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Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler chats on his cell phone as he hails a cab in the West Village, New York on Thursday (December 9).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is back in Manhattan after spending some time in Miami earlier in the week.

Recently, Gerry received a Annie nomination in the Voice Acting in a Feature Production category for his work in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. The Annie Awards showcases and acknowledges achievements in animation in film, television, and video game.

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439 Responses to “Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York”

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  1. 51
    she Says:

    @CJ – you describe a family where the dad is away and he doesn’t takes part in the daily family tasks but from time to time send gifts, a mother that struggle to survive. One of the characteristic that define the group called family from other group is the ability of the group to provide protection to the youngs. I’m thinking how much protected did Gerry feel in his family.
    In LAC it’s Clyde who opens the door in the first scene without the requested caution of asking who is behind the door. The movie doesn’t mention it or deals with it.

  2. 52
    wow Says:

    he’s probably fuc/k!ng Gina tonight as we speak lol

  3. 53
    @ITAWY Says:

    yes siree the kingdom is crumbling

    i f/art
    cora the bora
    curious fat
    ms jiggles
    pu/be dweller
    sqruirrlin merlin
    dead october
    gossipmound of p/oop
    nuts and dolts
    mold and mildew
    gottta be diddling
    oy vay
    she he wannabe

    RIP idiots IMDB rules!

  4. 54
    @ITAWY Says:

    add bow wow and PP

  5. 55
    Beware the creeps of JJ Says:

    You seem to know the usual suspects very well. and you have described them very accurately. Meeee like it a lot.
    I especially like the Tranny, as she really is one lol
    What about Helltheregb, Psycho babble ***** – I heard she is a sluut???
    Merlin too don’t forget that witchy witch LOL – oh i see you have her there too. Very well indeed. Meee like it.
    Oh and what about shpritzee lol

  6. 56
    she Says:

    Moment in english class:
    what IMHO stands for?
    what ITAWY means?

  7. 57
    @Beware Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…oops what about

    OLD pe/ea

    the gone and gladly forgotten

    Butler did sh/it
    cynical but stupid
    crying to push it out

    i am sure I will find more as I go over old posts

  8. 58
    Jewelrymaker Says:

    No clue. I was wondering that myself.

  9. 59
    @Beware Says:

    the stars above means sk/anky that old b!tch BJ always mourns over
    and do you mean ditzy fritzy?

    @she/he wannabe google is your friend

  10. 60
    she Says:

    @@Beware: Yes I’m a wannabe. I am so in to become famous that I name myself with the most original and uniqe name – SHE.

  11. 61
    wtf Says:

    @Beware the creeps of JJ:who are you?

    jar-jar binks

    meesa thinks so

  12. 62
    Beware the creeps of JJ Says:

    yeah baby ditzy fritzy

  13. 63
    Beware the creeps of JJ Says:

    And yeah, that Beeeeeetch: B fuucking J she always mourns sk/anky indeed – God, i hate that stupid old Beeeeetch. she deosn’t dare show her face tonight LOOOL
    And what about PsychB – a real Beetch and a self-admittedly sluut
    what about Jewelrymaker , that other beeeetch?
    any other beeeetch you can think of?
    Hahahaha, them beetches, they think Butler gives a hoot about their old sagging dry puzz
    This is great – you’re a master of ideas – keep it up!

  14. 64
    answer Says:

    @she: In My Humble Opinion
    I Totally Agree With You

  15. 65
    Beware the creeps of JJ Says:

    hahahaha gossipmound of p/oop – i love it
    and what about stinky St Louis – whatever her fuucking moniker is.
    Tranny really loves her and calls her Stinky – i guess it takes one to know one nowadays at JJ

  16. 66
    Leslie51 Says:

    Weren’t there photos recently of Gerry shopping for another apartment in New York? then Gina appeared in photos with him recently, looking kind of plump or possibly pregnant…..maybe something is afoot with these two, especially with rumours of her recent ‘split’. There have been quite a few sightings of this woman with Gerry, including fashion shows etc. Plus those few TMZ or pap videos showing her with him at the theatre, waiting outside a nightclub, entering a restaurant via a revolving door (that one was quite funny and featured the ‘Butlered’ song). I thought it was a bit uncharacteristic of Gerry to acknowledge Gina by name in a recent interview and admit that she was his former girlfriend. At the very least perhaps she’s possibly still a very good friend, companion and confidante and someone he trusts completely.I noticed in one of the TBH interviews when he grew impatient answering questions about JA, he said quite plainly that he already has a girlfriend. The woman must be a saint for her perseverance LOL.

