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Blake Lively: 'Blue Valentine' Premiere Back Door!

Blake Lively: 'Blue Valentine' Premiere Back Door!

Blake Lively skips the red carpet and uses the back door at the premiere of Blue Valentine held at the Museum of Modern Art on Tuesday (December 7) in New York.

The film stars Ryan Gosling, who Blake spent time with a few months ago at an ice cream parlor at Disneyland in California.

Ryan walked the red carpet with his co-star Michelle Williams and also presented the movie for the audience!

Blake is set to be the new face of Chanel and recently flew to Paris to shoot a campaign for their new handbags.

FYI: Blake is wearing an Isabel Marant dress.

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Credit: Janet Mayer; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • Get real

    God can’t she just go away? I’ve never seen a person (I won’ even call her an ‘actress’) who works so little go to so many events every week. She’s like Kate Bosworth 2.0

  • Anonymous

    @Get real:

    You’re forgetting about Rachel Bilson.

  • http://j ivanka

    @Get real: thank you!

  • Chuck Bass


  • xxxxx

    @Get real:

    If you were a celeb and had access to go to events, you know you’d be there too.

  • Kevin


  • Jessica


  • pixy

    Stay away from Gosling s*l*u*T or I’ll cut you!

  • sarah

    @Get real:

    it’s not like she doesn’t work. she films gossip girl, she had a movie come out a couple months ago and another one is coming out next summer. calm down.

  • Jessica


  • Laurel

    Hmm. When was the last time Blake missed an opportunity to walk the red carpet? Interesting…

  • Gretchen

    blake is gorgeous!!

  • vivi

    gossip girl is that show
    drakkardnoir Don’t go through life…Grow through life Artwork

  • George W

    Bosworth and Bilson could always use another horsefaced friend to hang out in the basement with.

  • Blu

    Don’t forget she’s also the new face of Chanel!

  • Jen


    Gossling and her are an item but probably the CW won’t let her be open about it ,have you seen how hard they tried to sell that her and Penn are in good terms with all those awkward photos of them hanging out on set.

  • Reba

    Ah, no please! Ryan Gosling is so lovely and talented and brilliant — please have better taste in women, Ryan. I think Blake is very pretty and an okay actress, but honestly she comes off as if she is willing to do anything for a role. Ambition is great, but maintaining your self-respect is much more important. I just hope Ryan doesn’t make a mistake here, although I don’t think he would really go for her.

  • latam

    yes im sure she didnt want anyone to see her going through the back door. this is all just to make it seem like they are sneaking about and something is going on.

    I like gossip girl, I like Blake Lively, but the girl is one hell of a social climber.

  • true story

    @Get real: Um she does work, full-time too… it’s called Gossip Girl

  • Ashley

    I love Blake. People, why do you even care? If Ryan and Blake are together/dating what do you care? As if you are close to them or you’re world will fall off. Funny because you all are sooo affected! Just mind your business okay? Keep hating because the truth is they dont care if you hate them! :|

  • Abby

    There are so many haters here. Hahaha! Guys, stop being mean. Just admit that you envy her. I know if you are given a chance to switch places with her, you’ll grab that opportunity. Right? ;)

    So keep hating if you want to but please remember that Blake has not done anything bad to you. AND JUST BE HAPPY FOR HER AND HER ACHIEVEMENTS!

  • sue

    apparently this reporter sat with blake and ryan at the afterparty:


  • y’all are jealous

    She’s gorgeous, stop hating!!

  • Sisi

    Em….interesting. This is one of Harvey Weinstein’s movie.

  • lily

    She is gorgeous and talented, love her!

  • Anita

    The girl is gorgeous. Ive never seen a young girl celeb bring out so much envy and anger in people. Jeeze calm down ppl; youd think she had stolen your bf or something.

  • Anita

    @Sisi: i dont get the connection; pls elaborate lol

  • Amber

    @Anita: She is rumored to have an affair with him and heis behind her success and promotion.

  • Amber

    @Anita: Weinstein is the one behind her career.

  • Ashley

    hey amber so you are telling us that she is sleeping with the weinstein? does that mean gwyneth, anne hathaway, etc slept with him too? because every couple of years or so, Harvey likes to pick a young actress, turn her into a star. Or try to at least. It happened with Gwyneth. jessica alba had her chance, Anne Hathaway too, now it looks like Blake Lively has caught Harvey’s eye.

