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Gerard Butler: Relaxing at South Beach!

Gerard Butler: Relaxing at South Beach!

Gerard Butler soaks up the sun on South Beach on Monday (December 6) in Miami, Fla.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor has been spending time enjoying Miami’s Art Deco district during his trip to Florida.

Over the weekend, Gerry checked out art at the Art Basel Miami, held at the Miami Convention Center.

Gerry headed out to Florida on Friday afternoon as he took a flight from Los Angeles.

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  • Danielle

    Where is the Gerad Butler from Dracula 2000? He was so hot and attactive there, now, mmm, no thanks. Maybe too many parties?

  • good look

    Gerard Butler from Dracula 2000 was 31….there is a big difference from 31 to 41, ask someone who knows…But he is a goodlooking 41, believe me, you should be so lucky to look that good at that age. Also, I have never looked my best windblown and windburn on the beach…but I think he looks great… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….and I behold great beauty…

  • Danielle

    I know that, that movie is from a while ago now, but theres something in his face, he looks tired, I’m not saying he look ugly, but theres something missing,

  • redOctober
  • psychic

    shia labuffs future

  • Oye Vey

    Why does he always look trashed on vacation??

  • So Swedish

    He looks good. He´s relaxed, letting his beard grow, giving the hair brush some rest.

    He seems to be aware that someone is taking his pic though, and not totally liking it.
    Very understandable.

    Enjoy Miami G. Take it easy.

  • paisley please

    Still hot, but I miss him at the movies!

  • Scout

    He looks like he had a very late night esp. in the pics posted on, the most dishevelled I’ve seen him . Looks like he hasn’t brushed his hair, the last pic is the worst. I appreciate the fact he’s on a beach but still!. He can look fab in one shot and the very next one he looks a wreck!, that’s Gerry for you. In saying that, he has that “I just got out of bed look” which is really sexy in men that can pull it off! I hope he doesn’t lose and more weight. His arms look skinny in the 4th pic jj posted.

  • Scout

    Looks like there’s just fruit and coffee on that table, no wonder he’s falling away. I hope he’s ordering a cheese burger off that menu! In some of his recent pics I thought he had reached a good weight, he’s beautiful face could be seen again but in some of these pics I’m not so sure. I suppose he’s getting older now and he probably can’t afford to get much thinner. What about these rumours surrounding his weight loss? Is it for a new role? I think he said he has been hitting the gym and just eating better…..

  • Manny
  • BigLD2*


    I agree 100 percent with you about the DRACULA 2000 reference. It’s not that he looks older here or younger there….he LOOKS COMPLETELY different in the movie to the point that I didn’t even know it was him until the credits.
    Yes, people age …but I agree with you …his face looks soooooo different.

    So…for me…I liked his looks in that movie. The longer hair…the face was splendid …he was at his best to ME.

    It’s all about genes. Robert Downey Junior has awesome ones…cause that man looks better with age.

  • gotta be kidding

    of course he looks unkempt, this man needs a double, he does way too much, he’s here, he’s there, makes me wonder wth he’s running from, jeez

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO

    hello all
    I know it’s hard to believe but that’s what you, learn now it starts
    Here is the first daughter of Gerry and Jen. the marriage of Brad and Jen, was a hoax hollywood, for money, for five years. She has the body of her mother, she is back, this is normal, for now, it’s a warning for Brangelina, the man with circles is the bodyguard for the daughter because she was in danger, but not anymore, because the family is protected by the highest authorities

  • yuck

    I think he looked the best in Dear Frankie. From 2004-2006 he looked fabulous! His face seems puffy a lot. Maybe he’s on prescription medications or something. Sometimes the side effects to that stuff can be bad.

  • redOctober

    I miss this face too …

    …but alas, we all change with age : (

  • yuck

    @ redO…..Yessss. Beautiful face. Must have been from 2005 or 06. I know we all age, Unfortunately.

  • Scout

    ya there was a time there when Gerry was just ravishingly handsome….delicious!

  • lolita

    CJ, thanks for the video link from the last thread. His eyes light up his face when he has a genuine smile and love his face when he giggles.
    In the vogue pics he is wearing his black v-neck sweater with the sleeves pushed up for me. He knows what I like…the little devil.

  • Cherry Pie

    So he’s on the South Beach STD Tour 2010 now.
    @So Swedish: That’s all he does it take it easy. He’s got nothing else. LMAO.
    @Danielle: Too many parties, too much penecillin, you name it.

