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Kate Bosworth: Chateau Marmont with Skarsgard's Brothers!

Kate Bosworth: Chateau Marmont with Skarsgard's Brothers!

Kate Bosworth heads home after a night out at Chateau Marmont on Saturday night (December 4).

The 27-year-old Warrior’s Way actress jumped into a car with beau Alexander Skarsgard‘s brothers, Bill and Gustaf, to head back after their night on the town.

On Friday, Kate was spotted grabbing lunch with a friend at Doughboys Cafe & Bakery in Los Angeles.

FYI: Kate graces the cover of this month’s issue of Lucky – be sure to check out what she had to share about her favorite vintage finds and jewelry picks!

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Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • S

    That is Bill And Gustaf Skarsgård if you didn’t know before Jared, know u do!

  • Rachel

    Her ‘friends’ are Alexander’s brothers Bill and Gustaf. I think it’s great that so gets along so well with his family!

  • Get Ready….

    I told you so!!! Now will some you admit that Alex wants to be with her. She is there with him and he isstaying under the radar to deflect attention from them. They are playing games with the fans. Those are his brothers, so there is some connection there. No matter how much we dislike Kate, that is who wants to be with.

    So really stop being rabid he has made his choice.

  • Get Ready….

    and of course she called the paps thats how she is, and apparently he likes the fame game.

  • J

    its great to see that she gets on well with Alexanders brothers

  • Julia

    Those are Alexander’s brothers Gustaf and Bill

  • Whatever Works

    @Get Ready….: If he wanted to be with her, he’d act like a man and accept that the photogs will be there from time to time.

    He seems to be doing the brotherly thing here and taking them to some HW parties so they can mingle. Neither are that well-known in the Statese.

  • jazzy

    @Rachel: Do you know them personally? How do you know she gets on with his family. The two guys look grumpy while she’s grinning ear to ear.

  • twisted

    You’d think the younger dude would have held the door for her.
    No chivalry.

  • okay

    the PR going on here (as well with a lot of other celebs) is getting rediculous and downright insulting…….kind of sort of like a reality show is not really a reality show (it actually has writers)…….I think fans are being scripted with b.s. and this is an example……..nice deflection from the release of a crappy movie that came out!

  • Get Ready….

    @Whatever Works: I agree ,but where is he, she is there with HIS brothers. So I don’t understand your point.

  • kaching$

    Who are those guys?
    She’s going bald.

  • Get Ready….

    @jazzy: where do you see grumpy? I don’t. Really I don’t.

  • Truth Is…

    @Get Ready….: I think the ongoing point in these discussions is if the man were truly happy, he’d man up and just walk the red carpet like most couples do and stop with the grump face. They seem to be occupying something between FWB and a real relationship. Hence, the constant grump face and lack of acknowledgement on his part.

  • JC

    Drink away your box office bomb. Good idea.

  • nicole

    hahaha….good for them, they get their pics taken and are trying to get famous here on Alex’s coattails and Kate loves the attention. Anyways I hope these two losers get married so they can ruin each others lives and even more of their careers.
    Kate is still pathetic with her craptastic movie and her craptastic jewelry (which she should really stop wearing- looks too cheap). Of course, they called the paps so people would get pics of her with his brothers so she looks like she is loved by everyone, and Alex wants to stay hidden because he knows he is the joke of hollywood. Everyone is laughing at him and his epic fails lately 1)No People’s Sexiest List
    2)Bad girlfriend actress 3)Straw Dogs delayed again and again 4)Joe M. and Ryan Kwanten landing all the attention and roles lately 5) And his plummeting popularity due to his famewh*ring ways. And just because he is not in these pics doesn’t mean he isn’t playing the fame game. He is trying to get the lust and attention back by holding out and not letting his fans see him for weeks. He wants people to wonder where he is. So pathetic Alex, God, when will you learn to just be natural and normal. Stop playing games, dude!! You look like a joke EVEN MORE!!
    So sad no pics of Joel Kinnaman!! Oh, yeah, that is right he is off in Vancouver shooting a series for AMC- The Killing which will be awesome. And then to shoot the sequels to Snabba Cash. Off working hard, hotness.
    Oh, and this time no one still my name, losers, and post again!!

  • essence

    @jazzy: The guy in the fourth pic looks pissed. Who is he?

  • Tanter

    @kaching$: They’re two of Alex’s younger brothers – Gustaf and Bill. Neither look very happy with the pap-attention IMO. I wonder if they’re aware she’s the reason for it.

