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Jennifer Garner: Piggyback Ride for Violet!

Jennifer Garner: Piggyback Ride for Violet!

Jennifer Garner gives her daughter Violet a piggyback ride as she takes her daughters to the Farmer’s Market for a day of fun on Sunday (December 5) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress cheered on her younger daughter Seraphina as she took a ride in a go-kart.

The happy family also played with some furry friends and took a ride on a train!

The day before, Jennifer took her girls to the Brentwood Country Mart to run some errands.

FYI: Jen is wearing J Brand “Bailey” boot leg jeans in Phoebe.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner giving a piggyback ride…

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jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 01
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 02
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 03
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 04
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 05
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 06
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 07
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 08
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 09
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 10
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 11
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 12
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 13
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 14
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 15
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 16
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 17
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 18
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 19
jennifer garner piggyback ride for violet 20

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  • kristin

    I’m seriously disturbed by the number of posts on this family. I know they are popular and probably bring in lots of hits. But please… give them a break.

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  • and

    I feel for the parents. Does Violet have a disability? It appears that way or it could just be bad photos. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just seems more apparent as she gets older. Jennifer exposes her kids a lot to the media. You’d think she’d want to keep them out of the public eye for their health and safety. Violet is surrounded by lots of love and support though, so she’ll be fine in the long run.

  • Madhatter

    J. Garner is a natural beauty, but, WHAT the EF is she wearing?!

    I am not criticizing the idea of wearing jeans and a sweater…

    But, how can someone look like this bad when they can afford to (and do) have Rachel Zoe as their stylist?!

    Where did she even find that sweater?! 1987?

  • GG

    I don’t get why she keeps getting pics taken out and about with her kids constantly.

  • Elizabeth

    Who is the lady carrying Seraphina? Love seeing Jen out with the girls. She is such a good mom.

  • Cheyenne

    Enough of this lady and her hideous kids already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I’m with those asking WHY we keep seeing pictures of Jennifer garner/kids. What has she been in lately anyway. And could she make an effort?! Not saying she has to dress up to go the market but she could at least wear jeans that fit properly.

  • Melinda

    I love Jennifer Garner! can’t wait to see her on Peter Hedges new movie “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” with her co-star, the gorgeous Odeya Rush.

  • curious

    Do they have their very own personal photographer that goes with them wherever they go??

    Have to feel sorry for those kids with all the ‘unnatural ‘ attention they have on them.

  • Amazed

    ARRGGGGHHHHH What is she wearing???

  • Melley

    What a beautiful natural mother (((thumbs up to this girl)))

  • Hollywood

    i see Jen called the paps again for another photo-op

  • Ang

    OMG!, She is all made up, and She still has a dog face.

  • anthony

    What is wrong with the people that made some of these comments.. I mean really?!?! Jen seems to be an actual mom who spends time with her kids, she seems sweet and sincere. She is also gorgeous and all people care about is how she decides she is comfortable dressing on a casual day!? Worry about your own wardrobes.
    And her daughters are adorable, whoever is talking about a disability may have one themselves to just look at a small cild and somehow based on looks decides that child is disabled..
    I don’t know why I bother posting when 95% of the people posting on these things have nothing better to do then criticize how a mother out with her kids looks or even how the kids themselves look.. it’s sick

  • Dany

    seraphina is pretty, more than violet

  • yuck

    She is a skanky,overrated,plain jane who can’t act.

  • oy

    Do protest much Anthony?? It’s just human curiousity…relax and take a chill pill. It’s been suggested for a long time that Violet has a disability…Nobody really cares. It’s just commentary…

  • silly

    Seraphina is so fun

  • mimi

    We will see another post of this kind tomorrow – Jen playing with kids in the park, Jen picking up groceries, Jen picking up kids from school, and the cycle goes on.

  • Marisa

    I like her and all, but I’m sick of the attention she gets. Either she has to figure out a way to get in and out of places quietly, or the paparazzi need to leave this woman alone. I’m not referring specifically to these pictures by the way, but in general.



  • Ivermom

    Jen is a mother, a mother does not care what she wears….she cares about her kids. Seriously, I cannot believe how shallow people can be, commenting on her clothes. She is a amazing mom and that is all that matters to her kids, not what she is wearing! She is hands on and always spending time with her cute girls :) Big deal if she does not dress up like Angelina to drag her kids to a art shop…kids like to do the things Jen’s kids do, they play instead of visiting a artsy fartsy at shop. Bet the Jolie/Pitt kids wish their mom would play with them!

  • Julianna

    @anthony: you’re sick. people can say what they want. idiot,

  • Raven

    Ivermom do you have kids because from your comment alone it sounds like you don’t. Kids like to go to art shops to pick up craft that they can do at home, a lot of places have like ACMoore and Michaels have art and craft time for kids on the weekends were parents can take their kids to do crafts and learn new thing. Last week Jen kids were photograph at an art shop with their nanny doing crafts and they look like they were having a good time.

  • Julianna

    I guess they’re jewish.

  • Lisa2

    The reason why we see so much of Jen and the girls is because Jen doesnt let the nannies take care of her daughters and she takes them out just like us non-celebrity moms. She takes Violet to school each day and the paps know it. They just follow her everyday and she has no choice if she wants her daughters to live like regular little girls. I think it’s wonderful that Jen and Ben want their family to be as “normal” as possible when clearly they are as famous as they are.

  • Sue

    Calista Flockhart, Meg Ryan and Liv Tyler just to name a couple who do little to no movies or TV shows anymore just like Jennifer Garner all manage to take their kids to school go to their games and shop with very little photos taken off them.

  • Lisa2


    For some reason the women you mentioned arent as popular right now. You have to remember, these girls also have Ben as their Dad and he is making lots of movies now. For some reason, not too many people care what Calista is doing away from the camera and Meg hasn’t made a worth while movie to see in the past few years. I think since she had some work done on her face, people aren’t that eager to see her. She was considered so natural and pretty and now she looks like a different person and not for the good. When will these actresses learn that it is okay for them to get older and look their age. Liv Tyler hasn’t really made too many movies to be considered an “A” class actresss in my opinion. Although, Jessica Alba isn’t all that great either, but her daughter is probably the best dressed out of them all. Honor and Suri are the probably the best dressed girls out of all the celebrity kids.

  • Grace

    She’s had that awful sweater for years, and it has never looked good. Well past time to get rid of it.

  • Amy

    Wow, she looks awful. Terrible glasses, sweater, jeans. Why all the attention? She’s definitely not that talented or interesting.

  • erica

    JUST TO LIGHTEN THE MOOD A LITTLE: lol at her butt crack in the second picture.

  • kelly

    Ben must be out of town AGAIN because she’s smiling. When will their farce of a marriage end? How could a marriage with Ben gone every 3 months, stays for a few days, leaves again for 2 months…strange Hollywood wacko relationship.