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Armie Hammer: Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Hoover' Lover

Armie Hammer: Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Hoover' Lover

The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer has been cast to play Leonardo DiCaprio‘s lover in Clint Eastwood‘s upcoming film Hoover.

The 24-year-old actor will play Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover‘s number two guy at the FBI and his secret lover, Deadline reports.

Also joining the film, which was written by Milk‘s Dustin Lance Black, Charlize Theron.

She’s been offered the role of Helen Gandy, J. Edgar‘s personal secretary who worked for him for more than 50 years, according to NYMag.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the Hoover cast?

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • TN

    WOW!!That’s so so so amazing!!

  • Sienna

    Oh god I can’t picture Leo playing a gay guy, especially in a Clint Eastwood movie? Sounds interesting!

  • Dan

    DEAR GOD. Next Brokeback Mountain, YES.

  • rocky

    YES. I can’t wait to see Leo in another gay role! VERY Interesting.

  • dani

    Leo and Armie ARE HOT!!

  • ad

    I don’t know Armie Hammer, i only know Charlize Theron and Leo Dicaprio, one of two greatest actors of this generation, would be awesome seeing them working together !

  • Diane

    OMG Theron + Dicaprio + Eastwood : Fireworks!!!!!! plus that handsome guy cool.

  • giggles

    OMG Armie Hammer is soo freakin’ handsome!!!

  • Elizabeth

    This cast couldn’t be more perfect!! I can’t wait, this looks amazing already!!!

  • katie

    Leo & Charlize yay love both of them.

  • Dan

    @ad: @Diane: @katie: SERIOUSLY WATCH The Social Network. Hammer steals all of his scenes and he does TWINS. So yeah, is a perfect cast.

  • goldy

    If im not wrong Dicaprio and Theron worked in the movie Celebrity of Woody Allen ? but i think they haven’t shared scenes. This news is great can’t wait to see them sharing scenes together.

  • Fiona

    Anyone remember when this dude was on Gossip Girl playing con artist? I thought he was pretty bad actor but maybe it was writing. He was great in TSN and wow now working with Leo for Eastwood movie? This is huge. Congratulations.

  • Anastasia

    It’s time for Leonardo to get an oscar,he truly deserves it and i think with this movie there’s a great chance to finally receive it!

  • itziar

    OMG Yes!

  • Jokergurl

    Sounds good.

  • jean

    @Fiona: yes! I thought he was lame in Gossip Girl too, but obviously, with the right script&a great director, this guy’s talent trully showed! He was great in the Social Network! Plus he’s really hot!!!

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Fan

    Awesome! Bar should be in this too! She has timeless beauty!

  • Zukayi

    Wow I cant wait for the movie!

  • zzz

    This boy is excessively tall and young for the role.

    He is six foot five, so he’ll make Leo look small. Leo is tall but it’s a fairly big height difference them when in reality their characters were basically the same height.

  • bzfrks

    @19: And you should be in the looney bin. Timeless beauty? LMAO! Quickly aging sour lemon! Why would Clint wanna ruin this movie with her? Idi*t!

  • British Latin American

    Leo’s relations with women have always left me cold.

  • win

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Fan:

    LOL you really are gaga!

  • bzfrks

    @win: Yeah, gaga or looney. Last time when there was a post about Leo`s other upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby looney-gaga wanted bar to play Daisy. LMAO!

  • pg
  • tinkerhell

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Fan:

    Get the hell off this thread, Bar is aging like a old newspaper. But lets not pollute the thread.

  • tinkerhell

    If he buys this crap all respect will be gone from me. I understand other stars have done similar, like brangelina and clooney, but yucccccccccckkkk how pretentious. Like he needs another frigging mansion?? what is wrong with him.

    I could see renting it out for a summer and enjoying it, but yuck. I guess he needs something to spend his Inceptin 50 million on.


  • tinkerhell

    I would do my little boycott thingie but not on a fresh Leo thread I’ll just do it on a bunch of other industry sites instead since you mentioned bar here.

    I’m thinking 20 nasty messages on sites that mention Garnier Fructis.


  • Gab

    Armie looks good with the darker hair. When he’s really blond, he looks like a scary Skull and Bones dude whose dad would have you thrown out of school for accusing him of beating you up.

