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Lea Michele: Glee's Newest Football Player?

Lea Michele: Glee's Newest Football Player?

Lea Michele joins her castmates Cory Monteith and Chord Overstreet on the football field in full uniform while filming scenes for Glee on Thursday (December 9) in Los Angeles.

Could Rachel Berry possibly be the newest member of McKinley High’s football team?

Chris Colfer and Darren Criss stood in the stands and cheered on the team during the game. is giving a lucky reader a stocking full of Glee this Christmas season. Just post a picture of your most embarrassing Christmas sweater on our Facebook wall for a chance to win!

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Credit: Jeff Steinberg; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • jakie

    that is cool, she looks cute, people are saying that tina and mercedez will be “playing football” too.

  • jennifer

    Cory Monteith is smoking HOTTT in that uniform! I love his hair like that!

  • wayne

    worst idea ever! glee, get some better writers ASAP!

  • Jazmin

    Who is she?

  • DaltonWarbler

    Check out Blaine in the stands with Kurt and Kurt’s dad and step mom …humm more “Baby It’s Cold Outside ” ????

  • Nic

    Hahah “5 lol, gosh i loved that number they did, it was hot, and they have so much chemistry, but i have a feeling Ryan wont go there, and will bring a new love interest for him!

  • gabrielle

    lea looks adorable, i think that will be funny to watch.

  • mave

    Love Lea. She seems so petite among them, so young and vulnerable. I admire her because she doesnt cares to get dirty or messed hair, shes great at her job.

  • http://MrsShariMonteith Shar

    Oh, this is going to be fun!!

  • Daniel

    I think this picture is really funny. I hope this helps her win Finn back.

  • barbara

    love her, she look cute in football outfit.

  • ellie

    did anyone notice how that girl in the white jacket with her arms up is looking in a completely different direction? haha.

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    How cute.

  • Angie Voit

    Lucky girl, she is so pretty but don’t shower with the team unless you have to!

  • Frank

    @Jazmin: since you say the same thing all the time I have to wonder aobut your IQ?

  • clair

    so cute, love it.

  • TGIF

    Aw, Lea Michele looks so darn cute! Even though this looks like a weird storyline, I hope this means she’ll get to shower with the boys…preferably Puck…or Sam.

    I don’t like Finn’s character anynore, he’s an a$$.

  • lea/rachel fan :)

    Lea looks cut!. Nick legs ;).
    I swear, if they have Rachel chase Finn again on Glee, I’m going to cut a bcitch and stop watching. Ugh, enough of the embarrassing plots of having to watch a “poor little pathetic girl” chase a “strong he-man jock”! They’re so cringworthy! Man, the show reallying is sucking this season. I don’t feel the same excitment I once felt in season one. Thanks for destroying what could’ve been a great show and character (Rachel/Finn) writers. You guys suck. >:{

  • lea/rachel fan :)


  • Elle

    Kurt and Blaine are looking adorable! I’m so glad Blaine went with him to the game — hoping this is another step in the right (Blaine as the boyfriend) direction. Oh, and Lea is looking adorable.

  • Dee

    lol What?! Where’s Puck?! Puck and Rachel! Woot!

  • Bruna

    also want to puck and rachel, she has to stop is running behind the Finn he is an asshole, she has to mature =/

  • Jayne

    Lea Michele is the most adorable girl on this planet. That is all.

  • Dean

    Lea is gorgeous. Best looking girl on the show. Best looking person in a football uniform on the show. I wonder if this will be a dance number or “reality”

  • Hd.

    @Bruna: I totally agree!!! Finn is a dumbarse, egotistical airhead, he doesn’t deserve Rachel. She deserves to be with somebody who will accept her, keep her happy, and not feel so bad about herself. With Finn, she’s always so insecure and sad, he isn’t good for her. I’d like to see her fall inlove with somebody she never thought she’d like, Puck. Imagine the twist in that story, instead of the cliched romance of Finchel, Glee takes an unexpected turn to Puckleberryland. Puck and Rachel are the Pacey and Joey of Glee. :)

  • sandy

    @Dean: I know right? Lea Michele is so beautiful! That’s why it makes me so angry when the writers have her so insecure about her looks and constantly praise “Santana”. I do not find whoever that actress is pretty at all. She looks like some kind of animal that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe a mountain lion or something. Anyways, constantly having Rachel and Finn express how “super hot” Santana is kind of embarrassing, cause she’s not. They need to appreciate Lea Michele and stop taking her for granted.

  • emmaa

    It is probably just for a musical number. Maybe idk.

  • Fen

    Why do you guys want Rachel with Puck! He’s worse than all the guys in the gleeclub! Ewwww, he’ll never be faithful to her!

  • Fen

    Why do you guys want Rachel with Puck! He’s worse than all the guys in the gleeclub! Ewwww, he’ll never be faithful to her!

  • Team Puckleberry

    @Fen: And Finn is better because……?????
    He’s been a p!ss poor bf to her. The dipsh!t couldn’t even stand up infront of everyone in Special Education to them all to back off when they were attacking her and telling everyone HE liked her when Santana said nobody else did. It was PUCK who spoke up. All in all, PUCKLEBERRY FTMFW!!!!!!

  • Dean

    Rachel is best when shes single. She was annoying with Jesse and too dependent on Finn. Rachel needs to focus on Rachel and I think thats where the writers are leading with the break up. There can be no character development when the character is too consumed with someone else. I don’t think there will be a “finchel” or “puckleberry” anytime soon.

  • Fen

    Hahahaha They were having a raving fight in the waiting room! Would you be standing up for your girlfriend when she’s attacking you like that? Whatever, Rachel is welcome to Puck if she wants to go with that manwhore. Finn is better off without her crazy anyway!

  • sophieroux

    ahaha, Lea looks adorable! I wonder if maybe it’ll be a Finn ‘sees her everywhere’ type of thing! Cory and Chord look amazing in uniform =) I hope Rachel DOESN’T end up with Finn! He’s way too concerned with his QB image and doesn’t deserve her!!! Hopefully there’s some Puckelberry or St. Berry in the next half of the season!!!

  • Blair

    @sophieroux: Amen to that! Finn doesn’t make a very good boyfriend. Sure he’s had both his girlfriends cheat on him, but has he ever stopped to think why? Last season he was cheating on Quinn with Rachel, this time he lied to Rachel about sleeping with Santana and treated her like cr@p when the truth came out. He should of reassured Rachel of her insecurities, instead, he added to them. Rachel deserves better, and Finn is definitely not that person.
    @Fen HAHAHHA….Finn is B-O-R-I-N-G without Rachel, if anything, her “craziness” makes him somewhat interesting. Finn is dragging Rachel. She use to be such a fun and interesting character before she got sucked into his sh/t and awkwardness.

  • Dannie

    I love Glee!!!!!

  • Kristine

    I guess it’s a good sign to see Blaine and Kurt together in the stands. I’m worried where Ryan Murphy is taking the episode because of the two song choices he’s announced for that episode so far. I mean, “Bills, Bills, Bills”? “Misery”? Not exactly, ‘happy I love you we should get together’ songs.

    I really hope that Blaine and Kurt end up together. I have never been so excited to see how the relationship between two characters pans out.