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LeAnn Rimes: Breakfast with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Breakfast with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes and her beau, Eddie Cibrian, go out for breakfast together on Sunday (December 12) in Calabasas, Calif.

Sounds like the 28-year-old singer had a peaceful start to her day. “Happy Sunday! Sitting here trying to be so quiet, drinking my coffee, watching Eddie sleep and listening to my dog, Virgo snore. Its super cute!” LeAnn tweeted. “Who knew a 4lb dog could make so much noise!!! Love Sunday mornings! Now everyone…wake up!!!”

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Splendid Iceberg Wash Stripe Tee.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes going out to breakfast with Eddie Cibrian

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223 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Breakfast with Eddie Cibrian!”

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  1. 1
    blair Says:

    Who watches someone while they are sleeping? Creepy Creeperton!!
    And Eddie looks bad.

  2. 2
    Jess Says:

    They’re a cute couple – I don’t care what the rest of you says.

  3. 3
    chris Says:

    Mentally unstable. Nothing cute about her or these two together. The things she says in her interviews and her tweets reveal her need for therapy. I also question her intelligence. She must have some level of understanding that EC would not be with her if she had no money. She spends tons of money on him (travel, gifts, clothes, etc), which indicates she knows darn well that he is attracted to the money, not her. And she tweets away like she is trying to convince the world (or herself?) that the relationship is healthy. If he really did love her and the relationship was healthy, he would treat her so much differently than he has, and she would act differntly too.

  4. 4
    MangerBouger Says:

    I don’t understand what he sees in her. His ex was so much more charismatic … well who cares, right !? lol

  5. 5
    Sadie Says:

    And we are seeing these two losers pictures why?

  6. 6
    Dieter Says:

    Jared – you have a picture of the pooper of her’s. I like to lick and spank it !!!!

  7. 7
    jaggededge Says:

    can just jared stop posting pics of this home wrecker! no one likes this couple any way. r u getting paid are something? this lady needs help and quick. she is no role model for young girls,no attractive, not interested at all, so why u keep posting her? oh! children should be spending xmas with their mom, she doesnt care that the mom would be all alone without a husband now she wants to take the kids, leaving the mom all alone.I dont know about u guys but that would make me want to drink as well.

  8. 8
    Butter_Fly Says:

    Ok. I admit I tweet some weird stuff too but tweeting about your bf sleeping? Now that is very strange! Why would you want to get that personal? And I don’t think her dog would appreciate that either!

  9. 9
    jaggededge Says:

    dumb and dunber!

  10. 10
    d.U.I Says:


    Brandi stop being bitter…

  11. 11
    roy Says:

    there is nothing wrong with what LR is tweeting..
    she’s in love love love
    and she is gonna be no matter what you say, do, think or post..
    everything you say opposite of positive makes them stronger
    you can tell by the interviews..
    especially since it is the same dozen people who post on every board…
    so have fun making them stronger kids

  12. 12
    Jenn Says:

    Just when it seemed like it would be a LR/EC free week-end on JJ! And these 2 are relevant why?! JJ is on their payroll!

  13. 13
    jaggededge Says:

    @d.U.I: not brandi! just a girl from barbados who think that the situation for a mother not to have her kids on xmas is unfair

  14. 14
    bizarro world Says:

    i seriously do not like this woman at all… she is a home wrecker and acts like what she did is okay… I seriously can’t stand this couple…

  15. 15
    Star Says:

    does she not realize the more she tweets the more people hate her?!? it’s bad enough she cheated – can’t she just be in the relationship w/out rubbing everyone’s nose in it? she’s gonna feel so stupid when he dumps her.

  16. 16
    Mrs T Says:

    What Cibrian sees is a woman who lights up when he walks into the room. Men are suckers for that. ALL Men. They need that validation. Of course, they’re not that great and many women know this and we refuse to treat them like they are gods or some kind of idol. She’s also not nearly as attractive as he is. So, she just pinches herself probably every day. She can’t believe she’s with such a great looking man. She may just worship him forever. Some women are like that about men.

  17. 17
    gwen Says:

    This is so funny.

    Didn’t I say that WEWE watches EC as he sleeps ( not because she is so in love with him, but because she is afraid that he is going to get out of her bed and make his way to some elses.

    The sad part is that she really thinks that this little admission about him sleeping makes them look cute and adorable, but in the end it just supports that she is a stalker.

    No wonder EC looks old and depressed, he can’t get much sleep because WEWE has to watch him like a hawk.

  18. 18
    gwen Says:

    Come on JJ, we all know that WEWE set up this photo-op.

    So the better question is WHAT ARE WEWE and EC promoting this week? Does WEWE have some sort of concert? Does EC make an appearance on Chase? Is one of WEWE flops of a movie airing? Did ABC do yet another boo hoo WEWE is the victim interview? Or is this once again “My single is failing badly and I will hype it up using my affair with a man who can’t even keep a promise to his own kids” photo-op?

    This JJ was why Hollyscoop voted WEWE #1 on their Naughty list, what was it they said, these two pose for photos like it’s going out of style and then expect everyone to think it’s adorable.

    The more she tries to shove this farce down people’s throats, the more backlash she is going to get. She just keeps giving the public more and more reason to dislike her.

    Wasn’t WEWE holding hands with DS and smiling with him when WEWE claimed that she was unhappy and unfilled. So all WEWE just established is that she resorts to excessive pdas to compensate for her failing relationship. So EC is more than likely cheating on WEWE and we have WEWE to thank for this.

    BTW, EC looks horrible in those photos, well now we know why EC ages so fast. It’s because WEWE watches him as he sleeps.

