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Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler chats on his cell phone as he hails a cab in the West Village, New York on Thursday (December 9).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is back in Manhattan after spending some time in Miami earlier in the week.

Recently, Gerry received a Annie nomination in the Voice Acting in a Feature Production category for his work in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. The Annie Awards showcases and acknowledges achievements in animation in film, television, and video game.

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  • “Squirrill” Merlin

    Thanks for posting the link but I couldn’t find the pic either… :(

  • David

    @curious cat:


    David, from aka Furious Fat, are you single and available?

    Not single, but available, lol.

    No srlsly, currently on set in NewZealand, might be a little far for you….

  • Sharp


    Thanks for the link at #174

    If you look at the few pics the Italian site posted that others didn’t, I actually feel a wee bit sorry for him. I know everything’s a trade-off, but can you imagine not being able to go anywhere without having people with cameras swarm you? And it wasn’t just paps, it looked to me like random attendees of the exhibition were joining in.
    I think the hat switch with Freddie probably had something to do with the fact that his “favorite” is now too well known. Too bad it didn’t work LOL

  • “Squirrill” Merlin

    New Zealand? *runs off to give a shout to Mellifera*
    * * *
    Why all the single and available guys end up in Australia or NZ…..
    * * *

  • she

    @Red – my kids want to go see Narnia too. If there is something that I miss is going to this kind of films and enjoy the fantasy. I don’t have the patience today to sit 2 hours and see a movie. I bring in my kids to the movie, seat them and go out. Kid’s movie for me today are free time for myself. I think for a lot of parents movies are babysitters

  • ***

    @“Squirrill” Merlin:
    Well, the single guys in my part of Australia are very few and far between, or not as single as thay claim to be.

  • WhatNottoWear

    @casey: Gerry’s jeans are usually way too baggy most of the time lending to that homeless comparison. Not following European trend there. He had some decent jeans but he only seems to wear them sporadically. He needs to buy 100 pairs of those jeans and someone toss the other ones. IMO

  • Fritz loves her Cowboy

    @Mr. Giggles:
    Oh, I am! :)

  • justsayin’too

    What a double standard! All this discussion of Jeannia waiting on him to commit to her is crap! She has been engaged to a man 10 years younger than GB so who’s to say she wants him. He may be TOO OLD FOR HER! I know lots of men and women in their 40′s and 50′s who are HOT and SEXY and BEAUTIFUL! Sorry I don’t feel a persons attractiveness is limited by their age. Look at Sofia Loren or Raquel Welch, gorgeous in their 70′s!

  • curious cat


    Sorry. “Having fun” isn’t justification for outright promulgation of untruths or maligning someone. Misinformation said it quite well and I agree.

    it’s one thing to speculate harmlessly and quite another to spread potentially libelous stories about say, supposed sexual perversions, drunkenness or nasty behavior that’s pure concoction or endlessly repeated false rumour.

    Sure, anyone can say you like GB or don’t, he’s sexy or not, comment on and joke about his clothes, his hats, his hair, his movies, his acting or singing or dancing ability or lack of it, what he says in interviews, his behavior in public, even speculate on women he is seen with. To a certain extent, he is a public figure and has invited this kind of attention. To some extent, stars have always liked this attention because it keeps their names out there.

    But, for example, I have seen two instances on line in which GB was accused of being drunk. One was by a paparazzo who photographed GB coming out of a nightclub and driving away. GB looked his frequently rumpled self, but his driving was fine and showed no indication of drunkenness. The other was posted by an anonymous poster claiming the video showed GB drunk and staggering. The person on camera wasn’t even recognizable and there was no date, time, place attached to the vid, no evidence it was GB. These kinds of things can be libelous and what do they contribute?

    True, celebrities don’t bother to sue unless they see something as REALLY damaging to them. Remember the fuss over his supposed hook-up with Lindsay Lohan, which his people emphatically denied. There was some talk of a lawsuit then. Who knows?

    When I see a claim of something by someone who claims to have seen him in person doing this or that, I wanna know who, what,when, where and why.

    Here’s the deal. I believe that most people who post on these boards are clueless about where the line is between gossip and libel. We are anonymous here but can be tracked down, make no mistake.

