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Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: Driving Date!

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal: Driving Date!

Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal go for a drive around Los Angeles on Thursday (December 9).

Earlier this week, more photos from Taylor and Jake‘s Thanksgiving outing in Brooklyn with his sister Maggie were released!

Jake just arrived back from Sydney, where he spent time with his Love & Other Drugs co-star Anne Hathaway promoting the release of their film in the Australian city.

More pics at X17!

Bigger pic inside…

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taylor swift jake gyllenhaal driving date

Photos: X17
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  • Jake is gay

    Phony closeted idiot.

  • Dina

    Fake couple! Dear Jake you can do better come on…!!

  • Kate

    “More pics at X17″
    What a moron.

  • oOoOo

    she´s really NOT beautiful at all and they both need to be in the news for selling their music and movies !!

  • ace11

    this guy seems like somebody you would want to punch…

  • MissAnthropica

    Zomg not again. Well thanks for the good laugh because this is all funny as hell.
    It is possible Taylor doesnt know she is in a publicity relationship but I somehow doubt by now she doesnt know. She seems to enjoy press about her relationships as much as Jakey (lol) does.
    Hes back less then 24 hrs and first thing he does… gets papped with her. Sickening fake sweetness and hard to watch.
    Well when Jakey Jacka$$ is done with the press hes getting hell move on … um again lol
    Hes just trying to get some attention directed on him untill award season is over. he wants an oscar nod or atleast a golden globe nom for Love and Other Drugs but HEY HE COULD BE SEEN WITH ANNE HATHWAY AND THAT STILL WONT HAPPEN LOL
    Like I said once award season is done hell be done with Taylor and then shell get to right a BS filled ” he broke my heart” song called Jakey Oh Jakey Why? (lol) and get attention from it.

    Like I said sickening and kind of boring at this point.
    The worst part is every presswh@re is trying to keep up with these two for attention so its making tons and tons of staged cr@p all over the place. Good news for gossip blogs bad news for everyone else lol

  • Ann

    Guys this relationship is real. It has been reported that the Brooklyn photos were taken in order to keep the paps from making money off of them. They are not the only couple to do this. Brad Pitt and Angelina both did this while they were on a South African beach years ago. Jake and Taylor did it so the press would have photos and would finally leave them alone. I guess now Jake will call the police if they are followed again.

  • NooN

    he looks really pissed!
    she looks annoyed!
    sort of like daddy and teenage daughter!
    anyway.. calling the cops for the paps is way too dramatic!

  • Adorbs

    This couple is adorable. I love the fact that they are spending every free moment together. Love them!!

  • Kim

    I feel sorry for these two. The paparazi wants to make money off of them and follow their every move. I have witnessed paps chasing celebs in LA and it’s very scary. It’s not right that celebs have to live through this. Jake and Taylor you are a beautiful couple. Stay strong.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Gyllenhaal is such a user, he is hoping little miss sing off key will write a song about him, when is finished wtih this PR moment Jake should date John mayer

  • Jen

    What idiots Jake and his beard are. They are such a private couple that they pose for prearranged photo ops for rag magazines and then drive around Beverly Hills till paps notice them. And when they are noticed, instead if driving away, they call the cops and Jake has a temper tantrum like a teenager. Guess him and the fake girlfriend are both mature 16 year olds. Give it up already Jake, your latest showmance is a fail and it’s killing off what’s left of your career.

  • lgihts

    Some of you people are just rude. They called the police after they were surrounded by the paps. I do not blame them, especially when their safety is in jeopardy.

  • underground

    Awww. Jake is protective of his relationship with Taylor. Jake is known for hating the paps. There are photos of him looking very angry when he was designated driver when he was with Reese. Reese was drunk and hanging out the window of the car while Jake looked embarassed and outraged at the paps taking photos. He and Taylor just want their privacy.

  • x17 LIES!!

    x17 is not the most truthful source. They might have photos but they also exaggerate on everything especially their sources which come from hired photographers. They are known for purposely stalking people. They are basically creepy people with cameras. I don’t blame Taylor or Jake. Enough is enough!!

  • Anita

    Although the age difference isnt that big of a deal; this couple just seems off because she markets herself as a “sweet & vulnerable little girl” so it makes Jake appear creepy lol even though they are both adults. I doubt shes going to drop that image cos its making her megabucks. Until then shell always look like a little annoying girl.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …keep losing those fans jack.

  • Raft

    he must’ve scared her.. look at this.. he’s literally screaming @ the paps:
    so what! Jake?! what if the paps took pictures of you too?
    they did it with her and jonas!
    with her and lautner!
    with her and that boy in the “mine” video
    what a stunt to scream and call the cops when you go out in LA in the middle of the day with the most famous girl in America!
    he’s using taylor and milking every moment to his own benefit!
    i wonder why john mayer is the only boyfriend we haven’t seen any paps pictures of?
    maybe she made up that song about him!

  • beard

    “It is possible Taylor doesnt know she is in a publicity relationship”
    Taylor Swift didn’t notice that her relationships with Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner were just showmances???
    Swift uses gay celebrities to get the publicity, she’s a shameless fame ho.

