t or I wouldn’t ask.
    Years later I ran into her & she recognized me & apologized! Yeah. Apologized – To. Me. Apparently, wherever I was placed, she only heard me sing! In the soprano/tenor side I was always an octave lower & in the contralto/bass side, an octave higher. So she placed me in the middle so I could “hear” both sides equally & thus reach the proper range. She even wanted me to return to choir, but it was too late… I sing only when no-one else is around or very softly so as not to be heard.
    To me, the Glee cast sounds GREAT only on the show.

  • linda

    They all sounded off. Too much from Naya. I did not like how she tried too hard. Cory sounds autotuned live. Amazing. LOL. Chord sounded off. Amber is too loud. I thought Lea, Dianna, Mark and Jenna were the best.

    Dianna may not have an outstanding voice but she is my favourite voice on Glee. Soothing.

  • QOQO

    What is everyone’s problem? Dianna and Chord had only one verse to sing in that could you judge their voices based on ONE freakin verse?!?!
    They were all great but you guys are ruining this!

  • Loved it

    I loved it!! I don’t know why everyone is criticizing Chord and Dianna..they may not be as good as Amber but they SURE CAN SING!

  • Jim


    Lea is a great performers live as is Amber. The other are hit and miss and Dianna is a miss. Why she didn’t sing live on the tour before.

    Some sound better on the show becasue they get help technically.

  • Joe

    @QOQO: Did you not hear Time of my life or Dianna in It’s a Man’s world. She is ok at best but she does not have a good enough voice to be included. It takes away from the songs. Plus it is made all the more obviously when you have Lea and Amber in the same song. In a little quiet duet like Lucky find in a big rousing number, not so much.

  • Jim


    Judging them becasue we have heard them before. This isn’t the only time they have ever sung. Dianna can handle a small quiet song. But is not good for big numbers like this.

    Then putting her in the same song as Lea and Amber just makes it all the more obvious she is not very strong.

  • debora

    lea and amber are the fierce, i liked the number, is so much better than the music number that they used this year at the sectionals episode.
    diana agron is a beutiful lady, but she is not the best actress on the show and for sure is not the best singer.

  • Josie

    Lea Michele’s voice is simply incredible. Amber Riley was amazing (love her message to Simon). Jenna, Mark, Kevin, and Naya sounded really good on this song. I do think Dianna and Chord need to work on their vocals before they sing live on tour. That was the one negative.

  • linda


    Dianna Agron is a beautiful talented actress and a good enough singer. Its terrible when people hate on pretty people and judge them more harshly than they would the less attractive. Amber is a better singer. Dianna is a better actress. Dianna is as good at acting as Lea is. Lea sings best. Dianna dances better.

    Everyone is good and everyone has their strengths. talented cast. End of. people who can’t do nothing should stop criticising those who can.

  • sinitta

    I could not agree more with Linda. Dianna is my favourite actress on the show. Her singing voice is not my favourite but her portrayal of Quinn as a meanie and still vulnerable is the best of any character. I don’t waste time criticising other people. I just enjoy Dianna now that we have her week in week out because she is going to be a huge star and will not grace my screen weekly. Let me enjoy her while I can.

  • Josie

    Most people are talking about a musical performance here and not Dianna as a person for actress. I agree she is a good actress, but I don’t think her voice is strong enough to sing DSB. Most of the cast did a good job, but in my opinion Dianna and Chord’s vocals did not measure up to the rest of the cast.

  • clair

    i liked the music number, but i agree with what people said about diana and chord not being great just ok.
    i like diana agron, but she is a good actress not an amazing one. last season she had a really strong storyline, someone amazing would had took the scenes as a storm and made the show quinn show.
    but i think she is way better at singing than last year, remember “it is a man’s world”? that was awful, look at her now, so much better.

  • chris


  • jakie

    loved, i thought that they would sing 2 numbers :(
    love them.

  • Celia

    It’s really not fair of them to keep putting Dianna is these positions where her vocals are compared to the other girls on the cast. They did it here and at Sectionals when Mercedes and Santana had to handle some of the notes for her and comparisons to Faithfully were inevitable. They should stop setting her up for comparisons to the other girls and just find songs that are within her abilities.

  • Kim

    @linda: You are kidding right. She get s pass becasue she is pretty.

    I haven’t seen anything to suggest Dianna is a anything but a average dancer surprisingly considering she keeps saying she grew up a dance. dance she seem pretty average same with her acting.