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Isabel Lucas Wanders in White

Isabel Lucas Wanders in White

Isabel Lucas wanders around the streets in a white dress and shades herself with a floral umbrella on her way to meet a friend for lunch on Sunday (December 5) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 25-year-old Aussie actress wore a headband while lunching with a friend at Little Next Door earlier in the weekend.

Isabel will next be seen in the action flick Red Dawn, which also stars Chris Hemsworth, and will be released in theaters next year.

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isabel lucas floral umbrella 01
isabel lucas floral umbrella 02
isabel lucas floral umbrella 03
isabel lucas floral umbrella 04
isabel lucas floral umbrella 05
isabel lucas floral umbrella 06
isabel lucas floral umbrella 07
isabel lucas floral umbrella 08

Credit: Andy Johnstone; Photos: Splashnewsonline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Reba

    Why are there always pictures of this woman on here? What does she even do apart from date famous people? Get a real job loser!

  • http://j ivanka


  • LastWord

    I wouldn’t care if Isabel worked at Strabuck’s, she is gorgeous and isn’t scared to be herself. In a time full of drugged up and watered down actresses you would think more people would embrace Isabel Lucas.

  • GG

    At first, I thought she was on set wearing a costume.

  • Julia

    @Reba, she doesn’t even date famous people as far as I can tell….

  • schnicks

    Seriously speaking, she looks like a “mental patient”.

  • Get real

    what. the. f*uck?. ‘Hippie’ or not, who dresses like? She’s dressed like she’s going to a wedding.

  • Ash


  • Reba

    I don’t really care about her style that much, all I meant by comment was that she is given way too much attention by this website for no reason. She has never ever shown that she can actually act, so I don’t understand why this site is so obsessed with promoting her constantly.

  • IMe

    I thought she was at a photo shoot or something at first.

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    horse faced

  • D

    she has a beautiful sense of style, very feminine and retro, and not HO ish like 99% of the ‘actresses’ out there! I’d rather see this b-list actress than Christina Aguilera or Miley Cyrus any day!

  • caramel

    Oh my. She really looks scary. It would really freak me out if I see a person dressed like this walking across the street. She’s far scarier than that robot freak she portrayed on Transformers :)) The weird thing is that she looks scary not only in these pictures but almost all the time.

  • tweety

    oh come on jared??!! seriously?? enough is enough for this irrelevant chick.

  • holy crap

    who walks around dressed like that??!!

  • Kelly

    thats just weird

  • ihateph

    i agree with everyone she’s a freaking weirdo

  • Nora

    Despite her beautiful face, she’s starting to creep me out…

  • curious

    wacko tobacco!!

  • yesh

    Ok date’s losers and wears weird cloths really i have seen my fai share of weirdo’s. Then again that Yvonne and Tim couple are weird as well to chicks but this girl beats them at weirdness lol. Hollywood is like another planet lol

  • mexx99



  • Heads/Tails

    The dress, on it’s own, worn on a totally different occasion, is spectacular. It looks Edwardian and in mint condition. Like a “to-die-for” handmade, vintage piece. Would I wear it to schelp around in the streets….NO! Would I pair it with Tom’s espadrilles? NO! I do like the parasol and the white dress, but I can see, worn together, she looks like she’s from another era or a photoshoot.

  • mickey

    She looks ridiculous. These crazy actresses.

  • Toni

    I’m Aussie too, but she is just weird……

  • whydid

    I mean, it’s got to end. It’s December. While LA is warmer than most places and known for sunny weather… it’s not that warm out. Therefore, a parasol is unnecessary. If she was using this as an “umbrella” she’d be SOL if and when it did start to rain because it is made out of paper. The entire outfit is seasonally inappropriate.

    She’s irrelevant and probably is being “weird’ and “ironic” by wearing bizarre clothing in hopes that people will notice her due to the fact that she has not ever been in any movie/tv show that any of us have seen or heard of. Therefore, please, enough is enough. Stop. The. Insanity. xx

  • Hollywood

    is she for real

  • Well

    Very well said.

  • ll

    i thought this was a photoshoot for a magazine or something

  • Thai

    I dont get it, why the fuss over her, at least on this site?

  • Louise

    Oh, she is just ridiculous! She’s drop dead gorgeous and I’m always happy to see aussies doing well in LA (being a fellow [wannabe!] aussie actress myself) but for godsake, REALLY?!! A parasol? You look like you’ve taken too much LSD in a dress-up shop! beautiful dress, but a ridiculous choice of clothing for a wander through town. Have you noticed your friends are dressed normally isabel? Hmm. On the other hand, I love anyone who is themselves even when it means standing alone, so I don’t know why she in particular annoys me so much… perhaps because I don’t really believe it, it seems contrived, like it’s how she WANTS to appear (poetic, whimsical, deep and dramatic!!) as opposed to who she really is. Oh she just seems a bit insipid!!!

  • cm


  • Louise

    Hmm, yes, very bohemian here…!! My how things change.

  • lauli


    stop with that !

  • http://@good_girl_Nasty Nastyma

    no matter that she looks like weird woman. she is beautiful.)

  • nessa

    Luv her style, she is who she is, unique and different.

  • Butter_Fly


  • Deidre

    HAHAHA It was OVERCAST yesterday. Does someone need attention? I do adore her style, but come on…*giggles*

  • Jess

    I think she is just wanting to be photographed and be famous with her weird outfits and accessories. You can tell.. she acts like she doesn’t know the cameras are there or that she doesn’t want them there but she does. At least she’s Australian.

  • li

    she┬┤s ridiculous…… dress?

  • Annie

    I saw some pictures of this chick from back when she used to be an Aussie soap actress. She used to have a lovely girl next door type of beauty, but now she seems to have botched up her looks with plastic surgery and looks like an alien. Her cheekbone implants are disproportionate, badly positioned and make her look like a chipmunk and her nose has that very pinched at the tip, turned up “done” look about it.

  • Ash


  • Deedz

    I feel like shes trying to be some sort of style icon. But she’s failing miserably.

  • ale

    nobody cares about her!

  • jol

    since this girl is a nobody, I bet you can find prettier more extravant girls walking on the street in SoHo or some other place… I mean, if you’re gonna put this 1-film girl in here surely you can put anyone here, just take their pics and ask for their names… that way people might be confused with your obsession on giving space to non-famous people, but you will be doing it for many people, not just a one-styled 5minutes-part-in-a-film girl…

  • palmie

    I think she has forgotten which time period she is living in. Those drugs are seriously messing with her mind. What with those awful shoes as well? It looks like she buys her entire wardrobe from an op shop because she’s wasted all her money on drugs.

  • vivi
  • kiki

    OMG Seriously? What year does she think this? And who does she think she is? She is starting to bug me.

  • palmie

    Have you seen the shoes?!! A pair of poor old man’s slippers with grey socks! Hahaha I can’t believe what I’m staring at!

    She’s gone nuts! Either that or she’s trying to be like Lady Gaga or something. At least Lady Gaga has style and can afford it which is cool with me.

  • ESalvatore

    Umm, sweetie? The Edwardian convention is somewhere else…you know, indoors? Where you can drop the parasol and keep the dress from getting dirty and be surrounded by dozens of people dressed like you.

  • gggg

    something for lame haters! enjoy !