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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Balcony Break with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Balcony Break with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban relax on their balcony on Sunday (December 12) in Sydney, Australia.

The 43-year-old actress exercised by jumping rope while her husband sunbathed shirtless.

Their adorable daughter Sunday Rose danced around while her parents relaxed.

Earlier in the day, the happy family arrived in the Australian city from Los Angeles, where Nicole has been promoting her new film Rabbit Hole.

Nicole is in Sydney to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show during the talk show host’s great big Australian Adventure!

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  • Linda

    I don’t understand why their condo is so open to the public/paparrazi’s view.

  • Bebe

    I hope they seriously think about putting additional childproof guard on top of that railing. With those chairs and tables on the balcony, a child can step on them and look over the railing any second. None of my business, but ….

  • asha

    Yah know I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw Nicole pictured with her two older kids with Tom. It has been YEARS! Do they even still consider her their mother?

  • Serena


    And that’s your busines because …..?

  • Speak Now


    Why do people do this on every thread of Nicole’s? You have zero respect for her personal life, get a clue.

  • asha

    @Serena: If you really want to be like than…is anything on any of these gossip websites anyone’s business??? Go read a damn book if you have a problem with people speculating.

  • asha

    I could care less about Nicole Kidman… it was a question. I’m sorry your panties are so far up your butt that you are defending a person you don’t even know. It comes with the territory. She is a public figure and I am free to make all the comments I want.

  • ———

    attention whore

  • vegancrazy

    Yum! Keith Urban shirtless! It don’t get better than that! Lucky Nicole!

  • brad

    lol they knew the paps were there. man, these two are embarrassing

  • rihanna

    nicole abandoned her kids to be with her alcoholic husband. this marriage won’t last. mark my words.

  • mama angie

    ewww put a shirt on. old men these days….yuck

  • amanda

    @brad: and what are they supposed to do?? stop living their life. they are a normal family and they should be able to whatever they want. they just arrived from a a very long trip and they are relaxing themselves. please give them a break!

  • westly

    asha what’s the point of asking the same damn question every time there’s a new Kidman photo. Do you think you’re going to get an answer? Better yet why do you assume because they haven’t been photographs released they are never together. The kids aren’t photographed every single time they are with Tom or Katie somewhere. We’d have more photos than there are gossip sites.

  • love them!

    love this couple soo soo so much! hopee they stay together forever, they are perfect for one another!! :) <3 :D

  • ———–

    nicole is acting very attention whorney lately. hmm…trouble in paradise?!

    at least we can’t see her botoxed face.

  • eve

    Someone needs to remind the skeptics that both of Nicole’s older children are near adults. It’s your choice to post what you want but it’s your own fault that you look foolish, desperate, and bitter doing it.

  • asha

    @westly: First off, again it was a question. It is not something that I think about every time I see a picture of Nicole Kidman. Frankly, I could care less. It is not my life. AND…there are numerous pictures of Tom, Katie, and his three kids especially from this past summer. Like I said maybe you people need to back away from the computer if you are this defensive over a celebrity.

  • westly

    You’re telling me you don’t read this blog frequently enough to know every time there’s a new photo, like clockwork, somebody asks about Nicole’s older kids? But you do know about the Cruise’s summer photos. Is there a bridge you’d like to sell me?

  • marnie

    worst mom in the world. even britney spears is a better mom. remember when she locked herself with her kids in the bathroom? you could tell she really loves her kids. nicole abandoned them. how can this creature have fans???

  • lolololololololololololololol

    Another skeptic drooling over the Andrew Morton book.

  • asha

    @westly: Honestly I don’t read people’s comments so I wouldn’t know. I am a fan of pop culture. I come on here, look at the pictures and move on with my life. Why are you jumping down my throat because I am writing what everyone else is thinking. So, am I not suppose to comment because someone else has asked the same question in a previous post?? Really I don’t keep track, I do have a life.

  • eliza


    If you really want to know the answer to your question, Google “suppressive person” and “disconnection” and read a little
    about Scientology. Bella and Connor are Scientologists like their father.

  • marsha_b

    Honestly get a life, haters. Keith Urban doesn’t want you. He never wanted you. He’ll never want you in the future.

  • Linda

    I was told by insiders that Tom doesn’t allow the older kids to be away from home (especially Connor) that they won’t be able to do their Scientology rituals.
    I think she might have lost some rights/having time with kids after giving some interviews after the divorce.


    hahha the kidman fans are desperate. making up shit about things they don’t know.

    anyway, she is a botox freak

  • boston61

    Keith is an addict who was in need of a mother and stability in his life. Nicole is his MOM!!!!!! Why else would he be with her. She is an old grandma.

  • bety

    Put a shirt on urban you have bigger boobs then kidman

  • Sally


  • Tazlena

    They have been brainwashed to have nothing to do with Nicole because she is not a Scientologist. It’s probably done subtly but the message has sunk in. At this point they probably feel completely disconnected from Nicole. Even if they did see her, they would at this point feel uncomfortable, away from their friends, in a strange city, bored. It all makes sense.

