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Blake Lively: Chanel's New Face

Blake Lively: Chanel's New Face

Blake Lively is set to star in a new ad campaign for Chanel!

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl and Green Lantern actress recently traveled to Paris to shoot a campaign for the fashion house’s line of handbags, E!’s Marc Malkin reports. Ads will reportedly launch early next year!

Back in July, Blake sat front row at Chanel’s Fall/Winter show at Paris Fashion Week.

Huge!! Congrats, Blake!

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Credit: Theo Wargo; Photos: Getty
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  • Julia


  • Stephanie

    Congratulations Blake you totally deserve this huge honour. She is such a fashion icon with wonderful style and seems like such a down to earth girl.

  • hggh

    Hell no! She’s way to slutty for chanel! she always makes the clothes look ugly and cheap. And scince this is not about her as an actress i won’t mention that she’s like the worse actress around! Oops, sorry i guess i just did.

  • hggh

    the word was s****y

  • gg

    sooo beautiful!

  • Allie

    Shocker ::rolls eyes::.

  • maria

    Don’t get this girls’ appeal at all. She is just “attractive” to me. She has no charm or charisma, nothing that is “special”. She’s just an average blonde, really. Shame on Chanel for going with Gossip Girl popularity to trash their brand. Ugh.

  • G

    I like Blake I think she is a nice girl but what is up with Ana and Karl trying to make her the new “it girl”? Its getting quite annoying that she keeps getting shoved down our throats.

  • Jenny Humphrey

    good for her, she’s beautiful

  • Katy

    it’s not surprising, Anna Wintour has been pushing her hard.

    But everytime Blake wears Chanel, she makes it look so cheap so I’m not liking this choice at all. She would have been a much better fit for a brand like Versace or Armani. She’s just no Chanel girl.. though being a chanel girl isn’t so hard anymore now that Lily Allen has been one.

  • Anita

    Well not really a shocker cos I think most ppl have been expecting this for a while. Well done to her, great to see a nice normal girl succeeding. I dont get the hate ppl have towards her – how is she being forced down ppls throats when I hear & see more of the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan more than her. If anyones being forced down my throat its gaga.

    And as much as I like Gossip Girl, its not BIG btw, it barely reaches 3mill views in the states let alone over seas (less than 1mill overseas) Dont hate her cos big industry folks like her. What do want her to do, turn down good opportunites that come her way?!! Keep hatin folks.

  • Annie

    What’s with all the hate people? My gosh. She’s a good person and she’s beautiful. ANDDDD! WHATEVER YOU SAY, She will be the new endorser of Chanel.

    I know most of you doesn’t buy chanel so why care? :| Gosh, you’re all pathetic. I don’t care if y’all will unlike my comment.

    Just sayin’

  • andy

    Don’t hate on Blake, she is beautiful, not plastic and can act!

  • James

    Karl is up her ass.. I don’t get her appeal.. She just another leggy blond.. NEXT!!
    why isn’t leighton more famous??? She takes more fashion risks and is far more beautiful..

  • Ashley


  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …cool. LOL

  • lily

    @Anita: GG get less viewers than 3mill. The show is actually popular overseas just in Japan alone the show gets downloaded illegally by 5millon ppl…just saying ; ) anyways the reason why she is hated is cuz Ana Winter is obsessed with this girl and ppl dont seem to find what is so special and unique because it sure isn’t her acting…she looks like any other tall blonde girl!

  • ModestMouse

    No! She’s just not a Chanel girl! Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Tautou, Diane Kruger…BLAKE FRICKIN’ LIVELY?

  • Chuck Bass

    I see that the Leighton lovers are out in full force with all their jealousy LOL

  • MangerBouger

    Saw this coming from miles away, since the day she had a ride from Mr. Karl. She has a great body and could wear almost anything, but not a Chanel. I do not understand Karl’s choice … I would have seen Emma Watson as the new face, or Portman. But I guess Gossip Girl is an excellent comunication tool in order to refresh the brand’s name to teenagers, who only know about the CC bag …

  • Anita

    @Annie: LMAO so TRUE most of these haters dont and cannot afford Chanel and other high end fashions so why does it bother them. I cannot afford it either but as the face of a brand as long as the person is taking a nice picture and it looks great, I’m good! My only contribution will be to window shop and that is all the expensive fashion houses will be getting from me till the day I can afford them lol.

  • Nic

    Well the fahsion world totalyl adores her, adn this was only the matter of time, but Chanel? Seriously? SHe is way way more Ralph Lauren than Chanel imho!

  • French and devastated !!!!

    WTF ???????
    Noooooo waaaay !!!!!
    Once again, favouritism and Hollywood connections had the upper hand.
    Daughter of actors and “talent manager” makes it big in the entertainment industry despite being just another blonde in a Californian ocean of blondes.
    Now CHANEL for Christ’s sake when she can’t even manage to hold her (big) head straight and has one of the worst postures on red carpets ( but nobody will never EVER beat Miley Cyrus in this field …).
    Man, I’m really disappointed and bitter about this choice …
    But not as much as I was when J-Lo was picked for Louis Vuitton !!!!

  • Anita

    @lily: well thats fine if ppl think she looks like any normal girl from the street but I just dont understand the HATE towards her. If it wasnt her, the industry would have found another “it girl” – thats just they way the biz is. Just cos its someone normal and soomeone they dont care doesnt mean they have to berate her lol. Like what has she done to them lol. Plus if they dont like her why are they commenting on a post about her – I never understood that!

