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Katie Holmes: En Route to NYC!

Katie Holmes: En Route to NYC!

Katie Holmes heads to the airport straight from a workout session at The Sports Club/LA to catch a flight to NYC on Sunday (December 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The day before, Katie went on a solo shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

The 31-year-old actress recently enjoyed a tour of the California Science Center’s Mummies of the World display with her husband Tom Cruise.

Katie will soon be heading back to the Sundance Film Festival to support her film The Son of No One. Last year, her film The Romantics was featured at the festival.

More pics at X17!

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  • Marie

    Gosh, with all the money she earns, she can’t even buy a shampoo and comb her hair !

  • xOxOx

    she always looks like an underpaid cleaner

  • mmmmmmmm

    is it really necesary to buy all these boring pics? this is stalking. jen garner is stalked daily too. despicable

  • Me


  • marie

    I’m wondering : she spend her time shopping, and she have a personal haircut … But why is she always like a mess ?

  • Jenna

    What is wrong with this girl? Would she dress like this if she wasn’t married to Tom Cruise? If she were a normal citizen, people would think she was a hobo. Good grief!! C’mon some class!

  • MonsterKid

    Its obvious that this woman doesnt feel happy with herself. She should dress up more oftenly.

  • missy

    Why does everyone complain about her clothes? I see nothing wrong with what she wears. Her t-shirt and sweat pants look like what a normal person would wear to the gym. Her hair on the other hand has been looking pretty bad lately. Granted, she did just come from a workout, but she could at least tie it up neatly.

  • MonsterKid

    All this woman has is the title of ‘spouse of Tom Cruise’. But she doesn’t know how to raise a kid, she’s ugly, when she’s skinny looks unhealthy, etc…

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Hhhhmmmm, she is going BACK to Sundance. Let’s see, going BACK to Sundance would mean that she has already been there, has left and will be returning at another time. Funny, I didn’t even know Sundance was happening right now. Little boys still in Underoos should be allowed to have a gossip blog.

  • madmoni

    she looks so bad, whats with her hair? She was so elegant a few years ago…

  • whocares

    If I were her Id be plain happy. Stupid silly superficial woman. Tom needs to have more sex with her.

  • Katie Runs a Stop Sign
  • Zoe

    This top knot look doesn’t suit anybody. I didn’t like it on Brittany and i don’t like it in Katie. They would be better off with a few times brushing their hair and a low pony tail if they don’t have the time.

  • She looks like a man!

    Mr. Katie go skiing?

  • friend

    I support Katie. Remember Katie, hate makes love

  • Mummy

    It looks like She’s walking like a mummy. What’s wrong with her

  • Lyndsey

    She is so disgusting. She always looks dirty. Her hair is stringy and greasy and she dresses like a slob. With all the shopping she does you would think she would get some nice clothes. The only reason anybody takes notice of this woman is because she was bought by Tom Cruise. If I was in her position I guess I would look just as miserable as she does. Maybe its depression that is causing her not to even bother bathing. She needs to get the hell away from Cruise and maybe get some help from a therapist. Even a blind person can see that there is obviously something very wrong with her,

  • Annie Stone

    @She looks like a man!: You too.
    Go Katie!!! You still have fans who support you!!!

  • anna

    What happened to Katie. It makes me so sad to see her now. I was a big fan of hers since many years ago but look at her now! She is a mess! Since she is with Tom she is sad and unhappy looking and messy and dirty. Get away from him Katie and go back to being the happy girl who always dressed great and had a good life. Money is not everything. It does not by you happiness.

  • anna

    @ Annie Stone.

    Yes fans support her but even fans can see something is wrong. she looks a mess. Tom cruise is killing her life. he is ruining her so she is depressed and not taking care of herself. She was never like this before him!!!!!

  • miami

    it’s amazing how two seconds from someone’s life can bring out the worst in people. it says a lot about the people posting here.

  • bully

    I know Katie. And I think she’s a good person with faults as everyone. I kinda feel sorry for her. I wish I could see more pics of her so happy.

  • tlc

    Someone once posted that it was an arranged marriage and she signed something stating she cannot take her kid if she were to leave. Of course it’s all here say. Maybe all the gay rumors about Tom Cruise are true?

  • When does Katie have sex?

    She and Toam are in different COUNTRIES 80+% of the year. When does she have sex? Maybe there is a reason that she keeps failing when she performs sexing roles, dances ir wears sexy clothes. Nothing authentic here.

  • Holy cow


  • Lee

    There is really no excuse for a grown woman to run around like this. Show some respect for yourself, show some class.

  • banarama

    …yep. Ship her off to NYC. Get Katie and Suri as far away as possible from Vancouver!!!

  • kizbit

    I guess when you fly in a private jet, you can be all smelly from your workout!

  • marq

    Katie seems just fine. Suri could do a lot worse than to grow up to be just like her mama.

  • marq

    Like I’m gonna let those negative ratings on my comment influence my good opinion of Katie. I have never clicked on a negative rating for anyone’s comment on this site, no matter how sicko, psycho, sadist they are.

