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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Take Sunday to Sydney

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Take Sunday to Sydney

Nicole Kidman carries her 2-year-old daughter Sunday after arriving on Sunday (December 12) in Sydney, Australia.

The 43-year-old actress landed Down Under with husband Keith Urban from Los Angeles, where she had been promoting her film Rabbit Hole.

Nicole and Keith will be making an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which will be filmed at the Sydney Opera House.

“Everything they have told me is true. [Australia] is breathtaking, it takes you in. It is really fantastic. I love it,” Oprah said earlier this week when she arrived.

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  • andres

    omg nicole looks so beatiful

  • mia

    What a flippin cutie! Sunday is one beautiful girl.

  • barb

    that is an ugly kid

  • cam

    nicole’s face is translucent. too much plastic surgery

  • Bella

    Happy couple, love this family, Nicole has great body for her age and Keith, o man…. he is so hot, Sunday Rose looks so adorable though a bit sleepy because long journey.

  • Mari

    They all look beautiful and fresh after a very long flight! Love this family!

  • cam

    BOTOX QUEEN no wrinkle at her age…she’s an actress ffs

  • Patricia

    Nicole looks soooo hot in this outfit

  • camilla


  • Andy Coburn

    She’s gained quite a bit of weight. The kid is not cute.

    And she is the Worst. “Actress”. Ever.

  • 0000000000

    box office flop. . stop pimping that ugly kid and your personal life

  • angie

    alcholic husband. poor nic…

  • Dieter

    Best butt ever together with Cameron Diaz !!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    It looks like someone has no life is keep posting trashy comments about Nicole

  • angie


  • leah

    At least be smart enough and change your user name up a bit if your going to post trash about Nicole and her adorable baby.

  • mangelina

    ugly couple

  • priscila

    The most beautiful family

  • Hollywoodn’t

    Ahhh, little self loathing trolls with no life have to come here and try and pass of their own self hatred on to somebody else. I have the pleasure of knowing Keith, Nic and Sunday so pardon me if I take your infantile commentary personally. They are wonderful parents and Sunday is a joy. She is a happy, wonderful child whose parents adore her. My guess is that your own pitiable life holds no such success or joy either professionally or personally so we all get to see the results of your own inadequacies directed here at others. Bravo. I’m sure there’s a bridge somewhere with your name on it (or under it)….watch that first step.

  • phelipe

    BIZARRO!! all the bad comments belong to the same person.

  • Lizzie

    Nicole Kidman’s wig looks awful. The little girl is cute.

  • Laurie

    Her life revolves about Sunday what about your 2 other kids you never ever see or talk about..nicole

  • hopeso

    Beautiful family and Sunday Rose is so cute, Love the Urban’s

  • love

    I love this family, they are always so happy.

  • Rainy Day

    Yep, the trolls are here. Must be Xenu cult members making sure she stays in line and doesn’t spill the deets about the cult.

    Lovely family. Too bad the trolls can’t get on with their lives.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    He’s handsome and talented; she’s beautiful and a terrific actress. Sunday’s a very cute 2 y/o. So haters you either have a problem with the marriage or have fallen for some of the ‘ critics’ nonsense that Nicole can’t act. However, in all probability, you’re just a bunch of nerds who have nothing else to do on a Saturday night. Spelling lessons might be in order.

  • JL

    sunday is so big and beautiful

  • irene olson

    Beautiful family. That charming little girl is such a trouper. She probably just awakened from her nap and, there she is, just taking in the world. Handsome Keith, beautiful Nicole, and charming, delightful Sunday. Wish the Urban family all the happiness; they are deserving of a full, good life.

  • irene olson

    For the people who make the snide comments regarding Keith — why do I have a feeling they are the type of people who take anti depressants and other upper and downer meds. Poor, pitiful people.

  • mary

    adorable family

  • Danielle

    Love Nicole’s top. And love Sunday’s AC/DC t-shirt! Keith is pretty cute too.

  • poortomkatfans

    Nicole…, you made tomkat fans inflamed, they’re pain in the ass, because you had happy life, great career, hot husband and beautiful children and i hope Bella will soon be joined with Nicole.
    Meanwhile untalented kaka homely looked mess all day because tommy girl tends to be more interested to Jeremy Rener.
    I hope Bella will be join soon

  • missy

    Love love love Keith and Nicole!! Their daughter is soo cute!

  • sleve

    Their hired help don’t like playing their games either.

  • missy b.


