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Kate Bosworth: 'Chelsea Lately' Guest!

Kate Bosworth: 'Chelsea Lately' Guest!

Kate Bosworth chats with Chelsea Handler while making an appearance on Chelsea Lately on Thursday (December 2).

The 27-year-old actress was on the show to promote her film The Warrior’s Way, which opened in theaters over the weekend.

Kate brought Chelsea a gift, which was a piece of jewelry from her JewelMint line.

Kate talked about how in Korea, scandals are considered to be bad things and can end a star’s career.

Jan Dong-gun, Kate‘s co-star in The Warrior’s Way, is considered to be the “Korean Brad Pitt.”

Watch the interview below…

Kate Bosworth Appears on Chelsea Lately

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  • Peanut Gallery

    O.M.G. Not again!

  • Catsup.

    Barf ..puke..splat all over C. Handjob.

    ain’t nothing worth seeing on her show. Dirty mouth like a truckdriver
    if that is supposed to be humor PPPFFFTT! somebody better get her a bodybag.

  • J

    I don’t know why but she rubs me the wrong way…I don’t like her personality at all.
    Something about her just comes off as insincere.

  • faye

    Handler is going to wish this is the only clip of her circulating after everyone gets to see the disgusting, hate filled way she attacks Angelina Jolie in her “stand-up” routine over the weekend.

  • MadAboutTheBoy

    oh for Pete’s sake! The JJ/Bosho love-fest begins again. JJ when will you and Robin Baum get it into your thick heads? No amount of shoving this chick down everyone’s throats can make us like her. Its not Skarsgard related either. If she could act, and came off as halfway sincere, ppl would probably put up with her. But – she can’t. Act.

  • FunkJunk

    WTF happened to her face?! Heidi Montag has a competitor !

  • Meg


    Right because she was the first stand up comedian to say something about a celebrity. Fact is, alot of people say the same thing about Angelina Jolie, it’s called an opinion.

  • TrueBlade

    Chelsea was obviously told to play nice by her ex boyfriend, Ted Harbert who is head of Comcast which owns E! Ryan Kavanaugh and him are probably buddies. The big guys scratch each other’s back all the time. Anyone who is a fan of Chelsea know BS when they see it. Really Blue Crush was a favorite of Chelsea’s ? She loves Hole? Her mismatch matched eyes are beautiful? SHE HAS THE BEST REPUTATION ? If you buy any of crap interview, there’s a bridge I have in Brooklyn for sale. If you watch Chelsea you know when she really likes someone. being nice to Hole was on orders nothing more. Same with Jimmy Kimmel who barely concealed his mockery.I wonder if orders is why AS is doing his mandatory pap shots but hiding his face in defiance?

    Btw, the gift of those cheap Tackymint earrings to Chelsea? She’s from Jersey but her name’s not Snooki. You know that crap went in the garbage or Chuy used it to stuff a pinata. It’s ironic that she told CH that in Korea an actor with a bad reputation will no longer be employed. When Chelsea mentioned that they’re quite a few we should sent to Korea, it went straight over her head. Does that moron not understand that the Koreans know of HER bad rep and she was only tolerated because it was Jang’s big American debut?As it is the Korean media has said that despite how bad the movie is it would be patriotic for people to support Jang. She really is poisonous to everything she touches.

  • Liv

    “And you have such a good reputation and people love you.”


  • TrueBlade

    Why does she look like a botoxed, anorexic Oompalumpa? At least she bought new hair for the interviews. She has got to be one of the most boring, inane people in the world. I hope Chelsea did a few vodka shots before and after her ordeal. It must have killed her to have Hole on the show since she and Gwyneth have the same agent. Not to mention CHELSEA LIKES GP. Talk about a shotgun interview. Poor Chelsea.

  • Kate wearing a weave

    Kate you wear that weave ..eventhough it looks like a birds nest lol

  • Hype

    I’m surprised her head didn’t snap off from the weight of all that weave of her head lol!
    BTW At times youcan tell that this interview was difficult for CH..she looked like she was holding back lol

  • Liv

    That shot at Lindsay Lohan was ironic, considering she and Kate were party buddies.

  • Shiny

    Why is Kate’s whole face soo shiny like she’s sweating under pressure ?

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Elle

    Like half the interview was spent talking about Blue Crush, a movie made nearly ten years ago. You’d think it was the equivalent of Titanic, the way they go on about it.

  • H.

    Enough of this bobble headed ho.

  • CC

    Chelse is taking potshots at Jolie but sucking up to Boswhore?
    What a hypocrite.

  • elfin

    That was a pretty lame interview.

  • L

    She’s pretty but as interesting as watching paint dry.

  • twenty-two

    Kate seems to have a lot more hair in that clip.
    Is that a wig or a weave?

  • Wilson

    @Kate wearing a weave: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Hollywood

    cheek implants and botox…gross

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • Movie Watcher

    Her movie bombed big time.

