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Christina Aguilera & Kristen Bell: 'Burlesque' in Tokyo!

Christina Aguilera & Kristen Bell: 'Burlesque' in Tokyo!

Christina Aguilera and Kristen Bell pose for photos at the Burlesque press conference on Monday (December 6) held at the Peninsula in Tokyo, Japan.

The actresses were joined by director Steve Antin and co-star Cam Gigandet.

“I am so, so thrilled to be here in my favorite city,” Christina said at the conference. “I lived here so I have childhood memories from ages 3 to 6 and it’s always an amazing thing to come back here and do some shopping and do some sightseeing.”

Over the weekend, Christina landed in Tokyo with boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

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Credit: Jun Sato; Photos: Wire Image, SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Cam Gigandet, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell

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  • Soul Fly

    Oh…yikes. Poor girl, must be going through a rough time. The hair isn’t really flattering. She should try a cool/funky new color eh? Just for fun.

  • lol

    Xtine looks like a heffer

  • Uhhh

    Are you kidding? Pregnancy announcement with new boyfriend in 5…4….3….2…1….

  • e

    Christina looks like an ugly plastic doll next to the other woman.

  • faye

    I think Christina is wearing a dress that she wore when she was 6. The length on that dress (?) is baffling…waaaaay to short!

  • Tati

    Christina Aguilera looks even uglier next to the beautiful Kristen Bell.

  • lila


  • Giada

    Boyfriends? Didn’t she just announce her separation/divorce a month, or so, ago? Guess she grieves the lost of her marriage differently. Ummmm.
    Nice shoes but Christina has to get rid of that nappy weave. She has to much money to have her hair looking like that. That being a hot mess.

  • LastWord

    Holy Shizz she looks disgusting….Christina makes Kristin look Jessica Alba gorgeous.

  • just me

    she looks super bloated

  • cece

    something looks wrong with her face in that pick on the left :s

  • kirssyy

    whats wrong with you people, she looks.. hot?.. naw she looks effing terrible, troll like.. kristen is gorg!

  • ck

    Yummmmm…..Kristen :)

  • Get real

    Gee, could that ‘dress’ get any shorter?

  • Mummy

    I am a fan but she’s gone too far. I can’t find a way to defend her here lol she looks a damn mess .

  • Helena

    She just looks a mess next to Veronica Mars.

  • Marie

    Christina forgot her pants. She’s a hot mess.

  • rob

    i think kristen is more beautiful than christina, um they both are the same age but kristen looks glowy, healthy, and refreshing whereas christina looks somewhat haggard or something. i just wonder why.

  • khjg

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  • marq

    I just love girlie girls and burlesque is awesome. The producers would have been hard-pressed to come up with a finer theme.

    And CA’s certainly got the proven pipes.

  • Allie

    Dear Christina,

    You are not helping with the pregnancy rumors. When you make your announcement, do not forget that I called it: your marriage broke up when you found out you were pregnant and it wasn’t your ex-husband’s.


  • Jasmine

    both these women badly need nose jobs.

  • Nara

    Is she pregnant? She has gain so much weight. She looks awful.

  • Megan

    well i think Xtina is HOT…

  • Butter_Fly

    Wow. She does not look good here. The hair and the red lipstick is just bad.

  • lynn

    Everyone is talking about Christina………why aren’t you girls looking at Cam and his eyes?!?! Now he looks gorgeous!!!!

  • Soul Fly

    Oh my….I’m starting to really think she’s pregnant too… but looking at her previous pregnancy photos, I’m also starting to think she’s just emotionally eating and gaining weight. Oh well, she still has a better bod than me so whatever.

  • jane

    christina looks like a clown…kristen is gorgeous as always

  • Speak Now

    Keep hating her, she can always outsing her haters even on her worst day.

  • Truth Hurts

    Her marriage actually broke up because she got knocked up with the boyfriends baby and Jordan flipped out about it. What husband wouldn’t? Christina is a hypocrite and a liar. Trash, trash, trash.

  • Meg

    @Nara: You’d figure after all the dancing and training she had to do she would be bot as big. It does look like she’s pregnant. Since this movies been out, all the outfits she’s warn have been hinting that she has a bun in her oven. So either she put on a good 10 to 20 pounds, or she’s pregnant. If she is pregnant, I wonder who the daddy is.

  • Jokergurl

    I like Christina, she’s a talented singer but Christina’s gained a lot of weight either she’s eating to cope with stress or she’s pregnant.

  • J

    Well that one way too mess up a marriage. And that by having another dude baby. :D

  • Eileen

    I love Burlesque! Its a great fun movie and Christina looks and is awesome in it! But as much as I adore her lately she is not looking her best. I hope she gets “things’ sorted out.

  • Lisa2

    Christina was looking pretty about a year ago and now she is getting back to her old ways. I know she looks to be gaining a few pounds but she looks too blonde and the make-up is too much again. I know she has some personal things going on, but I have to admit, her husband/ex-husband to be use to help her with the “style” too. He was the one that told her to tone it down some and she did.

  • kiki

    Whoa, what happened to Christina? Her face looks awful here and the clown make up only makes it so much worse. Next to her Kristen looks like a supermodel.

  • natalie

    Christina you look disgusting yuk………

  • Lynn

    Kristen looks prettier than ever Christina sadly uglier and fatter than ever !! However i love her !

  • natalie

    I agree with truth hurts comments above. She has an identity of a whore thats why she did this movie she doesn’t like male dominance as she always wants to be in control she portraits herslef as if sexy but can’t keep the image an example is this photo fat in the face ugly ugly ugly but nevertheless she thinks shes on top but i doubt it its old christina with nothing new at all old old old.

  • Zukayi

    Christina puts sooooo much make up! I think she looks horrendous!!!!!!

  • susana

    being a good singer with “pipes” is not an excuse to leave the house lookin like a hot tranny mess.
    she could look better if she wore clothes more suiting for her body and got rid of that sick lipstick.
    how is the new dude attracted to her anyways?

  • eve

    she is soo preggers….it will be announced soon!!!!

  • Yas

    hello???? shes PREGNANT. look at her! she looks just like when she was with Max. and the belly is BIG, cant hide it. not even mentioning that shes bigger in general. her legs… her face… everything.
    but she wont announce it. i bet she wont.

  • kriis

    @Allie: wow!! if that is true thats cazy but it does make sense cuz girls put on weight and not im sad over my divorce weight. i mean really she has a new man how sad can she be =)

  • Brandon Hilton

    she’s HUGE… like 3 days ago she was skinny… what the hell happened?

  • Fiction?

    Kristen Bell so beautiful :)

  • anna378

    Either she’s pregnant or she’s eating her troubles away. Krinten Bell looks gorgeous!

  • qboy

    ITTA w/ #15 lol

    my gosh i am her biggest fan but …

  • Maritza

    Cristina’s hair is dry and overprocessed, she should darken her hair. She also needs to lose weight. Kristen Bell looks gorgeous!

  • Emma

    She actually really doesn’t look very good here. Her face looks very weird. And yes, she does look pregnant, she looks about four or five months along.