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Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler: On The Run in New York

Gerard Butler chats on his cell phone as he hails a cab in the West Village, New York on Thursday (December 9).

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is back in Manhattan after spending some time in Miami earlier in the week.

Recently, Gerry received a Annie nomination in the Voice Acting in a Feature Production category for his work in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. The Annie Awards showcases and acknowledges achievements in animation in film, television, and video game.

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  • she

    @CJ: We can say goodbye here. At least it will sound respected.

  • CJ

    @she…I posted a email address to you if you feel the need to take our conversations off this board…if you prefer not to thats fine with me..continue posting as before..♥

  • she

    I don’t find both of this ways convenient but if thats the only options that I have I prefer not to use them at all. That’s my choice

  • CJ

    @she…I really don’t know where you are coming from on the issue…I posted a email address as a friendly gesture so you would have a safe place to feel free to chat about whatever instead of getting attacked by some posters here on JJ….if you prefer not to use the email address than that is fine with me..I withdraw the gesture and please forget I ever posted the email address…we will keep it here on this board or if you feel the need to not post to me at all on this board that is fine too…the choice is yours not mine..

  • she

    @CJ: I don’t want to e-mail you. I don’t feel safe with that.

  • she

    @CJ I don’t know who you really are. You can be anybody and I will not post to some mistery e-mail that I’m sure who is behind it.

  • cubedweller

    @CJ: You were being very kind, CJ – not sure why it wasn’t understood.

  • cubedweller

    @OMG: “Whatever that quote was, it’s a bu.llsh!t quote from him, like so many other things he says when he thinks the time is right to say them lol”
    True enough – Butler’s verbal blather doesn’t stand up to a lot of analysis – he says what he thinks people want to hear at the moment. When he’s in Australia, Australian women are the most beautiful. When he’s in Brazil … well, need I go on and on? On some level I think he’s just trying to be a nice guy and complement wherever he is at the moment, but when everything you say is documented and examined, it comes across as insincere.

  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • she

    @CJ: Check your mail

  • ThinkFirstThenType


    “On some level I think he’s just trying to be a nice guy and complement wherever he is at the moment, but when everything you say is documented and examined, it comes across as insincere.”

    Exactly. And I don’t think that’s necessarily his fault. I certainly don’t want him to start censoring himself because of it. I enjoy his off-the-cuff-remarks too much. He pays people to get apoplectic when he sticks his foot in it. Let them do the spin after the fact. LOL

  • she

    @CJ: I’m sorry. It’s hard for me, you know that I’m a coward.

  • Truth Hunter

    @for the record:
    “This is the man who said “They are the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen. I love black women, I always did. And they are not just beautiful, they are cool. So I become slave…”

    He said Asian women have “beautiful eyes.”

    When has he ever singled out anything beautiful about white women in that way – or any way?

    He likes the white ones for an hour or two when what he wants isn’t available or if they can help him get some conections he needs, like Jeannia.

    His preferences are obvious. I don’t know why women outside that preference throw themselves at him or think he would ever have a long term relationship with them.”
    Honestly, Just Sayin, you made this claim before, a couple of threads ago. Why do you keep repeating this? To stir the pot? To make the phannies upset? Well, whether they are or not phannies, those women know Butler too well to get seriously upset with these assertions of yours. Some of them have posted evidence to the contrary and the consensus right now is that he likes all types of women for different reason, with a slight preference for brunettes, not necessarily black ones. So please stop getting everyone in an uproar over this theory that only black women need apply. Please, it’s insulting. When you make this claim, it makes him sound like some kind of a psycho – like he’s using white women and will dump them as soon as a black girl is available to him. It really sounds ridiculous. When is the last time he had a black GF?

  • stupidfans

    Checked in to see if anything interested has been happening in GertardWorld and all we get is a man running around in a bad hat again.

    Gerry chasing models at a fashion show.
    Gerry at a party.
    Gerry looking like a hobo.
    Gerry pretending he hates the paparazzi.
    Gerry leaving a nightclub.
    Gerry eating.
    Gerry trolling for strange at a college.
    Gerry dressed badly.
    Gerry acting charitable for publicity.