    Is she serious? She is watching EC sleep, that isn’t super cute, that is super insecure. Really, does she think that his inability to stay faithful to her is so bad that she has to watch him like a hawk every sec of the day?

  19. 19
    gwen Says:

    Where did all of these “fans’ come from?

    That is right, it’s just WEWE posting under all these different names to make it look like she has fans and support because she wants to convince the record producers that her fanbase isn’t very low.

    1) roy:

    Well that is not what EC said. He said that it’s not conducive to play ANYTHING out in the public, yet EVERY WEEK and EVERY DAY he and his girlfriend play out the details of their “romance” because in WEWE mind, EC “love” doesn’t exist unless it is seen or heard.

    There IS something extremely wrong with WEWE tweeting. If she was in love, she wouldn’t be on twitter 24/7.

    No dear, no one is going to believe that EC is in love with WEWE, no
    no matter what she says, does, thinks or posts or has JJ write..

    So if everything we say has made them stronger WEWE wouldn’t have even bothered to make that tweet about how she watches EC sleep.

    That is not true. After their ABC interviews many people asked how are EC and LR going to convince people that they are in love when they are not even sure or confident in their own relationship?

    Wait, WEWE, I thought it was only a handful of people who dislike you. Now it’s just a dozen? Well according to the article by Hollyscoop, it’s more than just a dozen people who dislike you.

    HAHAHA The things you have to tell yourself, so now when peope slam you for trying to shove this farce down our throats, it’s made you stronger?

    This was a set up, how did you and EC manage to avoid the paps when your friend was in town?

    2) dui

    TRANSLATION: WEWE single must not be doing very well and she thinks that she can convince the record producers that the backlash isn’t REAL, but caused by BG.

    BTW, remember when WEWE tweeted that photo of her and EC with alcohol in their hands and then after they were spotted drinking, they got into a car and drove? So if you are so against drinking and driving, how come you are giving EC and LR a free pass?

    3) Jess:

    TRANSLATION: WEWE has to come to these sites and post positive comments in her own defense because she still can’t get the public to support her.

  20. 20
    gwen Says:

    WEWE called ALL of her mouthpieces to cover this photo-op: x17, Dailymail, Hollywood celeb site, and JJ.

    Well, we should think twitter dumb and twitter dumber for proving the Hollyscoop site right:

    “LeAnn gets our #1 pick because nobody likes a homewrecker. She basically flaunted her affair with Eddie Cibrian for everyone to see, and then cried because everyone hates her now.

    Last year at this time, Leann and her ex Dean Sheremet decided to divorce. It wasn’t long before LeAnn moved right in with Eddie. They pose for the paps like it’s going out of style, and expect everyone to think they’re adorable just because they’re in love.

    We understand that sometimes the love fizzles in a marriage, and you can even start developing feelings for someone else. But the way she went about the whole thing is just despicable. You’re naughty to the max, LeAnn, and deserve nothing but coal in your stocking this year! “

  21. 21
    ani Says:

    @gwen – “Where did ALL of these “fans” come from?” What are you on? There’s only 1 –Roy. Jess doesn’t sound like a fan and only says they look like a cute couple. Better question is Why are all these haters blaming her and not one thing is said about Eddie? Typical ignorant woman blaming the other woman. Eddie did nothing wrong right? Lemme guess, he’s innocent…she seduced him and forced him to leave his family? He had no choice?
    On another note… Did she get skinny? She looks like she’s lost weight. She looks good but if she gets ANY skinnier, she’ll look bad.

  22. 22
    LOL! Says:

    Hahaha the things YOU have to tell yourself. It sounds like you enjoy things being shoved down your throat.

  23. 23
    blair Says:

    These two idiots are stuck with each other. She is obsessed with him and he has no career and is obsessed with her money. That’s not love, that’s desperation.

  24. 24
    julie Says:

    Understand that they were coming from Church thats what LR said and that’s how they dress for Church must of been dress down day/ Any woman who watches a man while he sleeps is in serious need of help Does Eddei not realize just what he has done oh, well he deserves every smothering and controlling thing that happens to him because any man that cheats on his wife while she is pregnant is seriously ill tooThey are both liars and cheaters and they should go and camp out at the Church they will need it when their time comes

  25. 25
    gwen Says:


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) “Where did ALL of these “fans” come from?” What are you on? There’s only 1 –Roy.”

    That’s right because as always the evidence never really shows what it shows, right?

    2)”Jess doesn’t sound like a fan and only says they look like a cute couple. ”

    Come on, you pull the “they are a cute couple” posts all the time.

    3)”Better question is Why are all these haters blaming her and not one thing is said about Eddie?”

    Well WEWE, YOU get the blame because YOU just won’t shut up. Now I know that you can’t possibly understand this, but is JJ quoting EC tweets or yours?

    4)”Typical ignorant woman blaming the other woman. ”

    No WEWE, the ignorance is in people like you keep trying to make excuses for Leann or think that she should be absolved simply because she is a woman.

    If you do something wrong, you are going to reap the consequeces of those actions. If you don’t like it, then get off of twitter.

    5)”Eddie did nothing wrong right?”

    Well WEWE, YOU are the one tweeting 24/7. Just look at the post that JJ is quoting. We are not hearing EC talking about how he is watching you sleep are we?

    6)” Lemme guess, he’s innocent…she seduced him and forced him to leave his family? He had no choice?”

    Well EC is a very weak man who will do anything for money.

    Why do you seem to think that Leann gets a free pass?

    7)”On another note… Did she get skinny? She looks like she’s lost weight. She looks good but if she gets ANY skinnier, she’ll look bad.”

    Oh WEWE, how sad that you have to pose as your own fans just to convince the record execs that you have fans.

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