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Olivier Martinez Helps Halle Berry with Storage

Olivier Martinez Helps Halle Berry with Storage

Halle Berry drops by her storage unit with boyfriend Olivier Martinez on Wednesday (December 8) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old actress picked up some holiday decorations and loaded them into her SUV, while Olivier, also 44, helped carry the big boxes.

The day before, Halle went shopping for a large Christmas tree with a friend.

FYI: Halle is wearing Yoga Safari Sandals by Sanuk.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez at a storage facility…

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halle berry olivier martinez storage 01
halle berry olivier martinez storage 02
halle berry olivier martinez storage 03
halle berry olivier martinez storage 04
halle berry olivier martinez storage 05
halle berry olivier martinez storage 06
halle berry olivier martinez storage 07
halle berry olivier martinez storage 08
halle berry olivier martinez storage 09
halle berry olivier martinez storage 10
halle berry olivier martinez storage 11
halle berry olivier martinez storage 12

Photos: GSI Media, Fame Pictures
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  • pippa

    How thrilling. What kind of society relishes rubbish like this?

    Wake up America!

  • Greg

    oh god, not her again. She has got to be THE most boring person on the planet.

  • NativeNYker

    That woman is never w/out being shacked up…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Jenna

    I agree with Greg…why is she always posted on here?

  • Jared still on her payroll?

    Jared are you still on Halle’s payroll? Has it ever occurred to you that folks like you are ruining Halle’s career for the general public. I understand she’s got a movie out as well as the things she does like other celebs on occasion to stay relevant. Unless a die-hard fan, why go see her movie or buy whatever she’s promoting when they can come here and other gossip entertainment tabloid sites, YouTube etc. for free?

  • JJ

    @NativeNYker: Yes she’s always with a man and goes from relationship to relationship. They’re not living together. Known fact, Olivier has a place in LA when he’s in the US-where he stores his motorcycle, vintage Aston-Martin. Plus it’s another one of her fake relationships.

  • xsa

    Olivier does not look hot anymore

  • When?

    When is she going to dump this chain smoking drunken bum? Funny, he only appears when needed. Guess he’s her new lapdog? At least, he did appear at one of her premieres in LA last week, no photos of them together. Looks like he’s wearing the same outfit. Halle he desperately needs a extreme makeover if he’s going to seen with you. Since when are you keeping your private life private. That’s a first? Oh that’s right, you have a movie coming out and are seeing if that film company you and Vince are paying to get you another Oscar bid does their job. That’s why he’s now only seen occasionally. We know he loves the pappis. Last week’s scuffle staged or set up with you smiling.

  • Jared fact check

    Jared fact check. Halle and Olivier were seen later yesterday at her storage shed after she and her assistant went tree shopping earlier in the day.

  • Go Olly

    Go Olly-boy–this is the easiest job you had a washed up actor hooking up with another washed up actor to help get an Oscar (not) and promote your low budget ($15m) joke of a film

  • mello

    I don’t know what to make of this relationship, they just look off key together. Halle looks great but Oliver looks worn out ….. by his past wh.oring perhaps. No offence.

  • Mikado

    Looks like he dyed his hair.

  • Awesome Angee

    I want a latin lover who has a good size as well



  • BillClintock

    This is to justjared, can you stop putting old farts on his like Halle and put more pictures of a natural beauty like Isabel Lucas, she has not had fake teeth,breast,nose job, stomach surgery, and so on like this old fart Halle. We beg of you.

  • DarkEmpress

    She needs a bigger house. She seems to go to her storage unit all the time. Every month there is a non story about her going to her storage unit. BLAH!

  • lol

    hahahah she needs to show all her wonderful decorations LIKE THE MINI TREES IN HER HANDS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PACKED IN A BOX????…this is really a CLOWN SHOW WITH A PAIR OF DRUNKEN CLOWNS..!!! In all pics of them ITS A CLOWN FEAST!!!!


  • Doubt it!

    @lol: Doubt it, Nahla from the pix in the Daily Mirror UK, Nahla was in the car, when Halle sent her assistant to pick them up. Why regret? He is/was on payroll for being her gay/bi paid in-vitro sperm donor, got a Benz, got her to promote and invest in his former restaurant, got a pay increase and more modeling gigs, her to make a down payment on his home in Quebec and much more. Looks like he did pretty well for whacking in a cup while she got a kid? Why complain?

  • Halle asks Santa ….

    Asks Santa for a trip to Paris for New Year’s or Christmas–what a cheap bastard! Guess they may not be spending their ‘fake relationship’ together over the holidays!