    This probably won’t happen, but I ask you, just for “fun”, IF this board were made public in a lawsuit, would you feel okay having your comments revealed in court under your name? I would. I’ve never said anything I’d feel ashamed of or wouldn’t stand by. Not that I expect or fear this but I feel comfortable with my comments.

    Now I expect to get a gazillion thumbs down for being stuffy Old Crow and Furious Fat, but if people don’t get it, I can’t help it. I have plenty of fun that doesn’t involve acting uncivililzed.

  • gossiphound

    @wake up: late to the discussion about marriage and doormats but hmmm newsflash many couples are more committed to each other in relationships that don’t involve a licence issued by the state or a religious ritual to “sanctify” it. Many more married women have men that cheat on them constantly and hang in there for many reasons not at least of which is to maintain a certain social and financial status.

    So I have to disagree with you on this one.

    The only advantage to marriage is it accords stronger legal rights mostly in respect to property, that are important if you have children or planning to and tend to benefit the female in a relationship. If a female is financially independent and does not need or care to rely on a man, then those legal rights are not an issue. And more women are now the bigger breadwinners/property owners then the men in relationships these days anyway.

  • gossiphound

    The reality CC is that the line between gossip and libel is a different line in any event for your average joe vs the public figure or whole industries, LOL, would be wiped out like stand up comedy, late night talk shows [Leno, Letterman] late night comedy sketch shows, political satiret, movie parodies, let alone the tabloids. North America can’t afford to lose any more jobs [sic]. I mean Michael Moore would have to do actual factual documentaries.

  • Question?

    How do you know? Are you sure Evan is 10 years younger than Gina?
    i thought he was about her age, maybe a couple of years younger???

  • David

    @“Squirrill” Merlin:

    Because “The Hobbit” will start filming there. All differences are cleared out, New Zealand will see first sets at the end of January. Then my work will be done there.

  • Oh dear

    @ justsayin I know people who seen those women you mentioned up close, and alas their have stretched due to over doin the plastic surgery. Better examples are Dionne Warwick, Lauren Hutton and Barbra Striesend. They look amazing. I also thought evan hart was in his mid to late forties. And if Gina and GB are really together best of luck the chubby middle aged phannies will over the moon.

  • Oh dear

    @ justsayin I know people who seen those women you mentioned up close, and alas their have stretched due to over doin the plastic surgery. Better examples are Dionne Warwick, Lauren Hutton and Barbra Striesend. They look amazing. I also thought evan hart was in his mid to late forties. And if Gina and GB are really together best of luck the chubby middle aged phannies will over the moon.

  • justsayin’too

    Question?- his birth date is listed as 2/20/80 so he is 30. Everyone says jeannia is 40 although I am not sure of her birthdate.

  • justsayin’too

    There are lots of examples of great looking older people who take care of themselves and eat healthy and exercise. I think it is a very limited view to think only young people are attractive. If Jeannia and Gerry are together that is great, my point was SHE may be into younger guys and not waiting around on GB. All this bashing of women and men that are older as ugly, fat etc…. is really showing how unintelligent some posters must be.

  • she

    @CJ-do you think that our conversation over Gerry’s childhood here is

  • CJ

    @she…LOL..most of the conversations here are probably out of line…we are just speculating on his childhood …sort of trying to figure the man out…most people here are attracted to his looks..I do like his eyes but I am more attracted to his psychological makeup and his acting than finding him attractive…

    Your last question I will comment on…some women do have another child when they find that their marriage is failing in the hopes it will save it somehow…of course we all know that doesn’t work out in the end…I have no idea if that is what Gerry’s mother was doing in having G…she just was probably living a normal married life and found herself pregnant again..maybe Gerry looks like his father and she still has a fondness for her former ex-husband so she favors G because of it..

    This is all speculation because we are not G’s mom and have no access to her mind’s thinking…♥

  • CJ

    @Sharp…yes, living in a fishbowl so to speak must be exhausting…I could never do it..and now you have twitter where anyone can post anything about when G or other actors go off on the paps I really cannot blame them…the so called paps have no boundaries of other people’s space..everytime Gerry goes off on a pap I applauld him….♥

  • Deb2010

    His fan sites are run by robots who program themselves to think he is perfect, gotta feel sorry for the girls.