    Oh please. I like tom and katie, but let me assure you that most tomkat fans couldn’t care less about Nicole. It’s the fans (or ex-fans) of her CURRENT husband that can’t stand her. And no Bella will NOT be moving in with Nicole. I just hope that Nicole gets back to the U.S. in time for Bella’s birthday. She mentioned that she’ll be in Nashville on x-mas. I suppose she’ll fly back to L.A., maybe stay there for a day, and then head back to her home in nashville, while the kids stay with their family in L.A.

  • Well well well

    New photos here is why Surad was away from E. It must be tough with all the blessings the Urbans have received this year, especially Nicole and her rave reviews for Rabbit Hole.

    It’s only going to get worse skeptics! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Sunday’s top is adorable. The whole outfit is precious.

  • poor nicole

    wow her face is so tight. she can’t even smile

  • mimi

    Love them, they are beautiful, inlove and so happy to have found each other. Love like this is really what books, movies ands songs are all about.. Inspiring love

  • teletori

    Sunday is really cute. They are such a beautiful family. The haters sound like a bunch of jealous ex keith fans who can’t accept that he didn’t marry one of them hahaha. Nicole’s getting another Oscar nomination too and they can’t deal with that either hahaha.

  • babs

    I love this couple. I really believe they love each other. Sunday is a beautiful little girl.

  • mary

    Andy Coburn@ 12/11/2010 at 7:07 pm

    a brain dead cockroach on life support has more intelligence than you do. worst actress ever?? well, fool, Nicole could very well get a nomination for best actress for Rabbit Hole. not that your opinion counts for much anyway. and why are you so interested on whether a two year old is cute or not.

  • Jokergurl

    Cute family, Nicole looks lovely, Sunday Rose looks a bit sleepy, I like Keith’s hat!

  • mary

    0000000000 @ 12/11/2010 at 7:08 pm

    she is not “pimping” her child. nicole is holding her child in her arms as they get off the plane. now, i know nicole did not ask you personally for your permission but i’m sure you’ll get over it

  • Lisa

    wow after seeing katie holmes pics, i realize that tom does ruin people. anyways, nicole and keith looks so happy and sunday is adorable! i’m glad that she has found someone who truly cherishes her for the woman she is. the song that keith wrote for her is absolutely amazing.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Two things wrong with Nicole and that is 1- she should let the movie biz go for a year and a half and then some. Rabbit Hole sounds like a good movie. Deep. THought provoking.
    2-She should try for another baby by IVF.
    Sunday is 2 and is too cute. Nicole is happy.
    Keith Urban, that is one hot man!!

  • Rainy Day

    @Go Ask Alice:

    Why should she let it go for a year and a half? Actresses lose their commercial appeal after 35-40 years of age. Why do you think so many do botox, plastic surgery, etc? It is because according to Hollywood they are no longer bankable. Nicole is talented and a hot commodity right now. She should definitely NOT take a year and a half off unless she wants to. She can always come back as a director or do what she does best–star in Indies. And I think it is her business if she wants to try for another baby.

  • hmmmmmmmmmm

    She really is campaigning for that Oscar nomination. It gets annoying when they look so desperate and go on every show and have tons of screenings. It’s really not about the performance, more about how much you campaign.
    I mean going on Oprah again to show off their private life. Why does no one complain how they were pimping out their whole relationship on Oprah just in time for her movie and his album.

  • Danielle


    I don’t think either one needs to pimp out themselves to insure a hit. Rabbit Hole is getting excellent reviews. BUT that said, it is a film that will not appeal to a large audience and she knows that. Keith needs no help to sell his CD’s. He is one of the top five or ten country singers and his music generally goes to the top no matter how much or little promotion he does.

    Furthermore, Oprah’s Aussie show has been in the works for a long time. She campaigned long and heavily to get Urban and Kidman. And when you go on Oprah you generally are expected to spill your guts.

    And if you read the transcripts or saw the last Oprah, they really didn’t say anything that they didn’t say before. The only thing that was really a revelation was the intervention Kidman headed. The rest of the interview has been said before, rehashed before.

    You hate her. We get that. Get a life.

  • shelly

    Look at Keith! Can his body get any better? He looks yummy!
    Nicole looks very pretty with straight hair and Sunday is adorable – love the t-shirt!

  • Maya

    Love the Kidman/Urban family. Sunday is so cute. A perfect mix of her mom and dad. Adorable! Another lucky beautiful little girl.