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Kate Gosselin: New Lighter Locks!

Kate Gosselin: New Lighter Locks!

Kate Gosselin shows off her new haircut as she arrives at her hotel on Wednesday (December 8) in New York City.

The 35-year-old mother of 8 got her hair down at the Ted Gibson Salon where they charges up to $700 for coloring and at least $950 for a cut with celebrity stylist Ted Gibson.

Kate received an intensive La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment to smooth and straighten her blonde locks, according to Radar Online.

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  • laverdadduele

    Who the hell cares about this worthless POS?

  • coco

    looks like a zoo monkey that put some urine soaked hay on it’s head

  • sonietta

    $ 1,650 to cut and dye her hair? what a shame!

  • sonietta

    $ 1,650 to cut and dye her hair? what a shame

  • rachel

    hate to admit it but she looks damn good!!!

  • sam

    Wish I could afford a 750 dollar cut but then again i rather have my average affording hairstylist that I earn the money myself and dont have to pimp my children out to get the money- At least I can sleep at night with a clear concience

  • Kathryn

    uh, clearly her hair is only looking lighter because she’s trying to pull of the oompa-loompa look. Maybe she should use that $1,650 to pay for some therapy to see why she feels the need to be this made up all the time. Oh, and a mirror would help, too. She was so much prettier before she came a Stepford wife.

  • Caroline

    I agree, Kathryn. Her hair isn’t lighter; her skin is just too Snookie. Almost makes me miss Kate’s old three-styles-in-one short cut that she had before…

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …jared, you care because?! …um, i’m sure nobody on here does.

  • Denny

    No matter how the outside looks, the inside is vile!

  • rhonda

    isn’t this witch always whining about money? please, all I want for Christmas is Kate Gosselin to go the hell away.

  • Lobo

    Funny how all those paparrazi just happened to be at the hairdressers or hotel or wherever she is. LOL TLC sent them to make her appear still relevant. GO AWAY you crazy child exploiter. Really Just Jared, why do you people keep featuring this no talent woman who is only famous for her clown car uterus.

  • Lobo

    @rhonda: yeah Kate is so broke, she only made 3.5 million this year. LOL What a liar she is.

  • Anita

    can you believe she is paid $250.000 PER EPISODE for her show!!! thats more than most tv actors – she gets more than John Hamm and the whole cast of Mad Men. WTF IS GOING ON.

  • anon

    @rachel: LOL! She looks like Barbie….fake!

  • e

    Not sure why one would spend that much money for that rather plain, simple haircut….

  • Casey

    Unfortunately for poor Kate, I don’t think she realizes that her fifteen minutes of fame are about up. No one cares anymore Kate!

  • Max

    Kids come first. It’s all about the kids.

  • Max

    @coco: Sorry Coco. I can only Thumb you Up one time.

  • KC

    I just can’t get past the neck wrinkles and the elongated nostrils. Sorry even a $2,000.00 haircut & style cannot fix hillbilly ugly.

  • look at

    No One wants to be with a person like her , 8 kids …hard to find a man know matter what . I do hair …. she was way over charged.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • butterflier

    This narcissistic witch’s latest $2,000 indulgence comes courtesy of her very troubled children. Why don’t you spend some of your ill-gotten gain on therapy for the kids, Kate? You’d have nothing without them. You have an ugly soul and are already reaping what you have sown. God help those children.

  • Krista

    Wow, the poor kids have to work to get their mother a hair cut

  • Krista

    She probably calls them and tells them where she is

  • Jokergurl

    Her broom must be in her car, this woman is obsessed with her own fame, I hope her children put her through hell when the become teenagers.

  • Maria

    I can’t believe i’m saying this but she looks damn good!

  • say what?

    Just like week, this witch was whining she was running out of money again. Next week, she will back on The Today Show with Meredith asking her softball questions, bashing Jon and telling us she has a purse full of unpaid bills. Meanwhile, the rest of America truly does struggle to keep food on the table but at least we send fresh food in our kids’ lunches..don’t use food to control and punish our children. Psycho, narcissistic Khate.

  • go away Kate

    Yeah right Maria, I mean Kate.

  • L

    so… I still don’t know why she needs to have her bodyguard just to get her haircut??? And who pays for her bodyguard anyway???? Is he with her 7 days a week / 24 hours a day? There are bigger stars than Kate who do not have a bodyguard while they go about their daily lives….

