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Gerard Butler: Motorcycle Man in Miami

Gerard Butler: Motorcycle Man in Miami

Gerard Butler goes for a ride on a motorcycle on Monday (December 6) in Miami, Fla.

The same day, the 41-year-old Scottish stud was spotted soaking up the sun with some pals at South Beach.

Over the weekend, Gerry checked out the Vogue YSL Cruise 2011 collection at a soiree held during Art Basel Week with celebs including Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams.

Gerard also attended the Art Basel Miami fair, where he chased a paparazzo who got too invasive!

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  • Nuts

    My gosh…the paps are really tracking this boy down…

  • gotta be kidding

    he makes it too easy!

  • kimberlyn

    why isn’t he wearing a helmet

  • DarkEmpress

    What has happened to him since 300? Did he move into a McDonald’s? He still has that sexy manly attitude but no washboard abs! Ah! I feel cheated!

  • Mr. Giggles

    G’s biking for strange ….. ;)

  • paisley please

    Love it that he’s enjoying himself a little.

  • N.

    He was way overdone for 300, he’s back to a normal good-looking man. And it hardly looks like he’s been living at McDonald’s.

    Looking forward to seeing Machine Gun Preacher. I wonder if prepping for that role inspired the love of bikes? I don’t really remember many pics of him riding before this year….

  • Verklept

    How can you tell he doesn’t have the washboard abs when he is wearing a t-shirt? Unless you have x-ray vision.

  • stupidfans

    @kimberlyn: His ego will protect him.

    @N.: You’ll see him on bikes a lot until the film is released. After that he’ll be back in his middle age crisis sportscars.

    @paisley please: That’s all he does is enjoy himself. It’s his career.

  • paisley please

    The only reason he looks “different’ is because of his long hair – period! I’m thinking the only reason it’s long is because of an upcoming movie role (Burns – period piece) or some filler work for MGP (post-production); what do you think?

  • paisley please

    I kinda love it that he seems not to care about his looks that much. AND no matter how “different” everyone seems to think he looks, as long as he still has that adorable overbite, he’ll forever be good looking to me and his fans.

  • stupidfans

    @Verklept: If I were him I’d tie a washboard to the outside of my jacket just to get revenge about everyone wanting him to have washboard abs.

  • paisley please

    @stupidfans: Yeah, but since it’s well-known among us fans that he suffers a bit with anxiety (admittedly so in countless interviews), it’s still nice that he looks like he’s relaxing a bit in sunny Florida before the next project, etc.

  • stupidfans

    @paisley please: -and able to eat carrots as fast as Bugs Bunny.

  • hellotheregb

    have leather jacket……will ride for strange!
    ride Gerry ride!!!

    I said this a moment ago in the last thread. In my opinion he does not look like he has been spa-ing more like a long, late night club-bing.

  • hellotheregb

    I need a real vacation, ok a Gerry buttler few months long vacation, for get the RL life crap! Hey Gman here I come! yikes!

  • paisley please

    @hellotheregb: Umm, eh? Wha?

  • stupidfans

    @paisley please: What anxiety does he deal with?

    “Do I wear the ugly Tshirt or the uglier Tshirt?”

    “What were the names of the three models I was with last night?”

    “Grande or Venti?”

    “It’s been 5 minutes since Alan called. I hope he’s alright!”

    “How long before they find out I’m a complete phoney?”

    The man doesn’t have anxiety other than the drama he creates for himself.

  • paisley please

    Apparently, he’s dealt with it ever since he was a little boy (again, this, according to him), but ever since he’s been able to afford it, he sees a therapist for it. We could all benefit from a little therapy, eh? I would post a couple of links to allude to this, but alas, I’m just too lazy to do so, tonight. Maybe another night. = )

  • CC

    What is going on with him and motorcycles? I’m starting to think that he is getting paid to ride around on them. either way I love a man on a motorcycle ;)

  • stupidfans

    @paisley please: According to him his family was poor. According to him American men haven’t been through as much as Scottish men. According to him all women in Hollywood are vapid. According to him his brother didn’t go to college too. I don’t put too much value on his version of facts.

