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Angelina Jolie: Grocery Run with Maddox and Pax!

Angelina Jolie: Grocery Run with Maddox and Pax!

Angelina Jolie leaves French grocery store Casino with her sons, Maddox and Pax, on Friday (December 10) in the south of France.

The 35-year-old Tourist actress and her little ones picked up fresh fruit and fish while out on their shopping trip.

The Tourist finished in second place at the box office this weekend. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader took the top spot!

More pics over at X17!

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angelina jolie maddox pax grocery store 01
angelina jolie maddox pax grocery store 02
angelina jolie maddox pax grocery store 03
angelina jolie maddox pax grocery store 04

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  • The Tourist Sucks!

    Seriously. She can’t act!! Don’t waste your money.

  • Susan

    The Tourist does suck. Save your money! She can’t act and Johnny wasn’t great either.

  • premalee

    JP fans go and see “Tourist” it is great. Angie was so beautiful.

  • Lara

    The Tourist rocks, go see it, it’s funny and uplifting. Angie and Johnny are both so great.
    She looks so beautiful without make-up, now we have Berlin tomorrow to look forward to.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    First up. Posters #1 and #2, how about letting others decide for themselves? I have a seriously strong feeling neither of you saw the movie. Grow up..
    Nest up. Thanks for the photos. I wish you could have posted them all, or at least the one with Maddox messing with Pax and Angie looking like she was giving him the “momma dn’t play” look. Appreciate what you did post though.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Pax and Mad are cute. Pax cracks me up trying to get into the shopping cart. Haters, why am I not surprise you are the 1st to be on this theard. And stop changing you name, you chicken S.H.I.T.

  • groundcontrol

    Incredible that she can go to the store without make up and look that flawless. Just beautiful.
    The Tourist was a nice romantic caper. I am sure these compulsive obsessives above never saw it.

  • mia

    Angie is so beautiful! What a talented woman.

  • luvangie4ever

    The Tourist is a beautiful movie and I honestly enjoyed it. Both Angie and Johnny were wonderful to watch, not to mention Paul Bettany who’s pretty sexy, in my opinion.
    Thanks for posting these pics, Just Jared, better late than never!
    Angie looks most youthful when she’s not all made up. She’s a natural beauty who’s just as lovely inside as she is outside.

  • groundcontrol

    The Jolie-Pitt children are so full of life and energy yet they are clearly well behaved. You can always see it – here as well as when they all went to Lee’s Art Shop. As excited as the girls were they waited for their mother to take their hands before they went outside.
    This should be a great week for premieres.

  • groundcontrol

    She’s like me – I almost always have fresh food which means if I’m cooking then I’m buying groceries almost everyday.
    The French countryside around the holidays. Tres jolie. I am jealous.

  • Erza

    I’ll go watch the Touist because I love Depp and Jolie ! Whatever the critic or people say.
    But could the paparazzi just leave this family alone ! They are buying food, how exciting is that for the world !
    I hope they’ll enjoy France and their daily life peacefully out of the spotlight.

  • busted

    To the fools rushing to post.. why in the world did you go to a film of someone you don’t like.. MAKES no sense. When I don’t like an actor I don’t go see their films. Therefor I don’t tell other not to see what I myself have not seen.

    The Tourist was not a bad film. Regardless of what the HAGs are saying or the critics. My audience like it and it was an enjoyable film. Seriously.. Why were people thing it was going to be and Oscar contender..

    I like it and I hope the fans will go our to see for themselves. That haters are trying to have a party but sorry no music, no food no drinks.. just them screaming thinking that this will be the nail in Angie’s life. SORRY. You have not been able to bring this woman down in 6 years. ONE film won’t do it either.

    Angie carried SALT on her name alone and it made bank. I really think the Bad weather had a part in the low BO numbers.. It was terrible when I went and the Theater itself was not full for any film. But hey I liked it a lot.

    So SUCK it haters and try another day.. This will not be the end of our Beautiful Ms. Jolie.. not by a long shot..

  • http://travelandliving gingerBread

    where she get those energy????

  • Ginger

    I haven’t seen The Tourist yet!!!! =0( I didn’t have time this weekend but I am hoping to go this weekend. I love Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp so I am going even if people say the movie is not good… But so far, Jolie and Depp fans like it so I’m sure I will like it too!