    Interesting tweet above about the studio head snagging that guy’s script and turning it into a rom/com, due out in 2012, with Gerry and JLo. I wonder if that could actually be ‘Playing the Field’? Has that movie definitely been confirmed as one of Gerry’s upcoming projects? I think JLo could be really looking for a hit movie after her last disaster and Gerry seems to do well at the box office with this genre. Interesting, I hope it’s nothing like the TBH fiasco with Aniston.

  17. 67
    she Says:

    @answer: Thank you and there is another one RMLO or RMFO something like that

  18. 68
    peacesister Says:

    Just saw that your question was answered. Not being a native speaker myself, I always have a dictionary site and the urban dictionary open.
    There you find such abbreviations or slang terms, which come up quite often here. lol
    What a pity that you are such a mean person! You really have some verbal wit. Funny enough but your talent to invent names and develop wordplays highly reminds me of our ever creative Manny – one of those persons you detest so much. – rotf (Now Manny, don’t get it wrong, it was meant as a compliment!)
    Cheers to the merry crowd, don’t forget, it’s HGF, so we’ve got something to look forward to!!! :-)

  19. 69
    she Says:

    @peacesister: Thank you

  20. 70
    gossiphound Says:

    @ITAWY: Gee are the kids out of school already for Xmas? You don’t have Justin Bieber sites to troll?

  21. 71
    gossiphound Says:

    @Leslie51: Certainly JLo and Gerry have been at a few of the same events now that you mention it, they were both at Cannes at the same time, was she not at the AmFar Gala and they were both at the Naomi Campbell birthday party though I doubt that much “business” was being transacted. Then again it was odd how Gerry said he wanted to avoid Cannes this year and then he spends a week there though MGP was also being pre-sold there.

    If this rumour is true, yet another romcom with an attention getting costar, I have to seriously think that either Gerry has lost his sanity or he just isn’t getting offers for anything better or he wants to be the Scottish Matthew McConaghey, make a lot of money and not work too hard for it, acting-wise.

    I would have thought the smart strategy is not to do any romcoms until the stench of the Bounty Hunter is fully dissipated and that is going to require a few kick ass action/dramatic movies on top of the 2 films he’s got in the can right now in other words not even nary a whisper of a romcom until oh 2020, 2015 at least. And if the 2 films in the can turn out to be critical successes the last thing he needs is to ruin THAT capital by doing a silly romcom.

  22. 72
    Merlin Says:

    IMHO= in my honest opinion
    ITAWY= I totally agree with you
    * * *
    Don’t pay attention to the trolls “she”, because it’s just one idiot posting with many different monikers. *hugs ♥♥*
    * * *
    I actually like squirrlin and being called witchy witch makes me proud, I’m a magician after all!

  23. 73
    peacesister Says:

    There’s another one for the prayer group! “Dear Lord, please have a heavy brick fall on Gerry’s head and hammer some sense into his brain. Never again let him do some sucking romcom with horrible co-stars. Please let him fall in love with a brilliant stylist (we don’t care if it’s a man or woman). Thank you very much. Amen”

    @redO: *squeak* Thanks for the hands-splashing-water-close-up, I’ll try to use it as my new wallpaper. *bigfatgrin*


  24. 74
    peacesister Says:

    Heya, Merlin!!!!! Buona giornata!!!

  25. 75
    oldfurniture Says:

    He looks good. I like the white Jacket and the blue cap! :-)

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