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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Balcony Break with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Balcony Break with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban relax on their balcony on Sunday (December 12) in Sydney, Australia.

The 43-year-old actress exercised by jumping rope while her husband sunbathed shirtless.

Their adorable daughter Sunday Rose danced around while her parents relaxed.

Earlier in the day, the happy family arrived in the Australian city from Los Angeles, where Nicole has been promoting her new film Rabbit Hole.

Nicole is in Sydney to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show during the talk show host’s great big Australian Adventure!

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100 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Balcony Break with Sunday Rose!”

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  1. 76
    Sydney Says:


    Sad. Just Sad.

    The apartment was purchased because it a a mile from her family ‘s house, with the swings, huge yard, and swimming cove.

    The front door of their holiday apartment is across the street from a beautiful park fronting the harbour. Miles of grass and tress right out the front door.

  2. 77
    Danielle Says:

    This quote is from this week. Doesn’t sound as tho she NEVER sees her “other” kids. She has always spoken lovingly about them. And friends in Nashville have seen at least Bella with her on several occasions. Unlike Tom, she guards Bella’s privacy because Bella doesn’t like the limelight. Furthermore she has also said that Bella and Connor have babysat for Sunday.

    “I’m in a state of absolute wonder, having all this in my life, I never thought this was going to be me in my forties. A new baby. I just love the energy of young children in the house, it is just lovely. It puts me in a state of humility and compassion,” Kidman told Pop Tarts while promoting her new drama “Rabbit Hole,” which she both starred in and produced. “I just want to have my husband, my baby and Bella and Conner. For me, they’re my favorite people in the world.”

  3. 78
    HoHoHo Says:

    He is a sun worshipper, and she shellacks herself with sunscreen. Talk about complete opposites!

  4. 79
    Lee Says:



  5. 80
    ErotikTurk Says:

    nicole kidman gel bereber spor yapalım yavrum benim yiyim senin o toş gibi kalçalarınımemeleri amcığınıyalayım senim seksiyavru seni içeneboşaltayım ağıznaveripyalatayım bebeğim sikerimsenisabaha kadar

  6. 81
    fromadistance Says:

    Why would you hate a woman who married a man any woman would be thrilled to have? You can’t blame her. He in incredible! It was bound to happen eventually. Five years into the marriage, you would think people would get over it. How long does it take? Admit it to yourself. You would hate any woman he married. But also put yourself in her position. Marry Keith or keep his ex’s happy. No brainer! LOL

  7. 82
    Truth be known Says:

    99.99% of the haters aren’t exes. Just obsessed middle aged fans who never had a chance with him.

  8. 83
    Sad but true Says:


    Women are their own worst enemies. Can you see grown men acting like this over Miranda or Carrie?

  9. 84
    fromadistance Says:

    Okay, sorry. You are probably right. That’s even more ridiculous. I guess all hot celebs have overly obsessed fans that dream of marrying that person and hate the real spouse. Ew. That’s actually gross when you think about it. Some hag from some suburb far away, thinking they deserve to have Keith Urban. EWWWWW!

  10. 85
    Janie Says:

    It is definitely gross. It’s sad that some people’s minds won’t let them live in their own world. They lose touch with reality. The internet fuels their obsession too. The more they read about the person, look at pictures and vidoes, the more they think that person is a part of their life. SCARY!

  11. 86
    You don't know the half of it Says:


    All I’ll say is don’t let their posts fool you. If you see glowing comments about Keith’s past girlfriends it’s all an act. Read the real message boards, the ones that you have to be a member to see, and you’ll find a whole other story. These women hate Nicole but they hate Niki and the rest too.

  12. 87
    fromadistance Says:

    No, I don’t know the half of it, but honestly I really don’t want to. I’m sickened by what I see here. The mental illness must surely be frightening for any celebrity. The good news is that their money can protect them from such losers. Women generally aren’t violent, so that’s a good thing. Their words on the internet are probably their biggest danger. If that’s the worst of it, Keith and family aren’t affected.

  13. 88
    You are correct Says:

    This family is protected. The relationships these women think they have are all in their mind. Hanging out in Nashville for a week doesn’t give you access. These women are so mentally ill they have faked relationships with KU and told stories to each other. There is backstabbing and competition within the group. Frenemies.

    The most pathetic thing is when you read them complaining that KU lives in a gated community and why has he turned into such an a-hole. The truth is they long for the days when Keith and other struggling musicians like him lived in an everyday neighborhood like Berry Hill because let’s face it, stalking is much easier that way. It’s also much easier for them to post daily that Keith and Nicole don’t really live together or Nicole doesn’t live in Nashville than to accept Nicole is friends with other women in the Nashville music community and the Urbans have a real marriage and life together.