    Thanks for the post, JJ!!!

  • an oldie

    A little late, JJ, but better late than never. LOL.

  • dd

    The Tourist was great. It gives a different perspective of acting from both AJ/JD. In Hollywood’s standards it flops. But as you can imagine, the movie was up against Narnia which was a family movie. When people compare The Tourist (being a flop) and The Bounty Hunter (a success), did anyone of you haters realized that The Bounty Hunter did not go up against any high profile movie? That’s right.

  • http://n/a blondie

    If you actually went to SEE “The Tourist”, than you would be
    saying how much you enjoyed it.

    Someone said that second is pretty awesome, in this case.

    Personally, I wonder if it actually came in first, when you consider
    the facts a little more closely.

    Time will tell the tale, in this case.
    We shall see what we shall see, as truth unfolds.

    Don’t worry. Romance movies are not dead….no matter how Jen
    tries to sell us bull and feed us crumminess.

    “The Tourist” is a quality movie, at its finest.”

    The chemistry was through the roof.
    Can Angelina and Johnny act? Youbet your sweet AZZ they can?

    Was this as A plus (A+) movie? You had better believe it.

    I can’t wait for their next movie.

    I plan to see “The Tourist” again, and to buy the DVD.

  • HO HO HO


  • ———

    bring the kids for a photo op now that the movie bombed in the US. maybe she can save it overseas. doubt it. BOMB



  • k

    the box office numbers were not great for ALL the movies, not just the tourist. why are these haterz gloating like they personally brought down a monarchy? get a life, why don’t ya?
    bringing angelina jolie down doesn’t make whats-her-face-aniston a better actress or person. in fact, if it weren’t for angelina jolie she would be totally irrelevant. like, who would care about a freaking washed up sitcom actress who has “good” fake hair? like who can’t have great hair when you’re willing to pay for it?

  • teri

    Thanks for the new thread. : )
    Happy that I got out before it got really bad to see this movie. It was pretty good. Second place is better than eighth anyday. Let the haters hate, nothing has changed.

  • Meg

    But those glasses cover a lot of her face, so it’s not like you see much of that “flawless” face without makeup. And black again????

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    dd @ 12/13/2010 at 5:48 pm

    TBH was not a success. It came in at #3 and it opened in more theaters. The Tourist came in at #2 and it opened in less theaters. The Tourist is not a bomb until the fat lady sings. This was only the 1st week.

    Opening weekend $20,686,423 in 3074 theaters.

    Opening weekend $16,472,458 in 2756 theaters.

  • brrrrrrrRRRR


  • carl

    hahaha yes it already bombed in the UK and Korea. hahaha…

  • consuela

    wow the movie floped hard. poor johnny

  • Passing Through

    # 838 to Passing Through @ 12/13/2010 at 2:38 pm
    # 768 Passing through
    She just really doesn’t get it. She’d get thumbed down even if the “informatons” was positive


    So why whould you thumb down a post even though you admit that it’s “positive”?

    Just because you dont like her, or may be her style? Is this some kind of bullying?

    Why you called her names is beyond me !!!

    For your info, I will thumb down anything negative on Angie/Brad, but I dont think aj has that intent.

    Honest to God, I sincerely want to know.
    For your info, whoever you are since you were too gutless to post under your regular name, I didn’t thumb down any of AJ’s posts. They were already thumbed down when I got online for the first time yesterday at just after 11pm my time. Why don’t you ask all the people who DID thumb her down why they did it. I can give you the short answer – because she’s rude and obnoxious and calls everyone an “idiot” and “stupid” if they don’t agree with her. I only get 1 vote per post, so even though I don’t like her I’m not responsible for over 280 negative votes for her 12 posts yesterday.
    Also, what names did I supposedly call her? Are you referring to “BBOQ”? ROTFLMAO! Get real. That a very apt derogatory nickname she has more than earned. All it means is “Brazilian Box Office Queen”. According to her nobody else’s posts about box office are ever correct and she claims she’s from Brazil, yet she’s an expert on the American box office trends. Hence the name. Since you apparently post here regularly you should know that if I really wanted to insult her I could have called her something much worse.