  • Deb2010

    I think Butler has his fans come here and sign away to make him look good because he feels like the pig he is and they stupidly do whatever he asks because he invites them to shows and pays them money to promote him as nobody with a right mind would make a website for free, esp in the States, the old fans who make his sites are on the payroll and nothing is ever known about his past? IMHO I think the Gals hide stuff and he pays $$$ to shut people up!

  • Vegas

    @Deb2010: Oh good grief. The great fan site conspiracy theory. Now, I’ve heard everything.

  • sky is falling

    @Deb2010: Absurd. Have you been to a psychiatrist lately? I think you need one.

  • RMD

    Oh, yeahhhh!

  • Deb is right

    @sky is falling: anyone who is a card carrying member of any fan club of needs psychological help!

    talk about idol worship

    i’ll pray for you people

  • “Squirrill” Merlin

    Wow congrats!! I was on holiday in NZ once, and I went to see the Hobbiton set!! I know about the privacy surrounding Jackson’s movies but when you drop by here….. Well, tell us something curious about him!!
    * * *
    *waves to JJers and poof!*

  • curious cat


    “The reality CC is that the line between gossip and libel is a different line in any event for your average joe vs the public figure or whole industries,”

    Hmmmm, gossip, true to some extent but everyone has rights not to be libeled. Sometimes defending against it it isn’t worth the expense or the publicity, especially if it just brings more embarrassing attention to an issue that otherwise might go barely noticed and quickly forgotten. Celebrities have to make these decisions and now and again someone gets fed up and sues.

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to come on as heavy-handed about all this as I probably did. When I have an interest in a star or celebrity I’d just like to get to know more about him/her, uncluttered by excessive speculation and actual rudeness.

    Some of the speculation about GB is ever unresolved, and keeps popping up, like same old same old about whether he’s gay or sleeping with this model or that actress or secretly involved with someone or how promiscuous he really is, whether he has STDs or whether the player image is somewhat hyped to serve his movie sex god reputation.

    I see people are also discussing again what his childhood was like and his presumed neuroses and anxieties and what kind of degree he has etc.

    I seem to remember whole threads on this board devoted to those topics two and more years ago. Which is nothing against anyone here for bringing it up; in some cases it’s different people speculating and questioning. On one thread a psychologist and a social worker weighed in and were clear that they were just expressing opinions on general family situations, like absent fathers, not claiming to now anything personally about GB’s life. They were attacked as being imposters professionally. A lot of people who really have something to contribute to discussion drop out. It’s not worth the attacks.

    The thing is why hasn’t some of his history been settled? I can’t think of many stars who remain such a puzzle to so many people for so long. By now parts of his story should be well established. Sloppy journalism doesn’t help either. It always amuses or exasperates me, depending on my mood, when some news story about him comes up and/or he gives an interview and you can read accounts in 6 or 8 different media outlets and they are all a little different. These reporters don’t stick to facts or confirm facts the way I was taught. They embellish, interpret and elaborate to suit themselves and jazz up the story. Interviewers are STILL even publishing varying versions of how he got into acting.

    In another context, I recently read the quote, “People are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own FACTS,” and for the life of me I can’t remember at the moment who said it. I should. A U.S. Congressman I think. (I’m sure someone here will recall.)

    Yeah, we can all “lighten up,” as Yuck suggested, but I don’t have a heck of a lot of interest in what GB wears, how he wears his hair, or even whom he dates unless/until he gets serious with someone and acknowledges it. I got hooked because I saw an attractive, talented, intelligent, seemingly unstoppable actor whose career seemed on a meteoric rise. The excursions into lame romcoms and forgettable action films (Gamer?), fashion, cosmetics, parties, beach trips, and all the other stuff seem like distractions. But maybe that is who he really is.
    I defend the right of anyone here to discuss what interests them as long as they are honest about what they actually KNOW and stay cilvilized. I can skip posts as they can skip mine, which I admit are too long. :) Have a good weekend, y’all.

  • redOctober

    @curious cat:

    Great post : )

    Have a great night all JJdom.