  14. 89
    Lee Says:

    @You are correct:

    more pathetic than people wasting time on celebrities is people like you (guessing and) wasting time on people you haven’t the foggiest who they are. Losers! How much time do you waste on this shiite, huh??
    Take you a bet, keith is lousy in the sack anyway; most beautiful men are! You are ALL wasting your time pathetically fighting over him like tweenies, treating him like a GOD; he is an ordinary mortal who happens to play guitar well. The charm? Part of the package. You don’t realise how idiotic you ALL look. The lovers and the haters.

  15. 90
    Sydney Says:


    The Kidmans have lived in the same normal house for over 40 years, it’s public knowledge, he is a doctor, LOL.

    The photos are obviously of the penthouse of the Milson Point Sharp building.

    I know my city and I attended class with Mr. Kidman a decade ago, he lives next to his office..

    Project much?

  16. 91
    webbie Says:

    How about the story that Keith and Nicole don’t live together in Nashville and never spend time with their daughter. It’s easier for them that way than to admit to themselves that Keith and Nicole are *gasp* sleeping together. According to them, Nicole’s sister gave birth to Sunday and her mom smuggled a baby into Nashville the night Sunday *supposedly* was born. After a photo surfaced of Nicole’s sister obviously not pregnant a couple of months before Sunday’s birth, then the story became that Sunday was actually older and the stand in baby was switched to the little girl we see now.

    I kid you not.

  17. 92
    But there's more Says:

    That’s just one version! How about these!

    Keith donated sperm as per the contract.
    Nicole tricked him into impregnating her.
    Antonia (Nicole’s sis) had the baby for Nicole.
    Shane (Keith’s bro) donated sperm. Kidman has the entire Urban family under duress.
    Her personal trainer is the father.
    Her security guy is the father.
    Kidman adopted and the nanny is the baby’s real mother.
    Kidman adopted from Eastern Europe because Sunday “looks Eastern European”
    Sunday is at least 3 months older than her published birthdate because she is tall.
    The pregnancy was fake because Nicole didn’t publicly release the birth certificate for inspection.
    She paid off the Nashville hospital where Sunday was allegedly born.
    There were stunt babies because Kidman couldn’t get a guaranteed date for the adoption to be legal.
    Pictures that didn’t show infant Sunday’s face were prop babies from a movie studio.
    Nicole’s baby bump was a pregnancy suit from a movie studio.
    Nicole made sure to only have Sunday photographed from one side because she had a deformity on the other.
    Sunday is developmentally challenged because he mother overexercised and starved herself to death.
    Nicole had scheduled a double procedure – Caesarean and tummy tuck – regardless of what her doctor told her was medically sound.
    The biological mother gave birth at their Nashville home and Nicole had the soiled mattress buried on the farm because they were seen mattress shopping shortly after Sunday was born.

  18. 93
    maggie Says:

    LOL. I don’t understand how anyone can look at the child and not think she is Keith’s.

  19. 94
    qwerty Says:

    @But there’s more:

    I remember specifically when Nicole went to London for a film and got photographed with Sunday in a sling they said she was walking around without a real baby. They said it was a sack of potatoes or cheese. That was the first time I read the hate they were spreading. These women have more than a screw loose and they’re the ones trying to convince everybody Nicole is mentally ill. Why won’t the E people get rid of them?

  20. 95
    What, there's more? Says:

    @But there’s more:

    Why on earth do you let it bother you so much – go somewhere else.
    You just might be the silliest of all. lol.

  21. 96


    No Dear, this is Antonia Kidman, 2 and a 1/2 months before Sunday was born.

    That is an Internet rumour spread by one very jealous Urban fan and believed only by idiots conspiracy theorists.

    Nashville Here.

    PS: They live on North ________, a few doors down….and they live together. jog together, shop together, bike together, and hang at the mall, Gym, Starbucks, and the book store. They also drive he baby to pre-school every day, all within 2 miles of the street…just like everyone else.

  22. 97
    lolololololololololololololol Says:

    @What, there’s more?:

    When does your skeptic monitor shift end?

  23. 98
    TIM GUNN Says:

    My particular favorite moronic rumour is the nose job.

    Especially, as her younger sister, three nieces, and her father all have the identical nose:

  24. 99
    Just wondering Says:

    @lolololololololololololololol: when your bunny turds will be picked up? It is really beginning to stink in here!

  25. 100
    lolololololololololololololol Says:

    It doesn’t take much to find skeptics trying to post as the regular public does it?

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