    He’s running out of Gerrys worth discussing. We haven’t seen:

    Gerry leaving a bookstore.
    Gerry leaving a museum.
    Gerry at a health food store.
    Gerry volunteering at a soup kitchen.
    Gerry participating in a charity marathon, walkathon, bike ride, et al that isn’t related to community service.
    Gerry spending his personal time with anyone other than Alan or his parents who isn’t under 30 years of age.
    Gerry being arrested for crimes against hygiene (this one is my personal preference).

    Gerry, we know your employees read these things, so please add to your repertoire. You’re getting dull, even to make fun of.

  • Merlin


  • @CJ

    please be careful, my spidey senses are tingling, one other poster here feels the same.

    she you need to come clean as does Red October.

    stupidfans well said, another day in Butlerdum indeed, hope he finds something credible soon.

  • nytimes

    NY Times article

    Why Must We Pretend It Is Not Strange When Adult Celebrities Date Underage Celebrities?

    Talking about Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift and their age difference [yet it is only about 9 years. She turns 21 today]

  • she

    @@CJ: come clean at what? what is my crime that I’m suspicious person? that this situation is odd for me? Are we in a Field Court?

  • redOctober

    @stupidfans: …” Gerry pretending he hates the paparazzi.”

    Really love that one.

  • ?

    @Truth Hunter: Just Sayin’ is just a hateful and racist b!tch.

  • CJ

    @CJ….thank you for your concern but I am an adult and can take care of myself..
    @she…do what you feel comfortable doing and ignore some posters here..your comfort and safety is my concern..

  • redOctober


    Interesting article. “Or is it that, as we’ve long suspected, celebrities have nothing to say, so things like “shared cultural references” don’t matter?”

    …wow…that was a hard blow to their egos.

  • Truth Hunter

    ITAWY, and she loves to stir the pot so don’t fall into her trap. There is a way to criticize Butler when he is wrong. However, never ever giving him the benefit of the doubt and just spewing hatred at him, shows her to be dishonest. You can’t always critiques someone negatively even when it’s uncalled for. I think she has a love hate relationship with him that she needs to get over. Some of those b/tches at IMDB hate him because he paid no mind to them at his premieres and they have it out for him ever since.
    You are a very nice caring woman to take care of “she” the way you have. I think she really needs someone to talk to.

  • realization

    Why are “my spidey senses” telling me you are Manny?

  • David


    we haven’t seen him doing a porn film either. That would clear most of the unresolved mysteries…. and some people could come to rest, LOL

    FYI, it’s nice to post an email address here for help, don’t you ppl be so suspicious all the time, fhs.

    If some wants to email me Xmas greetings, please send them to

  • redOctober

    “Later that night I ended up sharing my table at the after party with Gerard Butler.
    We even got into some of his upcoming projects! All I can say is WHOA! This guy is working and has some amazing features on the way.. I wish I could speak on them here but when King Leonidas swears you to secrecy you keep it zipped!”

  • redOctober

    …something about upcoming projects but nothing really new.

  • fiona

    I’m trying to vote in that blasted Hello poll and after three times, my votes don’t change Gerry’s total. Yet, Hugh Laurie is up 10,000 votes? There is something very wrong with that poll. Has anyone here tried?

  • lolita



  • OMG

    I’m trying to post a link to the guy’s newsletter from Red’s post but JJ keep sending me to moderation – what else is new?
    “Later that night I ended up sharing my table at the after party with Gerard Butler. I was actually kind of embarrassed because he sat right next to me and we carried on a conversation for about 40 minutes before I actually realized who he was. I really appreciate his work in films like 300 and Law Abiding Citizen with Jamie Foxx. He mentioned recently having been in Miami for Art Basel and that sparked off some really interesting conversation on everything from food to movies to travelling. We even got into some of his upcoming projects! All I can say is WHOA! This guy is working and has some amazing features on the way.. I wish I could speak on them here but when King Leonidas swears you to secrecy you keep it zipped!”
    Why would Butler confide in some guy he hardly knows? We thought he’s the private type, but here he sounds like a big mouth lol
    Very interesting.
    That said, here we have a confirmation he tells people to keep quite.
    At least with this he’s consistent lol
    Still don’t understand if this function was in Miami (Dec 6) or back in NYC a coup of nights later???

