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'The Walking Dead' Finale: Alive With Series High!

'The Walking Dead' Finale: Alive With Series High!

AMC’s new zombie drama, The Walking Dead, pulled in a series high during Sunday night’s finale. Six million total viewers tuned in for the sixth and final episode of the season!

The show premiered on Sunday, October 31st as part of AMC FearFest, the horror movie marathon of the Halloween season. The debut ep pulled in 5.3 million viewers.

Season 2 is already under way for The Walking Dead. A full 13-episode season has already been ordered. Can’t wait!!!

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Credit: Scott Garfield; Photos: AMC
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  • Glee

    IT WAS GREAT!!!!

  • anthony

    Didn’t love the finale

  • Lisa


  • saagkhan

    I love the episode but it didn’t seems like a season 1 finale…
    CDC was cool, I love when they were having the wine, dinner and Hot showers. The only thing came out to weird was the Scientist willing to lock them out and killing all of them Only so he can hear Mr.Rick’s speech of giving us a chance? that was little Lame and predictable.
    Shane in the beginning was Heart Wrenching and showed he cared about his friend but then later on he says “I love you” to Lori and then tries to Rape her… well that was disturbing & not the move go along with I love you gesture.
    I don’t know why you didn’t get the relationship between Dale & Andrea, in previous episode he said to Andrea that you and Amy was the closest thing to me ever since his Outbreak. plus Amy, Dal and Andrea were together in Atlanta while running so, we don’t know how well they know each other so sometime we have to create past for characters we don’t know how they met, escaped or survived to be together… Anyways my point is lost in all thing I wrote, I totally get Andrea and Dale father/Daughter like relationship.
    Jacqui was left out maybe bx she wasn’t signed her season 2 contract :P
    Season 2 in October 2011, OMG its really really late.

  • Kenny

    What happened to Merrill? I cant wait for the next season!!!

  • Elisilla

    Great show!! Loved it! But 6 episodes wasn’t enough. Too bad we have to wait like a year for the next season. Can’t wait!!

  • Jordy

    Does anyone know when the next season will air????? I am already having withdrawal. I love love love this show. Brilliantly created, one of the best on tv right now. Andrew is phenomenal.

  • BigLD2*


    I’m with you Jordy…I cannot believe that’s it. It was ABSOLUTELY great…like watching mini zombie movie every Sunday.
    Perhaps they only shot 6 parts because they knew taking on a weekly zombie series on commercial cable was a risk….well it certainly paid off . They suprisingly overwhelmed all of us.

    I also agree that showing “why” Shane thought his partner was dead and how he handled the beginning of zombie outbreak in the hospital was good…I had sympathy for him…I hated the drunken rape attempt.

    I had hoped that the black man and his son would’ve rejoined Rick at the CDC. But that actor plays the “pimp” ( very well) on HBO series “HUNG” perhaps there is a contract thing.

    I’d like to see Andrea and Shane pair up next season…I like this actress alot…she and Dale connected well.

    Very well written…I hope they don’t let us down next season. BRAVO!!

  • BigLD2*


    Also..can someone answer a question about opening scene in FIRST episode. Rick gets out of cop car ALONE ..he’s run out of gas so he walks to nearby gas station …the little girl crawls over to him….he shoot her…..THEN they flash forward to him and Shane in cop car talking. Why was that scene there??? Where is it placed in terms of time sequence???

  • Mia



  • saagkhan

    The show will returned on October 2010 with full 13 episodes … that’s what AMC said.. hope it will come back sooner.

  • saagkhan

    The show will returned on October 2010 with full 13 episodes … that’s what AMC said.. hope it will come back sooner.

  • saagkhan

    The show starts off with Rick & Shane talking in car and then some criminals on run shots Rick and he fall in coma AND then comes the Hospital scene, where he wakes up and shot the little Zombie girl…

  • BigLD2*


    NO….NO…The FIRST scene is like I described. You see Rick getting out of car…out of gas…going to nearby station and then some girl zombie crawls over to him he shoots her. The music comes on for the intro to show and then he and Shane are talking in the car.