  • velt

    who would marry a man that cheated on them? doesn’t spell love to me.

  • Jokergurl

    Keith looks GOOD! They’re in Australia, maybe one of those pesky photographers will get bitten by one of those hundreds of pesky poisonous spiders or snakes Australia has. Paparazzi, not a job it’s an ANNOYANCE.

  • S

    Maybe their boat will sink . They are out in the harbor, with a camara & lense so big and heavy it could tip them over!

    we could only hope

  • Dannie

    Thought he was Miley’s dad.

  • babs

    Why am I not surprised by all the mean and hateful comments about this couple. I read through all the comments! People are so hateful in life these days that they can say one thing positive about anyone. Is it anyone’s business that she doesn’t get to spend much time with her other kids. Is it anyone’s business that she exercises. I still think this couple loves each other dearly. I believe several people have addictions that might not be with drinks but food, sex or drugs. Does getting help still make you a loser like people have stated. None. I admire people that have courage to admit there was a problem and want to correct it. I would one time to see people say something nice! Look in the mirror at yourself before you type.

  • babs

    I dont think its being defensive. I think its called being nice. Yes! Everyone can have an opinion! Correct! Are we not adults? Is it your business what they do or don’t do? Hmmmmm!!! Right back at you! I just think being mean and tacky on a celebrity website page is hmmm. I just will not out it into words.

  • helen

    is that a baby bump? it would explain why she isn’t in a bikini

  • Janie

    Keith looks amazing (look at those flat abs) and how jealous am I that he’s in the warm sun while I’m having snow storms and frigid temps. VERY!

    I am also concerned about that balcony – remember Eric Clapton’s boy? I hope they watch her like a hawk on that balcony. Even better- I’d move somewhere more private and on ground level.

    How annoying it must be to be photographed while relaxing at home?

  • growup

    Hey hater – Nicole is jumping rope while you sit on your flabby behind posting crap about someone you don’t even know. She’s a winner. She has Keith. You’re a loser who will never have Keith – oh, except in your dreams. You’ve exercised your little fingers and mean comments enough. Get that jump rope out!

  • shi

    Some people here are disgusting!

    Nicole is absolutely amazing in her room!She just do what she wants do in her own room!!It’s no bussiness of yours!!Get away!!!!

    ‘Do you think the people will mad at nicole when you said this???You are stupid person ever!!!

    Those words to someone who attack nicole!!!

    We love her,so do not waste your fu*k time on here!!Nobody likes!

  • sweet

    Keith is hot!!!I saw many other pics including sunday on the balcony,she is the sweetest girl ever!!!
    So beautiful ,so health!!!

  • lovejj

    Nic!!!!!!Great Day! Thanks JJ. I love JJ.

  • justjared ding

    I love nicole kidman!!

    Please put more pics here!!!and including sunday rose!!!

    She is growing cuter!!!!!!

    Love the family!

  • rose rose

    Love sunday so much!!!!

    Lo ve them when they are in Aus!!!!will have a lot of pics!!!!!!

  • Lily

    I don’t see Sunday in those pictures. Where???????

  • irene olson

    These pictures are not appropriate. This is a total invasion of the Urban’s privacy. Their condo is a penthouse; many stories up. There is a lurking photographer quite a distance away. How sad for Keith and Nicole that they cannot relax in the privacy of their home. If they were at the public beach, that would be different, but their home. So terrible.

  • stpb

    The most interesting thing is if you take away the arguing here, there are only 6 positive comments; half of which are lusting after Keith’s body. That says a lot for the Urban’s popularity ito THE ART. Maybe they are happy about the arguing; it makes them appear more popular; even though we are talking about a small handful of people using many names, in particular SKEWER MISTRESS who will use on average about 15 different names by the time she has exhausted the thread and abused everyone. Clearly upset no-one goes to her sick blog.

  • stpb

    @irene olson:

    Just a small question to you, Irene:

    Did you click on the pictures and ‘Zoom’?

    Did anyone else who is upset by the invasion of privacy ‘zoom’ in on the pics?

    They know the paps are there; Keith is looking directly into one of the lenses. Also, why do we never see them cheerfully laughing and playing when in ‘private’ like here, on holiday; only when in public. There is no feeling of “happiness” on that balcony; so it amuses me that people are SO convinced and “know” they are happy ‘at home’. We just don’t know that. (I’m not saying that they aren’t, just that nobody knows, except them and their families, maybe.) So all of the arguying on threads here is a complete waste of time. Well, I suppose not; it gives SKEWER MISTRESS a reason to get up in the morning.

  • stpb


    You seem to know so much about the blog Urban Myths; why? Do you hang out there and DEVOUR every word?? Of course you do. And what is your other favourite site: E!Online? (You ALWAYS mention both of them here on virtually all of your posts). “5 YEARS” of sucking it all up! What do you think that has done for your soul? Who is the embittered one, really? Think about it.

  • Sally

    Beautiful family, relaxing after a very long trip in the privacy of their home.

    Such a pretty little girl, dancing around in the sunshine with her family on a short vacation.

    Thanks JJ, life is good sometimes huh?