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Katie Holmes & Josh Duhamel To Announce Golden Globe Noms

Katie Holmes & Josh Duhamel To Announce Golden Globe Noms

Katie Holmes and her Romantics co-star Josh Duhamel are announcing this year’s Golden Globe nominations!

The 31-year-old actress will have a super early morning on Tuesday (December 14) as she announces the nominees with Josh, Blair Underwood and Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk at 5 a.m. at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

FYI: The Golden Globes will air on Sunday, January 16 on NBC! Ricky Gervais will host.

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  • Kaz simply amazing ! Pretty!!!!!!!

    She have 2 man crap

  • sarha

    cant wait they are soo HOT worth to woke up early to see josh and kate

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    What? Not good dating and u have hasband


    Loveeeeeeeeeee KAtie!! You go girl!!

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Wakep up hollywood dont love any man

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Just -werid .com

  • psychic

    is she short?

  • Let me get this staight…

    she’s been going to the gym everyday to get in shape to announce a few names? after her disaster at the tonys, i think her time would be better spent learning how to read.

  • Can’t Wait!

    Can’t wait to see her face when Nicole Kidman’s name is announced for best actress!!!!

  • Remember Katie’s Nomination?

    Katie got nominated for a Globe for play Joey Potter.

  • cici

    i hope she sends tom a thank you note.

  • Dasha

    It’s always a pleasure to see Josh <3

  • Kaz simply amazing ! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Haa ha funy slig and she mediam 5’7,,

    you know my hight like josh dumal 6’4
    all my frined want to be like me sexy body and pretty face,

  • jsma

    josh duhamel anytime , happy to know josh will be in my tv at early morning

  • why, oh why….

    Has Tom paid for yet another undeserved appearance by his beard? So annoying. I will enjoy seeing her face as she reads Nicole’s name, though, #9. That’s karma for Katie for buying someone else’s place as announcer.


    good for katie. haters are mad. hahahaha

    josh is hot. i can’t wait to see him too

  • ———

    Looking forward to seeing Katie. She’s so beautiful

  • Bilbomet

    Good for Katie!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!

  • kizbit

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? Katie makes more movies that either never come out or go straight to video. There are so many wonderful actresses out there. She should be so embarrassed that her “husband” buys all of her jobs.

  • Rainy Day

    Can’t wait to hear her vapid, expressionless voice as she reads “Nicole Kidman” – haha. Wonder if she will say something like this is just magickal, awesome or wonderful?

  • Star Fox

    You all should prove that her roles are being brought before claiming them as fact. She’s a popular star whether you like it or not.

    What movies of hers has never come out or have gone straight to video, #19?

  • kizbit

    @Star Fox…name 5 Katie Holmes movies that you recall being in the movie theater. I’ll give you Batman.

  • Rainy Day

    @Remember Katie’s Nomination?:

    No she has not been nominated for a Golden Globe. Look at her IMDb profile as well as the Golden Globe site. She was nominated for Teen Choice Awards and won nothing.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    @Star Fox:

    You are right–she is a popular…tabloid/blog star. She is not a popular movie star.

    Since you won’t go to any site that would refute your theory, I’ll do the math for you:

    1997 Ice Storm – made 8 million, released in 230 theaters
    1998 Disturbing Behavior-made 17 mil, released in 1842 theaters
    1999 Go-28 mil world wide, cost 20 mil to make, 1563 theaters
    1999-Muppets from Space-22 mil world wide, 23 mil to make, 2265 theaters
    1999 Teaching Mrs. Tingle, made 9 mil, 13 mil to make, 1710 theaters
    2000-Wonder Boys, 33 mil world wide, 53 mil to make, 1253 theaters
    2000-The Gift, 44 mil world wide (only 12mil domestically) 805 theaters
    2002-Abandon – 12 mil world wide, 25 mil to make, 2341 theaters
    2003-Phone Book – 97 mil world wide, 13 mil to make, 2481 theaters (however, she was not the draw-Colin was–at his peak of fame here)
    2003 Pieces of April-3 mil world wide, 300k to make, 101 theaters
    2003 Singing Detective-made 337k, 41 theaters widest release
    2004-First Daughter-made 10 mil, 2260 theaters
    2005 Batman – made 372 mil, 150 to make, 3858 theaters, (she was obviously not the draw as The Dark Knight took in over a billion dollars without her)
    2006 Thank You for Smoking – made 39 mil, 6.5 to make, 1015 theaters
    2008 Mad Money – made 25 mil, released in 2470 theaters
    2010 The Extra Man – made 458k, widest release 33 theaters
    2010 The Romantics – made 112k, widest release 14 theaters
    2011 Don’t be afraid of the dark–I don’t see a US release date–only Iceland and Australia been put on hold indefnitely due to sale of Miramax to Disney)
    2011 Son of No One – will be one of last films at Sundance in Jan
    2011 Jack in Jill – tba

    Now how is this a popular star? How is this a successful star? Most of her movies have bombed. No one is flocking to them. If you take out Batman, Katie’s stats are truly awful domestically and internationally.

    If she hadn’t married Cruise one of two things would have happened–she would have worked more and finally picked a successful film. She would have done The Dark Knight and probably could have spring boarded to a career much better than what she has now.

    However she did marry Cruise and that has effectively torpedoed her career. If she continued on this path without Cruise she would most likely be back on the small screen as she does not have a big screen movie presence.

    You can defend her all you want, but she is not a good actress, she can’t open a movie on any level, her films have mostly lost money.

    Without Cruise she wouldn’t get her a$$ hired in Hollywood. She probably thought by marrying him her career would revive and take off. Guess the joke is on her.

    I do pity her tho. She can’t dance, sing, or act. She can’t design fashion. And her personal style is awful. Hopefully Suri and Tom can compensate for all of her can’t's. She certainly is trying to give the impression that she is a great mom. Alas, most of us aren’t buying it–but you are. So you go ahead and keep posting your nonsense and keep the rest of rolling our eyes.

  • Jokergurl

    @It’s Robo-Bride dude you type a lott, so I will add to it
    Wonderboys was a good movie, but not because she was in it, because Robert Downey Jr and Michael Douglas (in one his best roles) were in it
    (unrelated JOSH DUHAMEL is HOT!)
    Teaching Mrs. Tingle not a horrible movie, the red head in it was funny
    Disturbing Behavior, okay, some good parts, William Sadler’s part especially
    The Singing Detective incredible performance by Robert Downey Jr. with Mel Gibson as an unrecognizable shrink
    Abandon, this one’s not great, too choppy
    First Daughter I’ve always liked Michael Keaton, kind of cute story but there was a Mandy Moore movie almost just like it at the time
    Ice Storm good cast, slow, stupid ending
    Thank You For Smoking great role by Aaron Eckhardt
    Then there’s Mad Money, which I love Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton but the movie was neither funny nor a caper.
    Go I enjoyed this movie, because it’s funny, quirky and Timothy Olyphant makes a hot drug dealer, great one-liners
    The Gift is a good movie too, great cast Cate Blanchett, Giovanni Ribisi, Keanu Reeves, Greg Kinnear
    She was barely in Phone BOOTH (not Book) which is a very good movie consdering Kiefer Sutherland’s voice torments Colin Farrell through the entire thing, great performance too.
    Notice a pattern, she does okay with great co-stars if she’s not the main focus (like Downey and Douglas in Wonderboys)
    I do agree with you though that if she would have taken The Dark Knight role I think it would have led to something better. She CAN’T open a movie though, she just doesn’t have that star power no matter who she’s married to.