  • alex

    Gorgeous Beautiful yes talented noooooooo,one of the worst actresses of her generation with emma roberts very close race. hope that some new talented blood come to hollywood .

  • alex

    Gorgeous Beautiful yes talented noooooooo,one of the worst actresses of her generation with emma roberts very close race. hope that some new talented blood come to hollywood .

  • Jo

    Gorgeous girl I’m 100% behind her for everything she does.
    The trolls on here are just some fat girls who must be jealous.
    I get she’s not done much so far but she’s an up and coming actress so give her some slack gosh she’ll be a superstar , well an even bigger than she is right now !

  • Karen

    How is she a s**t? She was with Penn for yrs

  • Anita

    @Karen: Exactly! she dated penn for nearly 3 yrs but the haters interpret that as her being fake, a slut and having a “showmance” These haters will believe what they want to believe.

  • ye

    Gretchen Mol 2.2

  • Juliet


  • Mary

    Hm… maybe Gosling and Lively are dating, maybe not…
    they weren’t seen together since their Disneyland-”Date”…. and other Gossip Girl -Castmembers were at the screening, too, so just because she was there, doesn’t mean they are dating…

    i think it’s like always: Only time will tell….. ;)

  • Cherie

    Blake was Ryan’s date:

    PS Listen–we’re all tired. At dinner at the Standard Grill, I asked the blonde sitting with Gosling and another couple what she did for a living. Everyone started throwing things at me. “That’s Blake Lively,” they all yelled in unison. They were so right, and I was so amiss. For the record, Blake was excellent in “The Town.” I will write it 100 times on a blackboard!

    and just because they haven’t been photographed together doesn’t means that they haven’t seen each other since the Disney pics

  • allie3

    I agree that she is a social climber, but what celebrity isn’t? Most of these relationships are concocted by their managers and agents etc. However I must say I initially thought she was boring and awkward looking and only got attention/famous because they couldn’t find anyone better for gossip girl, but I think she is doing a good job with her career and I am interested to see the Chanel ads even though I see her more as a D&G girl myself…haha

  • Donna

    You have to wonder why Blake flew out from Paris to attend the Blue Valentine premiere instead of staying in France to attend a Karl Lagerfeld event since he’s the new face for Chanel and all. On top of it she didn’t even do the red carpet. Methinks Blake and Ryan really are an item but don’t want to come out just yet.

  • Donna


  • Melanie

    I understand everybody’s tastes are different, but saying she is fugly or a sl^t, that is not ok. There is nothing fugly or sl^ty in Blake. She is working a lot and trying her best. She is not doing botox or just photo ops like other starlets, come on.

  • Michael Freitag

    @Jen: Gosling!

  • yup


    Nice try sweetie. Still thinks she’s fugly :)

  • Jul

    I think she is sweet and gorgeous!

  • nonno

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She seems to always be smiling, which is good enough for me. I wonder how you people would treat your daughter if she was born “ugly”. Hopefully not call her a slut and unsuitable to wear Chanel.

  • Mary


    I know this article… still i can’t buy it totally… a few things:

    1) Since when are gossip columnists like showbiz411 reliable sources ?!
    2) even if Lively was sitting next to Gosling, it doesn’t automatically mean she was his date… (i think it was a dinner not only for the cast, butv for guests of the screening, too)
    3) Of course, Paparazzi can’t catch everything, so there’s a possibility they’ve seen each other… but it’s not easy to hide a romance in Hollywood, so i think if they were really dating there would have been published a lot more photos of them together… or “sources” would have told the magazines…. but that’s just my opinion… of course it can be that they are “masters of hiding” and keeping it under wraps…like i wrote before: maybe they are, maybe they aren’t dating… time will tell

  • Mary

    by the way:

    they were seen together at the after party, but talking, maybe laughing, etc… no PDA… and they didn’t leave together…
    so if they are dating, they keep it like Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgaard at the beginning of their relationship.. ;) ;) ;)

  • Anna

    Congrats Blake! You finally traded up for an A lister. Maybe he can help you with your acting skills :D