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Billy Ray Cyrus 'Sad' About Miley Bong Video

Billy Ray Cyrus 'Sad' About Miley Bong Video

Billy Ray Cyrus is speaking out about the now infamous video showing his daughter Miley with a bong.

“Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself,” the 49-year-old country singer tweeted.

“I’m so sad. There is much beyond my control right now,” he added.

The video, posted on TMZ, shows Miley smoking a bong with the natural herb salvia.

It was reportedly shot at her L.A. area home a few days after her 18th birthday.

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Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • G

    I can’t imagine growing up under a microscope like Miley Cyrus does. Twenty years from now, when she has her own kids, she’s going to do everything in her power to stop them from going into entertainment. Your teenage years are SUPPOSED to be somewhat badass. You’re SUPPOSED to experiment and figure out what’s right/wrong, dangerous/fatal.
    Lastly, she didn’t smoke weed.

  • ModestMouse

    There’s nothing worse than annoying celebrities who feel the need to publicise everything. So she smoked from a bong. GET OVER IT AND STOP APOLOGISING JUST SO YOU CAN MAINTAIN A DECENT REPUTATION.

  • Jasmine

    I saw that video. Flaming retard.

  • kiki

    it was a matter of time. we know shes not innocent

  • Soul Fly


    We’ve all smoked from a bong come on. We were just all lucky enough to not be in the spot light. It’s not like she was doing heroin in the back of a ford fiesta while smoking crack off a hooker’s back.

  • hailey

    Beyond my control? Are you kidding me? Act like a father instead of a friend.

  • Too much 2 soon

    he should be, his soon to be ex wife is an enabler . she is more like a friend than a daughter to miley which seem like the cause of their split. Miley is on the Britney and Lindsay path.

  • Too much 2 soon

    he should be, his soon to be ex wife is an enabler . she is more like a friend than a daughter to miley which seem like the cause of their split. Miley is on the Britney and Lindsay path.

  • saaarah


  • fardous

    really? she is 18 u should know where is

    she i thing u were busy on other stuff

    go there for her before she end like spears or


  • marq

    Yeah, you might want to get a PR person to handle that Billy Ray, instead, as you’re making it worse. It wasn’t the Bong “video”, it was the bong “event”. Her friend’s pushed it on her, they let her down.

    Paddle their bottoms and let that be the end of it.

  • Britney 2.0

    Not everybody do drugs or experiment, look at Beyonce, Taylor , Hilary , usher, Raven, Justin , they are all child star who turn out right. Miley is a spoil brat who mother is not helping her. she is out of control , hope she go back home to wherever she came from because we are sick of her.

  • Stiff

    okay.. so smoking legal stuff from a bong isn’t bad. But hanging out with ENABLERS and FAMEWHORES who obviously are USING her is bad. That’s why this video is so sad.

    These people don’t give a sh*t about her and just wanna cash in. That Anna chick (one who sold this video) is a tragic mess along with these other rich kids… she will be doing hard drugs if she keeps on hanging out with these people.

  • laverdadduele

    Billy Ray Cyrus is a tool. Of course, she’s out of his control now. Instead of getting his hair highlighted at the salon or living out of her fame, he should have stepped in and be a father. Newsflash for him, it’s too late! She’s been dressing and acting like a s.l.u.t. for a long time know.

  • Stiff

    The sad part is that if Miley was never a star, she could have been a SWEET girl. Her innocence was stolen by Hollywood way too soon, and her parents are too blame.

  • Sarah L.G.

    And now every single person in the world will act like they’ve never tried drugs, particularly when they were young, and act like Miley committed mass murder, or something.

  • joanna

    Lindsay Lohan here we come…

  • Get real

    Billy Ray being concerned is long overdue. Did he also find it so sad when he let his then underage daughter leave the house half-naked, date adults, pose with just a sheet covering her chest for Vanity Fair and insult Asians with a face she made in a photo like a year ago ect. There are things that are ‘much beyond’ a parents control, but the above could have been solved with a simple grounding. Oh, and letting your daughter who’s barely legal live on her and except her to be an angle isn’t the brightest of ides.

  • Allie

    People keep saying she was smoking legal stuff from a bong and she’s of legal age. First, salvia is a dangerous drug, legal or not. The effect it has on someone taking it is insane. I have heard someone describe it as feeling as if you’re dying with the inability to communicate that feeling. Second, starting off with drugs like this usually leads to using stronger drugs to get your next high. That’s the issue here.

  • Angie Voite

    I think she needs to grow up

  • confused

    I’m confused, because this is supposed to be after her 18th birthday party correct? The one where she was making out with Avan Jogia?

    Yet, she keeps referring to her boyfriend Liam in the video. Didn’t she break up with him before she was 18? Interesting.