  • TrueBlade

    @CC: ”

    Hole obviously has Ryan Kavanaugh pulling strings for her..Chelsea has bosses like everyone else. She’s not Oprah and is subject to orders. Do you not think favors are being exchanged to try and sell Warrior’s Way, a very big flop? Do you not understand that KB should not even be a blip on anyone’s radar with all her failures and lack of appeal? Better more likeable actresses have fallen off the grid. KB has MEN in high places. How is she going on all these shows and being allowed to talk about her Tackyho joolree? She was even on Attack of the Show hawking it. Since when does Attack of the Show allow guess to hawk jewelry? Clue…KB has friends in high places. Even that will run out soon. She’s looking worst for wear and they’re always fresh new ‘talent” willing to do anything for fame.

  • anthony

    Kate isn’t looking her best but I normally find her beautiful. Not sure where all this hate is coming from.

    On a side note about what Chelsea said about Angelina Jolie during her “comedy” , Totally out of line. I don’t care what other people have said about Angelina or anyone but the crap she said was pretty disgusting to hear one woman say about another who also happens to be a mother. Swearing every other word and throwing insults isn’t comedy to me it is what people who aren’t funny do to get some laughs.

  • ASkar

    My little lady has more hair between her legs than on her head.

  • julian

    Kate is 100% a nice person!

    I agree with anthony!

  • TrueBlade


    ”I’ll believe it when Gwyneth Paltrow says it. 100% nice people don’t use their relationships for publicity.

  • Prinsessan

    Wow she is beautiful but maybe too thin like all the young actors in Hollywood?! Two different colour eyes, how sexy and cool is that? I know only a one person who has diffirent coloured eyes (blue and green) and he is really sexy too.

  • Really

    Its because CH handler knows 100% Angelina Joie would never be on her show as opposed to Kate Bosho who can take whatever exposure or scraps she can get ! BTW CH is not funny! She sucks majorly as a comedian and lies about her age…35 yeah right more like 45!

  • TrueBlade


    Sad that her eyes with usually large spaced out pupils are only favorable things people usually bring up. Too bad she lacks intelligence, talent, integrity or interesting personality. But hey! She’s got those unusual soulless eyes.


    ok Alex thats enough! conviece yourself about your girlfriend in another site!! but you have to consider the fact that she is extra stupied!! just watch the video!! i realy felt sorry about her.Chelsea was making fun of her and Kate was in a world with butterflies and birds!!

  • Just saying

    Can you sound anymore like a pathetic Kate PR person …..or is that you Kate ..I can’t say sorry your movie BOMBED!

  • Lisa

    She is very nice and polite here. That intreviewer semms a racist against Korean Jang dong-gun…whore

  • TrueBlade


    But people know who CH is opposed to Hole. CH is an A lister that’s respected. Hole…is a pariah and a joke. Numbers don’t lie. Lainey and other industry insiders are not jealous of her. They probably can get into parties SuperSuck hasn’t been able to get into for quite some time.
    Don’t any of you find it strange that in over 10 years of being in the industry she has no real friends who are her contemporaries? Not one person showed up to support her for the Warrior’s Way premiere? Friends? Bf? Where were her parents? She’s their only child. That’s more than indicative at what kind of person she is.

    There are no pictures or mention that anyone came.



  • Kory

    There are no pictures or mention that anyone camE



    @J: kisses j lol i agree!!

  • Kory

    I thought Handler was being very sarcastic….

  • Chelsea & Kate

    Probably they’re vodka and coke mates.

  • nicole

    Ummm… the video speaks for itself.
    Her weave is bad. Really bad. Like go back to NOT washing/blow drying your hair with a weave like that. Lord!
    Her jewelry is crap and tacky. For reals!
    Her movie is crap. Just look at the reviews and the box office numbers!
    They are making fun of Koreans. So rude!!!
    Her rep is actually craptastic like her acting!! WTF Chelsea that had to be a joke b/c EVERYONE knows the truth about Kate! Not buying that one.
    She is boring and dumb. Really boring! And she kept misusing words like “fantastical”! Hhaha…should’ve gone to Princeton instead dumb a**.
    Sorry but true. I am loving that Warrior’s Way didn’t even crash and burn. No it actually never got off the ground because the critics all took gasoline to it and set that crap on fire before any real harm was done. I think it will be out of the box office by next weekend. Too much of a failure. I am sure Mr. Rush is not happy at all about this blip on his radar seeing that he did NOTHING to promote this film. Not.One.Thing. The only REAL actor in this film is hiding his head in shame right now trying to get people to focus on a real film, The King’s Speech, so he can get an Oscar nomination. Which is something like the indominable snowman or a good career. Things she hears about but will never really be able to see or fathom. LOL!!!
    Hope she is planning the wedding to Skarsgard because she can completely ruin him too!! Maybe that should be her new talent. Ruination by association!

  • Star Collector

    Interview in Time Out magazine with Geoffrey Rush last week. Mentioned a number of movies he has been in as well as his upcoming movie “The King’s Speech”. Not one word about TWW. Says quite a bit.

  • MangerBouger

    @Wilson: because she is not eating.

  • MangerBouger

    @Wilson: because she is not eating.

  • Lucy

    never could understand what anyone saw in bosworth or handler for that matter!

  • crazy

    Botoxed face. She likes sex.