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Dina Lohan: Lindsay Was Hurt by 'Glee' Comments

Dina Lohan: Lindsay Was Hurt by 'Glee' Comments

Lindsay Lohan steps out of her sober house at the Betty Ford Clinic on Saturday (December 11) in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress wore a dress with a cute heart design and carried a can of root beer with her as she went about her day.

Lindsay‘s mom, Dina, recently chatted with RadarOnline and said that her daughter was hurt by the comments made about her on Gwyneth Paltrow‘s episode of Glee.

Lindsay was watching it while in Betty Ford, then she called me and was upset and said, ‘Why did she have to do that?’” Dina said. “And Lindsay has even done SNL a few times, but Gwyneth went overboard and it was unnecessary.”

“2011 is going to be different. We won the E-trade thing, and things are going to be different,” Dina concluded.

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  • Diane

    Lindsay Lohan needs a new family (one isn’t crazy, enabling, and looking for attention).

  • blushbottle

    Who cares about Lohan!!???

  • GradyB

    If you don’t want to be treated like a joke Lindsay then stop acting like one.

  • Macchiato

    @GradyB: perfect comment !

  • Oye Vey

    Oh please! She should be happy that people are still talking about her. Lindsay destroyed her own career. She brought this on herself. Lindsay is ready for a realty show with Jon Gosselin.

  • ace11

    how is 2011 going to be different?

    Maybe if Lindsay dumps mama to the curb

  • Acting

    Gwyneth was playing a CHARACTER. It’s not unbelievable that a substitute teacher would crack a joke about Lindsay Lohan. Now that Lindsay is sober, she’s discovering anew that the public’s perception of her is shaped by her addictions. If she wants the perception to change, SHE has to change. If she can stay clean and sober, the public will root for her. It’s not easy. Every day is a struggle. But for heaven’s sakes, Dina, care about your DAUGHTER and not about a remark made on a TV show. Lindsay needs to know that you care about HER, not her media reputation.

  • whocares

    She’s being criticized even worse and she’s hurt by a joke on a tv serie? How silly!!! I thought this was a joke too

  • sare

    really..? “gwyneth went overboard”? people have said waay worse things about her, so get over it already. and gwyneth didnt even write the damn script. this is so dumb.

  • Light Fae

    I’m sure Gwyneth is THE ACTRESS not THE WRITER. Unless the adlibbed the whole thing, I’m sure the dig into Lindsay was from the writers and not from Gwyneth and really, Lindsay has made her own bed. She’s a celebrity and that’s the down side of being one. If do dumb *hit, you get called on it. A LOT.

  • Emma

    You have got to be kidding me. Seriously? First of all Dina, SHUT UP!!! Just shut up. Don’t blab about how your daughter feels to the media.

    Secondly, Gwyneth was playing a role for heaven’s sakes. The words were written for her by the writers. Get a clue Dina!

    Thirdly, if Lindsay doesn’t want to be perceived as a joke, she should stop acting like one. And the fact of the matter is this girl makes fun of herself on different internet sites and programmes, so isn’t she a hypocrite for not wanting others to do it. It comes with being famous, everyone in Hollywood is under scrutiny and they make fun of many celebrities. She is not special in that regard.

    I really wonder sometimes if the whole Lohan family doesn’t suffer under massive egos and delusions.

  • colin

    wait a second – they won the E-trade suit? That was ridiculous to even think that was about her – never thought of her with the ad until they said they were suing for million (and they really won, I need to check that out, cause that’s crazy)

    Emma — agree with you she did that MTV Awards opening making a joke about herself, so to me that’s open game. And as a recovering addict, if you give people the ammo they’ll use it so shape up. You have to prove yourself to people after you disappoint them so do better & you’ll be perceived better.

  • Lindsim

    Stop commenting on this sl*t !! she’s stupid and full of herself looking for even more attention. She wants to be the next Marilyn Monroe silly b*tch

  • Jen

    Yeah, cause Gwyneth wrote the script *rolling eyes*

  • alyssa

    i love lindsay lohans lily glove heart by lauren moshi swing tank!! so cute!! i want one!!

  • Lisa

    Of course Dina is running to the media playing victim over something that was the truth.

  • KC

    I guess she will file another lawsuit like she did with the Superbowl commercial. It seems to be the only way she can generate cash flow.