  • panda

    So Leighton Meester has Vera Wang and Blake Lively has Chanel…wow for a show that has low ratings on a small network these two are EXTREMELY lucky!

  • Honestly

    # 13 :

    NO PLASTIC ???
    Hahaha, good one dude.
    She has so much plastic in her breasts it’s a miracle they don’t explode
    when she’s on planes.

  • Kerry

    completely agree with #7 “Shame on Chanel for going with Gossip Girl popularity to trash their brand.” If I had to choose between Blake and Leighton to post for Chanel, I would totally go for the latter. The blonde has no taste…she only has curves and a huge mole.

  • Anna


    Stop being so bitter that people care more about Blake than Leighton. It’s been proved numerous times that people just like Blake more so just get over it.

  • Andre

    You don’t even need to be a supermodel to land Chanel just an All-American girl nextdoor. That is good news for the Ladies stateside.

  • Erin

    Congrats to Blake. She’s stunning! Can’t wait to see her in the Chanel ads. :)

  • N

    Blake doesn’t’ have any controversies so I don’t understand the hate. Maybe we should take what Blake is doing right and learn from her instead of hating on her so much. Anna isn’t a male so she’s not sleeping with her…if the Devil Wears Prada says anything about business life, it is that loyalty and bravery is important to the chief editor. Let yourself be stepped on and your life be run by the Devil to rise to the top.

  • N

    Oh, forgot to say that Blake has the backing of Anna Wintour who probably got her the job at Chanel. Karl and Anna are buddies and he is doing a favor for her. People you know in high places. I think Anna is using Blake as an example of how actresses in the fashion industry should act. Do what she says and you will go far, basically. Let her choose your dress, let her dress you at events. Don’t question, just do. Preferably with a smile.

  • maria

    Constructive criticism is NOT hate. I don’t HATE her; I just don’t see anything special about her. She’s in a trashy TV show, was decent in “The Town”, and has famous parents. She’s attractive, but again, has nothing truly special about her looks. She’s just a generic California blonde. Just calling it like I see it.

  • L

    I don’t really see her as a Chanel girl.

  • Kevin

    Congrats to you Beautiful Blake

  • Jay

    What The Hell?
    Channel? Seriously?
    Blake must be licking Anna Wintour’s shoes now.
    Blake dresses ok, but it’s totally boring on red carpet, on real life and it’s one of the most terrible actress that I’ve ever seen.
    I think there’s something huge behind this. Like favors or money.
    She really doesn’t look like a Chanel girl in first place.

  • N

    I guess if Blake had a classically pretty face you would say she is suitable to represent Chanel?! Why do we make girls work so hard to prove their competency by focusing on their looks? I bet all the ladies who buy Chanel don’t have a classically pretty face, so I don’t understand why we discriminate. Freja isn’t classically pretty either and represents Chanel quite well. Let’s wait and see before we judge so harshly.

  • Nora

    In all honesty, this has more to do with who she’s been rubbing elbows with, less to do with her beauty. However she’s pretty enough, just not beautiful enough.

  • Lily

    Shame on, Karl.
    Coco Chanel is crying a river on heaven right now.

  • Tess

    The people commenting saying that she isn’t “pretty” enough for Chanel obviously don’t follow fashion… Almost all successful high fashion models aren’t considered gorgeous like Freja Beha, Abbey Lee, Raquel Zimmermann, Karlie Kloss, Sasha Pivovarova, etc…

  • ajh

    I don’t get her appeal. Nothing about her embodies the daintiness or innovation I associate with Chanel.

  • maxie

    she’s beautiful but i dont think she has the right look for chanel. she only got it coz of anna wintour

  • Just saying

    #36 :

    CHANEL not “channel”.

  • bananarama

    I knew something was up when I saw her with Karl and Anna. She is not right for this campaign. Her style is just average… nothing special at all. I don’t understand why people think she is all that when she is not! Just an average blond bimbo with big boobs. Blah. Now I don’t wanna buy Chanel anymore.

  • Jay

    @Just saying: I know how to write Chanel, darling. You don’t need to teach me.

  • Jessica

    She’s drop dead gorgeous ,suits for CHANEL

  • Jessica

    I love all the Leighton stans ,they’re ridicurous

  • Lacey

    Re post: she is beautiful, not plastic

    Her nose is fake, and her boobs probably are too. I wish they used a real girl. Plastic is shoved down are throats way too much. Let’s see a real girl in a Chanel ad. I have nothing against Blake. I just wish lines would use girls that can be role models to young girls. When I look a Blake’s perfect features she makes me want to get cosmetic surgery lol, and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

  • Lacey

    Re post: she is beautiful, not plastic

    Her nose is fake, and her boobs probably are too. I wish they used a real girl. Plastic is shoved down are throats way too much. Let’s see a real girl in a Chanel ad. I have nothing against Blake. I just wish lines would use girls that can be role models to young girls. When I look a Blake’s perfect features she makes me want to get cosmetic surgery lol, and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

  • b

    I think they try to reach wider audiences using her. I mean she’s ok looking but my problem is she always look cheap and tacky even in some dresses that look million dollar on some skinny models. She just doesn’t have it in her to make the look outstanding. I don’t know.

    Using her is more like downgrading the brand, hence the wider customer base. I don’t know if that makes sense hahaha Chanel bags to me are not special anymore. I’ve seen so many russian you-know-what buying it in the store. It just loses its appeal.

    After Lily Allen, anything could happen really. Maybe next year it would be Kim Kardashian. Who knows?