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Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royal Engagement Pictures!

Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royal Engagement Pictures!

Prince William and Kate Middleton look very much in love as they pose for photos in the Cornwall House of St. James’ Palace on Thursday (November 25) in London, England.

Prince William and Kate, both 28, had their official engagement portraits taken by celebrity photographer Mario Testino.

The two announced their engagement last month and will marry in the spring or summer of next year. After their wedding, William will continue his service in the Royal Air Force!

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prince william kate middleton engagement pictures 01
prince william kate middleton engagement pictures 02

Credit: Mario Testino; Photos: Getty
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65 Responses to “Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royal Engagement Pictures!”

  1. 1
    laura Says:

    Awww..That second pic is Adorable :’)..They make a really good couple!

  2. 2
    Listen to mayday parade Says:

    I hope this isn’t the official picture. It’s not very “engagement” like. Engagement pictures tend to make the couple look in love while being able to see the gorgeous ring. Whether they are holding each others hands, gazing into each others eyes or even kissing. This looks like an every day shot of the couple. Gorgeous couple, but I want to see some real pics! Every girl deserves that!

  3. 3
    Slig^_^ Says:

    Prince like poor and older

  4. 4
    vanessa Says:

    she’s very pretty but he looks like he’s losing weight

  5. 5
    Slig^_^ Says:

    He want new girl

  6. 6
    Slig^_^ Says:

    All celeb losing weight coz want beauty handsome

  7. 7
    Syl Says:

    Actually, they will marry on Friday, 29th April, it’s confirmed!!

  8. 8
    Deadpool Says:

    Nice to know these freeloaders could give two ***** about the kids and students are going through. Literally disregarding all the riots all the protestsw and still think that that pricey wedding is going to be acceptible-and guess whose money is paying for it. That money should go to those universities, Im definatelly feeling sorry for the brits they’re all good at taking it up the ass and doing nothing to stop it.

  9. 9
    Slig^_^ Says:


  10. 10
    kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!! Says:

    omg prince william go to bald ,
    go to the drugstore and buy shampoo and hair cream because you become bald.
    And she want some surgery in here face

  11. 11
    YAY Says:

    Aaaw. This is cute. I’m glad they are engaged and happy.

  12. 12
    Kim Says:

    wish them all the best!

  13. 13
    mememe Says:


    totally agree. Also, to be honest – i’m just sooooo bored of hearing about it already. And i don’t even live in the UK – if i did, i’d probably go crazy by the time April rolls around.

  14. 14
    K.k Says:

    Yeah but they wried cute

  15. 15
    Emme Says:

    He something like gay but gay fast

  16. 16
    Slig^_^ Says:

    He dont have body

  17. 17
    Sophie Says:

    It’s a ROYAL engagement photo, not some tacky run of the mill snap shot with rings, ya twit.

    I doubt we’ll be seeing any shotty pics of them with fingers laced, staring into one another’s eyes. F*cks sake.

  18. 18
    wapik Says:

    one world – CUTE

  19. 19
    wapik Says:

    sorry :D ONE WORD – CUTE

  20. 20
    Dr.Coffee Says:

    Awesome ! Two fearless young people in love ! They broke up for some time ,right ? Glad they gave each other a second chance. You never know.

  21. 21
    Sandra Says:

    Wow that first picture is just so …. perfect.



  22. 22
    Cleo Says:

    Awwww, love the second pic! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

  23. 23
    say what? Says:


    Don’t take it out on William and Kate, you are being manipulated by the media. The media runs everything into the ground and the subjects pay the price. Too bad the public couldn’t know every detail of editors, publishers, CEOs and reporters’ lives….turn the tables and stalk them.

  24. 24
    Brightside Says:

    I am now officially bored to death with the pair of them! The tabloids and news programmes in England have talked about nothing else since the announcement. So glad I am only here a few months.

  25. 25
    teletori Says:

    Both photos are really nice. They look like the real deal.

  26. 26
    Zoe Says:

    @Deadpool, England is a democracy and not run by a dictator. If you no longer want to support the royal family then you can change that.

  27. 27

    Beautiful girl. A lovely couple! Prince Willaim has done well for himself. Lady Di would have been proud. =^_^=

    I love her dress.

  28. 28
    Jnag Says:

    who gives a F%&K about these spoil BRATS! They don’t give a damn about any one you either. You idiots continue to worship them as if they were GODS……… Get a life people!

  29. 29
    calixta Says:

    is that crows feet? they look old…especially William, also with his balding hair

  30. 30
    kristin Says:

    She’s very pretty. Good photos.

  31. 31
    Louise Says:

    Did the Queen confirm that Kate is fertile and able to have children? Isn’t that sort of required, to provide an heir?

  32. 32
    Deadpool Says:


    When youve got a blind tax syatem there is no such thing as democracy. I would understand it if we pay up but not automatically pay from wages; or better yet be able to CHOOSE where my tax money goes and to whom. The queen literally own half the world just imagin how much money that translates into. Ever penny costs the public bundles and now ireland is bailed out, and student pay the price? They cut everything an dmake the kid pat for the idiocy? THEN they want the people to pay for these two outlandishly priced wedding? Where is the democracy again?

