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Kayte Walsh: Engaged to Kelsey Grammer!

Kayte Walsh: Engaged to Kelsey Grammer!

Kelsey Grammer has proposed to his girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, his rep confirms to

The 55-year-old actor split from wife Camille Donatacci back in July. Camille is currently featured on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kayte, 29, was expecting a child earlier this year with Kelsey but suffered a miscarriage.

Congratulations to Kelsey and Kayte on the engagement!

RadarOnline first broke the news of Kelsey and Kayte‘s engagement.

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Credit: Joseph Marzullo; Photos: WENN
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  • oy

    You know what she’s thinking “He may be 26 years older BUT I’ll never have to work another day of my life and I’ll be rich and famous by association.” You go girl! Ka-ching!

    She’s the poster child for giving old men hope out there that they too can snag a chick just like her…

  • Marie

    Please, as if that marriage will last.

  • Marina

    This man is still married to another woman. What a disgusting thing to announce. Could he not keep his “happiness” and express his being “very much in love” to himself until he is legally divorced even if only for the sake of his two young children? I used to like him in Frasier but her certainly seems like an unstable, self centered jerk in his private life. I know marriages break up all the time but his low class behaviour does not only disrespect his present wife, whether they are separated or not, but also his children. Also, she is a flight attendant, almost 30 years his junior. I am sure she is “very much in love” with his big fat wallet.

  • oy

    Oh come on, where’s your sense of humor Marie? ;)

  • oy

    Marina, men need women that age because they are visual creatures….Apparently women are pretty visual creatures too when it comes to dollar signs…lol

  • Michele

    Yeah….and Camille married him for love. I do feel sorry for his kids but not his Barbie doll wife.

  • cacey

    Some WOMEN JUST see the $$$$$ signs AND ignore all the RED FLAGS. This guy has 3 EX-WIVES, still married to one and she still finds him or should I say his money ATTRACTIVE…What a LOSER she is…She needs to go buy her self some SELF ESTEEM…

  • hmm

    she’s pulling a long con. tell the dude you’re pregnant, then ‘miscarry’ but say you want to try again but this time do it properly as man and wife, then have the baby of your younger hotter side piece boyfriend & old man will be to embarrassed to tell anyone it’s not his kid so you’re set!!
    katie holmes did & it’s worked out well for her.
    but camille was with kelsey for more than 10yrs & in Cali that means support for life.

  • Dude

    I really did stumble onto this website and to see this website actually CONGRATULATE Kelsey and his girlfriend sickens me to my stomach. (sp errors) sorry.

  • Jjmm

    Good ol’ fashioned Republican “family values”

  • ceeusbeeus

    Marina’s comments are so my feelings on this situation. It’s as if we are supposed to be celebrating infidelity, betrayal and childish behavior.

  • CJ

    She looks a lot like the former wife…Run Kayte Run…he has been married way too much…thats not a good sign..

  • ceeusbeeus


    I forgot about that! Great point.

  • CJ

    Good evening my Queen..♥♥

  • ceeusbeeus

    I’m addicted to “Housewives” and can’t stand Camille, but NO ONE deserves this type of humiliation, AND Camille did stay with him when he was a drunk and when he was sober. She at least seems to have also loved Grammer, the person, no just his money and fame.

  • Shakira

    This is revolting. Kelsey treated his last wife terribly. Could he not have waited a bit before this “happy” news? It is quite disgusting.

  • Honestly

    And people make a fuss about Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift !!!!!!!!


    Where are the Hollywood Star Whackers when you need them?

  • Go Ask Alice

    I cannot possibly posdt a check mark oneveryone’s post.

    I agree with everyone,esp.Oy.

    Grammer is superich and talented as an actor and as equally nutty and weird.Sad.

  • darla

    It look so icky to me . There’s some Lolita factor in it. They have some physical similarities it looks so incestually creepy Like father /daughter creepy. eeeewwww

  • commonsense

    He’s surely going to get whats coming to him!

  • Annalise

    It is sad how men who are celebrities and with huge pockets cannot see a gold digger when they are so obvious to everyone else.Ego is such a dangerous thing. Also, he got another woman pregnant before he even officially left his wife. That is so low class. Normally, I am a person who wishes happiness on everyone but as others have commented, he is still legally married with two small kids. How awful for them, not even taking into consideration his current wife. No wonder she is so bitter. I certainly would not be taking this kind of crap well. What a huge egomaniac in a mid life crisis. I would call him a joke but his behavior is not funny when you consider his little kids. Also, he looks like he is posing with his daughter in this picture. They look ridiculous together.

  • Lisa2

    Some of you may not like Camille, but I think he owes alot more to her than money. He was into drugs and seemed like even though his career on Cheers and Frasier was good, his personal life wasn’t. I think she put him on the right track of getting his life in order.

    I also think that this Kayte is a piece of trash to be dating a man who is married. Seems like Camille was blindsighted by this and even if he isn’t a good husband to her, they still have two small children together. This “new piece” should have respected his family before thinking of herself. If he could cheat on Camille and his children, who’s to say he won’t do it to her. What comes around goes around. I hope Camille gets all what she wants in the end.

  • Lisa2

    I forgot…. Kayte needs to get her “roots” retouched. She looks like she is about two weeks overdue.

