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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: TV Guide Fan Favorites!

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: TV Guide Fan Favorites!

Supernatural hunks Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles cover TV Guide magazine as the mag’s first ever Fan Favorites!

The co-stars, 28 and 32, thanked their fans for their devotion to their show. “We have an incredibly loyal, devoted – and aggressive – fan base,” Jensen said. “We don’t get a whole lot of attention, so it’s nice when the show can get recognized, not only for us, but for the fans as well. They like to brag about the show.”

“Our fans have been a huge part of the show. We have such a committed following,” Jared agreed. “They’re keeping us alive, and they’re keeping the story alive.”

Supernatural beat out runners-up Bones, Castle, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother and Smallville. 5.5 million votes were cast overall!

Supernatural airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • The Comedian

    Yehhhh It was about time ! ;-D

  • The Comedian

    Yeahhh It was about time !!! Ok, the cover looks like crap because too much use of photoshop, but at last the recognition they deserve ;-D

  • BTR

    Wow – I watched this the first year or so, did not know it was still on!

  • Supernatural

    Oh they are so hot!!!

  • Karen

    I voted so many times!!!!! I’m so happy we won!!!! Chuck can suck it!!!

  • http://@missyblaine missy blaine

    I’m so excited!! I voted like a million times because our boys sooo deserve this cover and I’m glad that we won!! I’m so happy to be part of such an amazing fandom!!! Now lets win our boys a PCA this year!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

  • X5452

    Really dissapointed Chuck didn’t win, I voted so many times :(
    Congrats though for Supernatural fans!

  • Superfreak

    Congrats to Supernatural and us crazy fan! We should be very proud of ourselves for all our hard work! Can’t wait to get the issue!

  • Alex

    Awesome! But guys, we need to pick up the ratings. The last few episodes have dropped dramatically. On average the ratings were at 2.4 million viewers and now it’s barely making it at 2 million. Tweet, facebook, myspace … whatever but let’s draw the attention of the Nielsen families and network.

  • Ashley

    Congrats to Supernatural and the best fans any show could have! The guys are right, the fans of Supernatural are loyal and devoted. Obviously aggressive also, how else would they get the cover if we didn’t melt our keyboards voting for them? J&J and the rest of the cast and crew… You Rock! Thank you for 6 AMAZING Seasons!


    FINALLY!! This show and the guys deserve so much more recognition than even this.

  • Lola

    Damn are they hot, and by they I (mostly) mean Jensen !!!

    Gotta love this show….they’re on S6 and still got 2 series regulars!! Now THIS is the way it’s supposed to be!!

  • Claudia

    Glad “Supernatural” won, but that cover is way to airbrushed/ photoshoped. Still it’s good they get some recognition.

  • Lola

    Haha, and after the Chuck fans tried to cheat! Sorry guys, but that makes this all the sweeter. SPN fans FTW!

  • Claudia

    I’ve just noticed Jared’s eyes are not even the same color. They really went over the top with the photoshop.

  • Leigh

    Jared is sooo sexy when he’s looking all evil.

  • val

    Congratulations to jared and jensen!

    A new photoshoot would have been so nice, i mean, im not against photoshop, but look at that cover, those are not their real faces. They looked totally fake.

  • Raza

    Yeah voting took forever.We WON THOUGH…and as for the rating CW screwed itself by switching it to Fridays…rather have made Nikita fridays and vampire diaries and Supernatural on Thursday…Hopefully this can convince CW to keep Supernatural going

  • Emma

    So glad for them! Love Supernatural. I just wish they would move it to another day of the week. Yeah, that would be great if they moved it to Thursdays right after Vampire Diaries, then my two favorite shows would be back to back.

  • Renee

    The cover is way toooo photo shopped. Jared and Jensen are perfect as is. You should be able to see their sexy moles and freckles darn it.
    Congrat’s SPN and their fans. Hopefully this will show TPTB that Supernatural should be on the air for at least a couple more years.

  • W

    I voted my ASS off! I am SO happy they won! This made my day! I love this show so much, these guys are amazing.

  • Koree


    So did I!! I love this show soo much and I voted every day numerous times. I really hate that it comes on Fridays b/c I personally think it fit in with VD since both are supernatual shows. Nikita could have came on Fridays.

  • Beth

    I think the average age of viewer for this show sounds like it’s 12. With 2M viewers it’s history regardless of how many votes fan girls spent their days casting.