  • Dee

    Oh! … Let “Jake and Taylor” are happy! … wow… why is it that the happiness of others is so unsettling! …… and “the signs (-) … I’ll be honored! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Dee

    so unsettling???

  • MK

    I like them both

  • Jake is Hot!

    I think Jake was really trying to protect themselves from being photographed so much. They are the most sought after couple in the world right now. Jake has said that it bothers him. Now he is getting agressive. Sexy!

  • So Gosh Darn Beautiful!!

    I love love love this couple. I am so happy for them and I really wish the press would leave them alone.

  • showmance

    They are pathetic.

  • Butter_Fly


    This is way more interesting than Munngate. We actually have helicopters and the police with this one! Haha!

  • cammie

    Cute Couple..

  • Excuse me!

    he must’ve scared her.. look at this! he’s literally screaming @ the paps!
    so what! Jake?! what if the paps took pictures of the two of you?
    It happened with her and jonas!
    with her and lautner!
    with her and that boy from “mine” video!
    john mayer is the only one we haven’t seen any paps pictures of..
    she was always smiley and didn’t seem to care much in any picture!
    what a stunt to scream and call the cops when you go out in LA in the middle of the day with the most famous girl in America!
    he’s using taylor and milking every moment to his own benefit!

  • magdalene.

    I would never ever expect myself to be jealous for some celebrity to date another celebrity.
    But now, the first time for 22 years of my life, I feel jealous for Taylor Swift.
    !! :P

  • Awesome!!

    I just found the radio interview of Jake from back in May when he told a radio host that Taylor Swift was awesome. How cute. Now they are a cute little couple. The paps really do need to leave them alone. I love this couple and I wish them the best.

  • Excuse me!

    sorry! i posted my comment twice by 2 diffrent names .. but my browser stopped and lost all my info.. :)
    i’ve realised that now!

  • se

    Deixa os “pombinhos” em paz!

  • se

    Deixa os pombinhos em paz!

  • pickles

    Jared, did you give your website away to other people? You should know better than to actually SEND people to X17. They are a horrible site. They make up stuff, and lie, and they are stalkers and they have criminal records on their photographers. These are bad people and that site is a bad site.

    If Jake called the police on them they had to be bad. Jake has been famous for years. Taylor too. But for them to call police is rare.I think Jake had to do it one other time. And then it was that he actually went to the police station to talk to them.

    Somew ugly people around here lately. Jake is never gonna get with you.OK? So why care about who he’s going out with?For me it’s all entertainment.It is not a big deal and it doesn’t affect me at all. It’s fun to follow celebrities if you like them. If you don’t like them, it’s a waste of time. Bye! LOLOL!

  • mikiy

    jake is a tool and a perv
    looks like a pedo in this pic
    he makes me sick

  • july2august

    taylor looks so ugly here. without makeup she’s a homely little chick with a fat chipmunk face and double chin…bleeeach

  • UGLY

    Retard duck face dude & squinty b*tch

  • ll

    I feel sorry for him. it must be hard to be a gay man in hollywood…

  • BULLY!!!

    @july2august: I am sorry you are so ugly you have to put down others to make yourself feel good. Instead of sitting in front of your computer, why don’t you try to do some sit ups instead. BULLY!!

  • Monica

    Taylor will dump this guy. He’s controlling and smokes pot and I don’t think Taylor will go along with that. Reese didn’t like it around her kids either. Jake needs to grow up and start acting more his age.

  • susana

    oohh taylor, what a terrible profile shot. Pig nose from the side, mouse look from the front.

  • free country

    @BULLY!!!: hey I got a right to my opinion and I think she’s ugly okaaay? this isn’t a I love Taylor site not everybody in here thinks her sh*t don’t stink.

  • cold_zero


    Yeah Right ….Now that their pictures of “holding hands” is out people will leave …Taylor i write songs about my boyfriends Swift & Jake please give an award Gyllenhaal … this isnt how the media works Hon !!!!!!

  • Never visit x17 again

    X17 gave my computer herpes and god knows what else. The last time I went there my computer broke down. X17 can go straight to hell!

  • Never visit x17 again

    @Excuse me!: reminds me of those hilarious pix of drunk witherspoon and a angry Jake. witherspoon was happily gazing at the papz and Jake was yelling like a maniac haha

  • yumi

    everytime i see their photos, i’ll say a word

  • Never visit x17 again
  • sweetness

    Ironic that there was news about Reese getting close to getting a proposal from her boyfriend…Somehow I can’t help but thinking Jake dating Taylor is a middle finger to Reese.
    I also find it odd that Taylor’s mom is ok with her dating this man..who is way too old (mentally) for her…I also can see flashes of Jake having anger management problems and being dominating over Taylor..Just because a guy gets angry at paps in public is not a good sign of proof he’s protecting his lady. Those moment of rages spill into their relationship.

  • carolina

    They are starting to remind me of Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie

  • sista

    Ok I’m not bashing nobody but got a question. If thse 2 are going to have serious relationship I say they has to move to at lest the same state togehr. This girl is gone lots anyway and how can they fins out if this work out if they just see each other for these dates they call it. imo sombody got to move but I dont know who it would be. what do you all think?