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Hayden Christensen: 'Vanishing on 7th Street' Trailer!

Hayden Christensen: 'Vanishing on 7th Street' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Hayden Christensen‘s upcoming thriller Vanishing on 7th Street!

Synopsis: A massive power outage plunges the city of Detroit into total darkness and a disparate group of individuals find themselves alone. The entire city’s population has vanished into thin air. Soon the daylight begins to disappear completely, and as the survivors gather in an abandoned tavern, they realize the darkness is out to get them, and only their rapidly diminishing light sources can keep them safe.

The film, out February 18, also stars Thandie Newton.

WILL YOU WATCH Hayden Christensen in Vanishing on 7th Street?

Vanishing on 7th Street Trailer
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  • glr

    Yes, I’m gonna watch it!

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  • Yeah

    The word on the street is this film is so bad that they’re only initially releasing it in 2 cities and then it does to OnDemand video. This is like half a step up from direct-to-video. Hayden’s performance sets a new standard in wooden and only Thandie Newton makes it marginally watchable. He’s got a new agent, who apprently told him to stay in LA and be available for readings and interviews, or he can kiss his career goodbye. He appears to be taking that part seriously anyway and being seen hanging around with the old ball and chain, Ratsh*7 Bilgeson. What a loser!

  • LisaK

    I will go see it. It looks good to me. I love Hayden Christensen. he is such a good actor.

  • yo sista

    OMFG new pictures of GODNEY SPEARS looking flawless! <3

  • vickyU

    love him as an actor, is he still dating RB?

  • devaney

    BOMBS all the way!!!

  • jean

    I strongly believe that this is gonna be either mediocre or just bad; when Hayden first appeared he seemed to have so much potential! He was actually good, won a golden globe I think or he was nominated & after Star Wars, he was the next big thing! Maybe his agent was an @sshole&got him in the wrong gigs..IDK…anyway, I wish him the best, but this film certainly isn’t it!

  • Sara

    This movie looks good, it comes out on Video on demand January 7th, with a limited release starting in LA and New York on February 18th. I will see it.

    @ VIckyU Yes, they are still dating, apparently they started seeing each other again when she got back from Uganda. There is a video on Youtube from 10/24/10 of them loading their groceries and their pumpkin into their car at a grocery store in LA. There is a link in the last Hayden thread, I think it’s the one about Stephen King and his acting. Peruse those comments for a good laugh.

  • searlus

    And whoa… everyone now (& continues to) detest Manakin; from the SW fanboys, to his ex-fans and now his ex-nth-agent? But by now; “Jim Osborne is the man” LOL
    And still counting…wonder who’s next?!

  • sara

    definitely watching

  • devaney

    Distributors Magnet have booked a limited American theatrical run for the film starting February 18, but it’ll be officially available online from early January.

  • OMG

    It’s on demand a month before it opens so why bother to go see it and waste more then the cost of the pay per view..It didn’t get a overwhelming critical acclaim. Most who saw it like TN more the anyone in it HC is still wooden Seen better thrillers then this one

  • phat-ruley

    Hayden Christensen in a horror movie is REALLY a horror movie already. Yikes!

  • ida

    i saw this a couple of months ago..:\

  • Truth

    Well it looks like I just watched the whole movie with that trailer. We know Thandie Newton dies now, she was the only reason I’d see the movie. And seriously, who keeps giving Hayden Christensen a job? He can’t act!

  • audemars

    Oh brother… another movie that would surely ruined by this over-hyped / talentless hack. Isn’t it that what he’s doing in his movies religiously?!

  • jeezzum

    Is the role that HC is playing any way resembles of a tree or something made of plank of wood – due to his “dialogue-less” in the said film/trailer? But if it is then; well “kudos” to the casting director.

  • Brightside

    I shall go and see this. Quite a few of those who reviewed it liked it. Brad Anderson has pulled off quite a few terrific and atmospheric low-budget thrillers in the past and Hayden Christensen’s acting in this is nowhere near as bad as his many detractors are making out.
    It sounds watchable, it looks watchable and, as a big bonus, it has Thandie Newton in it. I’d rather spend money on this than on Rachel Bilson’s terminally awful pukefest in title and cast, the cringeworthy BBF & Baby.

  • ha

    ‘Vanishing on 7th’
    I thought that it was the story of Hayden’s career.

  • gilmorie

    Vanishing on 7th Street is a disaster, an interesting concept for a story or a short film stretched too far ……
    This looks like just for HIS fartnatics who could only tolerate the film… case closed.

  • Joe D

    Great trailer, look forward to seeing this

  • ATLqueen

    I wasn’t going to say anything about this but Michael Clayton was released to only two cities then went to DVD then went back to the theaters and back to DVD and we all know where that movie ended up (a lot of nominations). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, straight to DVD movies and even TV movies doesn’t equal bad. So far I’ve read very good reviews about this movie. I mean the cast is awesome and the plot looks really good. Could we possible except anything less? Seriously?? I know websites have their share of trolls and haters but I’m talking to the serious people hear. All jokes aside.