  • The B is Back

    @pippa: Pippa…you’re pimping Halle’s life …so what does that make you honey….a celebrity pimp? and trash talking becomes you…just get it right about who the trash is….didn’t you find your way to this website and pick Halle? Yeah!

  • The B is Back

    @Halle asks Santa ….: oh how sick you are…you don’t even have the cajones to find your own id…you biatches sure are jealous of Halle aren’t you?…poor baby you are jealous…good reason though, cause, she will be as beautiful, as talented and have a private life while you sit on your fat butt at a computer spewing nastiness. Guess whose life is worthy of living…ain’t yours honey!

  • The B is Back

    @Doubt it!:
    Doubt it….you poor simpletons…one has to speculate on how you idiots survive in the world. Hell, you live on entertainment magazines, video clips, still photos of celebrities…and then sit on your fatA and bitch and moan online by stringing a bunch of lies together driven by your own poor self-esteem and the need to snark on the celebrity on whom you obsess…whoa, must be a biatch…to be unfamous, butt fugly and nobody knows your name…I am loving it!

  • The B is Back

    @Go Olly: @lol: LOL…laughing for no reason is usually a sympton of psychological disorientation or stupidiy…so since its LOL…let’s go with stupidity and a bit of obsession with a woman whose life you are clearly jealous of…You know nothing about Gabriel, Halle or Oliver …except what you can glean from the media and by gosh, you have made a career of being nasty to somebody you don’t know…So it has to be the classic jealous biatch…who has no life…talking smack about a woman who has everythng you wish you had…take the meds and go back to therapy…you ain’t gonna be beautiful, rich nor famous in the near future.

  • The B is Back

    @Greg: Yeah, Greg, that’s why you’re here? So I guess we can call you the stupidest idiot on the planet, for coming on here to window peep the most boring?

    Love it you sillies forget that much of what you say on here…says more about you than it will ever say about Halle berry whom you do not know and who you will probably never know. You idiots are so universally dumb!

  • The B is Back

    @Jenna: Better question Jenna, why are you always on here? no life, huh?

  • The B is Back

    @xsa: Speak for yourself…but you know, it takes a woman grown with experience to know what it takes to be a beautiful grown man….sorry Xsa Justin Bieber doesn’t cut it!

  • Still can’t take a joke?

    @The B is Back: Still can’t take a joke? Was wondering what happened to you? Was just having a little fun with the haters.

  • The B is Back

    @When?: When…me thinks you fit the lapog…designation, well jealous lapdog…you show up here everytime Halle’s on and you feel it necessary to snark on Olivier….no life, you poor sap? or worse…you got the crush on Oliver and are jealous. Geez it must be a biatch pimping Halle’s life all the time…every think of getting one of your own?

  • The B is Back

    @mello: Gosh, you don’t get it? Duh! dumb biatch…who are you to have to get it? Are you people totally crazy? Who the heck are you to get someone else’s life choices?

    Funny, its easy to get you. You’re on here window peeping and pimping a celebrity’s life…..easy peazy…nothing complicated about who you are?

  • The B is Back

    @Awesome Angee:

    Working girl huh?

  • The B is Back

    @PLEASEHELP: Well, looking at you…your parents are probably ugly…so you don’t know good looking when you see it….

  • The B is Back

    @BillClintock: hey bc….with 42 iQ, there are bound to be mental challenges, you probably have a difficult time thinking through complex ideas…but listen….don’t….come ….on ….this….website…again…go to and type in Isabel as your username….thata boy….

  • The B is Back

    @DarkEmpress: Hey Dark, you back talking smack…she has three house and an apt in NYC….lets compare your houses to Halle’s houses…Oh, You don’t have a house, you’re still paying rent?

    Oh, your apt is about as big as her storage place? no wonder you’re being so bitchy….

  • Skippyjonjones aka skippito

    @JJ: Oh please, fake relationship…you people are too weird…but at least some of what you are talking is true….which dispells the bull that he is somehow on Halle’s payroll…the man has been to L.A. many many times…he is not here as a newbie….or living off anyone but himself….the range of ignorance displayed by you idiots amazes…even Doc

  • Skippyjonjones aka skippito

    @NativeNYker: You cannot be a real NYorker and be so muckin pedestrian…shacked up? puleeze can we move into the 21st century?…so come on kittyboy…go bounce on your big boy bed!

  • Nutcase alert

    Nutcase alert 20-26 & 28-35. Fifteen posts really? Arguing like a crazy fool is not getting research for your so-called book nor is defending your idol.

  • Jared-system???

    @Nutcase alert: Jared you need to do something. This is ridiculous! Thanks.