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Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler chats on his cell phone as he hails a cab in the West Village, New York on Thursday (December 9).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is back in Manhattan after spending some time in Miami earlier in the week.

Recently, Gerry received a Annie nomination in the Voice Acting in a Feature Production category for his work in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. The Annie Awards showcases and acknowledges achievements in animation in film, television, and video game.

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439 Responses to “Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York”

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  1. 151
    Poor Lainey Says:

    @Curious Carla:

    I checked it and I only see “female” and NY. You have to be her friend to see more.

  2. 152
    Sweet Tea Says:

    Tap tap tap, that’s me tappin’ mah fingers oan th’ table :g.

  3. 153
    Oh dear Says:

    Poor Lainey@ I think her trick is to let him do more or less what he wants to do whenever he wants to do it. Think it’s called being a doormat.

  4. 154
    Misinformation Says:

    @curious cat:
    Excuse me, but when someone says blatant lies as she does, there is a problem there. I don’t mind someone’s opinions, as we all have opinions, but when she says his college degree from Scotland is as high as a PHD here in the US, spreads misinformation about Gina and Evan’s FB profiles, or makes up a story about how her sister and her husband ran into him in NYC in some restaurant and that he was so nice and picked up the tab for them – or whatever she claimed – I find that terrible, because she was blatantly laying. She was caught laying in other instances too.
    When someone makes claims that something happened when it didn’t, that’s lying. When someone says, “I think they are probably friends and nothing more,” that’s opinion and it’s perfectly OK.
    There is a difference between opinion and fact and you as a journalist should know the difference.
    So I don’t have a problem with anyone having opinions or speculating about things, I only have a problem with untrue claims. BTW, in most of these cases she claimed that she didn’t know any better. Well, if that’s the case then she should check her facts before posting.

  5. 155
    yuck Says:

    @poor Lainey….I think she is good for him. She is not the 20 year old model type. I would like to see him settle down and get married. She is in the industry too so that is a plus. Also the same age.

  6. 156
    wake up Says:

    @excuse me?:
    Getting married is the most important relationship a woman can have with a man. Anything less than marriage is the man using the woman – get that through your naïve skull. Well, actually, sometimes, it’s the man that wants to get married and the woman doesn’t and she will string him along for a long, long, time, which, at that point, I call the woman a user, not the man. However, such situations happen much less often than the man being the one to string the woman along.
    Furthermore, when you agree to go out with a man for years and let him get away with not marrying you, in effect you’re letting him use you. Those kinds of relationship might be good for the man only when he’s the type that doesn’t want to feel trapped, but they are not good for the woman because he could walk out on her at any time, and when she is older or has kids, the pickins become very slim and it’s very hard to find someone new. A woman in those kinds of situations has less to choose from, while he can still date a woman 10 or 15 years younger than he. Why then would you let him get away with not committing to you? Life is about commitments, about making decisions. If he can’t make a decision about marrying you, give him a kick in the butt and move on to a better man than he, before you become too old and the pickens are none existent. His co/ck can’t be that good that you can’t bear to let it go in some other woman’s puzz; let it – goodbye and good riddance. Let some other woman deal with his kind of trouble and you look for someone more worthy of you.
    In Gina’s case, she should absolutely not date him on his terms. Either he makes a commitment to her, or she should go and find someone else while she still looks good. I know some of you think that she is not that pretty. Well, maybe she isn’t, but she is far from ugly and she makes sense for him age wise. She also knows him for a long time and he has gotten used to her over the years. She could be the one for him.

  7. 157
    Vanilla Ice Cream Says:

    He looks like a ****. and probably smells like one.
    Did we get the intel on his p/enis size?
    What about how he is in bed? Last long??
    Still dating that Laurie chick?

  8. 158
    Orange Says:

    get over yourself jeannia!! gerard does not want your old worn out fat butt!
    id rather see him with someone who gets paid to look good!!
    give me a break!

  9. 159
    yuck Says:

    @wake up…no you are right, she should not date him on his terms. I wonder if that is the only way he will date though!? Maybe she will take him any way. I would hope not for her case. I think she is pretty and a good match for him. Hate to see her used by G.

  10. 160
    yuck Says:

    @Orange…calm down. Yess. he does want Jeannia. get over it. they make a great couple. Pleeeease don’t commit suicide over it.

  11. 161
    curious cat Says:


    I hear ya. I really do. All I was saying is that it’s a losing battle here to get people to stick to the truth. It WILL change, I am convinced, but it will take legal intervention at top corporate levels that will make the Internet observe the standards legitimate media have adhered to. I am appalled at things I see on the “net, not only by anonymous posters but by the so-called entertainment press.

  12. 162
    Old Mia Says:

    Anyone else having issues posting here again? Hope this isn’t a duplicate. JJ tells me it is … but it’s not showing up that I can see.

    @Sharp: I think it was last year, I was fascinated reading on Gals when the Hello poll was running. Some of them, in the last weeks of the contest, set timers so they could stop whatever they were doing and vote every 15 minutes.