  • Scout

    I think the making of 300 aged Gerry….

  • yuck

    I think he is still a very handsome man, but he was sooo gorgeous back then. I am sure if I passed him on the street that I would do a double take.

  • cheery

    Does that face need more baking in the sun? Really? Talking about aging. Nothing ages one’s skin faster than over exposure to the sun

  • Scout

    Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt have 5/6 years on Gerry, he needs to start looking after himself better if he’s going to peserve his good looks.


    I think he’s gorgeous just as he is. Love it that he doesn’t seem to sit around and worry how he looks everytime he goes out, especially someplace like the beach! No girly man, that’s for sure.

  • http://AT& Looking Good

    I like his hair this color. It fits him better than the black hair. The weight is just right ….he looks great IMO!

  • laruj

    I think Gerry looks great, and more youthful looking, due to a possible nose lift! If you observe his nose carefully, in profile, you will see that it is not “drooping” quite as much as it was. His nose is imperceptively shorter, and this gives him a more youthful appearance! Our noses continue to grow and “droop” as we get older. I see an improvement in the nose. Just my opinion, as I observe these photos. If true, good for him! Along with the weight loss, he appears much younger!

  • Really????

    are you crazy? his nose has not been touched. get back on your meds

  • Donna

    So what? What’s so outrages there? We know he likes to go to functions lol

  • hilarious


    hahahahahahahaha even Gerry wouldnt get a “nose lift”

  • laruj


    Believe me, I take no “meds.” This is just my honest opinion. His nose looks just a TAD bit shorter, or has been “lifted.”

    My opinion. I don’t care if you agree with me.

  • hm

    there was a story a few weeks ago about how Demi Moore gets these $3000 per facial treatments called Thermage (?) (which I think is a heat or light treatment that tightens the skin) and she spends like $100,000 a year on them – or so the story said.

    Anyway – it’s like zero down time and would be very easy to get one and go if you can afford it. I’m sure it makes one look very refreshed and more youthful.

  • Vegas

    I don’t know what he’s done, but something IS different. He even looks different than he did on the CNN Heroes program. Younger, firmer clearer eyes …. What the heck? Even messy on the beach you can see the difference.

  • Heretical


    “I think the making of 300 aged Gerry….”

    I completely agree with this statement. His body was changed forever after all that he put it through, including the workouts, the injuries etc. It definitely took its toll. (Perhaps that’s why he seems to work so hard at enjoying the fruits of that film. He earned them.)

  • yuck

    @hm….Yes. There is also one called Triniti and there is no down time. It can improve sun spots, wrinkles and can tighten the skin. If you have the $$$ why not!

  • yuck

    Dude, I know you probably just got out of bed and went to the beach all stinky and everything, but please take a shower and SHAVE YOUR NECK!!!!!
    You look like a Yeti.

  • yuck

    Interesting? yuck #36 is using my name. I did not post this comment. Please stop posting under my name.

  • tallntan

    I’ll bet he got Fraxel around his eyes….reduces wrinkles. And maybe IPL (intense pulse light) for skin discolorations. Both are lasers and require a week or so downtime.

  • paisley please

    I think he was at this best-looking in Attila – whoa!

  • hellotheregb

    Is he out with Serena? just asking… just stirring the pot a little! I personally do not think he has had a thing done to his face except a very late, late night with plenty of south beach clubbing! Just my opinion.

  • realitycheck

    Too bad Gerry can’t stay in a damp basement with his Phantom mask too. What a fantasy that would be.

    A close up picture would tell us that he probably is doing something as simple as using the men’s facial products he’s selling. So his skin looks better than normal. That’s all.

  • krt

    that looks like an undershirt, not a t-shirt

  • stupidfans

    @hilarious: Not unless it helped him poon.

    @Vegas: That might explain his quick trip to Los Angeles. He wanted to be fresh for Miami model chasing.

  • Manny

    ***** NEW THREAD *****

  • vivi
  • paisley please

    He looks “different” simply because his hair is longer and looser, and you can’t see those gorgeous eyes cuz of his sunglasses – period!

  • lady bee

    i think he looks more looser,more flabby and of course (and good) doing without jeallous girls…heehee…!!!!!

  • deb2010

    He looks okay, I can’t wait for him to appear on The A-List New York, now that will be much better than chatting about his movies.

  • deb2010


    He doesn’t have a week to rest, the man can’t stop. I would love to know what he takes as the coffee isn’t doing it in my corner.

  • Toasted Pop Tarts

    The MOoBS are back…