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Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler chats on his cell phone as he hails a cab in the West Village, New York on Thursday (December 9).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is back in Manhattan after spending some time in Miami earlier in the week.

Recently, Gerry received a Annie nomination in the Voice Acting in a Feature Production category for his work in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. The Annie Awards showcases and acknowledges achievements in animation in film, television, and video game.

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  • Manny

    Thanks for your concern but I’m not losing any sleep over it.

  • curious cat


    We all make our own decisions about whether to stay in a marriage and fight, or flee. There are consequences either way, especially if there are children. If the situation improves, it was right to stay. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t. But who has a crystal ball? What’s important is that we get over the choices our parents made and make our own.

  • gossiphound

    @curious cat: Gerry to a large extent is his own worst enemy because HE brings up the issue of his childhood and how hard done by he is/was so he brings up the topic for discussion.

    For example declaring that his commitment issues are all a result of his abandonment issues concerning his father and mentioning he is in therapy from time to time or has been in therapy. You open up the can of worms and out they slither. On the one hand it is the reason why many of us like him because he does say the darnedest things, seeming to be quite honest and straightforward, self aware of his flaws, and doesn’t seem to go by a set of PR points like many actors and actresses seem to be. On the other hand, many people take the things he himself says and try to put the puzzle together because he does seem to be a bit of conundrum, and others think come on Butler you are using all these excuses to rationalize your behaviour and your refusal to grow up, deal with it already, you are hardly hard done by in your life, not compared to most people.

  • oldfurniture

    @Merlin – not sure about your taste. But surely not all people in Europe dress like shit, but most of them do….as in the rest of the world.
    I like his style, not every time, but often. It’s different, it’s definitely not normal, but it’s interesting and not as boring as the guys who unfortunately hang around me! And I find that very refreshing!

  • redOctober
  • Sharp


    Gahhhh…RedO is trying to kill me again! OMG that 1st one! HOTNESS!

    Thanks RedO!

  • redOctober


    …”RedO is trying to kill me again!”

    …sorry … lol. Nothing grand, everything’s very quiet…I wonder what’s the man up to.

  • Sharp


    It’s perfectly alright, no better way to go: Death by Butler… lol and I’m wondering what he’s up to as well. Curled up in front of a fire with a good book on this rainy Sunday, perhaps?

    Okay I couldn’t even type that with a straight face…

  • angelsrock


    Nice find, Red!! Great photos of Gerry’s smile!

  • Mystery_Me

    @Nobody You Know:

    @ITK… he’s learning to cook for a reason. And it’s nobody you know, or anyone here. And it could simply be for him. =) He’s a mysterious yet simple soul.

  • Scout

    “My problem with women is I love them all, really. If I see a woman who is sweet and innocent, I fall in love with her, I want to hug her and take care of her and all that lovely stuff. “Then I see this sex-kitten type walking past me and I think, ‘Wow! That’s my woman!’ I appreciate women for all sorts of reasons and it can get complicated.” quote from Gerry apparently.

  • OMG

    No, the reason many of us like him is because he’s very handsome and has a sexy way about him – his attitude, his ruggedness, his lady killer ways – not because he has psychological problems that we’d like to solve, as you’re implying.

    Most of the attraction to him is sexual and mental. Let’s face it, he’s stuff women dream about, and he’s penetrated women’s psyche from all backgrounds. I find it quite amazing how it doesn’t matter what country he goes to, he has women crazy over him. Just within the last 6 months we’ve seen him with women from France, Serbia, Monaco, UK, SA, MI, which BTW has a large population of Moslem women who were also interested in him, NYC, LA, Miami, and who knows where else he’ll be going to before the end of the year. It’s just amazing that women from so many backgrounds have the same exact reaction to him. It doesn’t matter what his psychological makeup is, he’s plain and simple a woman magnet.

  • OMG

    with the first link
    it looks like either Kendra was there or Gwyneth Paltraw, I can’t be sure which one – the blonde behind the guy sitting next to Gerry.

  • justsayin’too

    Mystery-Me- how do you know he is learning to cook?

  • redOctober

    @Sharp: “Curled up in front of a fire with a good book on this rainy Sunday, perhaps?”

    …sometimes, may be …lol. He’s just a man after all ; )


    Thanks ; )


    The light is not that good, I can’t be sure either .

