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Gisele Bundchen Transforms Into Animated Superhero

Gisele Bundchen Transforms Into Animated Superhero

Gisele Bunchen has created a 26-episode animated web series called “Gisele and The Green Team,” which teaches kids about saving the earth.

Here’s what the 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel shared about it with AOL:

On why she decided to do this series: “I wanted to find ways to educate kids and adults about a subject very important to me and what should be to them, saving the planet. Aside from the personal environmental projects I am working on through my website, I am also an ambassador to the UN for the environment. In addition to teaching people about how we can save our earth this program will also teach girls about empowerment and self-esteem.”

On how she and husband Tom Brady are being “green”: “We are building a home in Los Angeles and for light we bought hydrogen light bulbs because they use less electricity and last longer, we have solar panels, we are using recycled wood so we are not cutting down new trees.”

On how she balances her kids with her love life: “It is good to have a date night. I love date night and it is a great thing I promote. We always have date night at least once a week. Benjamin goes to sleep around 7:30 pm, and if Tom is home, we always have dinner together so we have time to talk. You have to make time for what I call a couple’s relationship.”

Want to follow the adventures of Gisele and her supermodel pals Sophie, Keisha, Woo Li, and Alex? They moonlight as earth-saving super heroes! Get in on the fight to tackle the Earth’s biggest problems at!

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  • lisali

    Cute! And props to Gisele for promoting positive her!

  • cutie

    I’m sure kids will love it, and at the end of the day that’s what counts.

  • Vogue

    yeah you go Forbe’s Supermodel of the world!

  • Jared

    haters in 4,3,2,1 ….

  • http://j ivanka

    awesome idea!

  • Gui

    Being green is easy after earning lots of money wearing leather and fur.

  • mattchew

    Saving the environment requires sacrifice. Building a home with a huge carbon footprint is not eco-friendly. Flying a gas guzzling helicopter in between Boston and New York so she can save herself 45 minutes of time is not eco-friendly! What a hypocrite. Practice what you preach or STFU.

  • Karen

    @Gui: actually being green does not mean you have to be rich, are you kidding me??? Being green simple means taking small everyday steps, that can make the difference. recycling,not wasting water,turning off lights,etc…go research a little. One does not have to live in a wood shack to be green, lmao.

  • niko

    bravo Gisele :)))))

  • Supe

    As a matter of fact I have a flip flop line in Brazil. For the past five years we have been in business a percentage of all sales go to different environmental organizations there and have allowed us to plant over 150,000 trees in one region of Brazil.

    Their new home in LA has solar panels (as does her home in costa rica) hydrogen lightbulbs,and its all being constructed from recycled wood.

    gee most average amercian suberb families when building their little home on a new lot, don’t even do that.

  • Supe

    I’ve been donating proceeds from my flip-flop collections for the last five years to different environmental causes. I have my own environmental cause that I sponsor, called Agua Limpa, in the south of Brazil, in the region where I grew up. But besides all that, I took a trip to the Amazon in 2004 and was in an Indian tribe for a week, and experienced how those people are with nature, how respectful they are of it and how they can live in harmony with it.

    much more than sitting on jj commenting on what she does or doesnt do, so YOU practice what you preach folks! lol

  • Christina

    yep very typical, there is yet again something of a positive here, and people know how to make it into something negative, Bravo ppl! bravo. I’m glad kids aren’t so judgmental. This serves a purpose: to entertain and teach kids. They will love it, and will be happy,.nuff said.

  • HKL

    Notice how Gisele says that she has date night after Benjamin goes to bed, but she doesn’t mention Jack…that is because they only see Jack one week of month. Bridget has full custody. Tom has visitation of one week a month (Tom’s own words). And per Gisele, “we don’t get to see him that often, unfortunately…”.

  • niko


    That’s Gisele stalker.

  • Christina

    @niko: aka swheeler/pam
    she had to be banned from Gisele’s fansites even, LOL

  • xoxo

    @HKL: um no, only a small minority group over analyze everything this woman says or does or doesn’t say or doesn’t do. LOL aka the gisele stalkers.

  • JimJim

    Dear Gisele B God bless you & your wonderful family

  • niko


    She was stalking Gisele’s fansites?That woman is really pathetic.

  • Kate

    I think this is cute. For everyone complaining about this – get over it.

  • niko

    By the way happy birthday little Ben.

  • Captain Planet

    “By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”
    Thanks for ripping my show off. I was 20 years a head of you in 1990!
    I assume they didn’t call your character Gi-Gi was because she was a character on my show!

  • Bellas

    This bytch needs to realize she’s not god. No one gives a damn about her opinion on anything.

    Who died and made this dyke the educator of the world and children?

    What a narcissistic bytch.