  • mrd2

    He’s obviously thinking with the wrong head and she definitely has her eye on his wallet! Twit! Just throw the older one away and get a new young one. Easy when you have money.

  • Tanya

    Wasn’t this what happened with Mel Gibson and Oksana? Mel cheated on his wife, got his mistress pregnant before they even filed for divorce. It’s so sad and disrespectful. You don’t want to be married anymore, be a man and get a divorce first. But these guys have low self-esteem, they want to secure the girlfriend while they still have the wife so they get their cake and eat it too.

  • Jokergurl

    Don’t care, he was good on Cheers and Fraiser that is all.

  • NoThanks

    How gross this news is. I don’t understand why you bother to congratulate him. This is marriage number howmany for him? Not to mention he’s old enough to be her DAD! What a bad example he sets for his kids (by many women)

  • fat GAY queenie

    She is not as pretty as Camille and he treated poor Camille like crap once he moved to NY – she had to find out he was breaking up with her through someone else because he was too much of a coward to tell her himself. Then she had to call him and find out over the phone or text that it was over between them. I have NO respect for this sorry exuse for a man. He broke her heart. That’s no way to treat your wife of 10 years that helped you through alcoholism. He is cold and cruel. Leopards never change their spots so Kayte good luck honey – you will need it!

  • Emma

    I don’t wish him congratulations after what he did to his wife, who is still his wife. I wish Camille the best of luck though and I hope she finds the love she deserves.



  • Me


  • Anna

    It’s obvious that she is after his money, but why do people think he doesn’t already know that?..Camille wanted the money too, but made the mistake of announcing on HWBH that she wanted to get out of his shadow and be known as someone other than KG’s wife- guess she got her wish, now she’s known as his ex-wife! I think he has self esteem issues and thinks he has to marry these chicks or they’ll leave him. He needs someone to be completely dependent on him, so he “buys” someone to own and control. They’re both getting something out of it and they deserve each other. I might feel sorry for Camille if I hadn’t seen her on HWBH and saw what she’s really like- the way she treated her mother was inexcusable!

  • nope

    She looks like a dude with a wig and fake boobs

  • missy

    after seeing his wife of HOBH, congratulations Kelsey, RUN!

  • Babs

    He’s a has been and is going through male menpause ….I mean her got her pregnant while still married what a freaking jerk….she’s just a poor excuse for a girl…notice I said girl

  • oy

    @oy: DARling, you really must stop impersonating me all over this site. I realize it’s the sincerest form of flattery, but your writing style is distinctly un-oy. My fork tongued snark is missing from your comments. You know my theme, “You aren’t oy if you don’t annoy.”

    I’m a snarkball machine, dear. You don’t get gumballs some of the time and snarkballs the rest of the time. You put a quarter in and you get snarkballs every time. The public likes to know what it’s being sold for their snark investment. I come with a guarantee.

  • Nora

    I’m with Anna and Missy… I can’t believe he stayed with the crazy Camille this long! She’s a whack job. Everyone is after her, she’ll tell you just how kind she is and how hard she has to work with her four nannies… Have Mercy! Run Kelsey Run!

  • Anna


    Kayte is really ugly. Camille was no prize, but at least she was much better looking than that fat, butt ugly Kayte.

    Paid escort Camille over fat cow…hmmmm…paid escort should win.

    Ugly goes down to the bone…sorry Kayte!

  • Len


    Yes and John Edwards was such a good role model for the Democrats wasn’t he? At least Kelsey didn’t cheat on his wife while they were under the same roof. They had been separated when all of this happened. Oh, and these things never happens to the rest of us do they? Idiot.

  • Len

    How judgmental people are. At least two of my neighbors have been married 3 times and that’s just on our one lock! Take a look at statistics sometime. Kelsey’s case is not that unusual, I’m sorry to say.

  • emsjuju

    hahaha. Everyone is so funny here. The nerve of that ugly Pig to flaunt his latest commodity around, w/ no shame….tells me everything I need to know about him as a person, and I used to dislike Camille until this story broke. Now I wish I could give her a hug (?)

  • marie72

    what a loooser!

  • justcommenting

    The only RHW franchise I’ll watch is the Beverly Hills one and that is because of Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof. I think both of those women stand out as being classy and hardworking women who could make it independently from fame, wealth or men. The rest of the women on the franchises are abhorrent female role models (I’ll exclude Candy from RHW Atlanta because she also works hard and retains a certain degree of class). But seriously, the rest of the women are just parodies of what it is to be rich and have nothing to do.

    Having said that, I feel for Camile Grammar. She really has been vilified by Bravo and some of the other housewives (ahem, Kyle). But no one has screwed her over worse than her own husband. I can’t believe how callous he was with her after she dutifully accompanied him to the Tony awards dinner so that he wouldn’t look like the philandering jack ass that he is. He should have brought his bimbo with him. What a jerk! Camile may have no idea how to fend for herself without money and she may need 4 nannies to care for her own children, but I don’t think she is this bat shit crazy woman she has been made out to be. And she does seem to be able to flesh out the role of dutiful wife very well, ala Tammy Wynette.

    I have sympathy for Camile and I think that Kelsey is an absolute jerk and anyone who congratulates him for walking out on his family has dubious morals.