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Elisabetta Canalis Films A Cute Commercial

Elisabetta Canalis Films A Cute Commercial

Elisabetta Canalis films a commercial for the next Festival of Sanremo on Wednesday (December 8) in Rome, Italy.

The 32-year-old Italian model has been dating George Clooney for over a year after meeting in July 2009.

NBC’s Ann Curry recently traveled with George to follow the brutal conflict between the Sudanese citizens and government. Their time together was an hour-long special entitled, “Winds Of War: George Clooney In Sudan.”

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elisabetta canalis films a cute commercial 02
elisabetta canalis films a cute commercial 03
elisabetta canalis films a cute commercial 04
elisabetta canalis films a cute commercial 05
elisabetta canalis films a cute commercial 06

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  • Cecil

    Alessandra Ambrosio’s twin.

  • fu

    @Cecil: If Alessandra were a man. xD

  • Archibald

    She looks like a dude.

  • http://j ivanka

    she has a masculine vibe

  • angela

    Her legs look like stilts, so thin, looks like the pumkin king from Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • k taylor

    Wow, she could drink peanut butter with that jaw.

  • The American

    make up do wanders!!!!!!!!!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …she’s not cute.

  • *yawn*

    Nobody outside of Italy and few people in Italy give a rat’s behind what this cokewh*re does in Italy or anywhere else. Frankly, I’d be more interested in seeing new pics of Sarah Larson, who was actually cute and sweet. Tranny Canalis is just a rude untalented cokewh*re whose publicity contract with Clooney is nearly up.

  • lol

    at least Sarah Larson was humble in red carpet and towards his fans
    no one like betta

  • Moolie

    She does have some masculine features to her face, but I wouldn’t say she looks like a man. She’s pretty, but with her square jaw she’s not going to age very well. Remember the actress that played that chick Sarah Connor from the Terminator? Same jaw line — look her up — she doesn’t look so pretty now.

  • YMCA

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a shoot for a Village People reunion. Look at those man-hands in the other pics along with that tranny face.

  • YMCA
  • lol

    she is not one of her kind
    pic for termintor girl Sarah Conner

  • Angie Voite

    Jorge is lucky to have disease free women

  • Horse Edict

    All cok*ewohres on public works. This is what they should do.

  • Nanea

    Cute and Canalis don’t belong in the same sentence, sorry!

  • horse face was a man!

    it’s hard to believe she’s only 32 years old, I’d say 38 at least!
    she’s a very masculine big square jaw and chin, she’s really awful and very aged from drug, alchool and smoke!
    the real fact is that she was only a ugly Hollywood night club’s cokewo.hre and she’ll come back under the Hollywood rich soccers table! and she is in a ho0ker and drug Milano investigation since 2008!!!

  • muse

    She tries very hard to camouflage those crooked, bow-legs & wears mid-length boots often.
    I think Linda Hamilton in Terminator was much prettier, even though she was butch too.
    Can’t say Elisabetta Canalis is pretty at all. Plain to unattractive & very hard. Looks much older.
    George Clooney needs to get his eyes checked in his old age.

  • CubanMissile

    A real nasty piece of work! You have no idea…
    Some hookers can command €1000 per night and they’re nice & easy going. Others have delusions of grandeur. Nasty bitches…
    Blame it on the coke?

  • davidKnight

    the hair is weird.
    looks like chunks of stripes job painted on her head.

  • Rusty Lady

    @CubanMissile: by nice & easy going you mean Sarah Larson?

  • ugly tranny

    She has short, crooked, bow-legs, wearing mid-length boots too.
    her knees are crooked and strange, she put on them folds of the pants to hide!
    she’s always so trashie, ugly leggings, ugly shoes, this is a’s dress as the Holliwood night club!!!
    she’s very short, and so masculine with emaciated square aged long face!
    see the 2° picture…probably she cleaned her nose from cocaine!lol!

  • Kiki

    ahah last night, on Victor Victoria, she was really really funny!!!
    You can see some part on youtube… :)

  • PullyWolly

    @ugly tranny: Oh my! what a crazy eyes she has)))
    Probably during the sex even crazier))))

  • Junky

    Dude Betty really Batty! Damn, every time when I see her I am scared to death. God, how he goes out with her at all???!!!!

  • Junkky

    Dude Betty really Batty! Damn, every time when I see her I am scared to death. God, how he goes out with her at all???!!!!

  • Drooper

    Together they kill people!

  • jane

    she is STUNNING

  • PullyWolly

    I don’t get it too,IMAO she is – a complete psycho and inadequate. And on the picture it seems that she wants to eat him.

  • Junkky

    Most likely she is. But imagine there are people who like such of a kind

  • Drooper

    Her pants – is an evil. Take off this immediately!

  • Junkky

    such clown suits looks good on her. Only better for her to screw up her eyes

  • Drooper

    Was I the only one who noticed it? And her pants are pants completely g*ayish

  • PullyWolly

    In principle I did not expect any other…. AAYYEEE – better let’s love Brad Pitt, he has the most common and simple appearance, nothing special, nothing interesting – BUT It’s clear for everyone

  • The Real Kiki

    @Kiki #24
    Use another name, imposter! Like I would ever post something nice about Betty! Right….

  • Kiki

    @The Real Kiki: ahahahahahha!!!

  • The Real Kiki

    io nemmeno. ciaoo

  • Tazlena

    Elisabetta is gorgeous. She doesn’t have any kind of square jaw or chin. I think the haters are getting carried away with their insults!. She is a beautiful woman, far more attractive and refined looking than that goofy looking Sara Larsen he was dating.

  • mine eyes

    When will her gender re-assignment surgeries be completed?

  • Anonymous

    Those highlights look cheap. Is she trying to look blond? I guess she’s jealous of Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous hair, must be why she insulted her on Twitter in the first place. The truth comes out at last! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Now I know why she didn’t have the money to get proper highlights:

  • LuigisDebtCollector

    @Kiki and @TheRealKiki

    I know! I know!

    Soon very soon. No Christmas bonus for Betty this year!

  • lucy

    she’s beautiful!

  • The Real Kiki

    Stanley, where are ya, darlin’? The puppies and the muffis are bitin’ my ankles! :D

  • marypowers

    #24 is an imposter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    my grandmother says it bluntly; this girl elisabetta has no class. it’s not something that can be easily taught. she has no idea how to dress and how to behave. there are plenty of young woman, her age, out there who have the qualities elisbetta doe not. george should pay attention to the news; a lovely lady who possessed class, dignity and grace just died. her name was elizabeth edwards. she could have given elisabetta lessons on how it’s done.

  • LuigisDebtCollector

    @Lucy Her stunning Italian equine beauty will soon be forgotten like a whisper in the wind. “Betty who? Betty who?” wil be heard as she tosses her mane extensions and gallops into the quickly setting spotlight, always looking for that pot of gold at the end of the red carpeted rainbow. If she’s smart she’ll grab the first rich leprechaun she finds before her mane extensions fall out and her tail drops. Those things don’t last forever. Seriously. Ask any witch in any fairy tale. Stay away from the mirrors Betty! “Betty who? Betty who?”

  • The Real Kiki

    Stanley, sweetheart!!! Speak! Planes leave daily from Italy! Speak, Stanley! The sooner the better!

  • Horse Inspector

    @LuigisDebtCollector: Only one question – who will get a saddle?