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Jake Gyllenhaal Flies Out of Sydney

Jake Gyllenhaal Flies Out of Sydney

Jake Gyllenhaal walks through Sydney International Airport on his way to catch a departing flight on Wednesday (December 8) in Sydney, Australia.

The day before, the 29-year-old actor had lunch with his Love & Other Drugs co-star Anne Hathaway while cruising around Sydney Harbour on a boat.

Jake and Anne have been in Australia over the past few days to promote their romantic comedy. On Monday (December 6), they attended the premiere of the film.

FYI: Jake is wearing Hoyle Jackson chino pants.

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  • Lane

    Jake is a beautiful man.

  • PCgirl23

    Even his style has change. U sell out!

  • http://AOL Pat

    That is a grueling long flight, about 14 hours. I don’t envy him.

  • Cristobal

    Jake…I still love you and if it is love then I support the idea of wanting to be with someone you love. I suppose. -_-

  • G23


    It truly is. I did that flight 3 days ago. On united economy! Painful!!

  • ick

    the retarded duck face dude

  • pink

    He’s wearing Taylor’s silly band on his left wrist

  • good lookin

    enough I guess but he looks likes he’s turning 40 not 30

  • kelly

    Where is he going ?

  • Chris

    I wonder if he’s flying to LA or Nashville? Is Taylor home right now?

  • Elaine

    Sorry, but I still can’t see him with her. They just don’t go together imo.

  • Jamie

    Jake looks good here. To bad this may be one of the last time we see him looking like a sexy man. Next time we see him, he will probably be with the new fake girlfriend and he will be looking like an idiot trying to convince tabloid readers that he’s really dating a girl that he has nothing in common with and projects the maturity of a 16 year old. Used to like Jake, now I just llike laughing at him.

  • millie

    Of all the girls in the world he had to pick her!!!!

  • Michael

    My bf has a shirt like that.
    Jake looks hot here.

  • JanuaryJones

    I saw on TV she is in NYC. I think he will probably go to L.A. Maybe they’ll meet in Nashville when she finishes up her appearances. Her birthday’s Monday so maybe they will celebrate it this weekend. I can’t picture them at a party together. If he was with her friends he would feel like he was a chaperone at some high school dance! If she went to a party with his friends she’d be all stupid.

  • holla back

    did jake lose a lot of fans because of taylor?

  • OH YEAH!!

    @holla back: You better believe it!

  • Apple Cider

    Have any of you considered that Jake maybe is attracted to Taylor. Everyone on here enjoys cutting her down but you have to consider this girl is going places and Jake likes successful women. Taylor has one of the biggest selling records in the industry. She is selling out arenas and stadiums within minutes. She is also the new face of Cover Girl. She is blond and as we all know, Jake has a thing for blond girls. Jake and Taylor despite their success are down to earth and enjoy spending time with their families. I think this is a great couple and I wish them the best!!

  • Jeanne

    #16 If Taylor’s birthday is coming up, maybe Jake is off to another staged photo shoot for US Weekly. You know, where their pap just happens to catch them posing and holding the Starbucks cup they probably got paid to endorse and they don’t notice the photographer two feet away from them.

  • Red Boots

    Why is everyone going crazy over Jake and Taylor. I say leave them alone and let them do their own thing. No one here knows Jake and Taylor. If they have found love, then good for them. I myself wish I could find someone to love. Until I find Mr. Right, I refuse to become some sissy online typing jealous comments about people who seem to have found happiness. I hope Jake and Taylor truly last a life time.

  • 50cent

    most this stuff ball fire know what im sayin kin of start up fast burn whip it all way down have lot of fun know what im saying leave my man be he go for it got lots more women in that man life i can teel
    keep it cool jake my man

  • lifetime

    @Red Boots: im guessing a lifetime with taylor would be like dating a guy longer than 4 or 5 months maybe?

  • Man

    I really don’t care who these celebs date, Most of their relationships don’t last a long time anyway.

  • typical

    He’s just the typical male celeb. He’s getting older so of course his gf is going to get younger. He’s just following the pattern set by many aging male celebs before him.

  • skip

    He looks SO GAY

  • Jennifer

    Jake used to be really buff. What happend to his muscles? He was sexy in POP.

  • yep

    @Apple Cider: me too! i like them together. sweet couple!