    Does anyone have any guesses why that was shot that way and how it plays out in terms of time sequence.

    Go back and watch it ON DEMAND….FIRST episode.

  • Elisilla


    I’ve been wondering the same thing!

  • Masoud

    Gonna watch it, but the dialogue and some of the writing is god awful.

  • Taralynch

    Its like Pulp Fiction or a David Lynch movie – The storyline is non-linear…at least for that scene. I guess they did that to grab the audience’s attention. I think it happens somewhere from the time he leaves the hosiptal to before he gets home.

  • GreenCAT

    Loved it! It’s a bummer the 1st season was so short but I’m hooked on this series and can’t wait for the 2nd season!

  • rossy40

    @saagkhan – “I love the episode but it didn’t seems like a season 1 finale…” That’s because it was meant to start & finish in 6 episodes so that their driving away from the destroyed CDC into an uncertain future was all the viewers would have. But the ratings convinced the network to order 13 episodes for a FULL season known now as season 2.
    With only 6 episodes already filmed there was NO WAY to stop & redo the last episode into a cliffhanger for the 2nd season & Jacqui “leave” the CDC building before it blew – That’s why she won’t be in any more episodes. I miss her. But there’s now a good chance that Rick will get an answer to his daily “calls” to the friend he left behind. I’d like to see a heartfelt reunion between Rick, Morgan & Duane.

  • Walking Dead Books

    I’ve just bought all the books of Walking Dead ! I don’t need to wait for next seasons to know what’s next :)

  • Britney Waldron

    Agree, loved it! Suspense from beginning to end.

  • may

    Aaaah, I love seeing all the fans of Walking Dead joining our little AMC fam of kick-butt shows. We have the Mad Men fans, Breaking Bad fans, Rubicon fans, and now walking Dead fans. We all create a weird but very quality-admiring family ;) I myself am an overlap of a Mad Men-Breaking Bad- Walking Dead fan, with Mad/Walking being my top 2. Loved the first season, though I missed two episodes, and I can’t wait for the next one. I love all of the characters, of course Rick the most, but also have a small affection for Merrell. Nice finale, I’m geared up for season 2!

  • Rose Truesdale

    AMC was a “free” channel on DISH during the month of NOV. For the first 5 episodes. The finale was not available w/o an “upgrade”? Sly move on the part of DISH. I watcht at a neighbor’s hse. What the Hell happened to the brother who severed his own hand off? How could anyone of the viewers just ignore this glaring ommision? Granted he was a real SOB but, he was the brother of a semi likeable younger guy.
    The scene where he was praying for deliverance (out of character for him) I know they went back for him but he was gone? Someone who has an idea or knows this titbit of info, please share it. Or must I wait for part 2? Guess this means I will”upgrade$$$, when season 2 begins or pay a bro in another state to tape it and mail it to me. I remember the girl from PRISON BREAK, but the other actors are all unfamiliar to me.
    One glaring “flub” was that the horse Rick saw in the pasture was NOT the one was riding down the street in the city. Clearly (to me) a horse of another color..Anyone else notice this? It was a wrenching scene/idea to me seeing the barbarians eating the horse! Lemme know about the one handed brother. Thanks.

  • jorja

    amazing!!!!!!!! can’t wait for season 2 :)

  • BigLD2*

    The “one-handed” brother somehow got away…they have NOT found him. But since this is a “big-name, well-known” actor..I’m sure he’ll resurface next season with anger, etc.

    And I agree with you about the eating of the horse…that was VERY disturbing to me and the one thing I hated the most about the series. Riding the horse into that madeness was crazy and leaving him there with the guns..I wish the horse could’ve gotten away.

    As for my question about opening scene of first episode….I think TaraLynch answered it.

    Love reading your thoughts guys!