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Kate Bosworth: Hollywood Style Awards 2010!

Kate Bosworth: Hollywood Style Awards 2010!

Kate Bosworth walks the red carpet in Jil Sander at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards held at the Hammer Museum on Sunday (December 12) in Westwood, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress presented her stylist Cher Coulter with the Stylist of the Year Award. Congrats, Cher!!!

Kate was also joined by her co-star from the upcoming flick BFF & Baby, Krysten Ritter (in Alberta Ferretti).

While promoting her recent film The Warrior’s Way, Kate said that she would be open to doing a Bollywood movie!

“If they have a good strong script for me then why not,” she said. “I don’t mind acting in an Indian movie. Just let me know how difficult is it to learn the language?”

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • cute

    Cute girl. Ugly outfit.

  • jordan

    well duh! No1 will hire her in Hollywood anymore, so she’s opening the door to Bollywood!

  • Bigz

    That blonde girl has a big ass forehead.

  • ivanka

    wtf is she wearing?

  • Jenn

    Kate Bosworth’s look is understated to the point of ugly.

  • ET

    ET phone home.

  • Anna


  • Ella

    Everything about this is wrong–the hair, the outfit, and that beyond-tacky lipcolor.

  • lololol

    Kate Baldsworth.

  • boston61

    She looks like and old geriatric. Her body looks like my elderly mothers.

  • fashion 911

    Sorry, but Kate and Cher have overdone the minimalist chic. It’s not even chic. It looks like something you wear to bed.

    That hair do is very unflattering too.

    Overall look: A very generous D-

  • nicole

    What about Joe Kinnaman? He is the man to watch and KB could take a lesson from him.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • kv

    WTF is she wearing?! That “dress” is awful! And she’s a style icon? I don’t think so! Lol…

  • Summer

    Sorry, but that hairstyle is not flattering on someone with….her shaped head and receding hairline.

  • Ultra

    I’ll give KB some credit for trying to brighten up her lipstick but she picke a terrible shade. The outfit is ugly too.

  • okay

    does she do this ‘ish on purpose? I mean she is truly the gift that keeps on giving


    How difficult is it to learn the language?
    You couldn’t even pull off a southern accent in “Warrior’s Flop”…OMG this broad. She’s practically begging at this point. Give it up you talentless twat. No one can stand you.

  • Frank

    This bish is going bald.

  • Amber

    Wow…awaiting moderation. Here we go again with censorship.

  • Janie

    they kind of look like elves to me lol

  • Wilson

    @Bigz: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • LOL

    OMG…that Klingon forehead…I can’t

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • Dreams

    Girl needs some color. A good wig and something to wear other than a t-shirt and an old lady jumper.

  • TrueBlade

    Cher Coulter has got to be the worst stylist ever! How could she possibly have taken Sharon Stone ‘s brilliant idea of wearing a Gap t-shirt to the Oscars in in 1996 and made it worse?,,613599_618256,00.html#618256

    Stone did it right again in 2007 :

    SuperSuck is made of all kinds of FAIL.

  • TrueBlade

    Btw, why isn’t she wearing her crappy Tackymint joolree? Someone on twitter said they saw her and she seemed to have a rash. Crappymint probably turned her skin green as well. Failsworth can’t seem to get anything right and destroys all she touches. Look what happened to AS, Rousseau and OBloom.

  • Emily

    She comes off somewhat frigid to me. I obviously don’t know her, but that smug look on her face isn’t warm and friendly.

  • update

    Warrior’s way cost 42 million to make. It has only grossed 4.9 million. Stick with selling jewelry Kate.

  • Jasmine

    i get bored just looking at her.

  • ozangel

    I know we all agreed not to comment on this trash anymore…or was that a dream??

    But I couldn’t help myself. I saw the headline and then the “stylish outfit” scrolled down a little and then up to have another look. What exactly is it? Is that what is passing as “style” these days? The “I just don’t give a sh*t” look?

    Well honey congrats because you are #1!

  • v

    Her skirt is awful, it looks like a sheet she just put a stitch in and pulled it to create the pleats. Then she wrapped it around her abnormally small waist (either that or her boobs are fake, because that sort of skinny does not naturally have boobs like that).

    She looks awful, but then again what’s new. I think she tries to hard.