  • kiki

    I love Supernatural and I love the boys even more :) Glad they won.

  • Chelsea


    Ratings are usually lower on Fridays genius. Ratings are always lower for Friday shows. It’s still one of the networks top shows, if it were back on Thursdays it would be almost 3. Plus the show has a lot of the demographics. They would be nuts to cancel it. Don’t say a show’s history when you clearly don’t know shit about it.

  • Rio

    The best part of supernatural is its devoted fans.
    Plz vote for Supernatural for PCA!

  • D

    Finally! Jeez, love these boys and Supernatural they need more coverage for their good work. Though they shouldn’t have photoshopped this to the extreme, both boys are naturally attractive

  • Jen

    Hooray Supernatural!!! :)

  • Folktoe

    WAY TO GO GUYS! Enjoy!

  • Colin Miller

    Now that you know there are so many fans out there supporting you how about you fix the story lines.

  • Julia M.

    It’s like an art project instead of photograph on the cover…Boo!

    I didn’t vote for such a crappy pic to be on the cover!

  • Tommy Tee

    @Chelsea–If rating are so lower on Fridays then why can WWE keep their ratings. That is what is killing SPN. It has nothing to do with the weekday. It’s a combo of bad PR for the show–as in not getting any for the show except puff pieces in magazines.

  • emma

    Congrats to Supernatural!! my first and favorit show !!! i love it.i voted for proud :D

  • British Latin American

    That cover would have been better if they had done no photoshop; and also if Jared was shown shirtless or scantily clad.

  • mrs. robinson

    Yay! for Jensen and Jared and their fans.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    AAAAAAABOUT TIME!!!!! I VOTED LIKE THE WORLD WAS ENDING!! LOL MAN I LUV THESE GUYS!! BEST SHOW ON TV!!! Hated they switch to Fridays but that wont stop us from watching it!!! Jensen said it very well…….incredibly loyal, devoted – and aggressive – fan base” LMAO!! YEA DONT MESS WITH US!!! LUV YA BABY JENSEN!!!

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    they could have done better with the pic. of all the pics they chose this one?? WHEN DOES JENSEN EVER WEAR A BRIGHT GREEN SHIRT & PERK HIS LIPS LIKE ZOOLANDER?? LOL STILL HOTT THOUGH!!

  • Colin Miller

    Folktoe as you would say that is not the ‘Blue Steel’ pose for Jensen. LOL!

  • Chelsea

    @Tommy Tee:

    Nielson always notes that Friday shows have lower ratings when they do the tv ratings. I can imagine WWE doesn’t get good ratings cause well no offense but it’s WWE. There is poor publicity for the show true but everyone goes out on Fridays not many sit down at home to watch tv.

    And the show is still doing well regardless of the move.

  • Jared28

    Who can afford to go out?

  • Jesse Law

    It’s doing good because the guys are still looking pretty, but if they don’t get their storyline straight I won’t feel guilty for going out and SVR’s the show to watch later.

    If it wasn’t for the TWITTER and other announcements to vote in the first place it would have lost to Smallville.

    SUPERNATURAL one more season and then let it go into reruns. I only worry that the guys only have looks and talent for TV and so their career will be short unless picked up into another series.

    Hope they saved their cash!

  • Jesse Law

    I mean DVR it.

  • Jeanie

    WATCH SUPERNTAURAL! We will not get a season 7 if the ratings don’t pick up.. now, if you’re with me, I WANNA SEE JARED PADALECKI AND JENSEN ACKLES SHIRTLESS. And that’s not going to happen if we don’t WATCH, WATCH, WATCH Supernatural!!

    Get the word out!

    Improve it’s ratings!


  • Jesse Law

    I see Jared & Jensen shirtless and then some every night in my dreams for FREE! LOL!

  • Maria

    Yeah thats right!!

  • Sara

    They have a top demographic for males and females 18-48 just so you know, 12 is a smaller number than 18 I wasn’t sure you would grasp that. And please don’t talk about a show you know nothing about. Most of the CW shows don’t get over 3 million because they refuse to promote their shows properly.

    2 million viewers is good for this network. And it would do a lot better if it hadn’t been moved to Fridays. I’m going to love seeing your face when it gets renewed for season 7.

    So please go back to watching Grey’s Anatomy or another one of those lame shows.