  • lisali

    Tom has John 10-12 days a month…. thats a third of the time.

  • Becker

    The cartoon is better-looking and hotter than she is. Lol1

  • zx


    you are stupid. plain and simple.

  • Captain Planet

    Captain Planet, he’s our hero
    Gonna take pollution down to zero

    He’s our powers magnified
    And he’s fighting on the planet’s side

    Captain Planet, he’s our hero
    Gonna take pollution down to zero

    Gonna help him put asunder
    Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

    “You’ll pay for this Captain Planet!”

    We’re the Planeteers
    You can be one too
    ‘Cause saving our planet is the thing to do!

    Looting and polluting is not the way
    Hear what Captain Planet has to say!

    “The Power is Yours!”

    Yeah I even had a better theme song written by a Grammy winner. Thank you Phil Collins.

  • gwen

    @Bellas: apparently you did enough to comment, lol. and as always she has the most comments/attention out of any first page celeb today. what a tween-tastic statement you made.

  • Becker

    @gwen: One of Gisele’s nobody defenders.

    She needs to get over herself.

    Only naive girls with low self-esteem gives a damn about her opinions on how they should live their lives.

  • zx


    then why are you stalking her? too much time on your hands?

  • CanadaGirl

    Again… love her. More great projects from Mrs B.

  • gwen


    um last time I checked people with low self esteem are the ones who never have anything nice to say because they hate their own selves/lives…lol.

    and since she is one of the best selling models of all time, your opinion was just crossed off.

  • HKL


    Not sure where you got that from, but according to Tom, in an interview, he gets to see Jack approximately one week a month.


    @gwen: And so was yours.

  • Lory

    Frankly, She makes us ashamed that Gisele … Then Gi-Gi, you are old for this! Talk about the environment as an adult!

  • Princess

    @HKL: Its the main reason they are building a new home in LA to be closer to him.

  • gwen

    @TEAM USA: not really:

    The mostly highly paid model in the world, earning $25 million a year, has both high-fashion clients, like Balenciaga and Versace, and mass retail brands like H&M. Ipanema by Gisele, a line of sandals with Grendene, a Brazilian sandal maker, is available in 80 countries; her take from the 30 million pairs sold in 2009: about $8 million.

  • gwen


    Its the nickname her step son gave to her. I think its sweet of her to consider it to be her name in the cartoon. Kids love and use nicknames all the time.

  • smokey

    Must people always look for something negative to say?

  • Linda

    Her love for the environment (Giselle and The Green Team) must have a price. And what a price! Very hypocritical even.

  • HKL

    @lisali: found the quote by Tom Brady himself: “I don’t see him every day, and we play when I change his diaper: lifting his leg up, playing with his toes, biting his feet. There’s this different appreciation. If you had him every day, you’d go, Let’s just get this done. But when you get him, say, one week a month, you’re like, This is so cool!”

  • 123456789


  • HKL

    hmm…how can people decide to give a negative rating for a quote by Tom Brady…are you disappointed that Tom and Gi only have Jack one week a month and that he and Gi are not the primary parents? sorry to disappoint you. Tom, not I, was the one who made the statement about his visitation.

  • 123456789



  • lisali


    Tom said that when his son was still an infant, and the childs mother was not working full time. She is now working,and its agreeable for both parties that he spends more time with his Father then he used to.

    As to where I got that from.. I have sources( :

  • Katie

    The Brazilians are here because all they know how to do is call other people fat. They are more superficial than we are.


    @gwen: I was disputing you going on about how you are dismissing someone for not sharing your opinion 100% not what she has accomplished. See the difference?


    @smokey: Like calling American mothers lazy garbage dispsoals who feed their children chemicals? Yeah Gisele should really watch her mouth and not be so negative.

  • HKL

    @lisali: yeah, sure you do. Even this year Gisele said in an interview, that they don’t see Jack often. You are full of sh*t.

    And for the person who said I was in love with Tom, far from it. I am happily married with two beautiful young boys of my own.

  • fat GAY queenie

    She used to chain smoke and still eats red meat. Biittch please – she is so full of shiiiit. Why would little kids visit a models website? They won’t. More self-indulgent bullshhiiit like the inappropriate comments she made about pregnant women eating like garbage disposals and making breast feeding a law. Well guess what honey – not everyone is 5’11 and not everyone is able to breast feed so maybe you should shut up and let people live their lives and make their own decisions. HYPOCRITE!!!!!!

  • lisali


    No dear, I am not full of —- as you so delicately put it. Please tell me which interview this year Gisele said that? Or maybe you are her Vogue USA interview this year she said” We don’t see him ALL the time, unfortunately”…… yes, seeing him only 11 days a month is not ALL the time.