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'Narnia' Tops Box Office

'Narnia' Tops Box Office

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader took the top spot at this weekend’s box office with $25 million!

Second place was Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp‘s The Tourist with $17.5 million; Tangled 3D took third place with $15 million and a cumulative total of $116 million!

Rounding out the top five were Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with $8.4 million and Unstoppable with $3.8 million.

Although it’s only playing in 90 locations, Black Swan just missed landing in the top five spots and brought in $3.5 million for a very successful weekend.

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  • HO HO HO


  • 00000000000

    wow The bounty Hunter opened beter than the tourist. lmao…what a flop the tourist is. poor johnny.

  • ———-

    MANGELINA can’t open a movie. hahahhaha

  • mama angie


  • ivanka

    wow im a depp fan and i cant believe narnia top it :S i want to see the tourist, hopefully is not so bad as perez hilton said

  • blah


  • LoriLori

    of course Narnia opened at #1 it’s a family movie, The Tourist in no way failed opening at 2, unlike The Switch opened at #8 BOMB FAILURE just like Mangemant, LoveHappens

  • carlia

    100 mil budget. the tourist is a HUGE BOMB

  • dee
  • yep

    @LoriLori: is the way to feel better about yourself is to compare everything to jennifer! love happens made money. the switch cost 19 million to make and compared to 100 million it no way bomb. also the switch made money. management was a bad movie! if you are going to compare the critics gave this about the same as the bounty hunter so maybe next year the tourist will be on the top 10 worst movies! stars have hit and misses! i am sure overseas it will make its money.

  • dee

    Critical reception
    The Tourist met with largely negative reviews from critics. The film currently holds a 21%, or 4.1/10 rating, on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes and a 0% rating from the top critics. The site’s consensus was: “The scenery and the stars are undeniably beautiful, but they can’t make up for The Tourist’s slow, muddled plot, or the lack of chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.”[4]
    Notable film critic Roger Ebert gave the film 2 out of 4 possible stars, stating that “it doesn’t matter that the plot is absurd. That goes with the territory. But if it’s not going to be nonstop idiotic action, then the acting and dialogue need a little style and grace and kidding around”


  • yep

    @———-: this thread isn’t about jen isn’t that you loons say? why are you the 1st to bring her up? to attempt to make yourself look better. ALL stars have hit and misses. you don’t have to down another person to make yourself look better. how sad to think that way. deflecting doesn’t work just makes you look like you can’t accept responsibility or acknowledge hey it isn’t the best. it happens to ALL of us.

  • nymph

    Ouchhh owww hopefully her 10 kids will give her lots of hugs to make her feel better. I think people are tired of her..

  • OH NO

    The Tourist bombed, not even Johnny could save it. American are tired of that piece of shit slut Jolie.

  • dee


    the think is love…. THE SWITCH didnt cost 100 MILLION unlike THE TOURIST which did

    THE SWITCH cost like 19 MILLION and within its released it covered that COST ….

    unlike THE TOURIST that cost 100 MILLION but brought in under a ABYSMAL 20 MILLION…..

    ONE WORD….


  • OH NO

    The Tourist bombed, not even Johnny could save it. American are tired of that piece of shiiit sluut Jolie.

  • nymph

    Wait until Tron Legacy comes out next week..omg it won’t be good for The Tourist.

  • yep

    @dee: i find that interesting being pulled from the theatre within a few weeks if it doesn’t make money. i wonder how that works does the theatre get a certain percentage and if it doesn’t make a certain percentage then they have to pay? or what? do you know?

  • What’s next

    Brad Pitt dumps Angelina Jolie. Amen.

  • Flick to video

    Salt comes out next week on video. The for sure death knell is how quick a movie goes from the box off to the video. Trying to recoup as much and as fast as possible. Salt came out when, Sept, Oct and a few months later, at wal-mart. LOL

  • LoriLori

    Apparently you did not read comment #2, they mentioned Jenhag movie 1st.
    Jolie’s career -and JD- will in no way suffer from a #2 opening, AJ still owns Hollywood and she OWNS you and the other nut job that stalk her every move!

  • dee


    You know what I don’t know…. I think the theatres get refund because of the FLOP….

    I’m just LAUGHING of how this “so called blockbuster” film FLOPPED with 2 of the BEST A list Actors….

    Awwww…. I Feel so sorry for Johnny…. *sad face*

  • Afysel

    U can say it bombed..atleast no angelina jolie movie has ever debuted at#8 HAHAHAHA.thats how people said salt was a bomb,it has made 300MIL.wen aniston’s movies make such cash wen she’s the only star of the movie,holla at me..dnt worry the international markets would favour dat haterz..hahahahahahaha

  • HO HO HO

    this will BOMB overseas too. mark my words!!

  • What’s next

    Sluut Jolie movie flopped, if Brad dumps her, it sends her right into mental hospital. bawahhahahha

  • Afysel

    People dont know that Narnia opened in 300 more theaters than Narnia is a family movie and its a franchise,it already has its all those who hate Angie ‘cos she’s richer than them or prettier,what a pity!all you have is hate in your heartz!shame on u all

  • JC

    Wow I can’t believe how badly The Tourist bombed. The movie looks pretty stupid but I thought the star power alone would help it have a big opening weekend. Black Swan on the other hand is building up major momentum and will be a big awards player. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Afysel

    Its even Narnia that bombed..its supposed to open higher than that ‘cos its a franchise movie..look at how Harry potter,twilight opened..yet u trolls think tourist bombed..haha,NARNIA DID

  • LoriLori

    Remember what critics said about your 45yoa ugly mean idol JA in the BH-
    “She is notorious for NOT finding that on-screen chemistry, “by AT @ Get the big picture.
    She has several stinkers to be released soon, more nude photo’s ,anything to take your eyes off her Face!!