  • bzfrks

    I like the idea of Leo buying a home in Italy but I somehow don`t see him in a castle like that. That article is a little fishy about the engagement and future wedding ( that might take place there ). How would the real estate agent would know about that???
    About Armie: I don`t get his appeal at all I can`t picture him in a movie with Leo and Clint. But I`m really happy that Charlize joined the cast. Finally a decent woman around Leo. That`s what he needs in his private life as well…

  • Sammy

    Leo looks old and puffy

  • saagGkhan

    I think Leonardo as Bisexual man is kind of Off for me & yes… Armie Hammer looks quit mature for his age (24)… I thought he be 30 when he first appeared on GOSSIP Girl…. haven’t seen the social network yet .
    Gossip Girl touch is making everyone a Star :p

  • rossy40

    Seriously?! Do we REALLY need a movie about J. Edgar Hoover…

  • mandy

    why is his face always so bloated. him and keven need to lay off the coke. he looks like he’s 48. he needs to start wearing sunscreen everytime he’s out.

  • gayDAR

    people already think he’s gay, almost 40, still unmarried, living with his “best” male friend, always looking bored to tears and distant with an empty-head bimbo he’s be with for 5 yrs. hmm. it does make sense.

  • Phoney

    @pg: There’s no way he’ll get that place now that the word its out… if it was true to begin with. Probable another thing (film, house, project) to attach his name to to raise the price or profile. Plus, Leo is modern and current. I couldn’t see him in a 900 years old villa/castle; it’d be completely out of character.

  • wha

    @zzz: he’s the same age as barf, he’s not a baby. or a boy he’s a young man.

  • fresh

    @Phoney: unless it’s for a wedding….

  • Phoney

    @fresh: Is he finally going to marry someone of quality? So he and Charlize are marrying then? Awesome.

  • bzfrks

    @fresh: for a wedding? You seriously think he would buy an expensive place like that for a wedding? Are you for real? Info comes that he is allegedly interested in that castle and of course now he is getting married? Give me a break! LOL!

  • castle

    omg I can’t believe that even him buying a castle would bother some people… that place looks absolutely gorgeous. I wish they had more pics, but just from the two pics you can tell that it’s amazing… Who the hell wouldn’t want to live in a castle?? seriously, if you had the money you would do it too, so don’t even front..

  • castle


    thank you for sparing us from the boycotting crap… :/ I thought you said you were going to chill with that stuff cause of the bad karma, but don’t look like you really meant it did you?

  • Angie Voitte

    I’m sick of hollywood never casting gay actors for Gay roles. Such hypocrites when it comes to don’t ask don’t tell. If you can get work like NPH as a gay character then no one will be out

  • Mika

    I hope there’s gonna be some uncomfortable, hot, sweaty man on man action in this movie! No cheap cut aways and few chaste kisses like in other gay themed hollywood films (im talking to you Brokeback) please! But who am I kidding, it’s a Clint Eastwood movie….

  • athena

    @Sienna: Leo has done a homosexualesque character role before….many years ago.
    Check out the film Valmont…he plays a brutal yet creative poet that patronizes and demeans his family, wife and friend Valmont.

    The two poets Leo’s character and Valmont(played by David Thewlis) have an intensive relationship that is somewhat sado-masochistic, and sexual…anyway, see if you can check out the film…also, in The Basketball Diaries, his character does anything for drugs, including a homosexual encounter.

    He’s a great actor, and is willing to put himself in various kinds of character roles…and that’s what makes him great! Hope he gets a major star on Hollywood, if he hasn’t already.

  • athena

    Actually, this film sounds like it will be interesting and more like it could be an independent film, depending on the level they’ll take it too…Interesting that we’ll get to see behind the scenes, the deep and personal side of a great political figure. I like that.

  • @castle

    Would you save us from your boring comment in the future? Thanks! Go, Tinkerhell!

  • purple poet

    Leo and Charlize may find love. Okay that’s a bit silly, but wouldn’t that make an awesome new power couple? I know Leo likes to date women who are current supermodels, but those seem temporary for him. And Charlize looks better than his supermodel girlfriends and seems fun and down to earth, loves the Lakers, stays low key, and is dedicated to her work. They are perfect for each other! Plus she stays with her boyfriend a long time.

    Okay we can dream. But it’s cool they are doing a movie together. And with Clint Eastwood! Eastwood said that Angelina is the most gorgeous woman, he might change his mind when he directs Charlize up close with that gorgeous face of hers.

  • zzz

    @purple poet:

    I think Leo and Charlize are good friends.

  • pipo

    Looks like Barfie gained new supporters from Egypt…lol. Newspapers, diplomats and blogs are going mad about that “primitive” BS she told. It’s really a shame that a brain-free uneducated cheap chick has the kind of opportunity to visit the most gorgeous locations in the world, countries and places that gave birth to our civilized world. And what she does in return? She is not grateful for that kind of experience she doesn’t deserve at all. On the contrary she offends those countries with her unrequested silly and embarassing comments…Shame on her and on her BF.