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Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: More Thanksgiving Pics!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: More Thanksgiving Pics!

Check out some additional shots of Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift taking a romantic stroll on Thanksgiving (November 25) in Brooklyn, New York!

The two walked arm in arm after doing some last-minute grocery shopping at the market.

Jake, 29, and Taylor, 20, then headed to his sister Maggie‘s house.

“It’s definitely serious,” a source previously told Us Weekly. “She loves his family and he loves hers.”

Also pictured: Taylor walking with Maggie and her daughter Ramona the same day.

10+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift on a Thanksgiving stroll…

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jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 01
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 02
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 03
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 04
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 05
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 06
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 07
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 08
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 09
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Kim

    I love Taylor, beautiful and talented girl. But, she needs to eat a sandwich or something. So thin! lol. Jake is hot.

  • ryan

    Taylor is a rich little hoe who spreads her legs at any guy who looks twice at her.

  • robbie

    @JaylorLuver: err I think you mean “Lust” not Love
    Now excuse me while I go puke….

  • Shyle

    This no talent fugly dude should take a hike…off a steep cliff
    how in the hell did he ever get popular?

  • may

    love love this couple, they are the cutest !!!

  • freelance

    Still don’t believe this is a real couple, I don’t care how many pics the mags take of them. Jake would never date a girl like this, it’s just stupid.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    I’m just glad they don’t give a damn what any of you think. Not a fan of either, but they look happy and so more power to them both.

  • sammy12343

    okay paps so first you take a pic of me with my arms around him… now us looking all happy, now us looking like we’re in “love”. ohh now one with just me smiling so they think i’m happy all the time…

  • sammy12343

    okay paps so first you take a pic of me with my arms around him… now us looking all happy, now us looking like we’re in “love”. ohh now one with just me smiling so they think i’m happy all the time…

  • k taylor

    Wow, they’re really milking this for all its worth aren’t they? Thanksgiving was only, what, TWO WEEKS ago? And we’re still getting pics. Their publicists are really earning their money aren’t they?

  • Depp

    Good thing Reese dumped him. In 6 or 7 years in would probably be dating her daughter Ava ala Woody Allen.

  • miford

    @sammy12343: love the one where she’s looking right at the camera making a kissy face. So phony and over the top.

  • juan

    why they not holding hands? young couple in love should be hand holdlng. they arm n arm like i walk with my sister.

  • faith

    staged? i don’t think so. he’s an older guy who wants to be taken seriously as an actor, with a range of roles from buff action star to gay cowboy to romantic movies. why would he want to be publicly in a relationship with a girl who built her fame off of 12-15 year old girls. that just knocks down his credibility. I’m not really sure what to think of her. At times I feel her shock at being so well-received and famous is very contrived. Furthermore, why would she want to be in a public relationship with a much older guy who clearly has sex? I mean that’s the antithesis of her fanbase and fame. I appreciate that she remains classy, and she hasn’t publicly given a vow of chastity and then sought to destroy it like miley or joe jonas. I really doubt she’s a virgin, she could be…but if your dating men, like john mayer and gyllenhaal well they expect sex. It doesn’t seem so weird though, at least from gyllenhaal’s perspective. He does like quasi-innocent bubbly blonde types like reese witherspoon and kirsten dunst. i just can’t shake the fact that this girl seems perpetually stuck in like….middle/high school. and how do you go from reese witherspoon a woman’s woman with 2 kids, to a barely legal girl? how do you go from taylor lautner or joe jonas to jake gyllenhaal? i think that her supposed innocence seems intriguing to experienced men at first, but then it goes away. or who knows, maybe outside of her sugary public persona she’s really an experienced kinky woman, haha. not everything is as it seems.

  • mm

    new LA sighting!
    he was driving and she was sitting next to him in the front seat..
    he looked like her daddy and she looked like his bored teenage daughter playing with her i phone!
    oh.. and Jake called the cops.. rolling eyes!

  • jillie

    jesus and just when i thought they couldn’t get any more annoying
    btw she looks like she’s got a double chin in that pic

  • Martin

    @mm: FU Azzhole Jake if you don’t wants the publicity don’t hang with a superstar ya fn dirtbag scum

  • tim

    @mm: talk about over reacting..their both tools. i guess they deserve each other.

  • johnsonservice

    @mm: I’m starting to hate him more and more. Hope he moves to Nashville with her and stops trying to be an actor.

  • bev

    you might as well get used to it jakie this is just the beginning when you go with a girl like taylor but hey you love it we know you do all that publicity and calling the cops shame on you wasting the taxpayer’s money on some silly little thing like that. you are acting like a 16yo now just like taylor.