  • OMG

    Reviews I read were only ok at best some liked the concept but said the overall acting had much to be desired. But the view of the movie was the idea being good, As for the performance by Christensen I didn’t read many that thought he was good more wooden which has been said about his entire career. It’s an On Demand movie first which is a joke Anderson has history of TV movies and a few movies but nothing truly to write home about.

  • ATLqueen

    How about we just wait until the movie comes out. Watch it, then see if it’s any good. Critics on movies have been proven time and time again can be nothing to go by. If ur not willing to watch it, what is the point in even worrying about if it’s good or not. Bashing someone just because makes no sense. It’s not like the guy is as big as Tom Cruise.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well ATL Queen at this point I don’t know how many real “critics” have seen the movie. I guess we’ll see what happens. I doubt they expect it to make Star Wars-money!

  • TPL

    @glr aka Hayden

    I’m not meeting you after this year. Period.

  • Chelly

    TPL you are seriously crazy. Get back on the meds.

  • hayden

    I didn’t like it the first time I saw it when it was called “I Am Legend.”


    The movie actually looks good to me and I would like to see it. Just Hayden’s voice. lol…His voice cracks me up. Sorry Hayden. The movie does look good though.

  • ATLqueen


    You a mess! You didn’t like I am Legend?? And besides this movie is nothing like I am Legend. Now that I think about it I promise you never saw it. One is where everyone got sick because of a vaccine for cancer and the other is everyone disappeared (for whatever reason) leaving only what looks like four people behind. Hm, could it be ur just as clueless as the (+) one person who agreed with your comment?? Like I said, too quick to judge.

  • ohyeah332

    its kind of like that movie darkness falls

  • Ruth


    God, you couldn’t be more wrong! Hayden has 4 up coming movies that are all ready signed and sealed. He starts the first one in Jan. or Feb. of 2011. He prefers really character drivine pieces rather than the run of the mill junk that’s being shown in theatres. He received 7 million for Jumper and nearly that amount for Takers so he’s certainly doing more than all right.

  • Ruth

    Wish you haters out there would just shut your mouths, you are getting SO boring! NO one believes that crap anymore, get over it! Hayden’s acting is fine, besides who goes to the movies to see acting, even though HAYDEN has proved he has acting chops? You go because they are “HOT” and because you enjoy seeing them on he big screen and in movies! I love HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN and will certainly see this one BOTH on demand and in the theatre…just to see that sweet face on the big screen! Seems you haters would actually “get some action” if you said nice things about your girl’s men actors and not just the floozies of Hollywood.

  • Ruth Is An Idiot

    Hayden got 7 million for Jumper? Well, after taxes he actually got less than half and he has a fiancee who can spend $1MM in a year just on clothes shoes and handbags. She has several that cost more than a lot of people make in a year, and yet can’t work on a job for more than a week not even three times a year, and barely earns anything. And most of the actors of his generation that have his level of name recognition are getting at least twice what Hayden makes. Hayden is a cut rate Walmart actor who is horrible as a leading man, as Jumper proved. Hayden does NOT have 4 projects seald and delivered and is filming nothing at all now and in the foreseeable future. Every last one of his projects are either in development or in something called preproduction which can last for years including the terrible The Cold. And maybe never be filmed like the Madison Kid film about the famous poker player that FPP famously fumbled and it turned to dust. And Crash Bandits, where he invested about $2MM with a fraud producer who took off with it and was never seen again. Hayden’s going nowhere but eventually back to Canada forever, a certified failure in HW because the guy can’t act. Whatsoever.

  • Ruth


    The point in Hollywood is to keep working and HAYDEN has accomplished that in spades. He has chosen those directors and writers that intrique him and has chosen to work with them on just about anything they ask him to, whether they are THAT good or not. Shattered Glass (co-produced by Tom Cruz) got back everything plus and for a small “artsy” movie that is terrific (39 mil), Awake did well also, Jumper, Takers, both were #1 box office movies and will do fine in the end. Life as A House has done great since coming out and has surpassed their original figures. Factory Girl did not do well because absolutley NO ONE liked Andy Warhol…then or now…period. Quantum Quest with Chris Pine, I think comes out in Dec. or Jan. At any rate, HAYDEN has made good choices especially for the FUTURE and he is still young. SO GET USED TO IT YOU HATERS, Hayden will be here for decades, acting in voluminous movies and making money you wish you could.

  • Ruth

    @Ruth Is An Idiot:

    You are truly a jerk who needs to get some zanax so you can relax. HAYDEN WILL be around for decades and will be in some marvelous movies, so get used to it. You don’t have to like him, you don’t have to go to his movies, you don’t have to put out hate messages on the interenet, I wonder WHY you do that, except you desire to trash an actor, a human being working very hard at his career, and that is reprehensible.