    I was surprised to see David B in the Hello contest. I used to like him, because I watch Bones now and then. But after it came out what a sleeze he is, I can’t stand him. Is Bones big in the UK?

    It was also surprising to see G come in at #2 in the British actors poll, and the admission that he was in the lead some of the time. I figured he’d be just out of the top 10 and that was what the “don’t cry for” remark was going to be about. His fan base is pretty amazing. Haters show up at different sites now and then, but he has something that many people like. Bad movies or not. I’m hoping Coriolanus and MGP (still hope it’s Another Man’s War in the end) will show him in a different light.

    One more surprise for me was that Pattinson didn’t finish in the top 5. I’m no fan of his, but the tweenies certainly adore (d)? him.

  13. 163
    KDHT Says:

    @curious cat: The story of G at Jennifer Aniston’s party is an example that the entertainment/gossip press has no standards of accuracy. Unless the mistake is so bad that a celeb finally gets fed up and sues, the mistakes and/or outright lies are just ignored by the perpetrators and many in the reading public don’t question.

    And down the food chain, we have posters on sites such as JJ who come on with tales about celebs as if it’s the gospel when they are just saying what they surmise from looking at a photo or two. Yet they write it as if it is fact. And other saps believe it, and comment on it and on and on.

  14. 164
    Cora Says:

    @curious cat and @KDHT: I couldn’t agree wih you more.

  15. 165
    yuck Says:

    please…it is a gossip site…no? There is no accuracy at all and is only speculation. All in good fun and anyone posting here should know that.
    People get so carried away with what is real and what is media hype and speculation and down right fun. Get over it. no one knows the real truth about GB…we are here to have fun …lighten up everyone!

  16. 166
    oy Says:

    @Merlin: Trolls? I’m always relieved to see them. When they’re busy here, it lowers the incidences of crimes against cucumbers.

  17. 167
    Misinformation Says:

    @curious cat:
    A lot of people here post cr@p but they hardly say the things that she says, and that’s why I singled her out. It was an attempt to get her to see that she needs to comment only if she knows for sure. All other times, she should say “I think this or that” or “my opinion is such and such,” and of course, this goes for all posters. This place is made for speculation, yes, but it doesn’t mean it gives one a license to lie blatantly.

  18. 168
    CJ Says:

    Some people think if they hope or wish gossip is true than that gives them the right to post it…99.5 percent of the stuff posted here is probably not true…the words one chooses to post with makes a world of difference in how it is perceived…♥

  19. 169
    CJ Says:

    @oy…yes lets save the veggies and the fruits..♥♥

  20. 170
    former IMDb'er Says:

    @yuck: Have you read some of the stuff people post? Sure it’s fun for the stable, but some post as if they are in the know. Those are the ones I find objectionable. They come on telling they ‘know’ someone who KNOWS. You don’t believe it, but some others do. That’s my point. Sorry, but I find something wrong with someone lying about a celeb just to see their fiction in print, if only on a gossip site.

    Certainly the celebs, making big bucks, knew what they were getting into. But good grief. A line should be drawn in the sand.

    Gina, Jeannia, whoever. She’s a friend of Butlers. That’s documented. But she’s not a celeb. She didn’t sign on to be under a microscope, and her engagement, non-engagement, friendship with Butler, should not be the subject of public psychological babble and rumors of breaking her engagement to be with Butler. She’s a real person for goodness sake. Come on, people get that from a few photos of them together while he’s probably at work on a commercial and she’s there to touch up the makeup???? Hope she has a good sense of humor. For the record, I think she’s very attractive.

  21. 171
    keeper of the thumbs Says:

    Beware. Downie is on the loose tonight. Must have escaped its cell. We’ll get him roped in by morning.

  22. 172
    Fritz loves her Cowboy Says:


  23. 173
    Louisville Says:

    @Old Mia: Yep. He has some die hard fans. I think the L’Oreal commercials will actually boost his fan base in Europe. People who know him borderline from his movies are going to be stopped dead in their tracks by those images. Smart business move Alan and Gerry. TV reaches more people than films do today. Everywhere. There are already tweets from guys wanting to know if they’ll look like Butler if they use the stuff. One of my favorites is from someone – a girl I suppose – who asked if Butler uses enuf of it will he be young enuf to play Jamie Frasher.

  24. 174
    CJ Says:

    @Fritz loves her Cowboy….
    “Hello Fritz…what the hell is this about you loving a cowboy?”..I thought you were mine and mine only…♥♥

  25. 175
    Heidi Says:

    @Louisville: I’d forgotten the Butler/Frasher obsession. Whatever happened to blabby’s big movie? Guess she made millions from Butler fans buying her books and dreaming of Gerry in a kilt. Then she said ‘he’s a nice looking Scotsman but not Frasher,’ and her ship sank in the wink of an eye. I think the time for Outlander as a movie has passed. It was a romance novel pretending to be historical fiction. I tried it. But it was not for me. Blabby is rich and can just go away.

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