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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Take Sunday to Sydney

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Take Sunday to Sydney

Nicole Kidman carries her 2-year-old daughter Sunday after arriving on Sunday (December 12) in Sydney, Australia.

The 43-year-old actress landed Down Under with husband Keith Urban from Los Angeles, where she had been promoting her film Rabbit Hole.

Nicole and Keith will be making an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which will be filmed at the Sydney Opera House.

“Everything they have told me is true. [Australia] is breathtaking, it takes you in. It is really fantastic. I love it,” Oprah said earlier this week when she arrived.

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  • michelle

    I take anti depressants.I would never make comments like those trolls.I think they are a beautiful family.

  • sam

    why isn’t she ever with her OTHER CHILDREN? scientologist-cult of freaks won’t let her???????????

  • Kaz simply amazing ! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Cute sanday rose!

  • Rob

    That littel girl not importan ,i love kids importan like jayden james and sean

  • http://Tt Slig^_^

    So cute and beautiful

  • Completely uninformed!

    Nicole and Keith going on Oprah to pimp? Nicole said in an interview they don’t know what they will be doing yet. So I guess it will be something fun. Get a grip haters!

  • getreal

    She was on Oprah to publicize her movie and Keith his new album. As they are both working artists who also go to great trouble to spend as much time with each other, it made sense to appear together.
    So why are they appearing again? Nicole and Keith have always been great ambassadors for Australia and since Oprah’s trip down under is to promote the country, it’s almost a requirement they appears. Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett are also appearing and they don’t have any movie out. This is about promoting Australia.

  • tinnay

    This is the comment I read few days ago in a shameful blog against Nicole and Keith. You took that awful comment and posted it too. Well guess what: if you can make any influence on those stupid haters you won’t here where fortunately people still have a brain and they’re brave enough to use it. So, you’re wasting your time.
    Keith’s former fans (mostly middle aged women) are delusional and out of mind. Get a life and stop bother us…Keith won’t notice you, even in 10000 years..

  • igie

    They are beautiful! I love this family, always happy.

  • stpb

    @Well well well:

    ‘well well well’, SEWERMISTRESS can be counted on to always be here, under many names, bashing the posters … isn’t fawning over the Urbans enough for you?? Can’t you just enjoy them? Or is it more of a thrill for you to always rake the muck?

    btw, those of you stating that Nicole HAS an Oscar nomination for Rabbit Hole: fyi the nominations are not out yet. A good chance, but it hasn’t happened yet. Stick to facts.

  • stpb

    This is the first time EVER we have seen Keith acknowledging and smiling at the paps; why? because it is now in his (commercial) interests. That’s called ‘playing the game’; Nicole is clearly teaching him.

    And no, FANATICS, I have never been a devoted fan of Keith’s music or his “hotness” and have never fantasised about him one way or the other. I am merely a critic (or otherwise) of their public offerings (to us), and I have the utmost respect for his sobriety above all else. And no, I am not a “hater”, not a “middle-aged fat-arsed disillusioned woman”, nor do I “NOT have a life”; last time I checked; I am breathing. Accept the fact that not all *stars* are universally loved; in fact, none are! Accept that fact. And for those of you criticising some for being at their keyboards, aren’t you?? Pots calling the kettles black.

    Love to Australia; the beloved. <3

  • Sally

    Broken record… same stupid comments year after year .

    Folks, pity those haters, something isn’t right in their world.

    It isn’t natural to go to the extent they do to post silly comments all over the net!

  • HoHoHo

    I’m belly laughing over those on here who proclaim to be friends, acquaintances, etc., of the couple. Why would friends of the couple post on a gossip site? This goes against everything a celebrity tries to fight for in their personal life. If you truly know them, you would not be coming to these sites, reading them, and commenting on them. A real true friend wouldn’t be on here.

  • Get real!


    You post and agree with the nuts at Urban Myths. Mutton dressed up as lamb is what you are. You couldn’t care less about Urban’s sobriety when that blog you love so much is there to mock it and manufacture lies about everyone in their family including the parents. They have no shortage of posters because the E! morons are posting under other usernames. Did you know Sue the Nut posted that Nicole’s father had a stroke because there was a single photo of him and his wrist not perfectly straight? Did you know Mimosa in AL now says Nicole has Marfan’s syndrome? Did you know that Keith’s brother is sending subliminal messages through the media that the marriage is a sham? Did you know that Keith has a secret life away from Nicole according to a frequent poster on Myths?