  • Joboots


    Wonder what fuels Dina’s greed,BTW?????

  • Fiona

    Enjoy while being mocked. It’s actually better than forgotten. Look at Mischa Barton…

  • laverdadduele

    Boo Hoo…STFU you worthless junkie POS.

  • JLS

    Take a look at yourself Lindsey. The trust ain’t pretty. Stop making excuses and straighten your life out then.

  • Bes

    Really don’t care. Lindsay look like an old hag-yuck. This trailer trash needs to get lost. She and Dina are publicity hoes.

  • Cole

    THEY WON THE E-TRADE THING?! Are you serious? That is insane!

  • marq

    Got news for you. I’ll let you in on a secret. Lindsay Lohan was always in control. She was told to take the dive. She took the dive because she can take direction. She made you believe it.

  • DarkEmpress

    She should be upset that her mom is sharing private convos with the press. I cant imagine if I called my mom and told her I was upset and then she shares it with the media. This is why she has issues. Its unethical but sometimes I think ppl should need a licence to be parents.

  • ModestMouse

    Comments by Gwyneth? She didn’t write the script, dumbass.

  • Kaz simply amazing ! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Burn lindsay and dina

  • julie

    Lindsay seems to be doing well. I hope the best for her. Every one makes mistakes in life. Hope she learns from her past mistakes. What’s in the past is just that, in the past. Dina needs to keep her mouth shut about what is going on in Lindsay’s life and Lindsay’s thoughts and feelings. In fact, Dina needs to keep her mouth shut, period.

  • mare

    poor lindsay thought they were friends…i don’t think she has an actor/actress friends except in her mind.

  • nata

    Why would her mother do that? I mean, people make fun of celebrities all the time, especially of her. Making this public only makes the public dislike her more. If having people make fun of her hurts her feelings, she needs to find a new profession. Dina, we will never feel sorry for you daughter. Everything that has happened to her she has caused.

  • LisaK

    First off, Gwyneth was playing a part, as in acting and it was her character who said it . Lohan must still be out of it for her not to know that already. And yes, 2011 will be different because if its not Lohan’s little butt is going back to jail. Dina needs to stop talking to the media and let her daughter get better.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    This “news” is soooooo a month ago!

  • alex

    Does anyone know what brand is the sunglasses she is wearing here?

  • alex

    Does anyone know what brand is the sunglasses she is wearing here?

  • Jbo

    Okay – what EVER!!! At least people are still mentioning her name… If you don’t want to be treated like a f-up, then don’t act like one… DUH! People make fun of you Lindsey b/c you don’t follow through with things and act above-the-law. You deserve it and should pay the price for your dumb-A@$ escapades!

  • jenny

    Ok, first off, Lindsay should ask for a restraining order against her mother. Like, now.
    It’s obvious that Dina needs to be locked in a madhouse, cause no mother who is sane could possibly destroy the life of her daughter and then blame everybody else.
    Secondly, Lindsay, if you want people to respect you, you should start to respect yourself first, then we’ll think about it.

  • Gab

    SO STUPID. First of all, Gwyneth didn’t make up that line, the writer did. If you mess up very publicly and flaunt your disregard for the law in front of everyone, expect that you will be called out on it.

  • michelle

    That Dina is a attention seeker. She would sell anything just to see her daughter’s name on the front cover. And Lindsay, thats the price you pay for screwed up so many chances. Its sad to see young actor with great talent go to waste. And now, the talentless actors are doing great movies. Goddd!

  • Magan

    I think it’s a bit redundant to blame Gwyneth for doing her job. She is a paid actress and she was following a script. Oh that’s right, Lindsay doesn’t know how to do that nor is she paid to follow a script. Lindsay grow up! When you learn to deal with these things then you can have a say, till then shut the hell up! This was nothing. Who cares! Get over it!

  • Jaz

    Ur hurting urself Lindsay by not listening to the law and doing what many other people would have to do if they were addict to drugs.

    Ur in the spotlight! Anything you do the whole world we’ll know and many will talk and make joke about you.

    I can’t believe their trying to blame Gwyneth Paltrow! She’s an actress! I’m pretty sure Lindsay would have said the same thing about a famous celebrity if that we’re her lines and she was getting paid.