  • akon

    I think the DJ got played by Mr. Butler. ;)
    Gerard wouldn’t divulge secret industry information to a complete stranger seated at his table. I think our mischievous Scot was playing a little joke on the guy!

  • CJ

    @OMG…sometimes I think total strangers make up meetings with Gerry…or Gerry’s peeps send out these tweets to keep us interested…I really don’t beleive anything from a twitter unless there is a photo to back it up and even than I am leery..♥

  • redOctober


    …it’s true about the photo, in the article there’s a photo of the young man with Charlize but none with Gerry.

  • stupidfans

    @CJ: If he has projects lined up that we don’t know about then he would be the first person to scream it from the trees.

    I don’t believe he has anything finalized that we don’t already know about. He might be considered for some roles and worried that if he blabs he won’t get those roles. If he signed for something, he and Alan would be making sure the world heard about it over and over and over again.

    Without a doubt he wouldn’t tell a total stranger about them if it was a secret.

  • CJ

    @red…well if Gerry was that chatty with the guy you would think he would let him take a pic at least…like I said probably bogus..♥

  • http://babs babs

    look, a reflection of the man on the shop window, it looks like gerry

  • Vegas

    @babs: Is that you Guido?

  • http://babs babs

    no I’m not guido,
    is precisely to guido

  • stupidfans

    @CJ: Gerry gets paid for his picture now. He’s a Cover Girl.

  • CJ

    The reflection to her right is the reflection of the man standing next to her..

  • http://babs babs

    no, the other man, next

  • Manny

    Hello JJers. Been busy with company in town for the weekend.
    I see there is no news but I did notice something is missing from Gerry’s IMDb page. Gossip if you are out there is there anything hidden in Pro?
    @realization – again, go take your zoloft. I don’t sock and haven’t even been around for days. Sheeeeesh – I guess I should be flattered that you missed me. :)

  • stupidfans

    @Manny: I just checked in today and I missed you already. Isn’t that enough?

    sniff, sniff

  • http://babs babs

    the phone, jen, is turned towards the reflection

  • curious cat


    I’ve seen that interview but don’t know where. Recently I read about a study that said kindness is the top attribute both men and women look for in a partner. As to getting the exact meaning of ANYTHING GB says good luck!

  • Manny

    hahahaha ((hugs))

  • CJ

    Has Guido multiplied?..♥

  • OMG

    @CJ: @redOctober: @akon:
    You guys got me to thinking about what went down that night. Since Gerry knew the guy is a DJ, noticing he likes to socialize and finding out he has a blog, he told him all this stuff in the hopes the DJ will spread the “news” of his upcoming projects so that it reaches his fans and keeps them psyched about him, which is exactly what’s happening. Hahahaha, and when you tell someone you hardly know to keep something a secret, you know they’ll do exactly the opposite. Otherwise, I have no explanation for this sort of ‘bonding” with a complete Stanger.
    Unless……of course, you take into account that Gerry seems to gravitate to people who work and live within the nightlife industry – bar and club owners, DJs, restaurateurs, nightclub comedians, models, etc…., and as such he has many DJ friends that he calls upon whenever he needs their services. He seems to collect DJs at the same rate he collects models. Both seem to serve a purpose for Mr. Butler. In Gerry’s world these are good people to know lol.

  • OMG

    @curious cat:
    “As to getting the exact meaning of ANYTHING GB says good luck!”
    Yeah, a lot of what he says is very obscured. You can’t tell exactly what he really means or thinks, and I assume he likes it that way so that he can never be put on the spot for saying something. He shouldn’t get away with not being clear on purpose.
    We definitely should dissect his bu.llsh!t statements and get to the actual meaning so he knows he isn’t fooling any of his fans.

  • CJ

    “Now where the hel! did I park the motorcycle?”