    Someone should tell him that being ignorant, revisionist and whining doesn’t make him seem sympathetic. It makes him sound pathetic.

    Alan does not count as talking to a therapist btw. Degree in psychology or not. Going to his yoga retreats didn’t seem to do much for him either. A dose of Ritalin might help.

  • kelly

    gerrys looking better in this post love the longer hair but im sure all the haters well say how ugly he looks or that hes out looking for strange but i still love me some gerry!!!!

  • reason

    What is going on with him and motorcycles?

    Read more:
    Publicity for the upcoming MGP promotion.

  • h

    His nose does look a liitle different. Smaller and now has a thin hook. Look closely at the last thread’s pic when he looks like he is spitting.

  • h
  • paisley please

    @h: Naahhh, just a weird angle. Where is going after Miami, I wonder. I think it’s horrific weather in Scotland right now, and somebody said he’s hanging out until he can go home for the holidays. Who knows?

  • CC

    @reason: well its better than the promotion he did for TBH lol

  • Cora

    @ Hawkins
    My original post this morning wasn’t directed toward you! I’m very sorry for any confusion. I think you were engaging in very well-intentioned speculation and I had no problem with it whatsoever. Speculation is the backbone of gossip boards, so that wasn’t what was bothering me. Anyway, I left you a more detailed reply on the “Photographer Fun in Miami” thread kind explaining what the bee in my bonnet was this morning. LOL! ♥

  • Old Mia

    Even messy, his hair is looking better longer than a month ago. He must have had it trimmed in LA. When combed, it looks like he’s getting a handle on how to deal with it. But, I’ve decided I like it better shorter, about as he had it at the Nim’s premiere. He must be keeping it this length for something – L’Oreal or a new movie. That’s just my guess because I don’t think he enjoys dealing with it longer. He doesn’t seem to want to have to ‘fix up’ at all unless he’s working.

    I guess I’m going to agree with people who say he does look a bit different. Subtle, but something’s different. Didn’t he go off the radar in LA for a number of days after the CNN show? Well, whatever, he’s looking handsome. Just shave the neck, now, G, and you’ll be about perfect. His body looks great. Very trim.

  • paisley please
  • James King

    hi i luv bike stunts, i think he is a stuntman.

  • fyi

    This will be the Shakespearean hit of the year. Not Coriolanus. Look at the talented cast.

  • what?

    @fyi: So, I looked at the cast. Russell Brand is the only person I’m familiar with. Not in the least interested in that.

  • Old Mia

    @fyi: May be. There is no denying the ignorance of the movie-going public. Shakespeare must be rolling over in his grave.

  • paisley please

    @fyi: Looks great – love Helen; wish Gerry was in it.

  • Fugly

    This guy is not attractive. Please.

  • holiday

    That looks terrible. But cheesy wins over art with too many people today.

    Saw Russell in the Get Him to the Greek thing last night. Some funny moments. But mostly ridiculous. Kind of icky. Russell is definitely icky in my estimation.

    BTW, The Holiday is my fav movie. Thus the name.

    And Gerard James Butler is my favorite man on this planet or any other. Love his nose, his great eyes, his mouth which is to die for…

  • KDHT

    I’m not into the Shakespeare wars someone wants to start here. Ralph vs. Russell? Really?

    Art vs. Hollywood idiocy?

  • Old Mia

    Checked back. Still can’t get my mind around Russell in Shakespeare.

    Nuts: Was it you who were going to a Celtic Thunder concert? Did you see Paul has handed in his resignation as of the end of 2010? Odd HE thinks he’s better than the group.

    I am just so glad it wasn’t Keith. If he leaves, I probably will too.

  • Donna

    where did you hear his mother went back to college and became a business lecturer? I thought she was a teacher. What exactly is a business lecturer? Did anyone else hear this story?