  • Misinformation

    @curious cat:
    ““People are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own FACTS,”
    “I defend the right of anyone here to discuss what interests them as long as they are honest about what they actually KNOW and stay cilvilized.”
    That’s it; you pretty much summed the spirit of what I was saying. We can all discuss issues, throw in ideas, and speculate like they do at brainstorming sessions. I don’t have any problems with that. I only object to people telling stories that had never happened, or spareding information not based on fact or greatly misleading, just to make the public think a certain way, which is a way to manipulate what other people on this board think of GB, for example. This was my only point.
    Anyway, it was a great comment. We don’t mind long comments when they’re good.

  • Oh God

    @curious cat:
    Don’t bother answering Gossiphound – she makes no sense and rambles on and on aimlessly. She makes no sense and only takes up space. I don’t think she understood your original posts anyway. Explaining anything to her is like speaking sense to a ret@rded person; it’s frustrating.

  • Wondering?

    Why is there no show of him in days, what’s up with him? No tweets or nothing in days. It’s Saturday night, isn’t he out tonight???

  • curious cat

    @Oh God:

    You are kidding, right? gossiphound is one of the most intelligent, knowledgable and clued-in people on this site. We don’t always agree but we speak truth as we see it and GH knows more than most of us here.

  • Nuts


    Tweets showed him at the movies last night (“Black Swan”).

    There’s a Haiti Benefit tonight in NYC…perhaps he’ll be there?

  • trying to figure it out

    Do you use spurs when you ride?

  • Wondering?

    you haven’t been around, how are you?

  • Nuts

    RL has been keeping me hopping. :o)

  • Oh God

    @curious cat:
    No, i’m not kidding; i’m very serious. Pay attention and you’ll see that she just appears like she knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t really. Many times, she’ll respond to a comment without reading it completely, or just plainly misconstruing it, and spews a lot of stuff that have nothing to do with the actual comment. It’s exasperating and frustrating reading her stuff. She misunderstands so much that I honestly think she is too quick to respond and just likes to see her stuff in print – she likes to see it published on the board – it’s a thrill for her. Sometimes, very rarely, she makes sense or she’ll respond directly to the discussion of the comment, but usually it’s lots of ramblings and babblings that appear like she is knowledgeable. Well, she isn’t! And BTW, like everyone else here she is just another poster with opionions – hardly a clued-in people on this site. If she read comments more thoroughly she’d be able to give more pertinent opinions.

  • Fritz loves her Cowboy

    @trying to figure it out:
    Nah, his hips are rather sensitive. xo

  • she

    @sky is falling: Who doesn’t need a psychiatrist ? LOL
    @CJ – I’m going to work now just stop by too say good morning ♥

  • sharlila

    at gara b’aretz?

  • CJ

    @she…good morning to you too..going offline…have a peaceful night at work…♥

  • trying to figure it out

    Poor baby – snort. I’m off to the land of nod; I expect to be housebound later because we are due for our first major snow storm.

  • Nobody You Know

    So some poster came on and said they thought Gerard was seeing Jeannia again and now people have him marrying her? Seriously?
    Didn’t see her in the Halloween photos, Victoria’s Secret show, Lunch with the 3 girls, his birthday party, the APJ NY event and numerous after parties. Geez

  • Relax

    @Nobody You Know:
    don’t kid yourself he might be dating her for real. People reporting this have inside info that might point to the fact.
    BTW, are you Manny losing your cool over Jeannia getting him?

  • In the Know


    Anybody can come on this site claiming to be in his inner circle or know a friend of a friend. Until there is solid proof it’s all speculation.

  • Me2

    @In the Know: I totally agree with you.

  • she

    @sharlila: le’olam lo tedee ve’utz ly gutz ly zehu shmi.

  • she

    @CJ: I think that Gerry looks like the exact copy of his mother. There is allways mixed emotions when you decide to leave someone especially when you think that you need to save yourself from him but you still love him. I know that my mom was very good for my dad but I can’t say it’s the same the other way, but when my dad lost his job many years ago because he has issues with himself and economicly it was terrible my mother went herself to friends she knew and ask them to employ him and things got better. She couldn’t leave him even when she knew that everyone of us will pay the price for it.