  • Dr.Coffee

    What a beautiful family ! I have seen Nicole in person,she is stunning. Can’t wait to see ” Rabbit hole “

  • shelly


    Wow. You truly believe that? You are mentally ill. Go see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

    The followers are obsessed, but at least they don’t have a negative/hate agenda. Tons of fans for every celebrity. But, the haters are the sick ones. Who wastes time following a couple they hate? It makes no sense. If you don’t get enjoyment, why follow? Or is it that you get enjoyment out of being mean? If so, why? That is sick.

  • Sally D.

    Can’t act her way out of a bag. Total dead air whenever she’s on screen.

  • shelly

    I mean, Keith is hot and I’m sure there are women who wish he had chosen them, but come on! He didn’t. He is a country super star. He wasn’t going to choose just anyone. He got what he deserves. A gorgeous and rich actress from Australia. DEAL WITH IT! People seldom marry out of their league – up OR down.
    They may have one night stands or temporary flings, but marriage is different. He grew up in every way. He didn’t choose you. He won’t EVER choose you. He’s a super star. WAY out of your league. That’s not Nicole’s fault. Stop blaming her for being his choice. That’s not fair.

  • Danielle

    @Sally D.:

    Have you seen ever film she has done? No you haven’t have you? Yes she bombed in Bewitched and Stepford Wives. She is better in the smaller, artier films.

    Did you see Birth? She was exquisite in it. There is a scene of her in a movie theater that most actors couldn’t pull off. She was also fantastic in Margot at the Wedding. She should have received Oscar noms for both of these films. She deserved the Oscar for Moulin Rouge. And definitely for The Hours.

    Nicole Kidman is one of the best actresses of our times. She is versatile and committed to her art. AND she is one of the few (and I can’t think of any others) A list actresses and even B list that isn’t afraid to experiment, to try new parts, to star in little known films and to stretch her skills in ways many actresses would not even know how to try and do even if they were willing.

    So unless you have seen close to every film that she has made, I’d say go back to Xenu with your rantings.

  • Go Ask Alice

    @Rainy Day:

    I am a fan of Nicole’s.She has done it all. She made it.
    Just what you said,for an actress,the roles go down as the years,age goes up.
    Rabbit Hole looks like a great movie,

    I think she should go for that Oscar win in her personal life at full speed.
    Sunday is 2cute andis 2…haveanother child close in age.

    She and Urban seem to be down with never being too many weeks apart and stuff.

    They do his and hers career. She -on/he- off. He -on/she -off.

  • Bella

    @ Go Ask Alice – don’t be worry, me and some others knows you are Nicole fans, sometimes me too didn’t carefully to read the opinions of others, because too many envy / haters here. We love Kidman and Urban and May God Bless Kidman and Urban Family always.

  • Bella

    God Bless You #Go Ask Alice and #Rainy Day so did everyone here.

  • babs

    Ok! I wasn’t going to post anything but couldn’t help it. This is such crap that someone wrote about this family that she really is campaigning for that Oscar nomination. First, does not every actor or actress not go on talk shows to promote movies. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Second, Keith has NEVER done Oprah show. So KNOW your FACTS an get a brain. Third, you cant count getting on an airplane pimping out a relationship. I truly believe this couple loves each other dearly. I think the hates should go back and read the facts instead of running their mouths.

  • shelly

    Anyone that thinks they got married for publicity purposes is a sick/twisted person. Normal people don’t do stuff like that. To even suggest it says more about your twisted mind than anything.

    You come up with whatever you can to believe that Keith doesn’t love her. Does that help you sleep at night? Is it that painful to know that Keith loves Nicole?

    Consolation to all the offended posters: Keith and Nicole are shielded from such lunacy/hatred. It never touches them. Thankfully. They know that celebrity comes with a price- part of that being idiot fans that are obsessed. They insulate themselves from mentally ill people.

  • Janie

    She should just use one screen name: womanscored We all know the nasty posts are from her. Hey Keith – you are one lucky dude to have gotten away from this crazed woman! We all have mistakes and regrets – how were you to know she was such a wierdo?

  • stpb

    @Get real!:

    What the F.UCK are you on???

    Take a break from the gutter and try and get a dose of reality.

    You are free to make assumptions but DON “T assert that it is fact.


  • FYI


    The poster who can’t stop leaving nasty messages at JJ is one fan that never got close to Keith. She’s a middle-aged mother and wife who lives in MN and went on road trips to see Keith. Her tour buddies who also decided to hate Nicole banded together online. The ones that didn’t were kicked out of the group.

    She never had a chance with Keith and knows it. Yeah, she’s been so obsessed she was using trips to stalk him. Every waking moment she has free she’s online looking for stuff on Keith or Nicole or Sunday. Don’t worry though she’s never come close to the family.

