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Rachel Bilson: Two Target Days

Rachel Bilson: Two Target Days

Rachel Bilson pushes a cart of items after shopping at Target on Monday (December 13) in Los Angeles.

On Saturday, the 29-year-old actress attended launch party for Justin Timberlake‘s William Rast line for Target, which hit stores the next day.

The William Rast line for Target features both men’s and women’s clothing and ranges from $16.99 to $199.99.

Before the Target party, Rachel hit up Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards to present an award.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Monrow “Tie Dye Zip Up Hoody” in Driftwood.

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  • lexy hates bilson

    Like I said…guess her check cleared the bank this month!! At least the Jewish girls aren’t out Christmas shopping!!

  • elle

    well, quoting some other comment I read here yesterday: “I only care enough to post that I don’t care”

  • http://twitter annie

    who cares about bilson,wheres hayden,new pics of him please

  • Elliott

    For the rest of the year the post about this UGLY WOMAN will be: she was spotted as Target no once but once !! dude you are downgrading your blog with this kind of postings !


    @lexy hates bilson:
    F**king RACIST NATZI.

  • guest

    Just so you know William Rast hasn’t hit Target stores yet. It does on the 19th.

  • JC

    Middle of the day on a Monday…No job…..

  • je t’aime

    Cutie. :D I love her sweatshirt and purse..super cute! Must be doing some last minute shopping!!

  • tom

    Just Jared, you’re pathetic. tell rachel she could at least smile for the paparazzi she hires to take pictures of her.

  • John31

    Just Jared We need Updates on Olivia Wilde

  • MissAnthropica

    ~yawns~ Boring…. much?
    Staged? For sure lol
    The William Rast for Target line isnt even ” in stores” yet.
    Walgreens drugstore yesturday and target today?
    OMG we should all be so so so jealous of her like her one or two crazy fans she has left keep claiming.

    I will say her hair looks a little healthier here than the other day.
    But her outfit is very very drab though not as bad as when she dressed up like a homeless person a few months ago.
    But this is a close second or third.

    The jeans cutt her off at the ankle making her look shorter and her legs really short the light wash jean makes everyone look wider than they are and the ripping on the jean adds width to her thighs. Pair that with flats and a baggy hoodie and its not really the ” best” casual look.

    A girl has got to be casual of course but most girls would have more fashion sense when it comes to their “body type” and dressing for it and Rachel really really never seems to have that part down.
    She looks like any other 29 year old her age usually mothers the kinds you would see at Target on a Monday.
    Poor thing actually. The more people try to sell her as more than she is the more you can see how little she has.
    I personally think her people are ruining what little she has left.
    Case and point trying to label her a “fashion icon and fashionista” when she struggles to dress for her body type first and foremost.
    Just makes it that much more noticeable.

  • Eternally…

    … looking for attention & relevancy.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Excuse me but I am NOT a racist nazi. Considering how I’m constantly praising plenty of stars who are Jewish and of other ethnicities. My comment is in reference to JJ’s post the other day about Rachel and her sister Christmas shopping. If you know anything about the Jewish faith you know they don’t celebrate the birth of Christ!
    So where are the pics of Justin from his clothing launch?? And what about Jessica Biel?? Did she attend the event??

  • Brightside

    Another meaningless d-lister exploiting her meaningless d-list existence to provide JJ with another meaningless, newsworthy-less post!
    Of all the d-list hangers-on she is the most bland and monotonous. Mundane features, mundane style, mundane life and (if the rumours are true) a repeat of one of the most mundane and fake relationships ever conceived by two human beings. I am often surprised that her own life doesn’t cause her to drop dead from the sheer tedium of it.
    I wonder why she even bothers to pay JJ to advertise it? It does her no favours!

  • What a Loser

    I think she’s trying to get Target to pay her to be a spokesperson by getting papped shopping there all the time. But why would they pay her when she gives attention away for free in the gossips like JJ? And as usual is dressing like she’s 5’8 with long slim legs and about 10 years younger. The long shapless hoodie and tight jeans make her torso look longer and legs even shorter. Its clear she can’t accept the truth, which is that she has the most ordinary figure imaginable (short, flat chest, long torso, big butt, short legs and saddlebag thighs) and has a less than ordinary level of talent. All she can do is promote her completely bland and ordinary self. She would be a great addition to the Real Housewives of OC, if Hayden would hurry up and marry her, but she’s going to have to dress better and do her hair regularly. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t tried reality tv soap operas yet.

  • Nora

    THis one gets the biggest milage for doing nothingness in Hollywood. I don’t understand why she is here…

  • ATLqueen

    You know what? I’m going to respond to a post that was on a different thread of hers. Someone (who is afraid to say who they really are and I know is going to read this) said I defended RB when I really don’t care for her. I guess they are the only one who doesn’t get what I say when that I don’t love her and I don’t hate her. She’s just there to me. First of all, I’m a realist. Even if I did hate the girl I’m not gonna nit pick some of the most retarded things about her (such as the person I responded to in the last thread). Besides. if I really hated the girl (which I don’t have a reason to) I wouldn’t be in here at all ever. I don’t post on people I can’t stand, real talk. Don’t give them the time of day. Don’t watch their movies, don’t listen to their music, change the channel when their commercial shows up, etc….. Like some of you strange people in here do. But for the very last time. I don’t love her, I don’t hate her. She’s there right along with all the others I don’t love and hate (and believe me there are tons out there). It just so happens that she’s ‘kicking it’ with HC. So, I’m gonna come to her defense when people think she can’t hang out with her sister during the freaking holidays (or any other time of the year). Get it now??? GOSH!!!!

  • Brightside

    Don’t you want to kick d-list culture in the butt, though. You’re happy allowing the talentless many hijack the attention that should belong to those who have earned it and have a talent for it. Her b/f isn’t the issue, (any b/f, it does not matter)…the issue is that Rachel Bilson is a useless addition to the annuls of the d-list and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned on a celebrity gossip site. She’s not a celebrity and she generates nothing of interest.

  • ATLqueen

    @ Brightside

    No, actually I’m not. I’m annoyed by a lot of reality stars mostly. They annoy the crap out of me. I can’t stand them. But still, I don’t talk crap about them. I just keep it moving. There are some d-list actors that I actually enjoy. My boy Paul Walker is one of ‘em. Not the greatest but I like the movies he’s in. Okay, okay so he’s more a of a C but I still like him. And I don’t really think of RB as much of an actress. I think of her more as a pretty face. You need a pretty (+) popular face and she’s your girl.

    I believe if they stick annoying reality stars on celebrity websites why not Rachel. She does more than just look for drama while some camera follows her around all day. She’s actually had a successful show, makes appearances here and there in certain other shows and appears to be a fashion icon to someone important for her to be named a fashion icon (whether we see it or not). She’s even been in a few movies. Ya’ll don’t have to like her but believe me when I say someone out there does. And ya’ll wouldn’t be making a big deal about her unless someone thought she was worth it to be on the cover of or inside someone’s magazine. So HATE, HATE, HATE…… BE ANNOYED ALL YOU WANT. It hasn’t stopped her yet.

  • Santa’s coal stuffer

    That’s exactly right ATLqueen. Brightside (I mean OMG) may be on a mission to rid the world of who she sees as inferior to herself but what she doesn’t realize is that it’s not JJ’s mind she needs to change it’s the minds of Rachel’s fans. Check Twitter. She’s all over it. Her fans are all over it and the blogs too.

    Instead Brightside should give props on the other posts of the people she does admire but no, she wastes her time being negative and trying to be in control of some celeb’s future.