    So is this video older than what they are saying to protect her because she was underage?

  • sunny

    he should stop tweeting and start parenting.

  • whitney

    it’s totally weed, but i’m not mad about it. i’m sure billy ray hit a bong or two in his day. though it is dumb to be miley cyrus and have gone through all kinds of digital drama already and even ALLOW recording devices in your presence.

  • Kim

    First of all, not “everyone” has smoked or hit a bong. (for those who want to say it’s okay we all did it or did stupid things like it when we were young.)

    Miley could have at any time in her teen years said “I don’t want to be in the spotlight” but she is and that comes with a huge responsibility to the teens out there buying her music, paying to see her movies and making her a rich celebrity. Yes, her parents have allowed her bad behaviour to go unchecked and they will have to live with the consequences of those choices in their parenting lives.

    I was probably one of the first people to tweet a message to Billy about this video as I found it repulsive that she has no concern for her own well being let alone the message that she is sending to all the kids out there watching her and wanting to be like her.

    As a parent myself, I’m sure that Billy is embarrassed for Miley and her bad choices. She will certainly end up like Lohan if she does not open her eyes and see the damage she is capable of causing not only to herself and her family but the public that adores her (I am not one of them-she is a spoiled brat IMO).

    I wish the best for Billy at this time. He is obviously hurting a great deal over the breakup of his marriage and at least one of his children being out of control (that we know of-pray for the rest!). My prayers go out to Billy and his family in this very sad and somber time.


  • Halli


    Weed isn’t a gateway drug. If you’re trying to just ave a mental escape all the time, than you are the one with issues. Alcohol is much more dangerous

  • hannah BONGtana!

    go hannah BONGtana!!! haha

  • Allie

    @confused: That is SO TRUE! I didn’t even notice that.

  • JH108

    Here’s the real problem. This man feels like the right step to take here is to apologize to the public. Apologize to your daughter. In your quest for fame through her, you’ve sacrificed her respect for you and your authority as a parent. She’s going to suffer for it.

  • Kenny

    Not everyone tried drugs when they were younger, dont make excuses… if one jumps off a bridge should we all do it? Legal or Not she is a public figure who kids look up to regardless if their parents disagree or not. Some of you are young so of course this isnt a big deal, Ijust hope you raise your kids properly. Its a big deal because she has shows on Disney that kids watch, and its easy for kids/teens to want to try what their favorite star has tried.

  • http://twitter/claDM Cla

    And who cares? -.-”

  • Ashlee


    I agree. Making a generalization that “everyone” smoked pot when they were young or went wild or whatever in not true. There are lots of people who have never experimented with drugs. My feeling is when you deep down like yourself you don’t need to do that kind of stuff.

  • gigi

    What he should be apologizing for is that hideous “flavor-saver” under his lip in that picture.

    These people are dumb trash.

  • Gearhead

    Whether it’s salvia or pot, one thing for sure is that she shows all the signs of someone that will move on to harder stuff.

    If you have her money and are already so bored with things that you need to escape with drugs then she’s in big trouble. Most people I know would just travel somewhere exciting to get their thrills if they had Miley’s money.

  • Jory

    It really sad to see her family hurts this way and they have absolutely no control on their kid anymore that really unfortunate !!

  • Jen

    Why is he apologizing to all us “guys”? That’s weird. It’s like he’s throwing her under the bus instead of being her dad. He doesn’t have to agree with what she does, but he can be a dad in the process. He should have been a dad all along instead of pimping her to catch his own spotlight. He’s still doing it. I swear, they are the new Lohans.

  • jams

    why are they running with this salvia bs? you know it’s mj. man, she has sucky friends for even taking a video of it in the first place whether they leaked it personally or not.

  • jaye

    The sad thing about Miley Cyrus is that any one of her so called friends could give this girl anything and she would take it. All they had to tell her is that it won’t hurt her and it’s not illegal. I thought she was suppose to be so mature. I take that back, I never thought she was mature even when she and her Dad were selling that bill of goods.
    She’s 18 and able to make her own decisions legally, but she has no clue how much people can take advantage of her. She’s at that point in life where she wants to be an adult and she’s going full- bore. She can’t see the pitfalls before her and her Father has no way to stop that train; no matter what track it wants to run on.
    Billy Ray Cyrus gave up his parental power years ago when he still could exercise some control over Miley. However, as her Father, he still needs to talk to her and advise her as a Parent; what she does with that information is up to her. She seems to be doing anything to fit in with the ‘adult’ crowd;
    I just hope she doesn’t do harm to herself or anyone else.
    The DEA is looking at this drug to determine if it should be illegal on par with LSD and Heroin because among other things its psychic effects includes perceptions of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes, as well as body movements and body or object distortions.” It is said to be non-addictive, but they also once said that about Heroin which was manufactured by the Bayer Co. who were looking for a non-addictive substitute for Morphine. At the time, the Chemist also said it was 10 times more effective as a cough medicine than codeine, but had only a tenth of its toxic effects. The point is that we don’t always know the true effects of these drugs until it’s too late. I hope Miley has a wake up call and get herself a better group of friends because they surely do not have her best interest at heart.
    There are plenty people who had done drugs and lived to tell about its, but there are a large percentage who have never gotten over their addiction or died from it. For that reason, I don’t take drug use likely; I’ve seen first hand what it can do to a person and a family. My feeling is that is isn’t just about her current antics, but about of series of bad decisions and her associations. In the end, it’s her life, but I’d hope that she would slow down and think about decisions she’s making.

