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Kate Gosselin: Christmas with the Kids!

Kate Gosselin: Christmas with the Kids!

Kate Gosselin heads out for a tanning session on Saturday (December 4) in Reading, Penn.

The 35-year-old mother of 8 stopped by The Today Show on Wednesday to squash rumors that her kids were expelled from their school.

As for the holiday season, Kate will be spending Christmas Day with her little cuties while papa Jon will be celebrating with the kids on Christmas Eve. It’s sure to be a wild Christmas at the Gosselins!

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  • psychic

    she’s my role model :*

  • Jane

    Narcissist are all alike. Just like Sarah Palin, Kate has to go on TV, twitter or Facebook to try and defend every little thing.

  • Jane


    Your mother must be proud.

  • nutz

    the perfect tan trumps her children’s welfare

  • lexy hates bilson

    Poor kids! They have to spend Christmas with the b!tch!! I wonder if she’ll try to sell a Christmas episode of her and the kids to the networks – I bet if she gets Jon to join it will mean more money for those 2 losers!!!

  • Good for Kate!

    Kate will make sure the kids have a great Christmas, just like she always does… If she does it with the tan she wants… good for her!!! Doesn’t everyone else have control over their own appearance?


    See the look on her face? This is why you don’t have a litter of kids. She’s going to have a hard time finding another man to put up with her and all those kids.

  • Shelley

    The people that criticize her should remember octomom. You may not like how Kate supports her children but Jon and octomom are more than willing to let all you taxpayers do it for them.

  • ksiits

    Can we say BITCH? Be glad when this hoe is forgotten

  • jb


  • say what?

    What really happened in Alaska, Kate? What did you do to your kids?

  • Beth

    Sorry but you are mistaken Shelley. Jon gets his money from still being under contract with TLC, not “taxpayers”. Are you a taxpayer, by the way? He is obligated by law to pay most of that money right to Kate for child support. Has he been arrested lately? No? So then yes, he IS paying her each and every month the $20K he is required to pay.


    The only people that defend Kate must be bitches themselves. I feel sorry for those kids for they ended up with a psyco bitch for a mom. You pick your friends …….not your relatives!

  • kizbit

    Explain to me why this woman continues to be on TV and claim she has “the best job in the world” and then when the paparazzi follow her she’s all ticked off?????????????

  • lexy hates bilson

    Are Jon and Octomom on welfare? Why isn’t THAT on JJ?

  • anon2

    This woman is so annoying. Why does she have to go on tv to defend everything? Maybe instead of taking the time to go to nyc and appear on television, she could spend time with the two kids who were expelled to try and figure out what is causing them so much difficulty. She has always used her children for fame but now she is using their private and person issues to go on tv. Where will it end?

  • DeeWA2010

    Defend herself? No, she blames EVERYTHING on “divorce anger”. That excuse has EXPIRED kate. I STILL feel certain that it was HER & STEVE fooling around while out on her book tour in the first place that got her thinking she wanted a divorce/separation. THEN Jon started fooling around, not the other way around.
    Steve goes w/her EVERYWHERE, even when the kids are left behind. Why doesn’t she leave HIM behind to help the teenage nannies, instead they’re out romantically walking the beach, etc. It is SO… nauseating! AND… when is Steve’s REAL WIFE gonna file for a divorce?

  • longchamp

    kate should lay off the fillers; that telltale maw is getting to be something to behold!

  • Lillianne

    she is already getting what she deserves

  • Max

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • rhonda

    karma! isn’t it great!

  • DeeWA2010


    gag me w/a chainsaw!

  • Jess

    ugh why does she always have to tan.. that’s so stupid and sad and pathetic.. AND a waste of money. other than that, I don’t have bad things to say about her. she had better be doing this while Jon has the kids at least!

  • say what?
  • Jokergurl

    Too bad she can’t just get stuck in the tanning bed, and I’ll leave it at that. I feel sorry for those kids though. NARCISSISTIC WITCH, I bet she flies around on a broom.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Nasty witch. Look at that facial expression. Egomaniac needs to go away. Poor kids with a mom like that.

  • dessertgirl

    @Good for Kate!:

    It will be a nice Christmas. The kids always pay for their own gifts for every occasion. They pay for their own food, electric, mortgage, tuition, clothes, etc. They are the little moneymakers a/k/a cash machines.

  • HI 50

    She’ll probably ruin the kids’ Xmas with their dad & play the Grinch by downplaying the gifts from Jon.

  • Melissa, Christchurch, NZ

    Geezzz Kate, why do you look so glum?

  • RWA Bloggers are Witches

    I see the RWA witches are at their filth again, posting their hate around the internet.

    Kate’s not the witch, you beotches are the narcissistic witches and we all should be worried about your children and how you are parenting them teaching them to be hateful net bullies like their moms and grandmas are.

  • John

    Kate – your botox is wearing off.

  • anon

    All the people here that are pro-Kate are man haters. There is no way anyone with a brain could support a phony, fake, materialistic, self-centered, control freak like her. Talk about bad judge of character. To top it off she is a lazy arss making money off their kids. Jon got a job. Kate is making millions off her kids and spending it on herself. I hope all of you sheeple have kids just like her. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to screw up the world even more people.

  • anon

    @say what? O.M.G. that article describes Kate Gosselin to a T. I knew all along this woman is sick, sick, sick. Poor kids.

  • Annalise

    @RWA Bloggers are Witches: You are deranged if you think that anyone who posts questioning Kate is a witch. She has driven away even her most ardent followers. I defended her until the latest Today interview. She does not care about her children;s welfare in the least., She refuses to give them any privacy or dignity. She blames the divorce for everything. She is the main custodial parent, she is obviously failing them miserably. I don’t care abut her hair or her fake tan, It is her business if she wants to be orange with a blond mop on her head but her desire for attention no matter the price her children pay is disgusting.

  • anon

    @RWA bloggers and witches: Maybe you should read what you wrote again and take some of your own advice. If we are beotches and witches that would make you the same wouldn’t it? What a ding dong you are.

  • mary

    Geez, is the woman ever happy ….this woman is not STAR material.. for the life of me . I can’t figure out why she is still on the tube.. Someone needs to slap her back to reality… lol

  • jack

    why does she bother tanning ? Its not helping her in the least…. still has that ugly mug on her face…. Hey Kate ..go back to the hole you crawled out of…

  • ann1075

    kate……such a slut …..steve’s wife is a fool too

  • pgillman44

    I`m again… disgusted by why Kate is followed and given so much attention for doing NOTHING but having a bunch of kids on t.v. I cant wait to read about her latest bowel movement. REALITY T.V. MUST BE DESTROYED! Is this all you can find to write about? Lazy semi-journalism at its finest. I`m sorry its as close to journalism as this talentless woman is interesting! Blogger Nazi