  • JanuaryJones

    I’m not jealous of them, actually, I like them both. But she is young…for her age. Like she’s 20 going on 16 instead of 21. I think she has young friends, and she spends lots of time with her mother who travels with her. If people are pointing something out they aren’t being mean necessarily. Some of the criticism is honest. There’s a big difference between 21 and 30. It’s not the same as if it was 31 and 40.

  • Meridith

    @JanuaryJones: I agree with you. I did lots of maturing and growing up between the ages of 20 and 30. It is a big difference. I met my 1st husband when I was 20 and he was 26 and I thought that he was quite a bit older because I had only dated guys around my age. But when I was 28 I met the man I’m married to now and he was 35. It didn’t seem like such a big age difference to me then.

  • Chariss

    Jake: ” Wow Taylor, weren’t Hootie and the Blowfish cool?”
    Taylor: : “Huh..Who??”

  • Cindy

    To the people complaining about their age difference. Why does it matter to you. Are you in the relationship? Do you know these two individuals personally? If not why bother complaining about it. Let these two people work out how they feel for each other. Taylor is pretty smart girl for her age. Jake is also a big boy who can sort out what type of woman he wants in life. He doesn’t need desperate housewives online to bicker about his love life. I personally think this couple is adorable. By the way, this isn’t the only couple in Hollywood that has a huge age gap. There are several couples who have 10 or more years in between them. Celine Dion and her husband have a 26/27 year age difference and they began dating when she was only 20. That is a massive age gap and they are still together till this day birthing babies. Jake and Taylor=sweetest hollywood couple ever!

  • typical

    @Cindy: yep like i said before he’s a typical male celeb.. older they get the younger their women get. Lots of men with money and fame have women a lot younger than them.that being said i doubt jake and taylor will really last forever, but hey if theyre having fun why not roll with it as long as it lasts?

  • mousart

    @Cindy: Cindy, I am from Quebec & I am not a huge fan of Celine Dion. I must tell you that Celine Dion was only 12 years old when she met Rene Angelil. They get married in 1994 even if they have only 26 years of difference between them. It’s completely different with Jake and Taylor.
    People is complaining not only on their age difference but on several reasons.

  • u blind

    @millie: He cant pick~ taylor the best he can do!he mustve masturbated or 12month since the break-up with reese hahaha

  • ermmm

    And doesnt jake act like a child in his interview hes 29 going on 15

  • manamana

    Age is kind of bad since 20-21 very young for guy 30 and this taylor girl seems very very young lot younger than 21yo girl. not really sure what jake doing maybe just thought shes cute and wants a gf real bad. taylor dosent date very long she probably wont be with him in a few months anyway.

  • july2august

    does anybody know if jake has ever dated a singer? i cant remember.

  • LaFonda

    Jake is 1 white boy I would do for sure.

  • In the year 2017

    Jake will be dating Elle Fanning….

  • Allison

    Taylor Swift’s best friend is 18 year old Selena Gomez, one of her ex-boyfriend’s is 18 year old Lautner. Her favorite activity for fun is making glitter art. She sings childish songs about high school type behavior in relationships. It’s not the age gap between her and Jake, it’s the maturity as well as the image that SHE IS SELLING. She pretends to be a little girl so that her littler girl fans can relate to her. Jake is funny and silly in interviews but not immature. He makes mature movies for adults. They might be truly dating but it’s also true that they posed for those US Weekly pics and gave the interview quotes to use.

  • Allison

    You can’t sell yourself as a young 15-year old type girl and then get upset when fans express concern that 33-year old and 30-year old men are trying to date you. She puts out her personal life for us, what’s wrong about us judging her on the material? She is rich because of us.

  • Jen

    I think she’s a whore trying to sell a wholesome image to very young fans

  • Jen

    ok “hoe”



  • stan

    Paramore girl said Taylor is a very clever lady. Artist image and real person can be 2 very different things.

  • Me


  • Jake and Anne

    I think he and Anne Hathaway would make such a great couple. She’s not only more mature and age appropriate, they’ve always seemed to have such wonderful chemistry on screen and off. Oh well.

  • slambang

    Lookin’ gorgeous as always!


  • cold_zero

    try picturing this
    when he was 21 ….she was 12

    you see why he is coming on as prev

  • Carol


    That is a very long flight…If I ever go to Australia..I would like to stay 1 mth..

    Jake looks good