    I think it’s downright strange the way Alex is avoiding be boyfriend-ish with her in public since it’s very obvious that they are a couple *gag* But it’s not like this is a surprise – her movie tanked, bad reviews and all so *this* is her claim to fame. We’ll get more tomorrow for sure..

  • i heart that

    Kate Bosworth definitely loves the pap shots. She’s not even trying to hide it this time.

  • Get Ready….

    @Truth Is…: We know that…but he is not in theses pics, so I still don’t understand the point. Also, he doesn’t have to say anything he is with her and still associating with her. Action speals louder than words, IMHO. He does not have to say anything, but to say he is not dating her.

  • great couple

    @Tanter: I think she’s his f*ck buddy and that’s why he ignores her in public. Behind closed doors he’s probably different.

  • Abby

    Oh my – papped with Askars’ brothers. How positively orgasmic for her! Selling the tackymint surrounded by Swedes … how can she keep her pants on?

  • Renee

    Can I just say for my part ,as a fan, and I am still a fan. I do not care that he is dating her. He is grown and can date who he wants to. He does not need my approval on who he dates in order to keep me as a fan. I don’t get any of this so-called “game” you guys keep going on about. His brothers do not grumpy to me. I don’t have any issue with Alex and Kate and don’t get what the big deal is. The fan reaction to this is what has me baffled. I just don’t get it.

  • Big D

    If he liked the “fame game” as much as you say he does, why try so hard to stay under the radar when he’s with her? I still think they’re just ‘friends’ although maybe for him it’s also ‘friends with benefits.’ You’d think if he REALLY thought of her as ‘someone special’ and was proud of her, he wouldn’t be so hesitant to walk openly by her side and show at least some semblance of caring. If I were her, I’d be ticked off at his behavior – unless she’s accepted the ‘relationship’ for what it is – **** buddies – and doesn’t really care herself

  • great couple

    @Get Ready….:
    I don’t understand why you can’t understand people’s points but do they really have to justify them to you? They seem easy enough to understand to me.

    Yes, actions do speak louder than words. He constantly ignores her in public and doesn’t treat her like a real girlfriend. This tells me he probably views the relationship more as friends with benefits.

  • Tanter

    @essence: The guy with the black hood? That’s Gustaf. Probably the furthest person from being a famewhore.

    @great couple: That’s plausible. They’re just so odd. I wish Strawdogs could just come out, tank and then they’ll be over.

  • okay

    @Renee: That’s just it…….that is the game, the whole purpose is to keep you guessing, “are they. aren’t they” if he liked her then…….. if they are really together then…….. It’s a tried and true PR tactic and it appears to be working, the goal is to keep us talking about it. The issue I have with it is that Askars fans thought he had more substance than this. His initial interviews was about the craft. This is the games you play when you lack talent. Real talent focus on getting the work in. Frankly it’s stupid and we would all be a tad bit naive if we do not admit it has taken away from his image and how we view the show TB.

  • Abby

    @Big D: BigD – I have to believe all she cares about is press and photo ops. If he’s into it, then bonus for her. Her smug mug is everywhere you turn the past two weeks. She’s is heaven with or without Skars. She got exactly what she wanted out of this relationship – her movie off the shelf, photos, TV spots, and advertising for her craptastic jewelry line. Mission accomplished.

  • Ashley

    It really amazes me how jealous some people are of celebrities’ girlfriends. LOL

  • Get Ready….

    @great couple: I am not asking you to justify them, but what you are saying does not make sense, since he is not in the pic with them. WE are addressing thise pics, and Alex is not in this set.. Dang, don’t take it out on me that he has made his choice, grow the hell up!! He wants to be there whether we want him to be or not. You cannot control his feelings or his choice of dating Kate. No, I do not like her and I think he can do so much better, but if he is dating her or they are FWB, he is still a douche for treating her like that, and she si stoopid for taking it.

    That should seem easy enough for you to understand or maybe you might better benefit from a rabies shot.

  • -

    Thats so cute – those guys are Alexander skarsgårds brothers!

  • Tanter

    It really amazes me how some people throw the jealousy card, whenever they can’t be bothered to read what other people actually write..

  • Abby

    Skars is in the back. Striped shirt behind Gustaf. All you can see is his ear and shirt.

  • TrueBlade

    The Skarsgards have been infected with famewh*ring. How very disappointing.