    Readers should know she is someone who claims everyone she comes into contact with doesn’t like Nicole, and knows people who saw that Nicole did drugs in the past and was in a rehab facility for an eating disorder. Somehow she has all the information. She also claimed to have Nashville sources. Those sources were gossip reporter Jimmy Carter and another skeptic in Nashville who went to alot of concerts and bought every tabloid you could on Keith and Nicole. That skeptic doesn’t know jack.

    nomorefan is more than a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal.

  • LMAO


    You know everything I said is true abc. All one has to do is read the Urban Myths blog and E negative thread. You are the idiot in the room.

  • stpb


    N & K might not read the press, but you can bet your bottom dollar that their reps do: every word of it; that is if they are worth their weight. It is why we see the actions of KLUNK clearly responding to public comment. Keith has even resorted to directly asking the public’s opinions (eg about his recent CD cover); not that he heeded the comments; much to many of his fans’ dismay. His appeal is “touchy feely”; so don’t jump on those who DO respond to his call. They are drawn in. There is definite hypocrisy at play; which is why so many fans are disillusioned and embittered. NOT just because he married Nicole. Or, as you jerks say; ‘he didn’t marry them’. Use your brain, if you have one; not just your knee. And stop taking the easy route out by simply giving the blanket response of “you’re a hater” … that is SO lame and lazy.

  • stpb


  • stpb


    I have NO idea about who you rant on about and I don’t care. I just care about you talking CRAP about me. F.OFF!

  • stpb



  • stpb

    @Get real!:


  • stpb

    @Well well well:


  • Janie

    Getting angrier and angrier. I hope the people living around her are safe! Well, if Keith was never involved with her – he should thank his lucky stars. Who needs pyscho women in their life? Price of being hot and famous I guess. Pyscho women who think they ever had a chance with him. Reality check! You will NEVER be in his league! Never have been. Never will be. Nicole however is and they spend quality, loving time together – hence, adorable Sunday. Try to have some human compassion and leave the happy family alone. If not for their sake, for your own. Do you really want to waste precious time of your life stalking NK on the internet? Think of the better ways you can spend your time? Get a hobby! Volunteer helping people!

  • stpb control yourself

    Are you pissed off or what?! Called out on your bs and you get mad. If someone is posting nasty lies on the internet are they not haters? You can’t even defend them because you won’t acknowledge they exist. You clearly don’t have a grip on reality either. Stick to Urban Myths where you are appreciated.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Nic is the most beautiful woman and the best actress in the world!!!!!!Keith is a pretty loving husband!And Sunday is probably the most beautiful celebrity tot including adorable Suri Cruise of course.They’re both very lovely and cute!!!!Love you, Nicky!!!

  • Dolce

    @stpb: If the Mistress’s mission was so right and legal, why was the blog shut down?

  • What are you talking about


    The blog hasn’t been taken down.

  • Dolce

    @What are you talking about: Nice name change. How many times have you posted on here today Mistress?

  • Not the Mistress

    How many times have posted here Dolce? I don’t really care but I love that it’s another skeptic posting lies. Do you honestly think there’s only one fan that knows about you guys?

  • Jen

    You never see Keith holding his little drab, pale, plain looking daughter.

  • redman


    Disgusting Jen. And a lie.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    As I understand it, Keith came to Nashville in his early 20′s. He was on his own, and Nashville can be a very lonely town if you’re by yourself. During that time he dated a lot of girls and was even engaged for over a year. While on alcohol anf drugs he met up with some he’d just as soon forget. This is no secret, he’s said as much many times. The woman who does all this posting is one of these hanger-ons. She’s really pathetic, but doesn’t want to seek help, and she can’t break away from her obsession without it. His story should be a warning for others who come to Nashville to ‘make it’.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Fan

    DOes she have custody (partial) of kids with Tom? Just wondering.

  • Mary

    Didn’t Nicole used to have lovely thick curly hair, what happened to it..?

  • shi

    Funny words,funny people!!

    Someone ,no….maybe only one person here dislike nicole ,because nicole have keith,they are all together on Oprah show,and keith
    shows his love to his lovely wife in put you in a song!!Some one is jealous!!!!!very jealous!!Because she /he could never got!!!

  • stpb


    You are OBSESSED!! Think about it. GET A LIFE!

  • sharylmj

    They look happy and relaxed. I’m so glad that they hung in there and now look at what they have. I love this family..!!

  • Isabel

    I think Nicole looks fabulous here. Nice to see her relaxed and happy. I wish Keith and her continued happiness. I am so happy they found one another. Little Sunday is very loved and that is all anyone hopes for their children. BTW I want her sunglasses…….what brand are these? :)