  33. 33
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    There’s no such thing as democracy. There are two segments of the population – the elite and the rest of us. The elite, including govt, royals and the all important corporations work in their own interests and to gain more money, the rest of us are left to hang. The point is, when people are preoccupied with X Factor, American Idol, etc and only that, the elite can get away with anything and they do.

  34. 34
    MangerBouger Says:

    @Iffy Miffy: well said !

  35. 35
    dawn Says:

    She is too pretty for him

  36. 36
    Gerry Says:

    Keep flashing Princess Diana’s ring you wannabe. So sick of these two free loaders. I feel sorry for the poor students with high school fees while the Royals go around living on the people’s money. The should learn a lesson from the French, overthrow by the people is around the corner if they keep this up.

  37. 37
    mimi78 Says:

    Why the hell is this in the media? Royalty should all be either dead and buried or simply irrelevant.

  38. 38
    laverdadduele Says:

    So nice to see a young couple doing things right, courtship and marriage.

  39. 39
    Living in the UK Says:

    @Iffy Miffy:

    Well said and I completly agree!!

  40. 40
    Living in the UK Says:


    totally agree with what you say. I’m not English but I live and work in the UK and I am absolutely ENRAGED I have to pay for their wedding!!!! Honesttly, with everything’s that been going on in the word and in the financial world this year, how can they ask this from us???

  41. 41
    g Says:

    @Deadpool: that’s the entire point of all of this…so the rest of the world focuses on them instead of the real concerns of england, etc.

  42. 42
    californiagirl Says:

    Great pictures of them!

  43. 43
    Deadpool Says:

    Well, then we just won’t allow that to happen. No way inhell are the people both abroad and at home in England should allow these two to distract us form the actual picture. For shame on these two for calling themseleves reglar people when in actuality they are anything but and hurt the people who they claim they care for. If thsi wedding has to happen let it happen but NOT with that budget; that money should go to the students, or better yet the nation. How many more year must ood people endure the crumbs and how many more of the children will they sacrifice: answer NONE The riots proved one thing; if England doesnt listen to it people; the people will MAKE England listen.

    People shouldnt be afraid of their governments. It’s the governments who should be afraid of the people.

  44. 44
    The Truth Says:

    These people have been “about to” get married for the past 5 years. On a positive note: she is pretty!

  45. 45
    nyob Says:

    Beautiful pictures.

    I am not English, but I have to agree that asking the people to pay for this wedding is just unbelievable. I don’t know the details on how this all works, but if the public is footing the bill for it, then they should be embarrassed. They have the money to pay for it themselves, just like the rest of the world. If the public is paying for it, I hope they will not be too over the top in their wedding, although I expect they will. Gotta put on a show to justify their existence.

  46. 46
    Deadpool Says:

    @nyob: Just find out how much the cost is and think whether or not the People can even afford a 3rd of that cost. People cant pay for their own weddings but they are expected to pay for these two? Out of the question; it’s pure criminal and there are going to be alot more riots because the people are through with this.

  47. 47
    ding dong Says:

    dont care

  48. 48
    GPS Says:

    They are both laughing at the British taxpayers.

  49. 49
    Angela Says:

    @ laverdadduele: courtship? they have been living together since college you fool. They have a place together right now. He has been there and done that. There is no virgin bride. Good for them, didn’t go so well with the virginal diana. but it’s got to be embarrassing that the whole country is paying for their wedding.

  50. 50
    Jasmine Says:

    He’s pretty freakin ugly for a prince. And who cares about this? Let the British media cover these people. Honestly, I don’t see why Americans would give a fk because I certainly don’t.

  51. 51
    eva Says:

    Chill out guys, at least we get a day off work on the 29 April :)

  52. 52
    no name Says:

    Sorry to be a kiljoy… but OMG if you guys saw a real pic of her like this one, then you would know how photoshoped these pictures really are!

    or this one:

    Plus if any of you have followed their relationship over the last 8 years (at least minimally) you’ll know what social climbers Kate and her family really are. Of course she is happy, she’s slept her way to getting that ring, she might as well be happy.

    It is interesting that there are no pictures of Kate with any of the senior royals though. Although it’s not like any of them knew about their engagement until 2 and a half hours before it was made public (and William should have asked Her Majesy The Queen’s permision, not ust TELL her about it the moring before the engagement). These two are selfish twits!!!!

  53. 53
    wackybutnice Says:

    Looks like he is losing his hair fast!!!

  54. 54
    BB Says:

    You must be kidding….these two care about the students?
    No way. How about Grandma caring about the students?
    Not a chance. This family is on its last leg of their royal B.S. and they know it. The people of the UK are fed up paying too many taxes for them to live in luxury. I hope they end it once and for all.
    It’s ridiculous and has been for centuries.

  55. 55
    mary Says:

    Listen to mayday parade@ 12/12/2010

    sorry to upset your day but these are the photographs chosen by both Catherine, as she wants to be called, and William. the fact that you don’t consider them to be “engagement” like is of no importance to either one of these two people.

