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Michelle Williams: 'Blue Valentine' Cinema Society Screening

Michelle Williams: 'Blue Valentine' Cinema Society Screening

Michelle Williams hits the carpet at the Cinema Society & Piaget screening of her latest film, Blue Valentine, on Monday (December 13) at NYC’s Tribeca Grand Hotel.

The 30-year-old actress, who met up with director Derek Cianfrance, kept it cute in a white strapless Dior dress paired with Charlotte Olympia shoes.

On Saturday (December 11), Michelle was in Los Angeles and took her daughter Matilda to breakfast at Lamill Coffee with pal Busy Phillips.

The mother-daughter duo then stopped by Gelson’s to pick up some flowers.

15+ pictures inside of Michelle Williams at the Cinema Society and Piaget screening of Blue Valentine

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty, National Photo Group
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  • Aww!

    Mini Heath! Matilda is soo cute!

  • Ricardo Delfino
  • Reba

    Now this is an actress I actually want to read about! She looks cute, and Matilda is so gorgeous, just like her dad. At least he can live on through her.

  • alice

    I bet Matilda is going to be tall like her dad. Wish he was here to watch her grow up.

  • Suri Jackson

    She definitely makes Katie look like an embarrassment.

  • JLost

    Looks like she stepped out in her undergarment. Who is creating these cringing outfits for her? She needs a new wardrobe assistant stat!

  • Lydia

    I think Michelle is the epitome of class. She conducts her private life privately. She doesn’t dress up her child in ludicrous outfits to parade in front of the paparazzi. She dresses her child weather appropriate. She’s one heck of an actress who takes risks with roles. And she has such depth and range as an actress that she is captivating.

    I really like Michelle. I hope her star continues to flourish. And I wish nothing but the best for her and her little girl.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    God, Matilda is SO big :O ! She’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s like half the height of her mother already :O so yeah @alice: she’s definitely going to be a tall girl. =) She’s so beautiful. The spitting image of her gorgeous father. :( I can so see him through her. <3

  • sea

    Matilda looks like a normal happy little girl, and this is so refreshing!
    Michelle is doing a great job with her.

  • Jokergurl

    Wow, Matilda is a mini me Heath, still miss him.:(

  • Michelle the Hypocrite

    She receives nothing but undeserved accolades. Her acting role in
    Brokeback Mountain was meaningless. She had to steal another
    actor’s fame to have that for herself. Heath Ledger was drained by
    her and lost what he could have had with a better woman.
    He would still be here today if he would have just finished filming Brokeback Mountain and then stayed away from Michelle.
    She loved him but she was also jealous of him because he was more talented and attractive than her.
    Michelle Williams never received attention the way he did.
    She pretends to be shy and meek but after what I heard through the
    grapevine she is fierce about what she wants. I found a post by
    someone who revealed that she dated a man twice her age while
    she was on Dawson’s Creek. He produced scripts for the show and
    her role as Jennifer became a lead character during the relationship
    with this guy.
    I also found an article with her mentioning how she would debate
    and argue with one of her costars on Dawson’s Creek about politics
    and that she would get quite angry about it. She didn’t hesitate when she first became famous that she had wanted to be champion of the world when she grew up. I don’t understand what she meant by that. She also once admitted in a very curt way what kind of driver she is and you had better get out of her way.

  • e

    ehhh Michelle/Jen was one of the four leading characters on Dawson’s creek from the beginning

  • propgirl

    @Michelle the Hypocrite:

    And you know all of this because?

    I worked on the crew of Dawson’s Creek. It was my first job right out of college and I got an internship with the studio that flourished into a paying gig. I didn’t adjust to living in North Carolina well and Michelle saw me crying on day and asked if I was okay. She was incredibly sweet to me and she, Jonathon Jackson, and later on Meredith Monroe always went out of their way to speak to me. Because of the job I did … I was in contact with the actors and those three were a breath of fresh air.

    James van der Beek, Katie Holmes, and Kerr Smith treated the crew like servants who were somehow beneath them.

    Michelle? Without fail once a month she would bring a couple of large sheet cakes to celebrate the crew birthdays for that month. Before we broke for hiatus … she’d bring cake AND cookies to celebrate the birthdays that would happen while we were on break.

    I ran into Michelle a while back in NYC. She remembered my first and last name and she paid for the entire check for the party I was with. There were seven of us sitting there. She goes out of her way to be nice to people who she says “got me where I am today” and I commend her for that. She’s a timeless type of actress who rarely exists today. Believe me … I see the best and worst out of people. I’m on sets all day long. The only time I ever saw Michelle behaving in an unprofessional manner was when she had the flu and began crying when the director wanted another take. Why did she cry? It was a scene where she had to raise her voice repeatedly and it was hurting her throat. She asked for a break and came back and put four more takes in the can.

    And no, she was never dating a script producer for the show. I know that personally.

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Cute kids

  • Megan

    Love Michelle – she’s talented actress and seems like a great mother.

  • Anna

    Matilda is such a beauty, she looks SO much like her father.
    Michelle looks gorgeous as always, I LOVE her in her short hair. She looks absolutely breath-taking.

