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Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter File for Divorce

Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter File for Divorce

It’s over for Dexter co-stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter.

“Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have filed for divorce,” reps for the couple tell EW, adding that the split was amicable.

Michael, 39, and Jennifer, 31, married in December 2008 after meeting on the set of their Showtime drama, where she plays his foster sister.

Michael also completed treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma earlier this year.

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  • Sara


  • evelyn

    I thought they were trying for a baby? This makes me sad, I liked them together :(

  • Sadie

    That’s too bad, I love Michael C Hall and wish them both the best.

  • cm

    So sad~they are such a cute couple

  • Ko

    What’s in the water in Hollywood these days? Doesn’t ANYONE stay together anymore? I guess splits come in theees… first Zac & Vanessa Now them? Wonder if Brad and Angie are next…

  • stellartes

    wow! strange,disappointing and so surprising! how awkward is it going to be for them working on season 6 together? or maybe not.

  • Anita

    OMG!! what a shame, I really liked them together. The weird thing is that I was actually thinking about this while watching Dexter – I was like what if he left her for Julia Stiles. Hope they manage to work things out or at least remain friends.

  • laverdadduele

    Another one bites the dust. Keep ‘em coming, I couldn’t care less.

  • Granny

    Since when were they separated? I remember him thanking her at the Golden Globes…

  • wow

    I was shocked but my boyfriend saw this coming.

  • my thoughts


    Brad and Angie are in it for the long haul, the whole family flew to Berlin last night. X17 has pixs. They keep their family together as much as possible. Almost 6 years and they keep on keeping on.

    I am thinking Tom and Katie as they are never in the same place lately for weeks at a time.

    Wonder if this will effect Dexter?

  • Ko

    @my thoughts: I’m not wishing anything bad on Brad and Angie, but honestly in Hollywood, you never know. Some of these splits you could see coming a mile away, and then others could totally blindside you. Just because everything looks good and perky on the outside, doesn’t mean everything’s ok behind closed doors….

  • Kirsten

    I liked them together. Everyone’s splitting in Hollywood nowadays.

  • advicelog

    I liked them together .

  • virgule

    I am bummed out! I loved them together so much! Makes you wonder if anything lasts in that town. Wishing them all best in any case

  • GG

    wth? By now, I’d think hollywood breakups wouldn’t shock me.

  • willanka

    I’m shocked how many couples break up lately. It’s sad, a little.

  • saagGkhan

    that’s just shocking… they were having baby isn’t? Oh God its just terrible after Zanessa another Golden n married couple broke up! :-(

  • ladysdsandiego

    what is up with all these people breaking up or getting divorced?

  • Marine

    Ugh! Enough with all those splits now!
    2010 is definitely an horrible year for couple, too much splits since September… What is going on?

  • Soul Fly

    What…the….? Seriously? Didn’t they just get married? Come on! Make it work! Unless one of them cheated…then…

  • Ash

    That’s too bad. The ones I think that will last never do. The ones I think will not last such as Ben and Jen seem to go on. Tells ya how much I know lol

  • Halli

    WTF? Very shocking. I love Dexter!

  • nata

    @Anita: I know. I was thinking about them too! God, I’m very sad about the news. I really, really liked them together.

  • Alex

    This is news is like a kick in the C*nt! I don’t get it. They said they were talking about having kids shortly after he recovered from Cancer. I’m totally floored by this. They seem like such wonderful people … unaffected by the B.S. of Hollywood drama.

  • Dexter fan

    aww, this is so sad… I really liked them together too :(

  • Anna

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo!! Not them also…

  • Marieme

    Exactly – WTF??!!

    One part of me is sad and the other part of me keeps seeing her as Deb and because Deb is such a rude, nasty witch on the show I don’t care about her. Hmm. Hope it has nothing to do with their co-stars – lots of love scenes this season. It happens, unfortunately. :(

  • Austin1001

    I choose to not believe this haha.

  • Sue

    Let be real in not just Hollywood people are getting divorce left and right outside of Hollywood it just seem that now a day’s people are not staying together anymore.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @laverdadduele: …i’m with you. i could careless, and i have no idea why anyone would (pretend). ish happens every single day. these celebrities are not special, not at all. keep`em coming. and all you loser acting all shocked and surprised you need to wake up. stop acting like you know these people, you have no idea what goes on in their lives.

  • Samm

    If this is true, real sad.

  • anthony

    wow they actually seemed happy too.. didn’t see this coming since they haven’t been married long.

  • Epuni

    I’m in complete shock. Wow. I really thought this one would last….well, last a lot longer than it did.

  • Alison


  • Claudia

    Hollywood seems to resemble more and more when it comes to couples those teen drama TV shows where everyone hooks up with everyone and a couple doesn’t last more than a season.

  • Dexter’s girlfriend


  • life

    Why? I can’t believe it!

  • colleen

    I am sorry to hear this but it’s always the same with cancer patients and their partners. For some reason after a battle together they almost always separate. Probably because they are afraid of the future. There is always the fear of being left alone, possibly with children. Sad :(

  • eve

    WTF??!?! i just can’t belive it. :|
    the last normal couple on the world ended? dammit

  • Mia

    Aw, no! I love them together! This is such a shame :(

  • Chuck

    Cute couple, she was a TERRIBLE actress though…

    Painful to watch her.

  • Lynne

    Its never nice to hear of anyone breaking up – after all they have been through it must have put a tremendous strain on them individually and as a couple. Am sure they re-evaluated everything through the dark times and am sure they broke up for the right reasons. All the very best to them both, still a shame though! x

  • BigLD2*

    As H-WOOD couples go… could care less …but THIS is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad to me.

    Like many of you..I really liked them together after seeing them on streets shopping together and eating in community.

    They really did seem NOT affected by H-WOD..
    The things he said about her in public were sweet and how she talked about her love for him suring their recent healthcare struggle.

    I hope ..somehow they find their way back to each other…AND I HOPE NO 3rd partt is involved..because like a previous poster said…I also got a certain feeling watching Julia Stiles in scenes with him this year and hearing what she said about how he loves working with him.

    Jennifer Carpenter is an AWESOME actress as well as Michael…they are professionals and they make DEXTER one of TV greatest shows…I wish them the best…but I am saddened by this.