  • great couple

    @Get Ready….: I think you need to take a chill pill and stop with the personal attacks.

    You may just be referencing this set of photos but people seem to be talking about his overall behavior.

  • chelle

    She uses AS for attention so why not let the bros use her? Seems totally fair to me. Just sayin.

  • Yep

    @Abby: Abby, you’re correct. This has all worked out very well for her. Because with her lack of talent or relevance, any press is good press. And why does she always pull that face around photographers? No one else is yukking it up. Ashley – really? You think all of us here are jealous? Um, yeah.

  • TrueBlade


    Girlfriends they are embarrassed to be seen with and never have called girlfriends…even after a year? . He treats her like a back alley ho which apparently is fine with her. Whatever. He’s now DListed and is being tarred with the same brush. Where’s our jealousy? Everything she touches fails…movies…men…joolree…the color beige is forever ruined by association… they’re dragging poor Bill and Gustaf into the pit….Misery truly loves company.

  • Get Ready….

    @great couple: well , I’m very chilled, because I have accepted it, whether, he acts grumpy or turns flips when he is with her, is kinda a moot point, now don’t you think.? He has clearly made his choice and has lied about who he really is and hey, we bought into it. Its okay, becuase a lot of us did. I have admitted my mistake. I thought he was different, and refreshing and cute ….and nothing personal …I dont know you. I just would hope that the all of the rabid actions of the past, don’t surface again ,because Alex apparently is enjoying the attention good or bad. If you think about what Winnie posted about how he really feels about some of his fans behind our backs, it really jives with his actions. Thats all I’m saying.

  • Get Ready….

    @TrueBlade: and he does treat her like a back alley ho, but he keeps going back, and following her to Korea, visiting her on set, so what is that saying to all of you? Be honest!!! Do you still think this is PR. Do they have all of the Skarsgards on the payroll. Next we will see KBOS rolling Ossian around in a damn stroller, really?

  • chelle

    And another thing. I REALLY REALLY dont like when stoopid people try to fave a southern accent. I am from the south and i have yet to come across someone that sounds as rediculous as that skank did in her retarded new movie. It is an total and complete insult to all people in the south. Thank You I feel better now.:0)

  • I like his jacket

    Go raiders !

  • TrueBlade


    IS YOU ON CRACK???? How they hell could you make that leap? Moron, if he was there the people with the cameras would have caught him..Which would make it look better for her that he actually is out with her.They caught the first people going into the car but not the last? Dum@ss!

  • @Ashley

    It really amazes me how simple-minded and one-dimensional people can be when it comes to framing an argument.

  • Abby

    I used to believe he was a refreshing change from the standard HW leading man, but birds of a feather, you are what you eat, and all that. Hiding under a coat – really? He’s not that famous. They deserve each other.

  • Get Ready….

    @TrueBlade: calm down, dear, apparently there are other pics out on the net and they say he is there, I don’t know , have not seen them, but I do see dough boy. Can’t make out Alex. but where would he sit, unless they are in an SUV? This is the rabid-ness I was speaking of, why call Abby a dumbass? She thought she saw him and???

  • Abby

    Whoa – easy there TrueBlade. No need for name calling. Look at the pic of Gustaf – right behind him getting in next to the guy with long hair. You can see a striped shirt and an ear. I could be wrong, but it looks like his ear. Just sayin’

  • TrueBlade

    @Get Ready….:

    Korea…still no had no sitings of 6 ’4″ non Koreans…really..It’s a game with benefits…poorly played on his part. He’s now DListed . Ted, Lainey and all the other gossip sites are laughing at him. He’s the flavor of the month that lost it’s taste. Hopefully he’ll make a comeback after he rinses out the taste of beige and failure.

    Btw, I don’t blame him for sticking with a pro. Better the easy ho you know. The fact that he’s still unwilling to acknowledge her officially says that when the real deal comes along he’ll proudly walk hand and hand with her on the red carpet and everywhere else. I see another OBloom revisit for her in the next year and a half. I hope Skars and his new lady have twins. I look forward to the sight.

  • Get Ready….

    @TrueBlade: Yeah, I know its all a big mess. I think I will seperate myself from this craptastic mess.

  • chelle

    whoever said she is trying(but not succeeding) to save face for her crappy movie is right but i would not wish her on my worstest enemy or their dog. That is just cruel torture — which can be fun in the right situation.