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Gisele Bundchen: Teddy Bear Tea Time!

Gisele Bundchen: Teddy Bear Tea Time!

Gisele Bundchen reads to children during the Four Seasons Hotel’s Teddy Bear Tea series on Monday (December 6) in Boston, Mass.

While hubby Tom Brady was prepping for the big New England Patriots and New York Jets game, the 30-year-old supermodel sat in front of a group of kids and read what she said is her children’s favorite book, The Peace Book.

“Hello guys…Are you ready for the holidays?” Gisele asked the crowd. “I’m Brazilian so I’ll try to read in English and hope you can understand.”

When she got to the part in the book about stars, Gisele, who has a star tattoo on her wrist, told the kids, “Each of us has a star we can wish on for your dreams to come true.”

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Credit: Angela Rowlings/Boston Herald; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Percy

    Looks like a 40 years old. Man face. A Man Face!

  • Ana

    beautiful like always!

  • Thai

    Oh, hi, horseface! Its nice when all freaks become topmodels, its such a fair world…

  • izabel


  • anonymous

    She seems like the sweetest person, and genuine, too. I’ll never understand how people can dislike her.

  • Oy

    She can read????

  • go sox

    @anonymous: Yeah, I don’t get that either. I remember seeing her in an interview, and she was so real, fun, unpretentious, loving, and so close to her family. It changed any preconceived ideas I had about her. She and Tom make a great, modern-day couple, with both having strong careers, but devoted to their children and families. People just need to shut up. Not everyone has to look like a blow-up Barbie doll to be beautiful. I hate what Hollywood has done to our perceptions of beauty. SO, SOOO sad.

  • sara

    She doesn’t look like a model at all.

  • Thai

    @go sox:

    I prefer a Barbie than this buttface, honestly. Keep ur tranny and kiss her ass.

  • Thai


    She seems, ure right, but she isnt. Better ask John Casablancas, he knows best.

  • Thai


    The uglier, the taller, the skinnier u are = more chances to be famous, to become a “supermodel”. No, thanks, keep ur freaks, I prefer normality.

  • fsd

    freaks are ones who live on sites like these and downgrade celebs who obviously did something with their lives. She is beautiful, a natural beauty.

  • lacey

    I think she looks super young! and kudos for a celeb who doesnt have to soak in makeup to go out of their house,.she is down to earth

  • gfd


    whats normal to you? short stumpy average fat face mouse browned hair? no thanks. I can go to the grocery store and see that.

    tall,thin,unique supermodel beauty ftw!

  • kat


    Ummm…just saw #TomBrady and #Giselle —she’s definitely the looker in that family! #HOT

  • dosomethingwurlives
  • Ted

    At least she is there reading to kids, instead of reading about someone reading to kids.

  • Whitey

    She is gorgeous! inside and out!

  • James

    she looks beautiful. Its sad women are so used to being overweight and the burgeoning obesity epidemic, that they have excepted double chins and fat faces as the norm. how sad!

  • S@n

    WOW! And the “haters” think they are better people!

  • LOL

    aww I see the haters are back to looking up,stalking,and googling their favorite celebrity again, only making her more relevant and keeping her on those forbes power list.

  • Abs

    yes the haters are such lovely themselves. Their kind words TELL ALL.

  • notfamous

    Oh really… That smile doesnt even look like her. I should live in Brazil and have nazi relatives.

  • Sam


    At least she’s is giving back to the community. What are you doing?

  • SadExcuse

    A sad excuse for not being better than famous people
    I’d like to see the haters try to sing, act, dance, play instruments, etc. other than hating 24/7

  • pfff

    Haters = closet fans.

  • Sam


    Shouldn’t you be in school?

  • @@

    Haters (n.)(pl.) – Sordid little girls (also known as stupid bi*ches) acting out jealous tendencies through the slandering of otherwise hot, popular, and beautiful grown women in an attempt to bring said woman down to the hater level, which is one step below dog sh*t.

  • lol

    as always SO many comments right away. Hi haters, you guys live her full time now?

