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Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler chats on his cell phone as he hails a cab in the West Village, New York on Thursday (December 9).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is back in Manhattan after spending some time in Miami earlier in the week.

Recently, Gerry received a Annie nomination in the Voice Acting in a Feature Production category for his work in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. The Annie Awards showcases and acknowledges achievements in animation in film, television, and video game.

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  • realitycheck

    He is trying to ignore the paps hence the phone in the ear. He doesn’t have to deal with the cameraman if he is on the phone. He does the same to people on the street. Can’s say as I blame him. It’s an old trick.

    He needs to ditch the white leather jacket, it’s not his best look.

  • Manny

    Why would I care if Butler is seeing Gina, Jeannia, or whatever???
    OMG LMAO… So IMDb was so boring last night the IMDbers had to come trolling here for entertainment. Who said they were clever???? What a sad lot they are.

  • angelsrock


    Casey, I took notice of the tight fitting clothing while touring through Europe last year. He is definitely European when it comes to some of his style.

  • fuucking liar

    shut your cr@py mouth – you know you would die if it turns out he’s dating Jeannia. don’t act so innocent you fuucking beetch. you went nuts when you thought he was dating JA, LC, and others.

    when you ask “why would i care” it reeks disingenuousness, you fuucking lair. Go fuuck yourself idiot.

  • oldfurniture

    “I visit family in Germany every year, and guys seem to wear tighter clothes there than in the US.”

    Exactly! European guys dress differently from US guys. His style in the pics looks quite italian to me…and I still like it! :-D

  • @David

    why are you so gay?
    only gays would be upset with how Gerard dresses.
    i love the way he dresses, even when it’s freezing and all he can wear are layers of clothing that don’t look that good.
    go get a BF, will ya?

  • Merlin

    Please, are you implying that all Europeans dress like sh!-t only because Gerard has no sense of fashion at all… no darling, sorry to disappoint you but the others have better taste in clothes… even in Scotland (well…men not that much…ahem)

  • Merlin is an idiot

    leave it to a troll like you to come and spew none sense
    what do you know anyway? sh!t
    just STFU

  • @Merlin

    what are you talking about?
    who even said that?
    who even implied that?
    stop being so hysterical!

  • @Merlin

    what are you talking about?
    who even said that?
    who even implied that?
    stop being so hysterical!

  • Merlin is boring

    To you, maybe, Gerry doesn’t dress well or has no sense in fashion, but to me he does. So stop arguing over something that can’t be argued about: TASTE.
    How do you dress, you fat slob?
    what do you know about fashion anyway?
    Go get a life lol

  • redOctober


    Have a great week end you too ; )

    …soooo…nothing new about future movies/acting/producing/directing/whatever? : (

    …grrrrr …Butler! *__*

  • redOctober
  • CJ

    Thank you Red…♥

  • truth hurts

    Stop being so stupid and gullible as to even consider believing the writings of a complete stranger on a random message board. Here’s a tip: Believe your own eyes and your gut instinct. Pictures don’t lie. Who do you see him with 99% of the time? Body language doesn’t lie. Read the interviews and notice what he casually talks about…………and what he consistently avoids. You’ll find your answer.

  • Vegas

    @redOctober: Love the poster with G’s face! His hair in those photos is exactly the length I think looks best on him. Not too short, not too long. Great! Thanks, RedO! I can’t wait for this movie.

  • redOctober


    You’re welcome! ; )

    I’m hoping it will be a good movie .

  • Misinformation

    @truth hurts:
    I didn’t believe Curious Carla, I just pointed out that she always spreads misinformation. I actually believe he might be dating Jeannia because he’s been seen with her a lot and if she were engaged, I doubt her fiancée would be comfortable with it. That’s why I think they are no longer engaged.
    In addition, she was engaged for over a year with no plans to married, so what was holding it up? Maybe she was not ready to let go of Gerry that fast and was still hoping he will commit to her eventually.
    Remember this article? This might be finally the time he’s ready to take the plunge
    As to body language who can tell from a still photo the true context of a situation. Maybe you think you can tell what’s going on in his head from photos, but I can’t. I look at facts.
    Fact 1 Gina is no longer engaged
    Fact 2 she hangs out with GB a lot
    That gives me pause to think that they are probably seeing each other, even if it’s on a none-committal basis, which is not wise in my book but maybe that’s all she can get out of him.
    Anyway, this is all speculation at this point.

  • casey

    @Merlin: I wasn’t implying that Europeans don’t dress well when I observed that a lot of the guys wear tighter clothing than their US conterparts. It was just an observation. In fact, I like the way they dress – especially the younger guys. They have a ceertain flair that kids in the US don’t have. They seem to be more willing to experiment with different looks. IMO, that is!

  • Manny is an Ape

    let’s face it – she is hahahahahaha

  • Manny

    @fuucking liar:
    Awww my dear friend. The truth is, I don’t care. Now who is having a fit over nothing???

  • casey
  • some nonsense
  • gotta be kidding

    @some nonsense:

    sure is nonsense, whoever created this c ock and bull story is a
    f ucktard, dont believe it ever happened.

  • Manny

    @gotta be kidding:
    He was in Miami, we have several different photos from the beach and events disproving that story. You are right on the money as is some nonsense. :)

  • Vegas

    @some nonsense: And these people are supposed to be in the celebrity gossip business??? Other versions of this silly story have also made the rounds. Guess the posters at JJ know more than the so-called pros! LOL. The sad thing is, some people will read it or see this video and believe it. And it’ll just keep going.