  • Disco Woman

    HELLO!!! It’s not just this one picture it’s several over a period of months showing Katie looking like a total slob! She can’t dress herself and she can’t dress her kid! She is the only ‘designer’ I know of that dresses like a bag lady!

  • back to Toledo…

    When Tom finally ends the contract(since this did not turn out quite as he had planned), Katie can always go back to Toledo with her millions! Heaven knows that Hollywood considers her a huge joke and they only tolerate her because they are afraid of Tom (I don’t get why).
    She threw away all of her friends. Sold her child. Even her mom seems done with it. We haven’t seen Mrs. Holmes in quite some time.

  • marq

    Hollywood is afraid of Tom and you don’t know why? Hello?
    Two words:
    Les Grossman !

  • casper

    most stupid comment of the year!

    Who on earth cares? Man, some people have limited brain cells!

  • Casey

    What jared didn’t post is that Holmes demanded a police escort (second time in two days) to the airport. I realize we don’t know the whole story–maybe she got a threat, BUT my taxes aren’t meant as far as I’m concerned to escort her anywhere. Cruise has more than enough money to take care of security for this dim wit. Why should I and many others who pay the salaries of the police put up with this idiot’s use of tax payer dollars when clearly she has enough money to buy a security firm.

  • Jubee

    gosh who dresses like that in public. i wouldnt even go out like that..

  • OMG!!

    2 Katie posts and no Star Fox. Did he finally get fired by the cult?

  • good lucy

    Do you KNOW Katie or you KNEW Katie? If you KNOW Katie, then you must be in the Scientolocult, since those are the only people allowed near her.
    If you KNEW Katie, then I feel for you. Knowing the pain of seeing a friend sell her soul to the devil and ultimately paying the price. When I read the posts about Katie looking depressed, a mess, needing help, etc., I really do feel for her too; however, she is almost 32 and has a mom and dad and sisters and old friends that would probably be there in a minute to support her if she would only admit that she needs help. I don’t think any of them can get close enough to her to even attempt some type of intervention, and she repeatedly denies any implication that she is not happy in her current situation.
    No-one is going to be able to help her until she admits that she needs help. Until then, I will continue to criticize her and Tom, and their horrendous parenting skills.
    Get help Katie.

  • ummm

    @When does Katie have sex?:
    Katie probably hasn’t had sex since Suri was conceived, and that was before she ever met Tom. I don’t think Tom sleeps with women anymore.

  • marta

    @back to Toledo…:

    why to toledo? She has nothing to do there and I don’t think she would want to raise her child in this small town. She may go to New York or somewhere in Europe if she wants to



  • Insurance Broker San Jose

    Perhaps she spent most of her money on buying clothes for her kid.

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  • sydney

    Well, I know that Tom has sex with women! And it’s good!

  • Torino

    Love Katie!! For the stupid haters, she is coming from a workout session, hence the outfit, do you expect her to get a shower and change the outfit at a public place? That would make headlines for about a year, somebody would be comenting how her underwear looks, stupid things probably. Think before you write people!!!
    Absolutely LOVE KATIE HOLMES:

  • Huge KH fan

    HAppy to see her. She should work out at home, to avoid this idiot comments.

  • Dani


    Excuse me, but I believe she belongs to a fairly exclusive gym that many other Hollywood types frequent. They all manage to shower, do their hair/makeup and change clothes before they go shopping. Are you saying that Katie is too dumb to figure out how to get some privacy?

  • Huge KH fan

    Please stop insulting people, maybe you are the dumb one here. I am not going to pretend I know, or make things up like you guys do. If I was her, I would have the shower back at home, I am not going to talk about the level of stardom, but for whichever reason KAtie is one of the most followed actresses, not everyone suffers the type of scutrutiny that she does. YOu just have to see the number of comments all her posts attract, you don´t seem to like her, but you lost your time to come here and post. Like it or not, that is a virtue amigo.

  • Bilbomet


    Would you smile if you were coming from the gym and the paps once again are following you? I dont think so.

  • Dani

    @Huge KH fan:

    Well, Huge KH Fan, there are other actresses that are just as followed and they manage to leave the gym looking clean whether it is in their gym clothes or regular clothes. Furthermore, my gym which is nothing like the gyms these stars (as I don’t think KH is an actress as she can’t act) go to–has a private locker room for each sex aside from the public one. Bet KH has a private locker in that private room with private showers. Furthermore most gyms come down really hard on you if you are found taking pictures of someone in the locker room. AND I bet her locker room has attendants that look after spoiled stars.

    So if you want to make excuses for her slovenly clothes and hair–go ahead. BUT I bet dimes to dollars if you didn’t know who she was and saw her on the street looking like this — you’d go “ewwww” and that is what most of us on this board are doing.

    Katie has the potential to look great, but she never lives up to that. Most of us “dumb” haters have complimented her when she does–but that is few and far in between looks like this.

    Actually she is starting to look like Britney Spears as she was descending into her mental breakdown. Unwashed hair, no make up. Dirty, unpressed clothes. Baggy sweats. I guess when Katie shaves her head that will give us a huge clue as to her mental state?