  • notfamous

    @SadExcuse: Many talented people arent doing what other artists are doing because people dont let them. This woman had the biggest luck on earth. Fashion industry chose Brazil as the new beauty country. There are videos of head-hunters in Brazil looking for new more or less pretty girls. Brazilian population complain because most of them are black and these girls arent representative of Brazil. Yeah, truth hurts lol

  • notfamous

    @Sam: I finished school and university.

  • lisali

    Thats sweet of her…beautiful lady.

  • swheeler

    I love her! She is so gorgeous,kind, successful; = a haters worst nightmare (and favorite hobby) lol

  • Pam

    Linda,Cindy,Claudia,Christy,Naomi,Kate, and the last one, Gisele <3

  • hi

    Haters = closet fans, it’s PR talk and it’s old, invent something else, more convincible.

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    not attractive!! UGLY and OLD!!

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  • Bryn

    Wow she looks just like she did during her Victoria’s Secret days! wow

  • That’s an ugly nose……

  • Kelli

    does someone want to invent a new name for Gisele’s “haters” I think they are beyond that, what do you think? any ideas we can come up with? Maybe all 3 of them can meet up and have a “hate” party together?
    Gisele Bundchen detectives anonymous? The Gisele stalkers? God Bless Gisele, we hope your haters arent as crazy as John Lennon’s’ group?

  • malllia

    amaze bone structure and cheekbones. she is wonderful

  • woowww

    more comments than megan fox and in shorter amount of time. wow I thought megan was more popular? lol guess not. People love Gi. love to hate her,love her, it dont matter. its all the same making her more rich and famous.

  • Bridge

    By putting things into perspective you will probably discover that people do not, infact, hate you because you have achieved success. They resent you. This is because your mere presence reminds them that they haven’t yet achieved as much as they would like to. Some people, it must be said, will actually see you as a role model and want to learn from you. However, those who feel, and possibly act, negatively towards you are really revealing more about how they feel about themselves than they are about you.

  • Giseleftw

    at least she does something good for kids. (something I am sure they will have a good memory of one day) and doesnt fall out of clubs all the time looking wasted …she takes her son with her to her photoshoots, (she took benjamin with her on her latest opting in st barts,paris,New york etc…everytime she travels.) which is more than I can say for some model moms, (hint: she is a victorias secret model with brown eyes and brown hair)…

  • julia

    You´re so wrong about Brazil..You should do some research before writing about things that you don´t know at all. Most population in this huge country are not black. In fact, where she comes from, south and southeast, most of people are white. Only in north and northeast of Brazil people are most brunettes and black. And she was just being polite when she said that she will “try to read in english” ´cause I´m quite sure she is fluent on this idiom, as she is the most recognized topmodel in world. How can you guys say a thing about any people in the world as you are the most decadent society in Earth? Kim Kardashian is your biggest and most watched celeb now… And what is her contribuition to the world? Doing a sex tape? Seriously? At least, Gisele is a lover of children, family and enviromental issues. And Brazil was not chose by fashion industry as the beauty country. People here were always beautiful, and I say more: it´s being a while since they recognized this. And that´s because here we have the diversity that you haven´t. Actually I´m not loosing my precious time anymore, with this obese, jealousy and plastified people. xx

  • notfamous

    @julia: Me loving Kim Kardashian??? lol. And lmao Im not a stalker doing researchs of Gisele. A person just recommended me a video. Sorry, but what I say is true. Oh yeah, I’m not going to talk about myself but I’m not fat, chubby or whatever. I think it’s pretty obvious.

  • Sam


    I think it’s pretty obvious that green is not your color.

  • ragdoll

    absolute perfection…

  • Kristina

    yeah half the top models from brazil are really black. LOL caroline trentini,raquel zimmerman,cintia dicker,martha streck,flavia de oliveiera,michelle alves,alessandra ambrosio,isabeli fontana,izabel goulart all look so black, lmao. Brazil is like the USA, a big melting pot of ethnicities . Brazil just like the US does not have one look. if you think so, you are seriously lacking some intellect. anyways its always the same old same old with you people. *yawn* aren’t you bored yet repeating yourselves all the time? I am. ugly,big nose,german,blah blah blah,.It doesnt change the fact that she is GISELE. I’m sure the fashion world would have laughed at each and every one of you. Or better yet, not even notice your short average a** standing behind the gisele’s of the world, going unnoticed as always.

  • Hotman