  • Raichill

    What the hell is Kate wearing? It looks like she made it herself when was 10-years-old. Anyone could cut up a sheet and sew it to a t-shirt.

  • Winnie May Be Right

    Winnie made a comment recently that Lisa Larson seems to be missing from Kate’s side as of late. Rumor has it from the wait staff at a party a while back, that Kate was intoxicated and openly flirting and hitting on Bjorne. Lisa overheard her and they got into a heated argument and left soon after. Alex was at this party but was with friends and not nearby. Kate seems to be living up to her reputation of trying to steal her friend’s husbands. We haven’t seen Alex with her since. Maybe he’s finally realised who she really is.

  • Vane

    Her last really movie flopped : (from imbd)
    Box Office
    $45,000,000 (estimated)
    Opening Weekend:

  • TrueBlade


    No, she’s trying to be tragically hip, As usual she 2000 and late. Let’s see, bad CGI martial arts movie…Crouching Ninjas, Stupid Ho,.failing celebrity product line that’s been played to death and stealing other people original fashion statements and executing poorly. FAILSWORTH.

  • maria

    Sorry, but with that outfit, she has no business being at any kind of Style award show.

  • endrid

    MegaMind forehead. Get some bangs for goodness sake! What a hag!

  • Ares

    Alexander Skarsgard is a famewh0re
    Alexander Skarsgard doen’t act, he’s a real d-bag
    Alexander Skarsgard has a cheap beard
    Alexander Skarsgard likes to play rapist

  • -Ares-

    .Alexander Skarsgard somethimes looks “special”
    .Alexander Skarsgard is a functional alcoholic
    .Alexander Skarsgard treats his beard bad

  • Ares

    Alexander Skarsgard has close-set eyes.
    Alexander Skarsgard has a gross bulbous nose
    Alexander Skarsgard is a hunchback
    Alexander Skarsgard is balding
    Alexander Skarsgard has a small head
    Alexander Skarsgard fixed his teeth

  • Why do I bother to comment?

    Does anyone remember that I Love Lucy episode where Lucy wanted a designer gown, and Ricky made up a gown out of a burlap sack and a horse’s feed bag to play a joke on her? Did someone say, “yeah, Kate, this t-shirt and bedsheet is the latest thing,” and then laugh hysterically behind her back???

  • Melissa


    Please, why are you spamming JJ with your Joel K? Whe his moment comes, you can make him a fan club. But stop the stupidity! LOL!


    Kate Bosworth is a famewh0re
    Kate Bosworth CANT act, She’s a real d-bag
    Kate Bosworth has a beard
    Kate Bosworth likes to play the pap game

    .Kate Bosworth IS “special”
    Kate Bosworth is a barely functional Cokewhore
    Kate Bosworth waxes her beard

    Kate Bosworth has dialated eyes.
    Kate Bosworth has coke dusted nose
    Kate Bosworth is a ho-bag
    Kate Bosworth is balding
    Kate Bosworth has a HUGE forehead
    Kate Bosworth has chicklet teeth

  • No, but

    @Winnie May Be Right: her 2 fans swear she is perfect and nothing happened between CM and KB< its all made up. Go figure, she’s trying to steal Lisa’s husband, and Alex’s best friend, everything she touches turns to crap, and you wonder why she is sucha pariah in HW. I have not seen her with Lisa and Bjorne, in awhile. She’s a parasite, I guess until Alex is convinced after she’s eaten through his career and managed to destroy it, maybe he will move on. Just pathetic.

  • LisaM

    WOW!! She looks like the boringA$$ FameWh*re that she already is!! That’s fuc&ing hilarious!!. Nice black roots loser!!!!

  • august

    Enough about Joel Kinnaman! PLEASE!

  • Liv

    LMAO at “how hard is it to learn the language” when she had an accent identity crisis in her real life. Good luck with that when you can barely even speak your own language.

  • Peanut Gallery

    What color is that “skirt” strange teamed with a white T, big fail.

    On a positive note, Krysten Ritter’s dress is very nice.

  • nicole

    Joel Kinnaman is someone that Kate and Alexander should look up to. There is a reason that Joel Kinnaman is so talented and one day the world will know more about Joel Kinnaman!!! KB wishes she had a man like Joel Kinnaman!!

    Joel Kinnaman!