  • OMG

    Oh yes, I read this quote from him. I believe him too. He loves women of all types and for all kinds of reasons.
    I don’t know where you found this quote but within the same interview, which contains this quote, he implies that he can’t find the right woman because he is indeed attracted to beauty but at the end of the day there has to be more than beauty because every man gets bored fuucking the same woman no matter how gorgeous she is. So he is implying that he knows that a woman’s personality is very important for the long term in a relationship not just looks alone. He said something like he gets attracted to a woman’s kindness and the first thing he looks for is if she has kind eyes. But then he also said that he likes a confident attitude in a woman, and if a woman dresses sexy, she better have the figure for it or otherwise she looks stupid. Very interesting that interview was. Someone has to find it.

  • ?

    @OMG: Except WHITE ones. Apparently.

  • curious cat


    Gossip, I agree that he is his own worst enemy, always have, but also probably a victim of publicity. I have noticed that when issues come up about him on these threads, he seems to address the topics, which tells me that someone is monitoring public response to him, not just on JJ, but elsewhere too. And maybe someone is telling him where to clean up his act.I don’t know. Just a gut feeling.

    Just watched a special on Johnny Depp, including his bitterness with the paparazzi in the U.S. and his decision to bring up his family in France, where there is less of this invasion.

  • for the record

    @?: Agreed. This is the man who said “They are the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen. I love black women, I always did. And they are not just beautiful, they are cool. So I become slave…”

    He said Asian women have “beautiful eyes.”

    When has he ever singled out anything beautiful about white women in that way – or any way?

    He likes the white ones for an hour or two when what he wants isn’t available or if they can help him get some conections he needs, like Jeannia.

    His preferences are obvious. I don’t know why women outside that preference throw themselves at him or think he would ever have a long term relationship with them.

  • realitycheck

    You forget he was looking for an Aussie wife once too. Whatever is his mood is who he prefers. The truth will be shown if or when he marries or decides to have a child.

  • truth lives

    Gerry doesn’t like women, he just likes to f-uck them. There is a difference between a women’s man and and “ladies” man. The former likes the company of women and latter likes to hunter them like prey.

  • for the record

    @truth lives: I couldn’t agree more.

    270, not everyone in Australia is white. He knows what he wants. You’ll see.

  • OMG

    He prefers whatever looks good to him at a particular moment. I don’t think he is a diehard black-women man or the so-called ethnic-women man. However, he does prefer brunettes, and maybe even more dark skin-tone ones, but I can also see him marrying a light-skin woman who is either a brunette or a blonde. After all, he had a few blonde GFs. So what are you guys telling me, that he can’t see himself fuucking a gorgeous blonde because she is blonde? C’mon that’s absurd. In fact, since Jasmine, I don’t think he dated any black women – most were medium skin-tone brunettes, and even a few blonds. Anyway, many times people end up with someone who is far removed from their usual type. The final decision depends on who attracts them at the right time in their lives – it’s not all just about looks – it’s a lot more complicated than that. And yes, the truth will be revealed if or when he marries and with whom he’ll have a child.

  • gotta be kidding

    Total speculation on my part, i personally think he bangs whoever turns him on, regardless of ethnicity, and i certainly dont think, IMO, that he has a “type” he’s looking to settle down with. when he finds her, he’ll know it. i have a feeling he may have been in love a very long time ago, very young, but hasnt felt like that since, esp. because of the “celeb” thing.

  • OMG

    @for the record:
    ” They are the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen. I love black women, I always did. And they are not just beautiful, they are cool. So I become slave…”
    When did he say this? I never heard this before. What’s the source?
    BTW, you know he says a lot of things for effect. It’s like when he said he is going to buy a house in Serbia and move there. He says whatever sounds good at the moment and he likes to exaggerate a lot for effect – a lot of men do that – they think it makes them funny. Men love to clown a lot.
    We need to see the complete source of that quote; it’s the only way to get the exact meaning of what he said.

  • realitycheck

    ” They are the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen. I love black women, I always did. And they are not just beautiful, they are cool. So I become slave…”

    He said it either when he was in Brazil or on his way to Brazil. Take your pick. You can guess the rest.