  • jeez

    she’s so screwed

  • aaa

    Low point in his life, I’m assuming? Was he on drugs? Why would anyone date someone as ugly and immature as Taylor Swift? No, I’m not jealous. No one she’s gone out with is very interesting and neither is she (I guess that’s why they get together?) I honestly don’t get the appeal. She acts like a two-year-old. Her music lacks any sophistication which is why only little girls and simpletons are fans.

  • Angie Voitte

    I love them, such a lucky girll

  • mousart

    @mm: Wow. Pathetic. Helicopters, cops, FBI, NCIS, Military Army in Afghanistan… and what else Jake ? That’s not our problem if you are dating Taylor Swift. You know the consequences, assume them !

  • Jaz

    WOW! I guess it’s official! We got some real clean pictures of them. Love for Jaylor!
    I hope their relationship becomes strong and true and most importantly (if its God) last…

    It may seem weird to everyone cuz in our brains we probably never would have pictured them together as a couple but weird or not if its meant to be then its meant to be.
    The perfect looking couple’s relationship could only last a year (or shorter) but the couple you would never put together might last longer than then u think.
    I’m hoping the best for them cuz I admire both of them and think their amazingly talented.^.^

  • athena

    Good for them…although, I thought Jake and Anne Hathaway would make a great couple….I even thought so before they’ve done roles together. I like Taylor Swift…at least she’s 20 years old…so, it’s okay and not creepy that they’re dating. An unlikely match, but they seem to be great together and Jake Gyllenhaal obviously digs blondes…so, Anne is scratched off his list for sure.



  • Billy

    Jake will travel with Taylor on her world tour and I think they will get married probably in France.

  • Jake is gay

    how many times will you publish pictures of Jake Gay Gyllenhaal and his dumb beard Taylor Swift?
    They are fake and boring as they were the first time!

  • Butter_Fly

    He actually called the cops? Which caused even more attention? And they actually sent a helicopter? Lol For what purpose? I didn’t think nothing of this relationship, which is why I didn’t take it so seriously at first but come on helicopters, police? For real? My crush for him is quickly evaporating, which has been years in the making. Haha! I still want him with Anne but I obviously ain’t gonnna get that Christmas wish! As long as they are happy…but when the po-po is involved it makes me wonder! Lol

  • hallyu

    i want Jake with Anne! Not that girl!!!!!!

  • http://oursong63 Diana

    What are you all jealous of Jake & Taylor? Get over it people!!!!!! They seem happy to me. And as long as my sweet country angel Taylor is happy Iam happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!>:

  • http://oursong63 Diana

    What are you all jealous of Jake & Taylor? Get over it people!!!!!! They seem happy to me. And as long as my sweet country angel Taylor is happy Iam happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!>:

  • http://oursong63 Diana

    @let me be…: You got that right!!!!!! Its a very private thing!!!!!! please leave Taylor alone!!!!!!!!!

  • tricia

    ugh.. these pictures digusts me.

  • http://Yahoo Daniel

    We can all express our own opinions about this relationship. Some of us like her and not him and some of like him and not her and some of us don’t like either one. Jake knows how to get around the paps so what was he thinking when he was driving around Bevery Hills with her. He had to know the paps were around. I don’t care for either of them and we’re all entitled to our opinions.

  • http://Yahoo Daniel

    I just like to read other people’s comments on the subject.

  • Abigail

    Oh my god. She’s so tall she could just hug him like that! Gosh. Btw, I’m jealous. But it’s a bit too perfect don’t you think? Nothing perfect lasts long. Wish them the best though.

  • Abigail

    Those legs, those jeans and those shoes. My goodness.

  • Britt

    If they are dating, then i love it. They’re an odd couple, but it’s cute! I love her and I love him. They look happy with eachother(:

  • ohai

    i hate t-swift. she’s such a trool. she’s 21 and acts like she’s 13.

  • floridagirl

    She is hanging on him! and he looks kinda embarrassed in that picture where she is doing this….If this is for real, she is going to smother him and he is going to bolt. One mag said she is jealous of Anne Hathaway due to their movie together and they are going out to promote the movie.

  • Daniel

    Do you think they are in the artic swimming in the ice old water with all sorts of water creatures??? Just wondering. Remember he said he was going too. Did Taylor go too.?????

  • Daniel

    Hey are Jg and TS in the artic like he said he would like to do???

  • thisisme

    Corruption of a minor ! lol

  • http://aarunah aarunah

    thats so lovely seeing them together!! hopefully they’re happy & i wish’em the best-!!