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Jennifer Lopez: 'Love' Album Cover Revealed!

Jennifer Lopez: 'Love' Album Cover Revealed!

The cover for Jennifer Lopez‘s long-awaited album Love has finally been revealed.

The CD was originally supposed to be released in early 2010, but was pushed back after Jennifer parted ways with Epic Records. It will now be released early next year.

The cover was revealed on Thursday (December 9) during J.Lo‘s interview with Barbara Walters during the 10 Most Fascinating People special.

She said, “Love came from my questions about love and life. And I think the babies had a lot to do with that. When the babies were born and I felt that love, that unconditional love, I thought, ‘that’s what its supposed to be.’”

Jennifer Lopez: 10 Most Fascinating People Special

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  • ilia

    She is fascinating – really? OK!?

  • kaz

    she looks werid and fat

  • whatspoppinJOE

    gorgeous! She’s gonna be back on top! And she’s 40? Oh woww!

  • John

    WOW She looks amazing!!!

  • jlover

    Fierce!!! She’s gonna come back big. I’m so tired of all the new music out there. We need J.Lo!

  • Jayne

    Yes cause lopez was so “innovative” when it came to music. LOL!!

  • Ryan

    waw she still looks amazing after these years.. Im excited! cute eyelashes!

  • Cristobal

    She is beautiful. Very good looking for her age.

  • Courtney

    Jennifer Looks Amazing on that album cover almost like a cross Betweeen a young Ava Gardner and A young Jane Wyman. though she doesn’t have the stage/screen precence either of them had though she does have that same sideways pissed off glance that Wyman was legendary for. age ain’t nothing but a number look for example at Katherine Hepburn who won her 4th and final oscar for best actress at age 74 in 1982 just short of her 75th birthday for the film on golden pond or Joanne Woodward had been nominated for 3 golden globes and 2 oscars by the time she was Jen’s age and had 3 daughters and 3 step children

  • nakedoldjennifer

    She looks good on the cover,not crazy about her singing but her perfume’s smell good

  • aquae

    my azzzzzzz is more fascinating than this fake… Barbwa is loosing it… Thanks for your irrelevant info JJ

  • JR

    her “long awaited” album? Long awaited by whom? Tone deaf people?

    JLo sucks.

  • leo

    Her A$$ is too big for my taste

  • Ric

    Well she should look good on the cover, they airbrushed the shit out of it LMAO!

  • Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ew. yuck. Hideous and photoshopped too death.

  • Cox

    #9, obviously needs glasses because she is blind as a bat, This thing a cross between the beautiful Ave Gardner and Jane Wyman? Those wonderful women are spinning in their graves just for mentioning their names in the same sentence as J-LOW! Try comparing J-LOW to Lala Vasquez and Rosie Perez then you will have a more accurate representation.

  • lala

    Notice she didn’t say Love and Marc in the same sentence.Poor skeletor is just an after thought .Her marriage is sinking faster than the Titanic.Much like her career.

    Btw she looks like a tranny on the cover She can look better than this.Talk about over kill

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …what did you do this year?!? …she had one movie, that bombed! …and became a judge on american idol. am i missing something else?!?

  • Barbie

    She has spent millions on cosmetic surgery but she still has a wide, sagging butt, thighs riddles with cellulite and skinny little children legs.

  • leee

    I dont care what you haters say, she still is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. and 40????!! omfg she looks the same as she did when she was “hot” haha. Her face is so beautiful and exotic. No young little tween actresses/singers can compare to JLO. her voice isnt anything special but she is BEeautiful. exotic beauties rule.

  • Not fun

    You know it was a bad year when the cast of the Jersey shore and a has been hippo assed chico are considered fascinating. Please but Barbra out of her misery already. I beg you ABC.

  • yo sista

    Fascinating? LOL

    And nbdycurrrr about her next album.

  • sadie

    Who’d she have to **** to make this list?

  • dd

    Please don’t sing anymore.