  • Jokergurl

    Much beyond his control? Yeah it’s a little late to start monitoring your child, if he would have done that before this probably would have not happened, she would just said NO. She needs to take responsibility for her actions and NO she’s NOT a role model anymore. Such a waste.

  • Meg

    This is the EXACT reason her parents are divorcing. He tries to keep her grounded and under control, but since she’s the “money maker,” her mom lets her do what she wants regardless of what he says. She’s definitely turning into the next Lindsey, and they’ve got no one to blame but her, and her mom.

  • Big Mama

    She smoked spit? (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

  • http://dnica Nothing

    PLZ Miley has not begon to wild out wait till she turns 21! But really that wasn’t even weed. Really lite wait stuff if you ask me. What about her friend with the camera egging her on? She probley leaked it to TMZ now that the sad part that she has friends like that.

  • http://dnica Nothing

    @confused: I saw that too and thought it maybe she was just flipping out like someone who just got high for the first time always do.

  • grey1380

    @Britney 2.0: Man I really used to not be able to stomach Miley, but this actually shows to me she is human, and the girl is clearly hurting. All these comments just show how quickly people are to write people off. No one knows why she smoked whatever that was, whether is be salvia or weed, and at the end of the day it’s not our business. This was clearly taken in a controlled environment, she wasn’t behind the wheel and whoever leaked this video is a punk bitch. In regards to your comment, those people you mentioned have never been caught doing drugs but are you sure they never have? I’m not saying I do know but look at Beyonce and Usher when they were 18 TMZ, justjared, Perez weren’t relevant so they weren’t so much under the microscope. Why don’t people just hope for the best for these celebrities, and not be sitting on the edge of their seats to point out when they do slip up?

  • Anne

    Salvia my ass.

  • Dee

    She’s stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! I’m not encouraging drug use of any kind but if you’re going to do it don’t be moronic enough to have someone tape it! That girl needs to find some new friends that she can trust and if I were her father I would give her a smack and lay down the law instead of tweeting about how he’s sorry! He’s a sorry excuse for a father

  • Abby

    I had always been a fan of Miley and always felt she was just a teenage girl who wanted to grow up (like most teenagers) and was just misunderstood. I’m truly starting to rethink that. I didn’t think anything or thing bad of her when she made her first few mistakes because lets face it, MOST teenagers do make mistakes and the public just doesn’t hear about it because their not a celeb.
    THIS shit is starting to get too much now. ITs not even the fact that she smoked it (seeing as it was infact legal it really doesn’t matter), its the fact that she knew and LET someone video her doing it. THAT right there is where I truly think she went wrong. I don’t care if she was a friend of Miley’s, Miley should know better by now not to let anyone video her doing something like this that could be SUPER bad if it got out to the press. This is the part I think Miley isn’t mature enough to know or figure out. You’d think she’d know better with all the things that have happen to her that she says she’s “learned” from. Seems to me maybe, just maybe she HAVEN’T damn learned from her mistakes.

  • emilie

    out of his control??
    dude,you’re her dad. It shouldn’t be out of your control.

  • ll

    am I the only one who thinks she wasted the “salvia”? hahah

  • dh

    It’s sad to see this happening but she doesn’t deserve all the blame. First off Disney comes out with the purity rings and the our stars are saving themselves for marriage bit. Then when a star like Miley gets into trouble the media throws all the blame on her. While it’s dumb and stuiped to do drugs lets face it, it’s part of Hollywood. If you are a hot actress in Hollywood you get everything handed to you and if some guy wants to bed you or ask you to do drugs with him your carrer isn’t going to go far if you don’t say yes and give in. No one remembers the Christian actors and actresses that said no to sex and durgs in Hollywood. Where are they now? I am not saying that what she did was okay but when was the last time you ever seen a person walk away from fame, The sad fact is that Miley is just heading down that road that all child stars go down. Some walk away and others cash and burn.

  • Angie Voit

    so is she waiting for marriage?