  • annie

    I’m going to make a bet with all of you, that when Don’t be afraid of the Dark comes out it’s going to kill it at the box office.
    It’s also a known fact, that being in a tv series for a long time is a kiss of death for a movie career, for some reason. I remember some actor saying once, if you want to be an actor , it’s better to wait and starve, than accepting a role in a tv series.
    Also Katie read for Hellen of Troy, in the movie Troy, but it went to Diane Kruger. The woman who Katie read for, said she was better out of the 2 actresses, but went to Diane because of her colouring. I have enjoyed all her movies, loved her role in The Ice Storm, as a drugged out teenager.
    @Robo Bride
    You’re a real puzzle………you go to so much trouble for someone you can’t stand.
    Also I’m not from the US, but where I come from, her dancing and singing on SYTYCD GOT big thumbs up, by judges on Dancing with the Stars, from 2 states.
    The truth is, people here don’t care who she’s married to , or what philosophies she’s into, she was judged by some pretty harsh judges.
    Everybody judged her on the entertainment factor, of her performance because she is not a pro dancer and singer, yet they all said amazing things about her.
    All I can say is , that Judy Garland was the one who didn’t fare too well with the judges.
    A lot of you here are pretty harsh with Katie, but there a lot of people out there who have a pretty good impression about her, regardless what you think, and the trouble you go to to put her down.

  • Star Fox

    I can name more than five, #22. Wonder Boys, First Daughter, The Ice Storm, Thank You for Smoking, Batman Begins, Mad Money and most recently The Romantics and The Extra Man. You’re just ignorant.
    I never said anything about financial success, #24. Just that she’s well known in the media and stars in A list projects with A list stars; a movie star regardless of what you think about her acting. Of course her marriage skyrocketed her to fame and fortune but how she got there is irrelevant.

    None of us can tell if she’s a good mother or not based on a couple of paparazzi photos.

    It doesn’t matter what you think of me. I’ll never go away so might as well stop whining now.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    @Star Fox:

    Nobody is whining about you Star Fox. You provide untold amusement to so many of us. What would we do without you to give us our daily laugh.

  • it’s robo-bride


    Annie, it is no trouble whether I can stand someone or not. Was a R-TV-Film major and have worked in radio, TV and film in many capacities behind the scenes. It is easy to compile stats.

    I don’t know who raved about Katie’s dancing, but here in the states it got luke warm reviews. She basically just stood there and did a few hip movements. For the amount of time she spent “practicing” and working out–well I would say the audience expected more talented dancing from her.

    Tom and Katie are definitely more popular in Asia and Europe than they are in the states right now. The public is fickle and of course this can change.

    I don’t need to put Katie down. She puts herself down every time she opens her mouth in an interview. You know I’ve said this before, but she comes across vapid, brainless, clueless, and plain dumb. I realize that some of this probably comes from Tom’s directives. He is controlling when it comes to his image and micromanages everything and has probably told her to say nothing of substance. But, it is pretty sad when journalists and reporters agree. After her VF interview–the people doing the interview were shocked at just how brainless she sounded. Comments like “Suri is a strong woman” when she is two years old, or the constant “magickal” and “amazing” and “awesome.”

    The most intelligent interview I’ve read her do was with NY Magazine. And maybe if she wants some respect from people–she should do more like it. Interviews where she actually has an opinion.

    As to Don’t be Afraid of the Dark? I guess we shall see. Miramax had three films it put into abeyance when the sale started. Dark is not slated to be the first release…Debt will be the first release because it is considered the most marketable of the three.

    And although I think Katie is no-talent, brainless, dumb blonde who is brunette–I do admire your defense of her. Unlike Star Fox you back your statement up with facts. You offer opinions that are rational. You don’t call people idiots and morons yet refuse to give facts/opinions about why you think so. If I were inclined to feel charitable against the bimbo–you would be a large part of why. Definitely not Star Fox and his supercilious, idiotic drivel.

    And that said, I did enjoy her seeing her have to announce Kidman for the Golden Globes/Best Actress/Drama award this morning! Seems to me she is trying to be like Kidman. Kidman worked on stage, she did. Kidman is fashion model/icon and you can tell she wants to be. Her roles she chooses are sometimes eerily like Kidman’s. Or maybe it is just Tommy girl likes this type of woman and married Kidman a second time? (go for it Star fox you are dying to say “you are a moron.”)