  • hu

    @Jokergurl: what retards!She had michelles bone structure matilda only had heaths eyes

    since michelles so fugly


    @Michelle the Hypocrite: He would still be alive if he hadnt done The Dark Knight.His make-up was similar to brandon lee they even died the same age ”the crow” curse I tell you.Not only that but this toad looking b&itch broke his heart ever since the split heaths dressed like a homeless person and got really skinny,gaunt, and sick.She was selfish too keep matilda from him,not even letting her spend the holidays w/ him and his family.She kept her to herself in fckin germany.Jake is a phony going to her premiere and he didnt care for heath and go to his.JOAQUIN PHOENIX wasd closer with ledger then jake so sick of every1 asking jake just cuz he is godfather which was a gesture

  • False

    @TRUTH: Heath was not in love with Michelle, he couldn’t get rid of her fast enough. After his split with her he hooked up with several women including Helena Christensen. A few months before he died Heath began dating his new girlfriend Gemma Ward an australian model whom he spent his last Christmas with in Perth. That’s why Michelle kept Matilda away from him, she was jealous and bitter, and it was Sweden not Germany. Google and stop the nonsense that Heath was still in love with Michelle and that his role in TDK killed him. You’re an idiot.

  • Cam

    “False” – I agree with you.

    The Heath & Michelle fanboys and girls are way to deluded.

  • beurk

    i really hate her!

  • tata21212

    Such a sweet child

  • madmax

    Thank you, propgirl, for letting us know your experience with Michelle. I think she is a very modest person, one thing she and Heath had in common. They weren’t ‘hollywood’ they were private people who valued their privacy and tried to stay away from the paps as much as they could. We’ll never know what happened to split them up (except what tabloids want to write about it)

    Michelle is a wonderful mother, I bet she keeps Heath alive for Matilda and makes sure Heath’s family and friends are part of her life. I hope she wins the Golden Globe award for Blue Valentine

  • minn

    @Michelle the Hypocrite: I don’t usually reply to such crap, but this bothered me. I met both Mr.Ledger and Miss Williams and worked with them for 3 months, you could not be more wrong about her. What gives you the right to comment when you have never met her? Grow up. Heath Ledger would be so hurt by what you just said, not to mention one day when Matilda reads this. RIP Heath, we miss you and Michelle you are simply the best :)

  • To the Prop Girl

    Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe Revealed.
    Type that in a search box. It’s an article about her. Find post 20 by Tony. He sounds very coherent to me. I believe the comment he posted. Propgirl why would she let you know about a romance on the set? You were a prop person. You were of no concern to her.
    There was no threat of competition. Please don’t play that sympathy
    game about her having had the flu on set and how she had to do an extra take. Kim Alexis a famous supermodel had the flu during a modeling job and had to put up with fans blowing on her all day. Research Julia Roberts and what she had to put up with while making a movie. Heath Ledger had pneumonia. Many soap opera actors and actresses mention stories of having the flu on set or a terrible urinary tract infection. Should I go on?

  • valentina

    Watch this interview and tell me if you can possibly hate her after that. Seriously, shes the sweetest thing.

  • Pedestal

    Learn how to fight because she didn’t know how? That is such crap.
    All I get from this video is how clever she is and also how strange she is. I sense moods swings with her. She is trying really hard to disguise them. Her father is just like her. She comes from a very competitive upbringing. That’s fine. It’s important to get out there and get a life but you don’t purposely get in the way of another person’s future. She fixated herself in Heath Ledgers life on purpose. It wasn’t meant to be. How sad as someone commented that he became skinny and gaunt
    all because he had this woman take his freedom away.
    I believe he would have made the most perfect husband for someone
    he wanted to marry but he did not want to marry Michelle.
    I appreciate Terry Gilliam and Nicola Pecorini for exposing this elitist
    brat for her angry fits against Heath Ledger and how she sent her lawyers after him for no reason but to humiliate him. Her father Larry
    raised Michelle to be like him. Just because she became an actress
    doesn’t change the fact that she is the daughter of a fierce and famous trader. I do not hate her. I just believe that she does not deserve
    to be put on a pedestal where she does not belong. She did not earn
    that respect she stole it. She also tried to humiliate the person she stole it from because she realized he was not in love with her.

  • pussycat

    Her acting and looks are grossly overrated, she’s not even pretty.

  • Pinkjewel

    I cannot believe that people actually like this phony little piglet. Heath was doomed when he met her. R.I.P my love


    no youre the idiot if you actually think you know Heaths feeling, he DID still love her thats why he did the ‘Im not There” movie,and it was JUST a rumor that he was dating gemma moron.Only tdk fans like you think the role didnt contribute to his death cuz thats the reason why you guys like him

  • thatsmehere *

    You guys were fighting over his memory and his family. If she’s a shit, that’s not our problem. He was with her for a part of his life and she is matilda’s mom. All we can say is: Good luck Michelle, because you have to raise a star alone now. Be focus, strong and show her the amazing father that she had.
    All this fighting won’t take anyone to anywhere.