  • pat

    awww really?
    does anybody remember A Might Heart?
    OR ‘Beyond Borders’ – No? Well there’s a reason for that. those barely cracked the top 10.

    For a supposed $100M budget and 2 “A” list stars and ITALY as the background, and all the media blitzkreig. It couldn’t even muster a measly $20M? Goes to show. if Jolie doesn’t have a gun in her hand or a pout on her lips, NO ONE CARES.

    Mega movie star my a$$.

    Man – poor Johnny,

  • ann


  • yep

    @LoriLori: you do have issues? only God owns me! i didn’t even see the remark when i was commenting however my thought process is still the same it still isn’t about jennifer! this movie is about joie and johnny! like i said before – ALL stars have movies at times aren’t box office hits – still haven’t said anything mean or nasty about jolie! lol! like a child own me! i am sorry i still am laughing at that! it isn’t about being a number 2 opening it is the dollar amount that makes it a hit or not along with critic reviews. if you really read what i wrote at no point did i down the movie or jolie! to sad you only see negative and jump. for not seeing #2 comment i am big enough to say i’m apologize. however God will always own me – jolie has no power over me.

  • The Truth

    The Tourist was never supposed to open at #1 next to Narnia, in fact the projections had it opening at #2.

  • pat

    black swan on the other hand? major buzz. i can’t wait for it to go on wide release, or I might just have to find an art house somewhere….

  • The Truth

    @Flick to video:
    Naw Salt was out in July….try again!

  • pat


    i’ll give you that.
    Funny how none of this rationalization and analysis of theater count happened for the switch [which by the way, opened at much higher per theater numbers than most 'romantic' comedies that have come out including Drew B. vehicle, morning glory, love and other drugs, etc, etc.]

    you loons sure wear your delusions on your sleeves for everyone to see. it cracks me up.

  • yep

    @Afysel: deflecting! why is jennifer nothing to loons yet when something in jolie’s ilfe isn’t up to part it is compared to jennifer? is jennifer you standard? there were only 2 new movies – narnia and the tourist so bringing jen into the mix you look like you are grasping according to your comments. you can’t have it both ways. the movie wasn’t a success by box office or critics. also like i said earlier most likely it will do better overseas. trying to bring jennifer down makes you look small and desperate. it happens ALL stars have bombs.

  • yep

    @Afysel: 300 theaters is nothing. you are making excuses and not making the movie look better. over 1,000 would be different.

  • pat

    @The Truth: it’s not at what position it opened as much as how BADLY it opened. You get that right? for all the talk and gloating [and man do these loons gloat], it must be a TERRIBLE let down to have this movie be outclassed by bounty hunter.

  • yep

    @LoriLori: lol! deflecting

  • Belle

    What happened to all her fans?? I guess they were too busy fighting people on just jared?? lol, it will make about 10 million by Dec. 17-19. Its cold and christmas is around the corner people are bussy, who has time for movies anyway. James Cameron was extremely lucky with Avatar a year ago, same can’t be said for this movie o well.

  • lovejoy

    Cimpared to how much it cost to make it,18 mil is not good…. It should be better overseas, they love them over there…. Kinda wish it did better though, only because I love Johnny.

  • yep

    @pat: lol! i think you must be right about the bounty hunter!

  • Emily

    As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew it wasn’t for me: Jolie’s unbearable mid-Atlantic accent and ‘couture on a scarecrow’ wardrobe and Depp miscast in a so-called romantic action comedy.

    This sort of crapfest shows us why Hollywood deserves to go out of business.

  • Jack

    Why do the Loons always have to pull in Jennifer Aniston? They are so obsessed. Talk about desperate and pathetic.

    FYI, The Switch, which opened on far fewer screens had a higher per screen average than The Tourist so yeah, the Tourist is a huge flop. The Switch made it’s money back and last time I checked Mighty Heart and dozens of other Jolie films have bombed and barely cracked the top ten-Beyond Borders, Talking Lives, Original Sin, Pushing Tin, even Tomb Raider 2 lost close to $100 million. People have never warmed up to Jolie’s Oscar bait films and apparently they have grown tired of her one note action films.

    And Lorilori, the only one Jolie owns is desperate, pathetic hags like you.

  • yep

    @Afysel: narnia isn’t on the same level as the movies you mentioned. narnia is a Christian series written by C.S. Lewis in fact Disney sold the rights to Fox who cut the budget down to 100 million and in truth i didn’t see any ads on tv like i did the tourist or the internet like the tourist or talk shows like the tourist. however it is a wonderful series of books for children to read and i enjoyed the movie. a slow start but got good for a chid’s movie.

  • tazzy

    @LoriLori: Right on Lori. These haters are whacked. I sit here and shake my head at their silliness. Listen, don’t worry about The Tourist or Angelina. At the end of the day the movie will make bank. Angelina will still be the most sought after actress in the world. Nothing will change despite all the doom and gloom predictions from the hater’s brigade.

  • ronda

    hahahahahha loss movie The Tourist

  • IA

    jennifer is bravooooooooooo

  • Glee

    HHHAAAAAA and what a way to bomb in second place and at 17 Million more that twice what jen last turkey baster made at 2nd place not 8th.
    Well if this is bombing keep at it Angelina because she is still better than jen at and in everything. She had beauty, the brain, the talent, the kids oh yes the 6 kids, and i am sure she is not in cabo with mans best friend drinking her sorrows away, she has everything.