  • itstrueagain

    No matter what body parts she repairs, she’s still the same hateful person. Take care of your children and go away.

  • HI 50

    She needs the boob guard to approve EVERYTHING she does & maybe protect the paps from Katie Cryder!!

  • Angie Voite

    she’s getting preggers again i hope

  • Go Ask Alice

    Hmmm,where are all of the Kateminions who just love this POS person?

    Oh, could it be that they have finally have seen the light about her.

  • Just Sayin

    she has become so hollywood!

  • Sheri

    I don’t say this about too many people, but she is by far one of the most unlikeable, self-absorbed, shallow people I have ever seen. When is she going away?!! I truly feel sorry for her kids … she barks at them like a drill sergeant and she rarely shows them any affection. I cannot stand this woman!! Go away, Kate, and don’t come back …

  • anon

    Why why why does she need a body gaurd to go to the hair salon. Is she royalty??? These two are an item for sure. Your not fooling anyone Kate. I hope Jon and Ellen get the kids. Kate is a LIAR!

  • Victoria

    Kate who?

  • KellyK

    She never smiles like this when she is around the kids. Those poor kids deserve a great big smile. Apparently the smiles are reserved for when she is spending all of their money on herself and hanging out with her boyfriend/bodyguard. Jon should have the kids. She’s the worst possible solution – she only wants them to control their bank account so she can feed her expensive habits. Isn’t that obvious to the judge?

  • dawne

    I was so torn………didn’t want to give this thread a hit but I had to say this bish has the sensitivity of an ear wig……she KNOWS what people think so instead of easing off with the “I am a movie star bullshite” she is right back in our faces.

    This unfeeling bish has all the buzzwords…….”Oh, as long as my children are happy, they are my only priority”………right, Nancy Narcissist……….this is your cultivated image of maternal selflessness, but we see through it to the raging lust for personal fame……..that’s why you dumped Jon by being away on ‘speaking tours’ etc. full time until he said, “fcuk it.”……..and he took the rap but you set him up.

    You sold out her family for personal fame…..and that is who Khate is. If she cared so damn much for her kids, she would have come off the road and tended to her family and husband when they hit a bump with the new found infamy.

    If you want to see a mother in a reality show, watch MIchelle Duggar. She’s worn the same blouse for hundreds of episodes…….she isn’t trying to become a blonde HW barbie.

    Now eff off Khate, and Jared, enough of her. Let’s start the new year off without this phoney pieces of white trash in our faces.

  • Victoria

    I thought she was hitting up Jon the douche bag for more money?
    I just read on several sites that he had a regular job now, BUT the wicked witch of the East, Kate, demanded some child support. She has no intentions of spending that money on those pitiful children who needs therapy at least twice a week; She is going to use it for her own personal wardrobe maintenance and hair and makeup use. Why not? The paparazzi won’t leave her alone and as long as they follow her around she will continue to misbehave and be self-absorbed and worthless.
    The children will pay dearly for emotional abuse and neglect. It has already started! The damage has been done.

  • Tazlena

    She’s getting old and hard looking. Her looks are pretty much gone.

  • Dorothy

    @Jokergurl: From what I understand from around here they have already started. No matter what she looks like in pictures, they are giving her hell at home.

  • 5:00 Somewhere

    I hope she spends that kind of money on the kids for Christmas!

  • Edez

    Why is she famous again?

  • Mom of 4

    What bothers me most about this woman, is that she pawned her kids off on us when they were adorable, and we loved them.
    Now, two are having adjustment issues and she’s in NYC for a 1600.00 hair cut.. HELLO – MAMA your kids need you, NOT your STAFF of BabySitters……….. Just a thought

  • Barbra

    the funniest part of her posing for pics is the ‘star stance’ that she does which isn’t done right, the arrogant angle of her head is annoying, the puffy coat makes her look like a house, the ends of the mop are orangeyish (like her skin), the haircut looks like the least motorskilled of her kids did it and worst of all, the look in her eyes screams “ummm, aren’t I just, ummm, the bestestish”! Well, she’s got the “ISH” right!

  • Dannie

    She looks way better

  • monster mom
  • http://summerdowling87 Summer

    And guess who there with Kate her boyfriend I mean bodyguard…