  • another subject

    I know it was mentioned here way back, but has anyone been watching that Hello attractive man poll? Laurie out thousands of points over Gerry, Pattinson and Jackman? Now come on. Jackman actually near the back of the pack. Something is stinky in Denmark. Gerry is at #2, but what is it worth when Laurie is #1? Give me a break. What a joke. I’m mind boggled by this. What a farce.

  • she

    @ curious cat
    @ gossip
    Sometimes we can move on from our childhood and simetimes we are stuck there for all kinds of risions. If Gerry went for a therapy it’s encouraging and if as CJ suggest he is open for medical treatment if he needs it that ‘s good especially if he want to be a parent one day. Kids add stress to life, they need alot of attantion, as a parent you are responsible for their well being and you need to take care of their physical needs and emotional needs. It takes time and a lot of patience. The way Gerry behave today I wouldn’t feel that it safe to leave kids close to him for more than one hour and he can control the situation peacefuly.
    I didn’t sent my son to school today. There is a boy in his class that hit him all the time. I will hang the principal if he is not going to do something. I’m so angry with the way he deals with the situation

  • reality

    Butler needs no help. He’s a famous person making millions of dollars just for being there. If you have a child who needs help dealing with reality, go to child services and get some help. There is just no comparison. The Gerry of our world is a strong, driven man. He got over whatever bothered him back then. Don’t try to compare. Get your kid help right now.

  • what?

    @she: You need to get off the Butler board and consentrate on your kid. I never would have dreamed you were such a nut case.

  • Katie in LA

    I actually believe that Gerry will be off to Scotland for the holiday. It is my understanding that he spends a few days in NYC prior to departing for home. He had stated a few weeks ago that the will be home for Christmas. His mum must be excited!

  • Katie in LA


    That is very un-called-for. What has one got to do with the other? She said someone hit him and that she is dealing with the school. Why the need to be so nasty?

  • she

    @what?: I will turn the world upside down for my kids.

  • OMG

    Whatever that quote was, it’s a bu.llsh!t quote from him, like so many other things he says when he thinks the time is right to say them lol
    Hahahaha, Do you remember this girl? She sure isn’t black and from the way he is looking at her – some say staring – you can tell he’s mesmerized.

  • ?

    @for the record: @realitycheck: Some people just can’t detect sarcasm very well

  • Just my 2 cents


    Enough with the psychoanalyzing. No one knows the truth about Butler and asking what other posters think won’t reveal any “truths”. It’s all just speculation, and is kind of pointless.

    I hope you find help with your kid. That isn’t fun. But I would be careful about revealing your issues and your past family issueson a public message board. It makes you a target for anyone that reads it and could reveal your identity.

  • realization

    God, some of you nasty people sound like Manny.

  • she

    @Just my 2 cents: I got the massage. If someone will reveal who I am it because the poeple who know who I am will talk…and they know very well that I’m not interested of being exposed..we don’t have to go that low to shut me up.

  • Merlin

    @Katie in LA:
    If he’ll ever get to Scotland..maybe… we’re expecting more snow.

  • she

    @Just my 2 cents: and if my conversation with CJ bother someone I think that you need to inform the news to him too because he thinks that it’s O.K. I don’t see anyone tell him something about it. Don’t you think it’s a little unfair?

  • farting

    Cuz they are Manny. DUH.
    And as for Butlers love of exotic women, what else is new? The blondes are just a diversion, he always will go back to the exotic when the opportunity presents itself.
    Does Butler have Laurie with him yet or what?

  • Angel Baby

    yea and he’s taking laurie to scotsland

  • btw …

    @she: CJ is a woman.

  • she

    @btw …: so inform HER the news…

  • btw …

    @she: WTF? I’m sure CJ already knows she’s a woman! I was informing YOU, because you keep calling her a “him”.

  • she

    @btw …: This is to low for me.

  • CJ

    Please leave “she” alone…this person is not bothering anyone..if you don’t like what she posts then move on by…but I agree that certain personal things said on a board will be used against you by someone with nothing better to do than post mean things to you..example a few posts before this one…I know that Gerry news is far and in between right now but let’s not pick on one other please…♥

  • CJ

    @she…if you need to talk…

  • she

    @CJ: You can think of a better way then posting here an e-mail address. It’s like throwing everything to the toilet.

  • Vegas

    Gerry better do something ASAP – for the sake of JJ threads! This one has hit a low.