  • Darine


    Who doesn’t spend millions for that ? BUT the question is who looked really great since childhood ? Jennifer has a natural beauty since she was one year old and still one of the most beautiful women no doubt, she’s the best fascinating person and will always be with or without this list, coz that’s my own opinion.

    It’s classless how you make laugh for some little kids while can’t you even show us ur face, her babies are cute and yo haters are just jealous and say some stupid stuff like what someone said fat or whatever, these words make me laugh and they themselves know they say nothing.

  • Darine

    The cover is extremely amazing and I feel her album and the whole new era, now I believe that she got the right direction again as any other artist needs. And I can’t wait for her showing me her different talents and skills as always. I wanna hear her new stuff like singing, dancing and everything,…

  • Darine


    and please don’t care, since you hate her singing, why do you even come to read what’s new about her ? it doesn’t make any sense, this made for people who need her singing.

  • whatspoppinJOE

    god, haters are totally ridiculous! You can’t help but laugh how they still have the time to post negative comments on celebs, A-List or not! Totally INSECURE!

  • dd

    Lets face it she sucks as an artist.

  • Darine


    Oh hater, let’s face it, she is the triple threat that never has a disability to do something, an lister anytime, and she was the one who got the legendary award at the World Music Awards this year for all her arts which is given by professional people, and the list goes on… and now you said she sucks as an artist ? say something which poves you don’t suck plz lol.

  • Darine


    *which proves….

  • Darine


    which proves…

  • Darine


    And you need a psychiatrist with daily emergency appointments hater lol

  • Angie Voit

    so she didn’t use in vetro? I thought she did

  • Darine


    Cause she looks so great anytime, with or without the cover. I’m sure you see this video, haha.

  • xio pio

    I LOVE JENNIFER! And I’m only watching Idol, because of her, can’t wait!!!!

  • Sebastian

    That cover is perfection !
    She’s back for good haters.
    Thanks and oh, have a nice day !

  • dd

    She will fail again and again.Please respect my opinion and i’m not the only one. Yes, her husband can sing but she can.t. How many attempts will she make.I used to be a fan but no longer she has no real talent all over the place and triple threat my @$$! Save ur money Jen.

  • Inaru

    she is such a beautiful woman but i don’t think that photo should be the cover of her new album…the huge earrings and the what?! feather falsies are those? too crazy, too distracting.

  • She stinks!

    This CD will bomb like all the rest, she can’t sing, dance, act, design clothes or raise children. She doesn’t like being mean to people? She just can’t stop lying, now can she? What a fake she is !

    She continues to show us what an arrogant self absorbed untalented pig she is!

  • Marieme

    *ROLL EYES!!* Such a joke.

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • jesse

    Lover her, love her music. Can’t wait for this album.

  • Cole


  • princess

    Yes i`m one of those whose been waiting for her LOVE? album,i love her music no matter what people say about her for me she`s a very talented intelligent woman and where are you people seeing the plastic surgery youre mention??? if you look closer you can see she got lines on her forehead and under her eyes so that shows enough that she`s a natural beauty + next July she`ll be 42 years for God sake with twins and still looks hotter than Rihanna,Britney,Xtina who are alot younger

  • jess

    And when Barabara asked her ‘Where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ She said ‘bigger than now’. What a stupid answer. Nothing about her family, her kids . All about HER, as usual! Do you know what I ABSOLUTELY HATE? When she keeps calling her kids ‘my babies’. She always makes it a point of saying ‘babies’. She thinks it’s cool AAARGH!!!!!

  • sarah

    Ilove her! she’s so beautiful and have a beautiful smile & beautiful songs like “brave” & beautiful movies like “out of sight” with George Clooney.

  • Joanne


  • Darine


    Yes, you mean you’re not the only hater, I would respect your “opinion” if it was reasonable so gimme proofs or leave, you won’t know better than real professional people, she CAN sing, she got a latin grammy nomination for her voice before, and if she had no real talent, she would sell 55 million albums in a shot time and without touring, or sell over 950 million dollars in movies and the list goes on… I give you many proofs and you talk for nothing. You fail !

  • Darine

    I mean …she would not sell 55 million albums in a short time…