  • Vote?

    Several of the fan sites are posting this:

    So, if anyone wants to vote for him, here’s the way.

  • karen

    @Vote?: I voted. I considered it a thank you for all the fun he’s provided me watching his career. Kind of an odd list of candidates. Hugh Laurie out in front? When I think of ‘attractive men’ he doesn’t immediately come to mind. He must have a kicking fan club. I’m not familiar with Hello. Is it a UK publication?

  • Merlin

    Trolls spewing hate against regs: check
    Trolls spewing hate against me: check
    Trolls spewing hate against Manny: check
    So we have to wait for 400 more posts and then it will be CJ/CC/GH and whoever’s turn to be hated…. LOL trolls are so predictable….
    Gerry, please sign for a project so we’ll be freed by trolldom for a while… ;-)

  • Oh dear

    I think there’s a very good chance he is seeing her.  At the very least they’re friends with benefits.  And Butler has said in interviews that they did date at one time. If she’d let a fiancée go at her age, she probably must hold quite a strong torch for him. From my experience that probably will put her in rather a very weak postion, because intentionally or untentiontionally men usually take advantage of that.  She could definately have a serious relationship with him, but it would be on his terms. Probably an open relationship. And from my experience that is usually in the man’s favour. And the woman tends to end up bitter.  I wish her luck with him if they do end up together. But because she may have set such a low standards for herself to get him. She’ll probably find herself in a very difficult but caring relationship. Generally, if a man truly loves a woman he won’t want to share her with anyone. That just been my experience. He’s also be loathed to play away because he’d worry he might lose her. But if he knows she won’t be lost, where’s the incentive to stay faithfully. But hey maybe she’s ok with that. But I don’t know many women who are if they want a committed relationship. 

  • Mystery_Me

    Eggplant Parmigiana! He’s it near perfection. =) Gerry loves Italian food.

  • CJ

    @Vote…thats the only group they could come up with!…must be a “no accounting for taste” group…I can think of so many other men that could fit this group better..leave G and Jackman and get rid of the rest..♥

  • KDHT

    @casey: Wonder why JJ didn’t get us some of the shirtless photos?

    That Hello poll is odd. I never heard of Mark Feehily or Gary Barlow. And Hugh Laurie, attractive?

  • CJ

    Maybe the group was assembled on personality and not looks…that would explain a lot..♥

  • redOctober

    Top 5 Hottest British Actors of 2010

    …”don’t cry for Gerard Butler, as he has two big roles set for 2011: Coriolanus, an adaptation of the Shakespeare Roman tragedy helmed by first-time director Ralph Fiennes; and the Marc Forster-directed Machine Gun Preacher…”

  • curious cat


    You are not so clever. FURIOUS FAT would have been alliterative and much funner.

  • curious cat

    @Curious Carla:

    How times change. There was a time when you were considered “single” if you weren’t married, relationship or no. Not complaining. I always did believe that the relationship grows first–including sex–and marriage is the formalization of what already exists. Still, legally speaking, I think someone is single if not married.

  • curious cat


    David, from aka Furious Fat, are you single and available?

  • Manny is an Ape

    don’t call her Manny but call her Tranny

  • Mona

    @Oh dear:
    you’re very wise – thank you for your post

  • curious cat


    from aka Furious Fat. You actually want someone to quit posting anything that;’s not 100% TRUE? This is what is known as unrealistic expectations. As a journo, I’ve asked for people to substantiate their claims and been told to get the he** out of Dodge City because this is a GOSSIP board, it’s not ABOUT journalistic FACTS! LOL.

  • curious cat


    i voted for Jackman, one of the movie star class acts on the planet. When I see David Boreanzes (sp?) face on the TV I change the channel.

    aka Furious Fat. ;)

  • curious cat

    Man, I’ve had the best laughs here all week.
    Yours in love, anger and fatness, FF

  • Sharp

    Hello Magazine is a British tabloid, hence the celebrities are often British and may not be known to Americans. British taste is also often different. (Not sure who Mark Feehily is but Gary Barlow is a singer-used to be in some boy band I think.)
    The ppl in the year end polls are the monthly winners from throughout the year. And fans of Hugh Laurie always end up in a heated battle with fans of G (who have both been monthly winners this year.) Since one can vote every 15 minutes, it goes on all month and it gets ugly.

  • excuse me?

    @oh dear – on behalf of women of all ages, I take offense to this statement: “If she’d let a fiance go at her age”

    Yes, because all women only exist to get married and have children. (note the dripping sarcasm)

  • CJ

    I liked Borenanzes till he cheated on his wife and then I lost all respect for him as a man..although I do watch the tv series Bones…I like it wether he’s on it or not..left you message in 2nd chat…♥

  • Jewelrymaker

    You are probably right. It was a joke. I’ll bet he/she got a lot of tweets from phans that also made him want to delete the tweet.

  • curious cat


    I just don’t like him, mainly because I don’t care for the shows he’s on, Bones and Angel, so I got turned off. Sometimes an actor can become repulsive to you because of a role or something he’s in. They all know that, and consider this when choosing roles, obviously. Sometimes they judge wrong and sometimes there are people who just don’t like them.

  • Poor Lainey

    I love how that blue knitcap makes his eyes look blue.

  • Poor Lainey

    I hope he’s seeing Jeannia again. Maybe this time they’ll get it right.

    She’s a beautiful, independent, successful woman and she had so much experience being with him that she probably know now all the tricks to get him to settle down.