  • speculation

    maybe he is seeing someone because they sent him an older woman to meet him at the airport in Miami. Maybe he doesn’t want to be seen with cute hotel employees or assistants to fuel the gossip about him. Maybe he’s in a relationship. The whole time in FL he was not even seen with one women, just the usual guy friends. Maybe Jeannia is really seeing him lol

  • Heidi

    @Donna: This is Butler 101. Mama lectured at colleges on business before she retired. She went back to school when she left Ed, and she made a successful career as a teacher. But in the meantime while going to school she lived with grandma who was a huge help in bringing up the kids while mom got her education. It was all to provide a better life for her three kids. Daddy Ed was a no show in their lives. No wonder he loves his mum so much.

  • please

    get off your high horse already and stop lecturing, please.

  • Well

    @Heidi: Mama wanted to see him as a hot shot lawyer in HM service. NOT what she got. But it’s a lot more lucrative.

  • Donna

    Very interesting. The reason I was asking is because I heard GB is a very good businessman; that even before he made it big in “300″ he had money and invested in real estate. I heard he had money since 2002-2003 from investing. So when I heard his mother is a business lecturer, I thought that maybe that’s how he developed his good business acumen. I suppose his mum taught him about investing his money in various places like real estate. I assume he makes additional money from investing it right and not just from getting paid for movie roles or doing promotions.
    Regarding him loving his mum, yes I think he does, but I think he also loved his dad, despite his leaving the family. I think it really hurt him when he died. GB could be very loyal to his family and the people close to him. However, the way he shows his loyalty is different from what most of us would consider the norm.
    So despite his love for them, he is not totally immersed in his family. Some people here said he is a mama’s boy, but I don’t think so. He doesn’t spend so much time with his family opting instead to vacation with his buddies whenever possible. I think he likes to keep in touch by phone or Internet, and just go to Scotland a couple of times a year. I think he respects Glasgow for his family roots and Scotland for being his country of birth (his people), but his favorite place to live is NYC. Not even LA compares to it in his mind. That said, he definitely is a very loyal person to the people he loves, like his family and very close friend. He seems to have cultivated relationships that have lasted years with people.

  • Cora

    @Donna: I agree with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a very good head for business. As a matter of fact, he’s always struck me as a very smart man. I know he can do some immature things sometimes, but I’ve never questioned his intellect. Some time ago I was reading about his academic achievements and I was very impressed. I really wish he would show that side of himself more in interviews.

  • Donna

    What did you read about his academic achievements? i heard he did real well in school and was accepted to the law school at Glasgow university, which is considered a very prestigious school in the UK. I guess, he’s really smart academically speaking.
    But I also get the vibes that he’s very street smart as well, not just book smart, which is a very nice combination, because usually the two don’t go hand in hand. Add to these his good looks and his super success and you have a very lucky and blessed individual. I hope he is also kind or nice person, as so many people have reported, because that’s truly the icing on the cake.

  • Cora

    @paisley please: “The only reason he looks “different’ is because of his long hair – period! I’m thinking the only reason it’s long is because of an upcoming movie role (Burns – period piece) or some filler work for MGP (post-production); what do you think?”
    I think you might be on to something with MGP. Post-production work on MGP would definitely explain a need to keep his beard and long locks going for awhile. I was having a look at “Afterburn” and I didn’t see anything there that would require him to have it long or short. I think any post work on “Coriolanus” would be finished. RedO (I think) posted a tweet from someone who saw an advanced screening of it already. They were singing Gerry’s praises as an actor which I thought was some of the most exciting news we’ve had about Gerry in a long time. If he achieves at least critical success in a Shakespeare adaptation of all things, I think he and his fans will have a great deal to celebrate!

  • fyi

    @what?: You neve heard of Helen Mirren? Djimon Hounsou? Alfred Molina? Chris Cooper? Alan Cumming?

    @Old Mia: Obviously the person who commented before you is one of that ignorant public.

  • she

    When his mother returned to her parents after the divorce her mother help her, what was her father reaction? did he help too?