  • Ruth

    @Ruth Is An Idiot:

    You are truly proving your ignorance, for some reason you are mad at the world and taking it out on an actor, what’s wrong with that picture?
    Settle down and realize that NO ONE believes that “hype” anymore about Hayden or any other actor not knowing how to act. Producers do not sign people who are not trained and that they believe will be good in their movie. They must be trained, besides that if they have fans it’s even better they know that movie will at least make a certain amount. HAYDEN CHRISTENESEN has that “it” factor everyone always talks about and WILL get those roles that are now given to Brad Pitt, Tom Cruz, George Clooney, etc. it’s just a matter of time. Your “ranting” really shows the entire internet where you are coming from and what type a human being you are, so relax, try being more of a good human being for a change.

  • MissAnthropica

    I think the real question isnt just will anyone see this film… but CAN anyone see this film considering the tiny limited released planned so far in February. Limited buzz seems to be around this film all of a sudden and seems Christensen’s “fanbase” isnt likely to back him up much on it atleast not enough to get it into a wide release.

  • ATLqueen


    OMG… I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with you. Can we is right. Same with “fanbase”. They ready to walk out on HC over his choice in girlfriend alone which is just silly. I could even see if it was over the fact that he doesn’t work often. But whatever, people will be people right?

  • Kate


    Christensen’s fanbase is limited I find those who support the man wouldn’t care if he is in a chewing gum commercial they would tell you it’s his best work. As for who he dates granted thats on him but honestly he isn’t winning points for what is said to be a highly intelligent man. He claims to hate the HW lifestyle, wants privacy yet he is with a media hooker who doesn’t have really a career but lives off favors and family. Nor would ppl care if this didn’t look so much like an arrangement then a relationship.

  • MissAnthropica

    Something tells me this actor is most likely making Hayden’s people very very nervous.,4392403,ApplicationVideo.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Garrett Hedlund interview check it out
    , same hair, same voice, same freaking mannerisms lol I kid not on that part
    . Hedlund is going to always be in the run for the same parts as Hayden from now on I think.

    Have to admit Garrett is charming.

  • copycat


    Garrett seems like an okay guy, but he is not as good looking as Hayden is. Hayden has very expressive, piercing blue eyes that this new actor does not have. I think there is room in Hollywood for alot of actors. Hayden does what he wants as far as acting goes, he gets work still. But being available in LA to get work will get him more roles that not being there would be, that is true. It will be interesting to see if he changes the way he does things.

  • You guys are annoying.

    @Kate: Good god, you guys are terrible. First of all, if you are a TRUE fan of Hayden you wouldn’t just change your mind about liking him just because who he is dating. Second, Rachel Bilson is not THAT bad of a person you are making her in to be, just because Jared posts about her all the time that’s a reason to hate the girl and call her a media hooker?? You have no idea who she is, or who he is. He obviously loves the girl, get the h#ll over it and grow up jealous girls. Trust me, Hayden + Rachel have PLENTY of fans, just bcuz the few idiots on here that keep changing their name don’t like them doesn’ t mean the whole world feels the same.

  • shadowy

    @ Hayden got 7 million for Jumper?!?!
    That was “then”… about almost 4-5 yrs ago but how about nowadays?! And I don’t think that he even received higher or even the same amount when he did that “ensembled” movie called Takers when his character went off first right probably before the cr@ppiness of the said movie would be blamed on him (again) as its happened for most of the time. – e.g. @#22’s attached article/ review…
    “It should come as no surprise that Christensen is BLAND but Newton and Leguizamo, who are generally good, sleep walk through their performances.
    Face it already, Haydamn’s “sailboat” if not being sailed already is just bumming on the dock for a very long while now. His remaining film, Vanishing only cost at around 10M. A very small/low budgeted movie even for a horror movie. Bet sure that most of its fund (like 3/8% of it) goes into the production (i.e. special effects) to make it at least a bit decent. Obviously & presently “depreciating” (as deserved) I should say…

  • chadwick

    If it’s a hayden christiansen movie… most likely than not that it’ll always be “sh*tty”.

  • ATLqueen


    Dang, did the dude break in steal your brand new Plasma TV and sell it for a pack of Starburst???? Jumper came out in 2008 so unless you can’t count quit telling stories. That wasn’t too long ago. I don’t think any actor would accept lower pay for any project. So if it was $7 mill then I’m almost sure it’s still $7 mill+ now. Just like real people. You wouldn’t accept a job that pays less that your experience and worth would you. Please say no if so you need help.


    Girl, I wasn’t necessarily dogging Hayden out just his lousy ‘fans’. So what if they think he would do awesome in a bubble gum commercial. They are his fans and they got his back regardless. He’s hardly a mediawh0re dear. You’re just too busy looking for him. And 2% of the crazies in here are talking about his relationship. The rest of us are talking about his CAREER. When you ready to join the conversation by all means join in.

  • http://hel fandango

    Really what has this new agent done for this man in the months that he has taken HC under his wing “NOTHING” but press media . No matter if he is a decent actor or not this agent should be able to get him work or had him working by now. Who cares if he has a fan base any actor can have fan base does not mean they are good. Ppl will follow who they like in HC case that fan base is getting smaller and smaller compared to other actors. Good indication that what the old agent said might not be all wrong.

  • Cary

    Where have they been for the last three weeks? How come there are no more sightings of RB or of Haydn in LA?