  • Kola

    anglie, you get better with age!!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    brrrrrrrRRRR @ 12/13/2010 at 5:59 pm

    Obviously, you are not you name changing troll.

    I didn’t know The Tourist is Angie’s movie. I guess Johnny is not as big of a star as people say he is. He is just a supporting actor since this is Angie’s movie.

  • Advice to Sony

    I think The Tourist didn’t make so much money because they are showing the trailer of the Ex’s next movie. She’s a box office poison. Her bad aura leached to The Tourist. Sony shouldn’t never do that again.

  • Skankpitt smoke breath

    Time to dump skankpitt one of the most unprotective fathers/baby daddy in the land

  • MB

    The Tourist was a travesty and it’s going to be a long, slow, painful crawl to break even for this mess. Big investment. Epic fail. No wonder everyone else backed out of the project. It was torture to watch it. Plus in almost every scene I was mesmerized by the physics involved in keeping her huge head upright on that skinny neck. It was most distracting. Eraserhead anybody? And Depp? Money is a comfort but I hope he can live with himself on this one.

  • wackybutnice

    I like The Tourist. Its a movie that made me SMILE!!!! Angelina Rocks!!!

  • Skankpitt smoke breath

    @Advice to Sony: nah it bombed because johnny looked ugly in the trailer, trailer looked boring, Angie is hated because skankpitt is stuck to her skinny asssss like poop on a shoe, Johnny really doesn’t have that many fans that will watch any movie he’s in no matter what, Brangie is overexposed.

  • newwalla

    There is a post on popeater stating that maybe Chelsea Handler had something to do with the Tourist bombing. I unfortunately clicked on that link and read the story but OMFG who does this Rob Shuter think he is!!! Chelsea Handler does not have that kind of clout. She is a foul mouthed evil woman. Rob Shuter is such an idiot and for me this is even more proof that he is in that a**hole huvane’s pocket.

  • gracie

    Shameless pitiful trolls posting before the fans. Angie owns you. You think about her 24/7, that’s how much hold she has on you scums. Lol.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    Here are links to 1 video of Angie Mad and Pax (they are so cute!) and 2 photos, one of Maddox messing with cart Pax is climbing on, and one of Angie giving the mom look (or at least that’s how I see it). So normal. I bet they get sent to the corner. I kinda see Brad and Angie not push overs in the discipline dept.,0,0,0,0#6

  • Skankpitt smoke breath

    @newwalla: @newwalla: nah I like his theory because it gives my opinion more credit. Time to dump skankpitt.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    @MB: Shut up before you REALLY start sounding stoopid.

  • bdj

    Maddox and Pax are two cuties. Check out the Tourist. It is a fun sweet movie. Thanks for all the shoutouts on the last thread. Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitts and all the fans.

  • http://none blondie

    It is just business. Critics tried to bad mouth “Salt” but the lies
    did not stick, and so the truth came out that it was not only good,
    but that it was very good, indeed.

    The same thing with “The Tourist.”
    The movie is a nine stars out of ten, imo.

    Even with the lies that are out there: Tabloids went nuts,
    this weekend with their lies.

    Be prepared to love “The Tourist.”
    Like me, you will want to see it twice.

    I promise.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    # 38 gracie @ 12/13/2010 at 6:18 pm

    I so agree. These trolls are more devoted to Angie’s thread than the fans. You don’t see these dumb @ss stay at any other threads 24/7.

  • lurker

    Angie is a happy woman because she does not hate nor envy anybody.
    Her children and Brad are all that matters to her and they all love her.

  • The Tourist ROCKS!!!

    Saw it last Friday, the movie is my cup of tea!!! I bet the others too were into IT too since they were also smiling!!!

    (3rd Ave bet 86th-87th)

  • The Tourist ROCKS!!!

    @The Tourist Sucks!:
    The Tourist ROCKS!!!

  • who new

    Jolie + Depp ==== Box Office poison. TANK. FLOP.

  • ano

    I liked The Tourist, saw it twice. Can see it again. As much as the hens are bashing The Tourist, I think that even if it was a flop, they would rather have their idol star in this movie with Depp than in TBH. No offense to the GB fans though. I like him too.

  • anustin

    not a flop to me.nah ah!couple of weeks more.will see….