  56. 56
    mary Says:

    Deadpool@ 12/12/2010 at 9:23 am

    if you had been paying attention to what’s going on you would know that people in Britain are looking forward to this wedding. they want to be as grand, as lavish, and as large as the one Diana and Charles had. they’re even demanding that Catherine’s train be as long as the one Diana had. April 29, 2011 will be a holiday over there and hotel rooms are filling up fast the the days surrounding the wedding. everyone wants to get a good spot to see the wedding. as for the students in Britain, you really don’t want to go there; i pay taxes there. and i can promise you that as a tax payer in Britain i support the British government every step of the way.

  57. 57
    lylian Says:

    LOL!! At the people who want to remove Queen E and her family.
    I’m no monarchist by the way. I’m an Australia and my fellow Aussies had to vote a few years ago whether to keep the monarchy or not. Personally, I would like to see the monarchy abolish in Australia.
    The problem is, if we don’t have a monarchy, are we going to go for a French Style Presidency or American Style Presidency or do we turn the Australian Governor General/representative of the Queen into some sort of appointed head of state with some reserve powers?
    Each of these “presidential” styles of government and heirachy involve their own headaches. in france the president and the prime minister go head to head – from different parties, hating each other. In America – well, I don’t want an american system with its vote buying – yes, that’s what it is when the corporations and individuals can give huge amounts of money to fund advertising – including false advertising as the Swift Boat incident reveals. In Australia the political party which happens to be in power may appoint someone who owes that political party, Then try and influence matters when the opposition is in power – John Kerr and the 1975 constitutional crisis anyone?
    Interestingly enough, a constitutional monarchy has proven to be the most stable political form. Denmark, Spain, Norway, Sweden, UK, Thailand, Japan, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Malaysia, Bhutan – so long as the kings and queens understand the role of a constitutional monarch and do not try to undermine it – like the Nepalese king did. BTW, in case some people are confused, Saudi Arabia, and other middle eastern kingdoms do not have a constitutional monarchy, just a monarchy.
    So, before you wish for a change, think hard about what you are going to put in place. No system is perfect. It’s about which system might actually better. Personally, I’m not sure but it would be interesting for a real debate rather than off the cuff – arrrgh, off with their heads!

  58. 58
    princessfake Says:

    I bet she can’t wait to drag him down that aisle; you can see the dollar signs already in her eyes…she’s nothing but a money grubbing royal wannabe

  59. 59
    Danielle Says:

    @Listen to mayday parade:
    I’m sure that is exactly what they wanted!!!

  60. 60
    Mia Says:


    Then how much money do you think will it make selling the footage and pictures to TV stations all over the world?! How, do you think, celebs are paying for their weddings??? Most of the money spend for this wedding will be covered by such things as selling broadcasting rights to TV stations and exclusive coverage etc and NOT by the people of the UK. Goddamit, if you’re not even from the UK nor have been living there, then why do you believe to have the right of commenting on such things???

  61. 61
    Teagirl Says:

    Before you all go and do away with the Royals, besides considering Lylians great point, also consider, how much do they contribute to the economy of Britian? Really how many people do they employ? How much tourisim do the create?

    A whole lot, so before you go and off with their heads consider that yes they do live in luxury, but they also have there own money from the lands they have owned for hundreds of years (which is what is paying for most of the wedding, only security is being paid by taxes). And that they contribute a very large amount to the British economy.

  62. 62
    Teagirl Says:

    Before you all go and do away with the Royals, besides considering Lylians great point, also consider, how much do they contribute to the economy of Britian? Really how many people do they employ? How much tourisim do the create?

    A whole lot, so before you go and off with their heads consider that yes they do live in luxury, but they also have there own money from the lands they have owned for hundreds of years (which is what is paying for most of the wedding, only security is being paid by taxes). And that they contribute a very large amount to the British economy.

  63. 63
    deadpool Says:

    @Teagirl: Britians history is not told nor seen nor is it determined by one family. If tehre ar eno royals people woudl still go to britian to see the saxons the celts the beowul tales and all the ancient history. IT CAN and would curvive and thrive without the royals. Every single country that wa sonce under british rule has proven that the PEOPLE can perservere and florish and posterity proves it. From George Washington to The French revolution, Indian, middle eastern, ROYALTY does not determine the fate of a country. Let alone it’s TOURISM.

    My god if youre going to have an excuse for them come up with somthing better than that. Tourism…really as if Britians only good for that.

  64. 64
    Teagirl Says:

    @deadpool: Well considering I didn’t say that they were the only reason that people go to England, but it was more of a reply to those who say they are compleatly useless and contribute nothing. You cannot deny that they do create tourism and employ a large number of people. Employing people is something that happens to do alot for an economy. And right now the Royals do that for Britian. Really how many people does Stonehenge employ? There are defintily people who will go to Britian to see the ancient history, but there are alot that go because of the Royals. That just happens to be fact, you may think they are crazy to go for that reason, but the fact is that they do. How many places that are great tourst attractions are maintained by the Monarchy?

    Can Britian survive with out that, of course, but is sure does help.

  65. 65
    Julia Says:

    Al the best for the upcoming royal couple!! Guess what on the 29th April, 2011 my husband and I will also be celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary.

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